X Factor Week 7 Elimination: Iceberg Ahead?

It’s Movies Week on X Factor, and the main talking point in our comments section is the possibility of a romantic drama this Sunday night involving lovebirds Ryan and Emily. Boy meets Girl, Boy and Girl get put through to the live shows, producers engineer it so that Boy and Girl are in the singoff against one other, and only one can survive. Are we set for a Titanic-style climax this weekend?


Emily looked like she was settled into a first-class berth after her week 4 triumph with ‘Creep’, whilst boyfriend Ryan has been travelling in steerage, receiving critique that has put him in the danger zone more often than not. But Emily’s safe passage hit an iceberg last week. Descriptions of her intimate, slow performances went from “special” to “Debbie Downer”. For the first time this series, a singoff between them appears realistic. Will producers be able to resist?

Imagine the tearful embrace just before the singoff: “Emily, promise me you will survive… that you will never give up… no matter what happens… no matter how hopeless… promise me now.” “I promise. I will never let go, Ryan. I’ll never let go.”

Emily’s choice of Roxette’s ‘Must Have Been Love’ promises to keep her in the lane that turned three judges against her last week. It’s only been used once on the UK show, by girlband Bad Lashes before their week 1 elimination. It has been covered in the US version too, notably by Drew Ryniewicz, who has a similar style. Lyrically and musically, it’s not promising for Emily.

Ryan continues to plough his slightly rockier furrow with ‘Jailhouse Rock’. It was last seen on the show as part of an Only The Young mashup with ‘Twist and Shout’, which the Coatbridge lad himself covered in week 5. It still feels like Ryan is on borrowed time, and my thoughts at this stage are that should producers get a singoff between the lovebirds, he will have served his purpose on the show.

If producers are aiming for a Remily bottom two, that means another week of steering Saara clear of danger. She is singing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from Titanic, another one out of the Sam Bailey playbook. The staging pictures we’ve seen look remarkably similar to that 2013 performance, except for the upside down violinists. Taking on an iconic song can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how it’s handled, as we saw when Saara’s ‘Let It Go’ was messed around with in week 1.

Honey G continues to be the main headline grabber as the cause of mock controversy in the press. Her mashup this week, and clues about this week’s staging promise more of the same, which means a massive production, followed by a four-judge standing ovation. It looks suitably high concept, though the last time we saw London tube trains on the X Factor stage, they were part of deramping Luke Friend on the final Saturday. Still, I don’t think producers wish to bring the “can she win?” articles to a halt if they can help it. That means doing everything for her again.

5 After Midnight have had the kitchen sink thrown at them for the last two weeks. As with ‘Say You’ll Be There’, tonight’s song choice of ‘Try A Little Tenderness’ raises eyebrows as not necessarily suitable. It’s been covered in recent years by Che Chesterman and Paul Akister, who offered something very different to the dancing trio. Perhaps we’ll see the boys put their own spin on it to judges’ praise, just as they did with the Spice Girls classic. We’ve seen more behind-the-scenes unhappiness stories appear in the press this week, though these also appeared before that week 5 rehabilitation. In that case, it proved better than not being talked about at all.

That leaves us with Matt Terry singing ‘The Writing’s On The Wall’. This is another choice that could go either way, as our commenters have acknowledged. Bond themes have a bad record on the show, often being used as an excuse to send an act up in flames. However, it does promise to suit Matt’s voice, and once again helps associate him with the hugely successful Sam Smith, who recently offered the contestant his advice. After two weeks of keeping their options open, it’ll interesting to see if this is the week they get fully behind the alpha boy, who hasn’t yet had a pimp slot.

It promises to be a pivotal week for many of the contestants. Do keep your thoughts coming below.

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172 comments to X Factor Week 7 Elimination: Iceberg Ahead?

  • Spiidey

    Ryan and Emily bottom 2. Cannot see any other permutation at this stage.

  • Spiidey

    Interestingly, from this


    Saara’s staging looks goods and classy but at the same time she’s got the creepers pawing away at her (reminiscent of Let It Go). Could go either way.

  • Fudd

    I hadn’t seen that article on 5 After Midnight before. I can’t forget how the producers applied the brakes on Craig Colton after he threatened to quit – talking him down before downsizing his hometown and sending him on his way.

    It was the one bit of competence from them in series 8.

