X Factor 2018 Week 4 Review: Gio-politics

“I feel embarrassed, actually, for the show” – as do we all, Simon. He meant that the show hasn’t yet made the best of Acacia and Aaliyah, and that was his excuse for sending Gio home after a barnstorming singoff performance. “How are they going to do this?” Dermot had said, apparently wondering out loud to himself the same thing we were, as he gathered the two acts to face the decision. After both singoff performances, Cowell had been seen conferring earnestly with Louis, presumably getting their stories straight.

It was another shambolic evening in an increasingly shambolic series. It seemed logical that the show would have to sacrifice Gio to avoid the embarrassment of Robbie losing both his remaining acts while awol, but it was a totally needless situation to be in. Why had TPTB not given Acacia and Aaliyah more assistance on Saturday, especially knowing how bad Misunderstood were going to be?

In fairness, it actually seemed that they might have had a plan to reboot Acacia and Aaliyah after their singoff appearance last weekend, when the pair and their backing dancers came out dressed in fabric emblazoned with a white-on-red AA logo, with the same AA logo plastered all over the backdrop and even spraypainted on a car. Ayda dutifully mentioned the logo, in case anybody hadn’t noticed. And then Simon inexplicably pissed on their chips, telling them “the whole thing was overproduced”.

Later came a display of incompetence astonishing even by the standards of this series, as Misunderstood’s VT ended with them saying “Every single thing you’re going to see on that stage is out of our creative minds”, followed by stand-in mentor Nile ingenuously blurting out “I happen to know that you didn’t want to do it like this, but because of circumstances you had to do it… you did the best you could”. Can you imagine in previous seasons that TPTB would have let a guest mentor loose on the panel without being certain they were briefed and on-message?

As for Gio, being first on, with fire in the staging, then memoryholed by Dalton, was always going to put him in danger – but it makes little sense for them to have wanted to lose Gio at this stage, given his ability to sing and put on a show. We continue to suspect that sheer laziness is the best explanation for everything we’re seeing this season:

“Gio’s a showman, shall we put him on first with a big production for The Greatest Show?”
“Good plan. Dalton next? He’s the one everyone’s talking about. Got to try to keep people watching after last week’s shambles.”

Shan ended the show with ‘Never Enough’, the same song she’d done in her audition. Acacia and Aaliyah’s singoff song was the same mashup they’d performed in the second live show. It all reeks of “will this do?”

It would take a brave punter to risk much on what plays out from here on in, and sadly we’ve got to the stage this year of no longer regarding the show as a reliable betting proposition – we’re just watching with grim fascination to see how much worse it can get. Do keep letting us know below how it’s looking to you.

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  • bluecomplex

    I’m curious to see which boy or girl is getting bussed next week – Acacia and Aaliyah will for sure be the lowest vote getter or at minimum, make their third appearance in the sing-off. That leaves us with a boy or girl to finally dip into the danger zone, as Danny will likely make it another week before he dips into the Sing-Off.

    I see any combo of Brendan/Anthony Russell/Bella getting the “end of the journey” followed by being damned with faint praise.

    Predictions: Acacia and Aaliyah Immediately Sent Home
    Sing Off: Bella and Brendan, Brendan Sent Home

  • Linda

    A&A will be safe next week and not hit the singoff.

    I think we could well see Scarlett and Shan hit bottom three seven days from now rather than Bella. I’m not feeling the love for Shan. I think she’s competent but forgettable and very loungey.

    Danny and Anthony unless thrown under a bus will be safe.

  • Fudd

    Another thing which surprised me is they ran Nile’s comment about Misunderstood not wanting to do this in the recap – normally when a judge goes off message it’s studiously edited out. The only thing I can think of is losing Misunderstood was not part of the plan and they were trying to save face with them.

    • Ben Cook

      Yeah I suppose with the phone lines closing early they already knew that they were going.

      It’ll be really interesting to see the week by week results. Perhaps they were worried that Misunderstood would win so they thought they’d bring them down a peg or two but they succeeded too well? It can’t have been the plan to lose them this week?

      Or perhaps it really was incompetence. Someone in the production team really loved Maniac or something!

  • Score

    The thing is, somebody like Nile Rodgers doesn’t need to be there in the way lots of other judges have, so probably isn’t going to just stick to a script. Looks like they shot themselves in the foot. There are 2 arguments at this point, either they’re trying to make it less predictable or as you’ve said they just don’t give a toss. Cowell personally seemed to have woken up a bit this week after the “cock up” last week but that’s too little too late.

