IACGMOOH 2017 Discussion Thread

The latest series of the celebrity jungle adventure landed on TV screens at the weekend. If you have any views on who is proving a crowd-pleaser, and who’s a snake, feel free to leave your thoughts below. Unfortunately, we are too invested in X Factor to provide much coverage ourselves, but it’s a fun reality TV betting heat.

This year’s contest has a pretty typical array of soap and TV stars, alongside WAG Rebekah Vardy and The Saturdays’ singer Vanessa White. The cast also includes footballer Dennis Wise, boxer Amir Khan, and the man responsible for Boris, his father Stanley Johnson. Talking of politics, former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale is expected to join them in the coming days. May the Bushtucker Trials begin.

14 comments to IACGMOOH 2017 Discussion Thread

  • Shappi Korsandi is my pick so far at the current odds. I think she’s friendly/warm with some comedic skills allowing her to make the edit often.

    I don’t see Stanley as a winner even though he’ll get plenty of air time and Georgia doesn’t seem nearly as intelligent as Vicky/Scarlett (although she seems likable). Jack Maynard seems pretty meh to me but I’m surprised the market isn’t more scared of his fanbase multi voting him to victory

    • Milton

      Putting Jack though a bush tucker trial would surely have appealed enormously to his immature audience. His fans couldn’t get him into the top two when the rest of the vote was split nine ways. How can they be expected to get him to actually win when the rest of the vote is only split three ways in the final? He will also need enormous support from the wider audience and based on what we have seen so far there’s no chance of that.

  • Joe Lemer

    Small bet on Shappi as she always appeared likeable doing comedy. Plus having had two female winners in a row I wondered whether a male winner would be the prefered choice of TPTB. I plumped also for Dennis Wise, charasmatic cheeky chappy. May be a little quiet to start with but after the first week without being nominated or disliked he could emerge as the show progresses. I feel he is one to watch.

    • Simon G

      The thing with Dennis Wise, he was known in Chelsea as a wind up merchant. He may have matured a lot by now but it could affect his popularity if he starts doing it in the camp

  • India Marie

    Jack Maynard just quit after journos found his old tweets. Did anyone make money from that?

    • I don’t really watch the show (I sort of follow it) but I caught the story as it was breaking on Twitter, so was able to make some money from it. He didn’t leave until 24 hours later though.

  • Stoney

    Toff is looking hard to beat at this point. I got in early on Iain before he got in the jungle. Whether he can win I am unsure, but there will be some good cash out profits available in the following weeks.

  • Sean

    I have watched it a little so far. Is it worth putting a bet on Jamie for top man or Georgia top woman??

  • India Marie

    Toff v Jamie v Iain. who we got?

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