  • Woofie

    I think this a pivotal week.
    It could go either way for many of them. Unless a song has a track record of either pimping or used in successful exit(s) I don’t have any confidence in making predictions until the show airs.

  • Stu

    Weren’t London tubes used for 4th Impact last year for their Sound Of The Underground performance?

    I’m expecting a pimp slot for Matt but I can also see Saara closing the show. Ryan to open with Jailhouse Rock?

  • Sindi

    It’s practically mean of the TPTB that Emily didn’t get an uptempo song. Either Simon is resentful or they just want the Remily sing off or both. Anyway I wouldn’t let Simon anywhere near teenagers. Or any of the team for that matter.

  • Rose

    The only reason Ryan ended up in live shows, it seemed, was as Emily’s boyfriend and I’ve even doubted her presence as separate from the love story arc. That arc has to end in a lover’s singoff, surely, and it hasn’t been easy to manoeuvre, Ryan has had to be kept well past his sell by date – it really has to happen before the opportunity runs out. Tonight seems most likely if ever

  • David Cook

    I’ve got to agree with Woofie that this looks to be a pivotal week – but then we said that last week too. Every week looks like a pivotal week for Emily. If they get the Ryan – Emily sing off will they let her have her moment next week, assuming that she’ll become the beneficiary of the Scottish vote?

  • Woofie

    Unless they are absolutely confident on getting their target b2, if they want the Honey G train to continue without a b2 appearance this week, with only 6 contestants left will there be a bit of deramping going on tonight? If she is polling voting numbers like R’n’B maybe not?

  • Tpfkar

    My only thought would be that they would get more column inches out of eliminating Emily than Ryan, if they sung off. Little prospect of Ryan bouncing from such a scenario.

    However getting Scottish singers into the b2 is a challenge – getting 2 at once? Not convinced.

    • Alan

      Wouldnt put it past them trying to get Emily bottom of the vote tonight just so they can take it to deadlock and lose her tomorrow night. If they’re prepared to get her in the bottom 2 then they clearly have no interest in her long term so might just fancy losing her for the controversy. Also Ryan will still be around next week giving Honey G an easy sing-off save if she goes bottom 2.

      Predictions :

      Bottom 2 – Emily & Ryan. Pimpings – 5AM and Honey G.

      Matt Terry – Back on track without going overboard.

      Saara – Mini pimping to try and get her above Emily & Ryan.

  • Woofie

    For me Honey G complicates things and we could see it effect other contestant’s treatment. It worked well last week with a show of 2 half’s. I am not sure this week. The running order will be interesting.

  • Fudd

    Ryan and Emily immediately slammed in the opening – Ryan as Bad and Emily as the ‘Louis’ with a negative comment.

    Has the show set out it’s stall early?

  • DannyCraig

    3 different acts have been top:


  • Sagand

    First impressions from a Spotify scan. Emily is as dull as you would expect. 5AM are doing some rapping from the Kanye/ Jay Z Otis tonight sounds good. Matt sound alright. Rest meet expectations. Saara doesn’t sound as upbeat as she has been.

    • Sagand

      But running order says Lover Singoff isn’t what they are going for. Do they get rid of Saara and go for it next week? Or just get rid of Ryan.

  • DannyCraig

    Up first is Ryan. Quel surpris. I think it might be him vs honey G tonight

  • Curtis

    Emily in the pimp slot. Good news for her!

    And they just made Ryan pick himself over Emily. Under the bus we go.

  • Edie M

    Ryan on first & only one at risk of a strictly overlap, sometimes they’re just so damn obvious.

  • Alan

    Pimp slot for Emily? Didnt see that coming.

  • George

    They’ve been really generous to Emily with the running order this series.


    Certainly doesn’t mix with her overall treatment.

    • Curtis

      Oh the contrasting fortunes of lovers. Ryan’s treatment:


      And I think Emily’s running order does mix with her overall treatment, which I think has been largely positive, sans Weeks 1 and 6.

      • George

        I didn’t mean to say that they’ve been trying to get rid of her, but she’s never seemed like Plan A except maybe after Creep. So to be on last twice and in the final 3 performances all but once is good going.

  • Poker Coach

    How much it changes things that vote is open from the beginning?

