X Factor 2011 Review Index

Here are links to our six-part review of what lessons punters can learn from X Factor 2011.

Part 1 – How Little Mix Won: Extreme Nobbling

We started by reviewing how Little Mix owed their success to the remarkable nobbling of every single one of their opponents – in contrast to the previous year, when several acts were given broadly positive treatment.

Part 2 – A Deep Dive Into Weeks 3 and 8

Following on, we looked in more detail at Little Mix’s ostensibly puzzling treatment in weeks 3 and 8, and tried to reverse-engineer what the programme’s producers might have been thinking.

Part 3 – Casting Cockups: Could Johnny Robinson Have Got to the Final?

Part of the reason Little Mix were able to win is that such huge cock-ups were made at the casting stage. Here we look at how producers apparently got their alpha male, alpha female and alpha group all wrong.

Part 4 – The Running Order and Sympathy Bounce

The running order and the sympathy bounce are two staples of our analysis of X Factor here on Sofabet. How well did their predictive power stack up in 2011?

Part 5 – An interview with YouGov’s Joe Twyman on X Factor polling

YouGov’s X Factor polls are the gold standard for punters trying to guess how the voting might be going. YouGov’s Joe Twyman kindly agreed to be interviewed and shared some fascinating insights on what his firm’s 2011 polling revealed.

Part 6 – What Changes to Make for X Factor 2012?

Rounding up our review of a series memorable chiefly for its sense of negativity, falling ratings and the desperate stunt of bringing back an eliminated contestant, we suggested some ideas for a much-needed series reboot in 2012.