X Factor 2016 Week 8 Elimination: Finnish Fifth?

We’ve long wondered how much the acts are aware of their own varied treatment on the live shows. No one’s treatment has been more varied this year than Saara Aalto, yet she has thrown herself into every performance – from a ridiculous Japanese geisha routine in week 5 to a discotastic ‘Enough is Enough’ in week 6 – with the same enthusiasm, winning over viewers in the process.


With the switch to two songs for each remaining act, the yo-yo treatment can occur within one live show rather than week-to-week. An apparently disappointing first performance can be a set-up for a second performance comeback. Two of the most pimped acts in X Factor history – Little Mix and Fleur East – experienced such a narrative in their respective semi-finals.

We fear that Saara may not be so lucky tonight. Last week’s treatment, with an elegiac VT and the dulling down of ‘My Heart Will Go On’, felt like a softening. She’s the only remaining act about whom there’s been no talk of making the final or winning. And of her three songs tonight (including a mash-up of ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ and ‘Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend’), the most contemporary is 1980’s ‘The Winner Takes It All’.

The Abba classic has been considered talent show kryptonite since Rosie Ribbons’ disastrous rendition on the original Pop Idol series. Coincidentally, Union J were given it at exactly the same point of the competition in 2012, when they hit the singoff for the third time. The only other time we’ve seen it on the X Factor stage is Only The Young’s notorious rendition in their first 2014 singoff. It’s fair to say that Saara won’t have the same vocal issues though.

Saara is not the elimination favourite – Honey G is, as she aims to rebound from last week’s bizarre singoff appearance. There has been a debate in our comments section whether the show cuts their main talking point loose at this point, or tries to keep the headlines going for at least one more week. Song choices are mash-ups firmly in her comfort zone, and news that one of the performances will include the zeitgeist-y Mannequin Challenge, suggests to us that producers may work to bounce her. We’ll know more tonight.

The other three acts haven’t been in the danger zone yet. Matt Terry cemented favouritism for the prize with his performance last weekend. The hype surrounding it suggested he was still The Chosen One, after producers had taken their foot off the accelerator pedal for a few weeks. His song choices of Little Mix’s ‘Secret Love Song’ and Sia’s ‘Alive’ seem promising enough. Pre-show, he’s the only contestant we’d be surprised to see in the bottom two this weekend.

In the last few years, producers have preferred to go into the final Sunday with two acts who haven’t faced a singoff. Tonight’s treatment of Emily Middlemas and Five After Midnight may tell us who producers’ preferred challenger to Matt is. Emily got the pimp slot and unqualified praise last weekend. She’s been given ‘Toxic’, which was her original week 1 song choice until the switch to something more contemporary, and Rag n Bone Man’s ‘Human’, which fulfils the remit of being modern and more upbeat.

Five After Midnight attempt ‘Uptown Funk’, which seems highly suitable, though runs the danger of being compared unfavourably to Fleur East’s iconic performance. Their other song is a Justin Bieber and Drake mash-up, including their audition song. There were a few red flags about their treatment last week. Judges comments were mixed for a disjointed ‘Try A Little Tenderness’ that included some fire during the dance break. But that followed a few weeks of heavy pimping, and they were still being namechecked as finalists.

Before the show, it’s the dated nature of Saara’s song choices that stand out most. She’ll be hoping she doesn’t feel like a fool for playing by the rules. Let us know your continued thoughts below.

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189 comments to X Factor 2016 Week 8 Elimination: Finnish Fifth?

  • kingston

    hmmm i thought it was saara’s tweet that was mentioned in a comment that made you think it might be her turn this weekend

  • Phil

    The only way I can imagine the mannequin thing working is if Honey G performs whilst all around her, including the judges and backing dancers (and audience??) are completely still. What would that do for audience reaction and viewer interpretation though? She’s performing but no one is paying attention or reacting? Massive red flag I think.

  • The show (again) will tell a lot. Unfortunately, for the producers it makes the most sense to boot Saara at this point. I thought that Hun-I was gonna get the boot at this stage but I am starting to doubt it. Honeys twitter does no favour as it’s just retweet upon retweet of sarcastic compliments and kids but like I’ve said Saara is noticeably using past tense such as “It’s been an amazing journey” “I have enjoyed every second of it” recently. I think one of the quotes was from a recent interview.