  • Poker Coach

    Louis just said what was necessary to demotivate the girl votes! This is best way to make people to wait with the vote until they can compare ryan and matt 🙂

  • DannyCraig

    Prison bars.
    A little red colouring.
    Louis – you’re not as good as matt
    Simon – tv camera / close ups
    Nicole – maybe we should put you behind bars again.
    Dermot – reminds him he’s always down there, and not to think of the final.

  • Fudd

    Take down Ryan. They’ve slicked his hair, demotivating positivity except for Louis saying Matt’s better which’ll probably be seen as fair, Simon and Nicole throwing out a distraction with his face not being on the screen, touch of red and black through the majority of the song, Nicole’s final comment on the VT referencing ‘Feel the Burn’ alluding to fire.

    They were trying to prevent a bounce.

  • DannyCraig

    Is that a textbook performance tonight when you include the strictly death slot

  • Edie M

    That Ryan performance wasn’t too bad for him. But- 1. comparison between him & Matt by Louis 2. quite cheesy staging (with a sprinkling of R&B) 3. lots of distraction with Simon asking about his on camera close-ups 4. felt they were mocking him a bit in the VT getting him to say he could still win & would like to beat emily. Will probs seem farcical to viewers considering his trajectory in the competition.

  • I think that they were trying to stop a bounce with Ryan.

  • Spiidey

    Ryan wasn’t under the strictly bus though, strictly had finished by the time he performe.

  • George

    Maybe Emily’s vote held up well and they’ve decided they can’t get her in the bottom two. Shame – really wanted to see that sing-off.

  • What a kill! A VT saying he wants to win it over his cute GF, a pointless and distracting trip to the gym instead of focusing on his performance, the staging and styling and those comments… That has bottom of the vote written all over it.

    Emily may have the pimpslot but she comes after Honey G which undoubtedly will have an end-of-show moment and a half. Emily will be anticlimactic by comparison.

    And if they fail to get Emily down there they stuck Saara in the same segment as 5AM and right before Matt. Clever.

  • Spiidey

    Saara to visit the embassy?

  • Spiidey

    5am with gold staging but then red and blacked and burned. Diabolical vocals but will that matter?

  • Fudd

    That was an absolute mess until the final chorus, though I think it’s more due to the backing music than 5 After Midnight (for once). Not sure what they were playing at there and Simon and Sharon picked up on it in their comments.

    Gentle application of the brakes so it doesn’t become boring, trying to drag them off a high or a bottom two attempt? Both Louis and Sharon said they were making the final rather than needed votes which could breed complacency but the VT was plesant enough.

    They didn’t get an ad break after their performance either – straight into Saara’s song.

  • Edie M

    Those vocals were awful. Wonder if that mess was intentional or an accident.

  • Boom! Homesick Saara. Singoff assassin coming tomorrow.

  • Donald

    Strange styling for Saara.

  • Donald

    A Finish ferry princess. LOL, quote of the series

  • Curtis

    Are 5AM going to be a “shock” appearance in the bottom 2 tomorrow? Not a great song choice, mixed comments, and immediately memoryholed by Saara who got a reasonable pimping (less than last week, but still)

    • Piresistable

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the Bottom 2. I’m wary of making this point, but I got the sense that the show was emphasising that these were black guys (not that that’s been a problem for other acts). Dermot mentioning the fried chicken at the end set an alarm bell ringing for me.

      • Jessica Hamby

        B2 combos are no longer available. Damn.

      • Alan

        You’re suggesting that the producers sat in a meeting and decided to tell Dermot to mention ‘fried chicken’ as a deramp and that he played along with it? Think you’ve lost the plot.

        • Curtis

          He has a script. I didn’t hear the fried chicken comment, but it’s very possible that that was simply on the script.

        • Piresistable

          I don’t know, when I hear fried chicken I think of Fuzzy Zoeller’s comments about Tiger Woods after the 1997 Masters. I agree that it might be unwise for ITV to do such a thing, but nothing with this show would surprise me.

          • Alan

            I think it would be sinking lower than anything we have seen from TPTB before. Completely ineffective as well. Do you think there are people who didnt realise they were black until they started eating fried chicken?

          • Jessica Hamby

            Are 5AM black?

            I had no idea.

  • Fudd

    5 After Midnight got Lose Yourself during their interview with Dermot; Saara got the Harry Potter theme. Not sure about Ryan.

