Big Brother 2012 – The White Room And The Becky Boom

As this series draws to a close, we find ourselves half-heartedly snuggling up to the finale like Luke S to Ashleigh, rather than hurtling boldly forth like Luke A to a lit cigarette or Becky to an oven full of chicken nug-nugs.

The White Room, much anticipated on Bit On The Side, was a slightly […]

Big Brother 2012 – The Fall of Lushleigh?

Finally, something has come to drop a log on this year’s mid-season slump. That something comes in the form of an eight-legged nomination twist of death. Adam, Ashleigh, Caroline, Conor, Deana, Luke, Luke and Sara are all up for eviction with no word on whether more than one will face the chop on Friday (it’s […]

Big Brother 2012 – Will Conor Wriggle Free Again?

It’s a pity really, that Conor and Shievonne are up against each other. In a different battle there might have been some easy money to be made on very short odds. As it is, two of the least likeable and most aggressive housemates vie for the public vote and unfortunately only one can go. Boo!


Big Brother 2012 – Is It Worth Betting On Conor To Go?

Conor certainly looks like the obvious choice to go this week but I’m not convinced that there isn’t some value to be had with Arron.

Whilst the Irish lack-of-charmer may have made some heinous comments involving a hairbrush and laughed intimidatingly in the face of poor Deana on more than one occasion, he still has […]

Big Brother 2012 – Deana V Lydia

“Get Lydia out! Get Lydia out!” chanted the Great British Public during last week’s curry-chair-wank eviction. Sure enough, the pack descended and Lydia was nominated by just under half of the Big Brother housemates. It’s a wonder that she has managed to slip through these first few weeks considering her caniving ways. Benedict was shunned […]

Big Brother – Chris or Arron?

Last week’s elimination demonstrated the power of the ‘vote to save’ system. It’s hard to imagine the sulking Lydia surviving the boot in a golden age Big Brother but she managed to garner a strong enough combination of sympathy votes and ‘shit-stirrer votes’ to stay in the house last Friday.

Since the first elimination, the […]

Big Brother 2012 – The Housemates

Welcome to this, the eight thousand, three hundred and forty-forth series of the now defunct Big Brother. The show jumped the shark a long time ago but still it pounds our TV screens like a jack-hammer on coke. Its tirade will probably never end and thus I have referred to the old adage, “if you […]