    BUT: I have seen a lot more Saara support recently. Was she actually 4th in the last vote last week?

    Honey may just survive another week but whoever is the sing off survivor this week will probably be destroyed by 5AM or Emily next week, probably the former.

  • David Cook

    I think one of the aims will be to get 5AM to the final without a singoff appearance. From the start they’ve been amongst the most favoured acts – if anything even more so than Matt. However there’s also always been a nagging doubt about their vocal ability. There’s been a few comments on the forum this week, which l’m inclined to agree with, that they might actually be struggling a bit in the vote. That’s going to make it a fine juggling act to drag both them and Honey along. Presumably Matts doing OK – they can’t risk him pulling too far ahead and possibly pulling votes from 5AM.So I’m expecting another week of major pimpings for both Honey and 5AM.I think they’ll actually hope to get both Saara and Emily B2 this week. Saara goes out. They’ll then be brazen enough to drag Honey into the final as long as they can get Emily / Honey as the bottom pair next week.

  • Poker Coach

    I think that they try to get Saara and Emily in b2.

    It is not good for the show to have Honey G in sing off. It’s better to eliminate Honey G without a sing off. That way to show can keep more of its credibility, though not very much is left.

  • stoney

    I’ll eat my hat if Emily doesn’t make the final

  • stoney

    I doubt the producers would be silly enough to think casual viewers tuning in for the final would carry on watching with Honey G in the final. That’s nail in the coffin type behaviour

  • Does anyone think that Saara isn’t gone this week?

  • 360

    Pre-show two bottom 2 setups seem most likely, Honey G-Saara and Emily-Saara. Saara is gone in both of these scenarios unless the show decides due to circumstances or drama on either tonight or tomorrow, that Honey G must go.

    The slight risk of that is that it is live TV and if Honey G is in actual fact to some degree the character, rather than an actress, she could, now that her shackles are up, do or say something that would put a spanner in the works of her own success. They will have to handle her very carefully, if she does kick off that will be Saara’s salvation.

    The only other way she survives is if she manages to not fall into the bottom 2 at all, which is of course possible. Honey G would, I feel, go in a singoff against Emily.

    The other three acts all have positives. This will be Emily’s first week with the full weight of the Scottish vote behind her. 5AM are ringfenced and heavily protected by the show and will have the kitchen sink thrown at them, as well as being the only non-white act if that is in any way a voting bloc. Matt as the last boy standing and non-threatening will pick up the lion’s share of floating votes and women of a certain age and type’s votes, who are always a very large voting bloc. In the face of these, the two Overs will have a lot of ground to make up to break through and move past any of these strengths that support the others.

  • Lara T

    Emily last again?! Or will they switch it up in the second round?

  • stoney

    Strange goings ons in the running order. I think they will switch matt and saara for the second half. That running order spells very bad news for saara

  • stoney

    Building matt up as the star. Think the second song will be his moment.

  • Piresistable

    Well this is a bit different! A focus group deramp?!

  • stoney

    Oh dear they ain’t getting rid of her on that!

  • The X Factor never derails Saara, Saara derails the producers plans!

  • George

    On paper that should’ve been a deramp but Saara can make anything brilliant.

  • GsP

    That was absolutely outstanding.

    She knows she’s a target and she is fighting for her absolute life.

    What a performance. Absolutely incredible.

    If she can somehow cling on it will be a major story. How can anyone watch that and still think Matt or Emily are worth their vote?

  • Plinkiplonk

    Saara’s first song was great, as it let her display her vocals. I fear that the second one will be a come-down, what with the stupid mash up and the likely over the top staging. Other than a redeeming narrative, she will have a downward trajectory…

  • Sindi

    Matt was not so good. Saara was amazing. Not a big fan of her costume though. I was surprized by all the praise she got from the judges! What’s happening…

  • EM

    Producers currently ordering a ton of fire and the biggest possible plinth for Saara’s second song!