    Mixed messages for Saara; the video pushed the foreign line with the messages from home and feeling homesick but the staging was generally positive, with the single spotlight followed by golden sparks. But I wouldn’t say the judge’s comments were overly motivating.

  • Jessica Hamby

    From your descriptions I’m glad I’m not watching.

  • End of Journey vibe. I am worried, Saara is my favourite, and a lot of non motivating praise, and she is Finnish again. Emily in the Pimp Slot. I think the Emily V Ryan is probably off unless Emily is terrible. Saara might be shock W7 exit.

  • George

    That was a stunning performance from Saara. The problem as always is she has no natural base. Her vote can be turned on and off like a light switch. I don’t know if that was motivating enough, I think a lot will depend on how Honey G and Emily do.

  • Spiidey

    That was a clear Saara deramp. Subtitles, slowed down funeral arrangement, clear assassin attempt by Dermot (which failed). Saara’s media training from last week had gone too. Calling a Saara and Ryan bottom 2 now

  • Fudd

    Matt’s taking full ownership of the song this week then.

    Just a touch of gold for him (I swear he had more than Fort Knox at one point). I think it was an attempted moment but it missed the mark. Not that the show would have you believe it; four judge ovation – though Simon seemed a bit reluctant.

    Pimp, pimp, pimp, pimp.

    I think he just had the nromal backing track during his interview with Dermot.

    • Edie M

      I just sat here and watched Matt but couldn’t tell you if he was any good as I zoned out due to the dullness. I know from the judge reaction I was meant to think it was a moment- was it?

      • Jessica Hamby

        No fire?


        • Edie M

          I don’t think so Jess, but in all honesty I was looking right at the screen but absorbed nothing. I find Matt quite dull generally, but god that song is tedious.

          • Jessica Hamby

            I find Matt quite dull generally, but god that song is tedious.

            Can’t argue with any of that. I suspect that when the voting figures are released we’ll find out that he ended up ahead last week and they decided to go with him after all. Not unexpected but I’m a bit disappointed that what the Great British Public wants for Christmas is another whining, anodyne emasculate.

      • Donald

        Some moments none of us will ever remember except for the pimping. They wanted it to be a moment but miles from it.

  • Plinkiplonk

    i think that puts the questions about Matt’s song choice to bet…. Clear pimping if I ever saw one.

    BTW, what was that little exchange between Simon and Louis earlier about ? “So you prefer Matt? I wonder why…”

  • That was it, you can all switch off the TVs. No one’s winning this after THAT pimping.

  • Curtis

    Was that meant to be Matt’s moment? I didn’t really feel it, but that might just be because I don’t like the song! What I will say is it did get an excellent reaction from the studio audience, and that always helps. I still see no reason to think he won’t win at a canter.

    • Ben Cook

      I’ve been lukewarm on him but I thought that was fantastic.

      • Curtis

        I’ll say that he hit some ambitious notes there. It would have been easy for him to sing it just like the recorded version but he did go for a lot more.

        I personally preferred him a few weeks ago, singing “I Put A Spell On You”, but I feel like Sam Smith gets a lot more votes than Nina Simone these days!

  • Boki

    Mat’s song is the 1st one this year I would like to download and listen.

  • stoney

    It was always wishful thinking by everyone just clinging to the hope that the song wasn’t going to work
    Tonight producer intentions have become crystal clear
    We have our winner

  • Edie M

    Even though I don’t really like Matt, I am genuinely confused why he has not been given a pimp slot yet- this week seemed the perfect moment. Can Simon’s ego be the only reason he didn’t get it tonight?

  • Lara T

    Matt having the strongest song of the night so far. Again makes me wonder why that performance didn’t get the pimp spot? Maybe they’ve decided they didn’t want a lovebirds sing off and Emily really did poll badly last week!

  • Daz

    Setting Matt up with a Sam smith duet in the final I think

  • DannyCraig

    Time for the deramp for our honey?

  • Lara T

    Honey G pimped to high heaven, but I think it was a little dull, plus first slightly negative comments from Nicole.

    However I think that even if she did hit the bottom, I don’t see anyone going over Ryan. He’s got to be a dead cert to go right? Right?!

  • Fudd

    The constant movement of the underground trains was distracting – was that the intention?

    Louis pushed Honey G’s work ethic and called for votes (he didn’t do that for his own act) and Sharon did much the same thing. However, Nicole raised the first red flag saying is it the same thing over and over again; is that how they’re going to ensure she doesn’t win?