  • Nick

    Everything will be thrown at A&A this week. They don’t want Robbie to come back to no one and also “one person acts” this far out isn’t great for the show.
    That’s why I thought misunderstood would be the group act to be helped more this week…as they are clearly better bet than A&A. It made sense to have a final with the Boys singing their material, even though their covers haven’t quite lived up to their pre live show performances.

  • CornishGirl

    I really don’t see Scarlett and Shan in the bottom sorry Linda!

    Also wilth A+A hitting the B3 two weeks on the trot a bounce will be hard to manufacture – especially with the theme being big band, something very much out of their comfort zone, plus no mentor again.

    I can see Brendan in the B3, I think his time will be up this week and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bella there too. They need to start cutting down the boys and girls categories.

  • Anglia Chua

    This is an odd series in terms of cast selection, how did they back themselves up in such a corner such that the top 5 could be all Boys/Girls and no one will think it’s outrageous?

    I reckon Bella and Brendan will be targeted, while they will ~try~ to keep A&A and Danny afloat. Unless there is something in the voting stats we do not know…

    • Ben Cook

      Yeah I agree, certainly if things were normal they’d be targeting Bella and Brendan.

      It’s probably not the end of the world though if Ayda loses Danny with only another 2 shows to go after this week. Early exits used to happen to Louis all the time! It’d be preferable to Robbie coming back having lost all his acts whilst away.

      One final thing I noticed was how Simon stood up for Shan but then quickly realised as soon as Nile criticised her he couldn’t contradict him without looking stupid. So funny.

  • Joe Lemer

    Can’t believe it. A contract extension? Really?
    This series looks tired, they seem to be winding down as they have been so careless. Cowell seems often clueless as though it is all happening around him. More youngers viewers watch apparently. The advertisers and ITV want them for the money that generates so it’s on TV now for 3 extra years! Wow.

    Hope next year is more polished.

    So who will the youngers viewers vote as they’re winner for 2018?

  • The Juan

    *ahem* Brendan Murray *ahem*

  • Alan

    You need to let that go mate.

  • Joe Lemer

    I’m sorry in advance for this but I feel I have to share. I very rarely have any memory of dreaming. But one night this week I did have a dream. It was Anthony singing Land of Hope and Glory!!!

    This week it’s big band week, it could work with a full orchestra. It won’t happen but imagine if it did. I’m not sure what this means! Very odd.

  • Jessica Hamby

    Anyone on Fleur East for I’m A Celebrity? She’s got a lovely personality and she’s available at 18/1 on SkyBet.

    Hard to see past James McVey and John Barrowman right now. Can’t see Harry Redknapp or Noel Edmonds enjoying it at all and I recall Saira Khan being an absolute horror in The Apprentice so she’s probably on for an early exit.

    I like The Chase so I’d like Anne Hegarty to do well but (David Emmanuel excepted) mostly the oldies tend to hate the discomfort and just get irritable. I hope she doesn’t go the same way and spoil my illusions.

    Don’t know much about the others.

  • Joe Lemer

    After looking through contestants I opted for James Mcvey. 3 previous boyband winners and for reasons Jess has described I reckin oldies will struggle too. My guess is Edmonds and Knowles will show a darker side and not be likeable at all, Redknapp will be dull and Hegarty socially awkward.

    Leaving nice kid not many have heard of with a young twitter following to be crowned king of the jungle.
    Only guessing though of course!

  • Chatterbox5200

    Saira Khan, formerly of The Apprentice, is actually taking part in Dancing On Ice.

    The contestant on I’m A Celebrity is Sair Khan, an actress, best known for her role in Coronation Street.

    • Jessica Hamby

      Oh. Thanks. Never watched Dancing On Ice. Won’t start now.

      I did think it was a bit ambitious of her, aiming to win a popularity contest.

  • Stoney

    I backed James as soon as the line-up was announced. Looks like the obvious winner at this early stage. But as ever the edit will decide the winner.

  • Spiidey

    Barrowman has no chance. He’ll do well for the first few shows then inevitably his arrogant nature as seen in celebrity big brother will permeate through and turn the viewing public right off him.

    • Dazzle

      I’m pretty sure John Barrowman has never been in Big Brother. I do agree though he will be in constant showbiz mode and will start to grate on everyone. He will be good TV though.