    However if it didn’t go to plan there was no need for the standing ovation and comments

  • David Cook

    Saara – easily the best performance we’ ve seen this year. Yet TPTB still want her out. Moronic.

  • DGiles

    So much red and black for Honey G……

  • Piresistable

    Too bad we didn’t get to hear what the focus group had to say about Honey G.

  • EM

    That loud sound you can hear is the producers ripping up all their plans

  • Stage invader sympathy for Honey G? Saara laughing at the producers screaming “You can’t get rid of me!”? Matt being the chosen one? Emily again in the semi pimp slot?

  • DGiles

    If there ever was actually a plan to get Honey G above Saara, it’s being executed as badly as possible.
    Saara probably couldn’t have done any more with that song. Incredible and emphasis on how hard it is to sing from the judges and nicole basically said it was better than Matt.
    Honey G’s was flat and boring. Poor production with no SO (not visible any way). Zero help from the prods and she does still need it now given the vote is already open.

  • 360

    I’m not watching, what happened with Honey G’s performance??

  • DGiles

    With voting open now. How important do you reckon the first song is relative to the second this year?

  • 5AM were actually good. Used to be my least favourite bar Honey of the bunch left. Matt replaced them today.

  • EM

    5am getting more vocal help than Stephen Hawkins

  • Plinkiplonk

    5AM miming to the anonymus backing track gets ridiculous hyperbole as usual – they must still not be doing as well as planned.

  • DGiles

    5am very noticeably out of time with the “backing” vocals there

  • stoney

    Horrible staging for Emily. Vote dampener right here

  • Alison cassells

    Never mind 5am being out of time, Emily’s ukele playing is well off and vomit colour too

  • Poker Coach

    Take a look in X Factors facebook site and look the comments below Saara’s picture. She will be in top 3 if she can still perform the second song in a decent way.


  • Operation get Emily in B2 so they can destroy Saara activated.

  • stoney

    People seem to be forgetting the almighty mannequin challenge still to come

  • Alan

    Don’t think anything can save Honey. Mannequin just rinsing last drops of publicity out of her. Looked to me like producers given up on her.

  • this was 5am’s chance and they blew it. crap singing/crap dancing. overall — plain crap.

  • DGiles

    Round 1 won by Saara and it wasn’t even close. Not sure anyone saw that coming….

  • kingston

    is it only matt and emily with no 4-judge SO? did honeyG get her weekly 4JSO?

  • Matt first again?

    My epic prediction for round 2 order
    Hun I

  • kingston

    what’s with matt saying: spain where he came from?

  • is matt the most boring man of all time?

  • George

    Has anyone in the history of the show had more favourable running order positions than Emily?

  • DGiles

    This is really poor compared to Saara’s version of this in the sing-off

  • Do I get to go to LA and get simons car for being the best joker on sofabet?
    On a serious note, Saara shouldn’t have sung alive against BRATAVIO and the car thing was a way to distract people from Matt. Who cares I was asleep anyway.

  • DGiles

    Saara gets the PIMP slot? The prods are laughing at us…..

  • stoney

    Someone is back with yet another new username

  • Wkrs

    It would cruel to vote for poor Emily, considering she’s all alone on the house now…

  • Poker Coach

    Saara is now bigger favourite in Outright market than Emily 🙂 Just sad that I did only bet with a small money 🙂

  • thanks to jessica hemsby for highlighting saara at 40/1 2 weeks ago……. xx

  • As EM once said, “More auto tune than Stephen Hawkins”

  • stoney

    Tonight has been a huge deramp for Matt. If they somehow manage to get Emily into the bottom 2 with Honey tomorrow night she will bounce into the final for sure. I still think they could chop saara next week before the final but after tonight it’s getting more tricky to call

  • kingston

    the reverb lolz… the backing track

  • Poker Coach

    5 AM just lack vocal capability. It becomes just too obvious because Saara and Matt are so much ahead.

    I think that TPTB has not achieved their targets.

  • Jessica Hamby

    Sometimes when Sharon has these moments I wonder if she’s showing early symptoms of dementia. It’s not funny anymore.

  • The mannequin challenge. I wanted to smash the TV.