    Lose Yourself in the background for Dermot’s interview with her.

  • Sagand

    The comments were starting to turn the tap off Honey G. I don’t think she’s final bound. Matt/ 5AM / Emily seem the most likely at the minute.

  • Curtis

    I would suggest we’ve seen some evidence that Honey G is not planned for the final there. Nicole’s comment seemed like the beginning of the end to me.

    Still some direct calls for votes though, this week is not time for her to go.

  • VERY gently applying the brakes for Honey. Strengthens my prediction on a quarter final exit. I doubt a Emily V Ryan at this point. Saara could destroy Ryan or a 5AM shock entrance. After a Deadlock Ryan surely can’t be saved twice in a row.


  • Plinkiplonk

    Emily is doing Creep V2 here. Well, it worked the first time…

  • Poker Coach

    Saara will kill Ryan in sing off. Looks like they want to unify scottish vote behind emily if I am right.

  • Was that supposed to be a moment for Emily? It was painfully boring.

  • stoney

    Emily to sing candy in the final

  • George

    That was a stunning performance from Emily. Won’t be to everyone’s taste though.

  • Curtis

    Well that was as bad as I thought it would be. It was like the Drew US X Factor version, but not half as good. She couldn’t hit the notes in the chorus, though I don’t doubt the cough that she’s now had for over a week is not helpful in that regard. The judges comments do not tally with the performance that happened, and generally that is a vote demotivator. That being said, she’s probably safe performing from the pimp slot.

    • Lara T

      Agreed. I think the whole Emily going to his office to tell Simon she’d picked that song was hilarious when he’d clearly just sent her the Drew YouTube link and said ‘this is what you’re doing’.

  • stoney

    Ryan/ honey g bottom 2 for me
    Matt way out in front judging by face book likes

  • EM

    When you see the flames…

    …..still waiting!

    Felt like they tried a lot but it didn’t quite happen for them tonight

  • Poker Coach

    I think that best value now is to bet against Emily winning. If she will be in Final, she obviously can’t beat Matt.

    They seem to be pushing her towards final, but if it is she and Matt, that will be just as much fix as possible.

    All of the following have better chances to beat Matt if they end up in final two

    -Honey G
    -5 Am

    Only reason to push emily there is to make her loose in Final.

  • Jessica Hamby

    Sounds like a terrible show. Glad I didn’t watch it. Might not bother wading through it tomorrow. Still on Emily and Honey to to leave and an Emily / Honey G bottom 2 so still in the game.

    Not holding out a lot of hope though.

    • Poker Coach

      Objectively Emily and Honey G were two worst performances, then 5 AM. You still have a long shot 🙂

    • Alan

      Youre about as much in the game as Sunderland are in the title race.

      It was a pretty dreadful show. Even you’re beloved Saara was boring. Dont know what planet Cowell is on with Emily. She chose that song after last weeks comments? Really? That suggests to me that she doesnt have a clue. With different comments and the death slot it couldve killed her off.

      • Jessica Hamby

        Your comment doesn’t make sense.

        Emily looks in danger. I’m backing her to go. Sounds good to me.

        • Luke

          How can you think Emily is in danger without watching the show?

          Maybe refrain from commenting until you have watched it?

          • Jessica Hamby

            Oh m8. I said I’ve backed Emily to go. Alan said I had no hope. Alan then said Emily looks in danger.

            And if you don’t understand the thread maybe refrain from jumping in with no manners until you have posted long enough to know me.

            Otherwise, great post. Well done.

          • DannyCraig

            Jessica. I’d rip your slip up. Emily is safe after tonight and firmly second favourite behind Matt to win after tonight’s show. Yes, it wasn’t perfect, but it was in tune, unlike honey g, who’s rapping is shit, and just isn’t that interesting or exciting to watch. I think she gets saved based on viewers liking the song usually, not the performance. Imho, it’s Ryan/honey g bottom 2, with Saara down there

          • Jessica Hamby

            Thanks Danny. I’ll hang on to it for now though. I also have Honey G but I’m inclined to agree it’s not her time quite yet.

          • Alan

            I didnt say Emily was in danger. She got the pimp slot and 4 judge standing ovation. I said she would have been in danger if TPTB had wanted to spin it the other way, death slot and one-trick pony comments. They didn’t. She’s safe as houses.

