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  • User AvatarJoe Mevorah { Daniel and I were good friends for most of the last 15 years. The last time we were in touch was a month before his death. I’ve not checked the sofa bet sight, and have had holiday greetings strangely go unanswered. I now understand why! Just today I received a random tweet from Daniel/sofabet, and am completely distraught, and unnerved by this news. Daniel was a brilliant man, with a wonderful and adventurous spirit. Moreover, his even keeled temperament has always been amongst the wonderful qualities I most admired in him. My sincerest condolences go out to his family. } – 18 May 2020 at 7:44 pm
  • User AvatarChris Bellis { Nice to read the more recent memories from people who knew Daniel in person. I missed him last season. He was always so reasonable, and defused with such diplomacy one or two over-heated discussions between regular posters. Not everybody agreed with my criticisms of the UK entries over the years, and perhaps one or two people thought I was being unpatriotic. Daniel intervened a couple of times and acted as a skilled moderator. I still say laying the UK in Eurovision is the nearest thing to free money you will ever see, but that's another story. Daniel could soothe troubled waters with ease. In another life he could have been a UN negotiator. Daniel is very much missed. } – 2 January 2020 at 5:44 pm
  • User AvatarPhil { I agree Thanks for posting Matt T It's what this forum is for Sharing how we miss Daniel I knew Daniel well - he would be deeply touched I miss him too. Daniel - if you are reading this up there Know we all including you are still connected } – 30 December 2019 at 5:44 pm
  • User AvatarMatt T { With it now being over a year since Daniel's tragic passing I want to say how much it has sucked not having his insight to guide us this past year. I decided i was gonna follow the selection season for Eurovision 2019 because of his insights, and I was looking forward to it and looking forward seeing his reactions to all the selections. There was a massive hole in the run up to Tel Aviv, and I wish we could've heard his take on many of the dramas that took place, eg. the Ukrainian drama with Maruv and the controversy of the Romanian selection, and many of the songs, it has been well documented here that he would've loved Arcade, and he would've had interesting views on the acts from Australia and Iceland. Finally, he could've prepared us for the UK's latest flop (I was so sad for Michael). Its also sad we cannot hear his views on X Factor's latest flop as well (he would've had very interesting views on that). And now another selection season has started without him and without his articles sussing out each new selection's chances for Rotterdam. We miss you Daniel. } – 23 December 2019 at 10:18 pm
  • User AvatarPhil { Andrew Thanks for your lovely words in memory of Daniel I knew him quite well and visited him at the royal free when he was having his skin cancer treated He loved his Eurovision and xfactor He was a real character I'm sure you must miss him - I certainly will too I used to live up the road from his place on Prince Henry's road Please feel welcome to reach out if you would like to connect and remember our friend email is This offer goes to other friends of His and family who might read this also Daniel and I never did the Facebook thing as we were always on whatsapp so I'm unable to share my condolences on that app Thanks again Andrew for bringing us together on his beloved sofabet And for your lovely memorial words about Daniel } – 21 December 2019 at 10:03 pm
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