  • Rose L

    Not just judges’ involvement but the whole audience too for Honey G. It’s such a strange night. Matt has disappeared into the far distance in terms of memorability tonight

  • Alison cassells

    Did Sharon just say “achieved” as in past tense mmmmmm from her mentor

  • swablu

    5AM said ‘everyone’s singing two songs this week so we have literally quadruple the work’

  • Alan

    Do you think Honey G had her charisma bypass done on the NHS?

  • EM

    Matt has been so anonymous tonight -compared to everyone else if he gets through it shows a hell of an amount of support

  • kingston

    what? louis told honeyG she surprised them after the performance? after participating in her mannequin challenge? arrgh excuse me pls louis…

  • GsP

    5AMs comments are now just far too removed from the performance. If they aren’t miming they are terrible.

    Think they (judges( are trying to hard, it’s now too transparent.

  • Curtis

    Well that didn’t look like they were really trying to save Honey G, just having a final moment of fun with her.

  • DGiles

    Felt more like an end of journey moment for Honey G than the special moment that will propel her further in the competition.

  • GsP

    Have we all messed up here?

    Wins round 1 by miles. Matt murders a song Saara was phenomenal at in week 1. She gets to close the show.

    Social media blowing up following her ABBA performance. Could she turn out to have been a dark horse?

    Or maybe they have changed the running order last minute?

  • DGiles

    Performance order positions of 2nd and last. That sounds like a perfect running order. Sweep up the early votes and also get the PIMP. This does not seem like there has been any attempt to kill her off.
    Having said that, if her performance is terrible it could change things….

  • Fudd

    So Emily’s movement is from the back of the stage to the front of the stage then?

  • Alison cassells

    Think the low register is way too low for Emily I couldn’t really hear what she was singing. I’m having her as a surprise elimination

  • AARGH ITS UPTEMPO! Never mind… Week 5s performance was still better.

  • Alison cassells

    And a plead for votes from simon for Emily

  • deathfromabove

    ‘Unfinnished’… Dermot you joker!

  • Rose L

    Shock horror, I enjoy something Emily did – but I think that was about the song rather than her. Her voice did seem pretty lost in the verse especially at the start. But this is where she gets the full benefit of the Scottish vote, we presume?

  • DGiles

    I’m really curious about Saara’s performance coming up. On paper it looks horrific with horrible old mismatched songs, but they’ve given it the PIMP slot and they never usually give that to car crashes….

  • Poker Coach

    Have been observing Betfair.
    In Outright market bets for Saara has been quite significant.

    Bet sizes have been thousands of dollars during Emilys song. Somedy lay for more than €1000 and somebody backed. Happened several times.

    For other contestants the bet sums have been smaller.

    Hos she is second favourite to win 🙂

  • stoney

    Where is she from?

  • Fudd

    “Pick up your phone and vote for Saara from Finland.”

    I love the mixed message there. No doubt completely unscripted!

  • stoney

    This is normal business resumed

  • DannyCraig

    Definitely looks like emily / honey g bottom 2 this week – Hopefully this is to bounce her into the final with a Saara / 5am singoff next week, rather than a slow death. Argh. Was much more confident of my tricast this time last week :/

  • Week 5 type performance. We all know how that went.

  • stoney

    Thank you producers for saving the worst till last!

  • Fudd

    Finland… Finland… Finland…

    And a little bit of criticism from Sharon.

    Way to quell a long term benefit there.

  • Can you even vote in Finland. Distracting, showing people she’s from Finland again. If she survives, she’s getting a embassy invite. I guess she works harder then Honey.

  • Alan

    They’re all the hardest working according to Louis.

  • Curtis

    After being told for weeks that Honey G was entertaining, Saara shows how to actually be entertaining with a big production. Tonight showed her as being in a completely different class to the rest of the field in terms of talent, though let’s be honest, I don’t think it’s realistic to see her as destined for a phenomenal pop career.

    Fair play to the producers though – it seemed natural that they would try and slay her tonight to keep Honey G but quite the opposite – I would argue that they want to see Saara livening up the final. They can control her vote in a heartbeat so they needn’t have any concern about her winning – but on the other hand that’s a path they could still choose to venture down.