  • Sindi

    Ok. 5 am was all over the place. -> pimping.

    Matt was out of tune and couldn’t keep the song together -> full pimping.

    Emily’s voice was in such a bad shape she needed MASSIVE technical support. -> Full pimping that was combined neatly with boosting Simon’s ego. Really disgusting.

    Honey G had a massive production but it wasn’t as much fun as before. -> Slight deramp from the judges. The first words of critique have to count here.

    Saara “always delivers” and she did have a moment with that big note. The violinists were a bit weird but not too much. I think the VT was ok despite of the Finnish, the supportive grandparents were cute and called for votes from the British people. The judges reacted quite well but I have to admit Saara doesn’t seem to be pimped to make the finals.

    Their hand for the final: Matt, 5 am, Emily?
    Bottom 2 this week comes from: Ryan, Honey G, Saara. Eliminated: Ryan.

    • Poker Coach

      I still would not completely rule Saara out from the Final. She has been deramped so strongly after her initial audition that what happened today seem to be clear pimping comparing to 6-chair challenge (most likely manuscripted drama).

      Just saying that it is hard to think TBTP intentions for her even in this point.

      • Sindi

        Sure this week might have been all about recovering Simon’s ego as someone who creates artists. Emily could be under attack next week.

        I’m all for Saara but I still hope we won’t see ugly tricks played on others.

  • Carla

    I’m interested to hear what people think about this being the first week without Honey G doing her ‘H to the O to the…’ etc bit. Felt like it was a slight stripping of her identity (even though she still stand out like a sore thumb) and felt like part of a deramp to me?

  • Carla

    Also, and I realise this is probably me out on my own here, it felt to me that Emily was almost being disrespectful/arrogant (in so much as a lovely girl like her can be) by choosing to ignore the requests for a more upbeat number. I know the other way of looking at it is that she stuck in her comfort zone doing something she’s really good at which I’m sure most people would have taken it as, but there was part of me that thought who is she to ignore what the judges have said. Lunacy I know!

    • Alan

      No I agree. If she really did choose the song herself as they portrayed (unlikely I know) then she must have been insane. It could easily have been used against her to get her bottom 2. She is lucky she had TPTB’s support. More likely though that TPTB made her do it as others have pointed out.

  • RYAN: Red & Black, on first, distinctly average performance, memoryholed by an ad break afterwards. Matt in the VT. Louis stuck in the knife by mentioning Matt Terry. Definite B2. RED.

    5AM: A very messy performance, but praised to high heaven by the judges. They’re going to need some serious dragging to the final. AMBER.

    SAARA: Excellent performance of a classic, but the subtitled FaceTimes with Finnish relatives in the VT is an alarm bell. Matt Terry also in the VT. Sharon either pissed, or deliberately distracting at the start. Best vocal of the night though. Not sure about the violinists, but the “golden shower” always makes me think winners’ staging. AMBER.

    MATT: Was an awful vocal, but praised to high heaven by the judges. Red & Black though. Nicole’s crying reminded me of the sobbing drunk girl at 2am you always get when a load of them go out of the town. Very distracting. GREEN.

    HONEY G: Ever so slightly deramped this week. I didn’t get the impression producers were going for a Remily B2 this week, but if she’s B2 it allows for a controversial “save-on-deadlock.”

    EMILY: This was clearly supposed to be a pimping. It was also clearly supposed to be a moment. And if it was her first performance, it would have been, without question. However, it came across as “boring hell, more of the same.” After the whole narrative about going upbeat, she ignores it all and comes back with yet another John Lewising. The producers have either really arsed it up or been very clever. And FFS give the girl some shoes, she’ll catch her death. AMBER.

    On the basis of tonight’s show I’m calling a RYAN vs HONEY G B2. Honey G will be saved on Deadlock if she’s 2nd from bottom in the vote.

  • GsP

    The screaming for votes for Honey G suggests she might be struggling?

  • johnny

    I can easily see Ryan escaping this week. Honey v 5am look the value bet. Honey booted

  • Dana

    For what it is worth, this is by far Honey G’s worst week on Facebook likes. Usually she does solidly, but this time her dislikes outweigh her likes and she is in last place for the first time.

