Eurovision 2018: First semi-final preview

We’ve just watched the final dress rehearsal for the first semi-final, and it hasn’t made things any clearer. I’m keeping this preview short as I’m more uncertain than I’ve been for any previous semi-final.

In draw order, I think that Czech Republic, Israel and Cyprus are sailing through. Mikolas Josef has managed to recreate […]

Eurovision 2018: Live blog first semi-final, first dress rehearsal

In a departure from usual practice, I’m going to try live-blogging the first dress rehearsal of the first semi-final. We’ll see how it goes before committing to a repeat later in the week. Nonetheless, update the page below to get a running update of this afternoon’s performances.


Eurovision 2018: May 6 rehearsals

There wasn’t much we learned from today’s second rehearsals of the automatic qualifiers. In each case there was no substantive change in staging, just a few different outfits and camera angle tweaks.

We did learn which half of the draw each of the Big 5 would perform in. SuRie drew first half for the UK, […]

Eurovision 2018: May 5 rehearsals

On a bright, sunny day, I experienced prolonged exposure to the second semi-final. Or rather, the last 13 songs of it. We started with Yulia’s mountaintop, and the interpretative dancers providing another focus for the Russian entry. The lighting allowed for sharper projections, and there were added on-screen effects. The main problem is the backing […]

Eurovision 2018: May 4 rehearsals

There was a mixed bag rehearsing today: the last four songs of the first heat; the initial five acts of the second semi; and the first rehearsals of the automatic qualifiers, including the hotly-anticipated sight of France’s Madame Monsieur.

Armenia’s second rehearsal was much like its first, and there’s nothing wrong with the way […]

Eurovision 2018: May 3 rehearsals

The beauty of second rehearsals is you can watch short TV-feed clips on the official Eurovision channel. It’s a point in time when things should start coming together. Azerbaijan were pretty ready when they arrived, so there were only minor changes today: the on-screen effects – constellations of stars that join together to form a […]

Eurovision 2018: May 2 rehearsals

We’ve now seen every semi-finalist rehearse once, and it doesn’t feel like the outright picture has cleared up, which is why the market is so febrile. There were few crumbs of comfort on offer today, but Georgia was a calming way to start proceedings. There’s nothing innovative about the way it’s staged – Iriao stand […]

Eurovision 2018: May 1 rehearsals

This year’s second semi-final is not my favourite Eurovision heat, dear readers. There were a few highlights today, nonetheless. One of them was Norway’s Alexander Rybak owning the stage like a former winner. What we saw today was much like his winning performance in Norway, where his charisma and ability to sell the song blew […]