  • Poker Coach

    I must say that observing betfair and all possible tiny cues in VT, performances and comments, people are taking strong opinions really quickly!

  • Wkrs

    Well done Shertzy for getting Louis out of trouble after he asked Finnish people to vote. Did somebody say proxy server?

    Emily and 5am for bottom 2.

  • Boki

    Hey stoney, you think Emily escapes b2 or not?

  • Saara, probably temporarily, has entered the top 3. This would leave Honey and Emily to sing off. Only if Ryan wasn’t shown the door…

  • EM

    So many questions after tonight show that I can’t make any calls.

    The (surprisingly) biggest question of the night is who was on first? Can’t quite remember

  • Woofie

    That was crazy. I was right to sit back but I’m not sure what is going to happen tomorrow either….

  • James

    Can someone explain to me why them mentioning Finland is being taken as a negative? Surely everyone knows where she’s from by now. I get why an embassy VT is bad, but just mentioning what country she’s from?

    • George

      To be fair we’re reminded she’s foreign every time she speaks.

    • 360

      A lot of racists and people who think “people should stay in their own country” have come out of the woodwork this year in the country (and in various places around the world).

      Now how many of those people are the right age and type of person to be watching a Saturday evening prime time entertainment show on ITV? The X Factor producers know who their audience are.

  • Woofie

    I think it is going to be down to core support.
    Apart from Saraa’s first performance I didn’t really see anything that was a major vote motivator.

  • Sindi

    Matt sounded really weak tonight. Either his voice is strained or he didn’t get the technical help he did before. I think his voice is strained. The comparison to Saara’s Alive is not doing him any favours. The positive feedback was not in line with the performances but no huge pimping this week.

    Emily survived somewhat but particularly the second performance was weak. The staging of the first song was not quite in tune with her sweet quirkyness. For the second song she had odd uncharacteristicly dark staging and disturbing strobo lights. I think she received some non motivational praise. She’s soooo very likeable though.

    Honey G was left exposed there alone at times with poor choreography. It’s not working for her when she sounds too serious. Wonder if the intruder was scripted, nice headlines. Fortunately this was not a harsh killing. Bye bye Honey.

    5 am…. I have never got anything out of their performances. It’s all so empty. Apparently they have a market but is it as big as it should be?

    I was worried when I saw Saara’s first costume but she nailed it and the arrangement was very good. Judges’ reaction tells us it was “the moment” of the evening. Also it was obvious that the second performance was not meant to be bad at all. It was so much fun! My wish of seeing Saara in the final is not looking at all far fetched.

    Safe: Matt and Saara.

  • Scott

    I am so confused. The signals are all over the place, and then you’ve got the stage invasion – which these shows have a long tradition of.

    My immediate reaction was that Saara was a goner. That last song and performance was a dream for the little bit of continental and Eurovision in me, which immediately set off a huge red flag. The repetition of the word Finnish. The confusing argument at the end over whether Finnish people can vote. I’ve got a win-win for tomorrow anyway – I’ve got a fiver on it so if Saara goes out I get decent money and ludicrous odds; if she stays in I’ll be pleased she’s still in.

    It was a bad week for Emily. Yes that performance at the end was good, but it was of a song no-one has heard of, certainly not the ITV audience. The first song was a little bit disconcerting. My suspicion is that she’s doing fine and they’re just trying to dampen her vote as they’re aware of the danger of the Scottish vote, and the fact Ryan isn’t there any more. I could be wrong. (take that as read after every paragraph here, it’s been a hell of a week)

    5AM showed their frailties to me tonight. They are the weakest vocalists (apart from the obvious). Of course, Little Mix weren’t the finished package before they became full-time megastars, but I don’t feel they’ve had a mega-moment and I don’t feel I know them. They did, I think, get a final shout-out though.

    As did Matt, who is so blatantly the chosen one. Not much more to say here – ever single call-out possible. I’m just trying to work out whether we’re at the point where lumping money on him is actually free money now.

