Daniel Gould’s Ten Top Tips on Eurovision betting

In the run-up to Eurovision 2010, Daniel Gould posted a series of ten “top tip” articles on Eurovision betting. You can find them below. There was an update before the 2014 contest you can find here.

Eurovision Top Tip No.1: Drawn to a close

It’s hotly debated how much impact the draw for the running order has on the voting. I’m more of a draw ‘hawk’.

Eurovision Top Tip No.2: From semi to final

Carefully studying certain aspects of the semi-finals can help you find betting opportunities for the final.

Eurovision Top Tip No.3: The vision thing

It’s not just a music contest. You need to know what to look for in the visual impact of each performance.

Eurovision Top Tip No.4: Style is not eternal

Abba-esque songs win Eurovision, right? Wrong. That’s the one type of song I would advise you to avoid.

Eurovision Top Tip No.5: Time on your side

Eurovision betting markets build slowly over two months to a frenzy on the big night. When is it best to bet?

Eurovision Top Tip No.6: Get on your blogs

During Eurovision rehearsals fortnight, blogs can give you vital inside information. But you have to tread carefully.

Eurovision Top Tip No.7: The public vote still matters most

The introduction of 50-50 jury voting has complicated life for televote-savvy punters. But all is not lost.

Eurovision Top Tip No.8: It’s not just about the winner

Who will qualify from the semi-finals, who will place in the top ten – there are many niche betting opportunities.

Eurovision Top Tip No.9: Listen to your head

Forget which songs you happen to like personally. Serious punters need to train themselves to bet rationally.

Eurovision Top Tip No.10: YouTube is your friend

Youtube is like the formbook of Eurovision. But you need to know how to assess what you’re seeing.