X Factor 2011: Our Ten Favourite Posts

1. Why we think Little Mix will not win the X Factor (3/11/11)

Never let it be said that we try to bury our cockups. We admit, we were in “a girlband?! Win X Factor?!” mode for longer than we should have been. Plenty of our commenters were more astute, as is demonstrated by the comments that followed this article.

2. Week 3 Review: Why this series has gone wrong (24/10/11)

Our scepticism about the chances of Little Mix really should have been more tempered by the case we had made just a week previously that all of the top five in the betting after week 3’s show were deeply flawed. We were more right than we knew: None of those five even made the final.

3. Our top ten manipulative moments (6/12/11)

In the spirit of “shot of the tournament” type montages, this was our homage to producers by selecting our favourites among their attempts to nudge the vote this year. That screengrab of Sophie Habibis in the pub never fails to raise a sympathetic chuckle.

4. Week 8 Review: Janet Devlin – The Princess Diana of the X Factor (28/11/11)

In our immediate post-mortem reaction to Janet Devlin’s demise, we likened her to a Pamplona bull – staggering under the weight of knives having been thrust in at every turn. After a day’s reflection, we came up with another analogy for her X Factor experience.

5. Our 1-16 prediction revisited (7/12/11)

Every year we speculatively attempt, before the live shows, to predict the full finishing order. As in 2010, a week 1 twist threw a spanner in the works (though at least we were right that Jonjo Kerr was, technically, the first act eliminated). Here we take a look back at how our predictions panned out.

6. Nu Vibe: Strangled at birth (14/10/11)

In that week 1 show, there was no public vote. But, fascinatingly, producers couldn’t help using some of tactics they would usually use. In particular, Nu Vibe were comprehensively done over, as we describe in this article written before their week 2 departure.

7. Week 9 Review: Bullygate revisited (5/12/11)

What was that all about? The bullying accusations levelled at Misha B in week 3 didn’t make much sense at the time, and when she eventually departed six weeks later we were still weighing up the extent to which it was a plan or a cockup.

8. How far can Johnny Robinson go? (27/10/11)

After the likeable Johnny Robinson smashed week 3 with ‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love’, some started to take him seriously as a potential winner. Our cautionary note was published just before the start of the two-week hatchet job described in post 3 above.

9. When and why was Craig Colton hob-nobbled? (22/11/11)

One of our less fine moments of the series was explaining why producers had settled on the biscuit boy as their alpha male, just as the decision must have been being made to dunk him. Here we look back on when and why Liverpool shrank to Kirkby.

10. How do the X Factor judges make their decisions in a singoff? (1/11/11)

With three out of four new judges on the lineup, we thought it worth pondering the question of whether any of them might “go rogue” in a singoff decision. They didn’t, but with the likelihood of another reshuffle in the panel for 2012, the question remains relevant.