    Which leaves Honey G. I mean, that was a big production, the judges stood second time round, does she get a sympathy vote for the interruption or does that work against her? (I seem to recall an invasion in Britain’s Got Talent didn’t help the people targeted) Is that end of journey or is that one more week. Personally I’d feel a lot better if she was out the contest, because it’s really coming across as a little disturbing now.

  • Cath

    Honey G, Emily bottom 2 with Honey Monster to go. Emily out next week. For me, everything points to Saara having taken her place and being much preferred by TPTB for the final.

  • kingston

    when i was seeing too much matt and saara on extra factor, i was like: the 2 finalists?

  • Edie M

    I thought Honey G seemed to have forgotten her words but then no-one mentioned it (either on the show or on here) so wasn’t sure? At the start of the competition I found her act offensive (and still do), but the sing-off last week plus her behaviour tonight (not wanting to be seen as an entertainer but a rapper, & looking as if she was gonna cry when Sharon praised her) has been disturbing and made her seem really vulnerable.

  • Ben Cook

    I reckon Saara will top the vote this week – she’s pulling ahead of everyone else in terms of YouTube views with the ABBA song.

    Interesting that she did the Sarah Dawn Finer version from Eurovision 2013!

    Starting to believe she might actually have a shot of causing a massive upset. She’s the most likeable person left in my view, and people love an underdog.

  • GsP

    Saara lucky her first song was so good AND lines were already open.

    I get what she was trying to do and her VT was nice showing that she’s very creative and a not a puppet, but it didn’t quite work.

    Her ABBA performance might, just, see her safe but it will be very close.

  • Woofie

    I don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow but I can’t see how Honey G bounces after those performances.

    Matt just didn’t seem right to me, the “Wet” comment said it all, I even question his status as TCO, but after tomorrow, I think they will push him next week.

    Emily the staging for the first performance was very off putting.
    Second song was better but might be too niche.

    Saara had the performance of the night but I think the second song as it was her choice, whist giving it all and pulling it off, was very cheesy but showed how to be entertaining.

    5AM didn’t have as good a week as I think what was planned. It was interesting Simon gave a negative in his comments in the second song, dependability must be a serious issue now, can they handle 2 performances, but given the judges comments about not just the final but a successful career afterwards suggests support… Be interesting if they survive if they go full on pimping or pull back next week. If they end in B2 tomorrow, 3rd place is the best they can hope with a lot of producer support.

    Honey G not good, first VT bizarre with her mum singing at the piano at home, and she maintains the persona. I notice they kept in “Super Freak” in the first song. Be interesting if the stage invasion has any effect. Focus group in the second said the kids like her but she wants to be a real rapper, but then is not that good. She lost her place and forgot her words in the mannequin part.

    I can’t call it.. The intro and summary will be interesting tomorrow.

    I wonder if it will be 80’s theme next week.

  • Dana

    Bizzare night. Can’t figure out what the producers were trying to do. Only performance that seemed to get genuine praise was Saara’s first song.

    I thought it was interesting they didn’t throw Saara under the bus this week. I was fully expecting it.

  • stoney

    Is matt the only one left in who hasn’t had the pimp spot. Had the worst position twice tonight. Surely he’ll get it next week

  • fused

    The quality varied so much.

    Saara’s performance of ‘The Winner Takes It All’ was amazing, especially when you consider how terrible reality TV performances of ‘The Winner Takes It All’ usually are. However, the ‘Diamonds’ medley was a bit too cheesy. If they wanted the show to be entertaining they should have given ‘The Winner Takes It All’ the pimp slot and had the other performance out of the way early, but I suspect as most of us do it’s secondary to which contestants they want out each week.

    I thought Emily’s second performance was pretty good. I didn’t much like the first one though. I mean, a Britney Spears song performed on a ukelele? I’m not sure anyone really wants that.

    I liked 5AM’s ‘Uptown Funk’ more than most of their previous performances, but their second one was another messy medley/mash-up/whatever you want to call it.

    I actually thought the ”mannequin challenge” bit on Honey G’s performance was quite good, but it didn’t really have anything to do with her. I don’t think the stage invasion was scripted to be honest, the way everyone was acting it looked more like something had geniunely gone wrong.

