BGT 2017 Discussion Thread

The first two episodes of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent have already aired. It’s the usual mix of dance troupes, dog acts and singers trying to transform their lives. Do let us know your thoughts on who the likely contenders are below.

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  • Stoney

    Them 2 Chinese dancers were seriously impressive last night. Can definately see them in the final unless the producers have other ideas

  • Stoney

    Just whenI thought the missing people’s choir would clean up a huge sympathy vote, along came Just Us. Another potential winner this year.

  • Alan

    I really cant see the choir winning. Im amazed they’re favourites to be honest. Their back stories are undoubtedly heart-breaking but not at all feelgood and I really cant see TPTB pushing them for the win.

    • Chris

      BGT isn’t interested in the choir, they are not even featured in the opening sequence of the later audition episodes. It wouldn’t surprise me if they weren’t even picked for the semis, their actual performance was poor.

  • Stoney

    This would present possible banana skins when betting on the winner of the semis. But also provide extra betting opportunies for golden buzzer picks I would imagine.
    Although this would provide the opportunity for more manipulation in getting certain acts through to the final.

  • “We’re looking for something different”
    “I’d love a comedian to win this year”
    “I can see you having your own show”

    Dalisa Chaponda certainly looks like he will be getting as much help as possible to get to the final….

  • Stoney

    I can see the mistreats getting a few producer favours

  • Stoney

    I don’t think there is an act that can compete with the missing choir back story. I think the choir that were on last night’s show were much better. But there can surely be no stopping the Missing people choir from winning this.

    • Alan

      The back-story is the ultimate sob-story but i still dont see them winning. They weren’t actually very good and are not at all ‘feel-good’. Cant see either TPTB or the public going for them.

    • Chris

      It would be a bit awkward for the show to send an act to the RVP which basically says “here’s the relatives of a load of people your Maj’s constabulary failed to find”.

    • Only if they have found someone, reunite them, show film of the reunion at the final and then have them come on stage. Then they win.

      They’ve done the main story with the pictures of the missing screened behind. They would have to take it to the next level to win.

  • Chris

    The applause store is only offering tickets for two BGT live semi finals at the moment – is that normal?

  • Score

    The lineup for show 1 appears to have been announced:

    St Patrick’s Choir
    PC Dan
    Niels Harder
    Kyle Tomlinson
    Empire Dance Crew
    Tyrone & Mina
    The Miss Treats

    Am currently leaning towards DNA and the choir at this point but these semi finals can be difficult to predict. Also new for this year is that there will be no judges vote, the top 2 from the public vote are going through. The judges then get one wildcard to use at the end of the week to bring back one act for the final.

    Still not sure who the overall winner could be. I don’t think there’s one clear standout, although I could see them fancying a comedian winning for the first time, so Dalisa Chaponda could be a decent shout.

  • Sagand

    Pre-show I’d guess DNA and Miss Treat Vibe to qualify. Could be Kyle if given positive treatment (I don’t expect it) and the choir is in contention as well.

    I guess they won’t tell us who finishes first and second in each heat which will make the final harder to judge. I don’t think Missing People’s Choir has much chance but there isn’t any standout from the field either. Keeping an eye on Issy Simpson, Leah Barniville and Reuben Gray.

  • Stoney

    seems they are having a shake up. Semi final 1 doesn’t seem to have the winner in it which we are used to seeing. It will be hard for them to get a comedian over the line but this is a pretty weak year. Gun to head I would say the winner comes from either MPC or Sarah Ikumu. With the singer from Gateshead having an outside shot depending on his treatment in the semi/final

  • Stoney

    Taking away the judges vote is going to take away a lot of the drama from the results part of the show. I dont see this working. Id much rather they did a twist where they drew slot positions from a hat.

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