  • Tomboy

    25% of contestants full into the 20-30 age bracket.

    This population has won 50% of the shows

    The average age of the winner is steadily dropping. The last three winners have been in their 20’s

    That combined with the huge following for McVey, the success for previous boy band contestants and the high proportion of 50yrs+ contestants suggests he is a good thing.

    I’m also on Rita Simons for top women and top 3

    Nick to go first looks a decent bet also or Malique how is a total unknown

  • Jessica Hamby

    The last 3 winners have been women and the last male winner was Carl Fogerty.

    I think Fleur will be in with a good chance, particularly if one or more of the others turns out to be obnoxious, narcissistic or bullying because she’s humble, charming and talented.

    Emily Atack, although she’s been punted as a glamour puss, is not boobs on a stick. If there’s any fatshaming on social media she could get a following without doing anything. I don’t know anything else about her.

    I don’t think Anne Hegarty will be socially awkward.
    On the contrary I expect her to be quite deft at dealing with people. You get all sorts on the quiz circuit and she comes across as intelligent and self-deprecating on The Chase. She’s very popular among those who watch it.

    Watch this (till the end) and you definitely won’t be counting her out.


  • Tom

    If the provisional RO is correct, A&A will be pimped in the hope of a bounce and maybe get Shan in the bottom 3 (?) I get the feeling Anthony did too well in the vote.

  • Piresistable

    LOL! Brendan at the England game.

  • Tom

    Think Brendan’s safe.

  • Tom

    What did I just watch?

  • Rose L

    Bit of an end of journey feel to Anthony’s VT with Wayne Rooney – I hope! Think he’s well out of his league now

  • Piresistable

    Kitchen sink at A+A. Will it be enough?

  • Fudd

    I was pondering who the gamma girl was… I think we’ve found her. It’s Bella.

  • Uzair Sarfaraz

    3 acts who didn’t do big bang songs will be bttm 3. Rest will b3 safe.
    I could only possibly see Brendan swapped for Anthony

  • Piresistable

    Dalton needing help? Or just giving the impression that that was the end of the show and you don’t need to bother with the final act?

  • Ben Cook

    Anyone still think Dalton isn’t winning this?!

  • Tom

    Alright, I never truly believed it, but It’s over now. Dalton wins.

    The VT was kind of worrying, It gave the impression he was cocky but the judge’s comments said the contrary.

  • Fudd

    “Danny’s journey has reached it’s destination [Simon’s approval] – please will all remaining voters please alight”

    It won’t happen this week but next week…?

    • Tom

      It seemed very end of journey to me but by the end that was thrown out the window. The judges’ comments were some of the greatest I’ve seen. I think Danny will be in the top 3 of the vote.

  • Tom

    Imo Bella will be bottom, and we’ll have a Brendan v. Anthony/A&A sing off.

    • Ben Cook

      Yeah Bella’s toast. I think Anthony deserves to be bottom 3 but he seems very popular. A&A have a chance of sneaking into 5th but they’ll probably be in the sing-off with Brendan, and I think they’ll let Brendan go – perhaps letting it go to deadlock if they can.

  • CornishGirl

    It’s impossible to see Dalton throwing this away now.

    I can’t remember the last time any contestant got that kind of reaction.

    B3 a mix of Bella (our first), AA and Brendan with AA saved for Robbie to return to?

  • Tom

    Dalton is even trending on Twitter. He’s got this.

  • Sean

    What time exactly does the spoiler on who is bottom of the vote get revealed?

    • I’ll be hopefully receive it soon after lines close at 7:30pm. Would strongly advise AGAINST placing any bets on any markets that are still open based on the spoiler. Your account will be closed in about 2 seconds.

  • Phil

    I nearly spat out my Quorn bacon sandwich this lunchtime when Sky News took a break from banging on about their Theresa May interview to show a fairly lengthy clip of some kids interviewing Acacia & Aaliyah, referencing how young they are, how much hard work they put in etc. No real mention of any other contestants. It’s a kids show called FYI but it seemed so out of place on such a big news day.

  • Stoney

    Bella absoulely has to be bottom tonight. It’s a shame the group arent picking up the votes I actually found them 1 of the best acts when watching it just now.

  • Tom

    6 acts for the tour, A&A going to semis then.