    I think overall Matt was the weakest in the sense that both his performances were unmemorable. It would still be a shock if he was in the bottom 2, but that in itself will say a lot, if after two weak performances and poor slots in the running order he still reaches the higher half of the vote.

  • Jessica Hamby

    I mean, a Britney Spears song performed on a ukelele? I’m not sure anyone really wants that.


    With the exception of Saara’s first performance the whole thing was like a school talent show. Even the arrangement of Saara’s first song was horrible. It was only saved because she sang it so well.

  • Dana

    Any chance of an Emily/5am sing off?

    Who would be saved in that scenario?

  • Sindi

    Look at Simon’s face after Saara’s performances. I think he really honestly likes her A LOT. Matt looked very worried after Alive. Either he knew his voice was strained or he was afraid of being compared to Saara or both. However the judges were conveniently forgetful. No one remembering Robbie’s earlier comment to Saara either.

    Btw I think Robbie is sorry about the way that was edited and showed Saara support later to make up to it. He not only mentioned her as one of his favourite after his live performance but tweeted her praises as well.

  • Woofie

    I think we have to put these into perspective, we don’t look at this show like the average viewer at home, we dissect every detail, sometimes too much.

    I think it is going to be down to core support. I think Saara’s performance may have changed the dynamic and will be interesting if that has an impact on the outcome tomorrow.

    The first signs if something is unexpected will come in the introduction and recap VTs at the start of the show.

    I also think there may be a bit of rethinking by the producers. I thought they played around with things too much tonight, maybe they were complacent, or was part of an elaborate plan.

  • Rose L

    This year, it seems one of their plans was to run a tight, exciting competition – to mix things up a bit so it wasn’t such an obvious one-horse race like last year.

    Good looking male singers like Matt do extremely well on this show. From his treatment to date, I infer that he is doing well in the vote, solidly so, and they feel safe to give him bad slots in the running order and for him to have good weeks and less good weeks. The bottom line for me is that they expect Matt to win and don’t have anyone else that they want as winner so urgently that they need to try to push that act above him as they tried so hard to do with Fleur and Ben.

    It’s also obvious from their comments that 5AM are seen as an act they can launch – this week, the judges were talking about worldwide success too. But we know a band doesn’t have to win to have a fantastic career afterwards and once in the recording studio, all singing issues can be fixed and singers can have lessons. I don’t remember 1D being so good on the show but look at their success afterwards. I think they’re hoping not to have 5 AM in the bottom two at all, but this week’s second performance was all over the place. Whether their fan base is strong enough to keep them safe is the question. I’d put them in the final either way.

    I think it’s between Emily and Saara for the third slot in a three-person final and it’s possible that, after this week’s show, they’re unsure now which one would be better. However, Emily has the Scottish vote whereas Saara has the, er, Finnish vote and so they may not be able to get Saara above her.

    Last night, Honey G pretty much confirmed some of our suspicions that she believes she is a serious rapper; she also forgot her lyrics and fell a bit flat with the Mannequin challenge even though it was well-achieved in terms of the audience involvement. I think she has to go out this week and it will be against Saara or Emily rather than 5AM. Whichever one, though, Honey goes.

  • David Cook

    I’m just going to assume that they’re desperate to get 5AM to the final and didn’t want Matt hoovering up to much of the vote.If that was the plan did 5AM actually do enough – my feeling was that they probably didn’t so it’s going to be very close for them.
    The performances for Honey were pretty neutral – which probably means she hits the natural ceiling in the vote and drops out. The mannequin challenge worked pretty well – but Honey messed up the vocals – I don’t think it’s going to affect the vote.
    I’ve got to say that personally I thought Emily’s second song was a great choice. The vocals didn’t quite deliver, but then she’s still struggling with her voice this week (she did still cough a couple of times)? Nicole’s comment was fair, but overall I thought this was a much better route for her to go down.
    Saara managed two performances encompassing the sublime and the ridiculous, but overall she came out of the night looking like the most talented singer and performer out of the final 5.
    My feeling is that Honey must be B2 and goes out against anyone. I think it’ll be against 5AM.

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