    • Phil

      Who don’t they want on the tour? I can’t see past Danny being bottom of their list, but I’m not convinced they’ve managed to get him down there. They definitely want Brendan, Anthony, A&A, Dalton and Scarlett on the tour. I’d say they could live without Shan on it. I think Shan or Danny go vs anybody.

  • Stoney

    Ideal final 3

    The best chance of an upset in the final.
    I think we have seen a few clues from the comments than Anthony is polling well.

  • Stoney

    Cheryl the worst singer of the whole weekend by some distance.

  • Stoney

    This is interesting. Wouldnt be a huge surprise to see them cut Shan loose.

  • CornishGirl

    Surely they can’t justify that planned AA save against Shan?! Surely not…

  • Stoney

    Best hope is deadlock. If they polled higher they will be safe

  • Alan

    Shan trading at 2-1

  • Linda

    I said earlier in the week Shan in trouble. Visuals last night were terrible.

  • Alan

    Woohoo! We’ve got our Xfactor back.

  • Ben Cook

    Oooh they’re to up to their old tricks again! Naughty.

  • Alan

    Ayda earned her money tonight.

  • Linda

    Ayda had to send that to deadlock lest be accused of a conflict of interest for Robbie.

    She’s doing great on her own and I will miss Nile Rodgers.

  • CornishGirl


    I didn’t think they’d actually do that but once it was Aydas choice I suppose she was always going to wimp out. Second time she’s done that now!

    Final four Dalton, Scarlett, Anthony and Danny then?!

    Silver lining being I won my top girl bet but still!

  • Piresistable

    Lol! Simon getting everyone excited, and then letting them down by saying he was just increasing the number on the tour.

  • Gavin

    Not completely surprised by Shan going. She is clearly better than them but have felt she has been overrated the whole way through and I got the impression she probably wasn’t connecting with the audience.

    • Ben Cook

      Yeah I really wanted to like her but her voice wasn’t quite there for me. She’s the very definition of a session singer. Competent, but no individuality. I liked her doing Imagine but she’s not impressed me since then.

  • Phil

    I keep expecting Ayda to rip off her mask and wig to unveil Louis Walsh underneath. She’s certainly the one who has to do all the dirty work.

    A shame but, as I said earlier, not unexpected. I think the change to 8 on the tour was an on-the-spot thing and more to get Bella on it than Shan.

  • Stoney

    Shan going out tonight should be a warning to Dalton backers. Sometimes a voice alone is not enough to bring in votes.

    • Ben Cook

      Dalton isn’t a voice alone.

      • Stoney

        But you don’t have money on him LOL

        He has no personality. Hes foreign. Hes gonna need a mega ramping to win. Which he is getting week after week. All that falling down on your knees crap wont do him any favours anyway. Same as Shans silly speech a few weeks ago was the beginning of the end for her.

        • Ben Cook

          He has that cute shy guy vulnerability that voters love. He’s not the wrong sort of foreign. And he’s ramping himself by being bloody amazing week after week.

          The falling down on the knees in tears thing is the best way to play the game.

  • Uzair Sarfaraz

    Any1 time I have hope for this show it rlly let’s me down. I’m puzzled how Shan dropped below A and A. Honestly I know I should get personal. But those 2 arrogant prick need to fuck off now. I swr. Twitter in a frenzy after this.

  • Alan

    Shan was a charisma vacuum. Scarlett top girl was my biggest bet of the series.

  • Uzair Sarfaraz

    Surely if they’re chasing their dream. They d be happy to be saved yet they just give a dreary smile and hed up. It’s not their fault they’re saved but any1 can tell they think they’re a lot bttr than they rlly r

  • Alan

    They don’t strike me as arrogant at all.

    • Henry VIII

      I think their personality is fantastic. Mature and jolly.

      I think they’re very talented too. Obv hard for very young girls to get votes but I think they’ll get help from here on in. More help than tonight’s deadlock and being saved three times I mean. Song choice, staging and judges’ comments from now as well.

  • Anglia Chu

    wow they’re really leaving the nest non-empty for Robbie. Props to Ayda for the acting, no props to Louis for blurting out that Shan was in the “bottom 2”, either the tongue slipped or he knows too much, we don’t know.

    Brendan is really getting eliminated in the semis, huh? He can just sing Dying to Try in a giant balloon at this point.

  • JScouser2002

    Louis blurted out Shan was in b2? When was this, I must have missed it.

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