    • Curtis

      It’s interesting – suggests that maybe she didn’t even connect with her base this time. Honey G is perhaps the act I find hardest to gauge – I hated her performance in weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and this week all pretty much equally, so it’s hard for me to figure out if this is the week she doesn’t connect with voters.

      All I can guess is that if we have Louis begging for votes it’s probably not her time to go yet.

      • Lara T

        It’s so hard to gauge, especially when Simon isn’t playing his normal joke act role.

        We normally have him as some kind of voice of reason, but his year he’s worse than Louis! I don’t get it!

  • Everyone Calm Down! Honey is getting a softening for next week. I doubt a bottom appearance this week but if he’s did she would probably be saved in deadlock.

    Ryan: Luckily for him, he probably won’t have to sing with his girl after that pimp slot. He is in the coffin slot however, and unlike Saara he is under the Strictly Bus. Red and Black for the subliminal people out there. Probably gone, definitely B2.

    5AM: Terrible singers. VT raised alarm bells. Doubt B2 but probably will be in the middle of the vote. They are not Plan A. Preparing for B2

    Saara: Saara is from Finland, Sharon has dementia. The subtitles were just reminding us, luckily she has not went to the Finnish embassy. Reminds me of her sing off appearances. Possibly B2, more than likely would be saved.

    Matt: Not gonna be in B2.

    Honey G: First ever negative comments. I stand by my claim that she will be eliminated in the quarters. Slight apply of the breaks. Nothing major. Very unlikely but a B2 appearance is starting to be marked on the cards. Probably Safe, preparing for B2.

    Emily: ZZZZzzzzZZzzzz…. Pimp slot will save her, no mention of the uptempo thing really. Producers are kicking themselves, ruining that chance of a lovebird sing off. Probably safe, might not be a finalist.

    I would say
    Most Likely B2: Ryan, Saara/5AM shocker
    Possibly: Honey G or 5AM
    Middle: Emily or one of Saara/5AM
    Safe: Matt

    It is a close competition.
    For the next B2.

  • Honey G has moved below Saara Aalto in elimination betting odds.

  • Alen

    I think they wouldn’t mind for 5am to be in the bottom two so they could bounce next week and come much closer to the final.

    this week was all about pimping matt, making sure honey lives another week (but slowly deramp), getting ryan to the bottom and the rest are left to fight. i hope saara is safe but i’m not sure anymore. i guess she might have topped the votes last week and they got a bit scared.

    i still wouldn’t be super surprised if emily is b2. it’s just been like always.

  • Fudd

    I don’t think Emily’s was supposed to be pimping. The judge’s comments weren’t overly-positive enough, if you compare what they said to Emily compared to what they said to Matt when they both picked their song (supposedly) etc. Also the staging – Matt had complete focus on him whilst Emily has lights pointing at the ceiling.

  • fused

    Was there ever a more ‘going through the motions’ X Factor live show than that? Almost all the contestants were doing the something they’ve long established about themselves. 5 After Midnight were the exception, but not in a good way. What a messy arrangement, and their singing was bad.

    Saara was the best by far, she sang ‘My Heart Will Go On’ nicely, but it is such a routine X Factor song choice. I did get an “end of journey” feeling from her VTs as well.

    Matt showed that he has a good voice, but ‘The Writing’s On The Wall’ is an incredibly boring song.

    I know Honey G wasn’t doing her usual “H to the O to the N etc” thing this week, but… look, I think everyone’s got the gist of her by now haven’t they? Even if you take her spelling her name out every song we know what we’re getting from her.

    Emily does a John Lewis version, again, and I’d say this was one of her worst performances.

    Ryan’s performance was one of his worst too, but he’s been treated like a spare part for most of the live shows. It almost feels like it’s crueller to keep him in every week.

  • Woofie

    I was quite surprised tonight.

    I was expecting some deramping to go on so that Honey G avoids the B2. Her performance felt like this is it, there is nothing left, she has reached her ceiling – maybe reached the end of the line (tube). Louis and Sharon appealing for votes.

    5AM again following a week of full on pimping Simon pulls them back on vocals again, which is their weakness. Red and black/ fire on the dance break down similar to the red spot lights in their week 4 Thriller dance routine. Matt was asked in his VT who is main competitor is and he said 5AM. All the references to final placing makes you wonder if they are being set up for a shock fall. If their vote holds up and they survive this week it will be interesting what their treatment will be next week. They looked their most confident tonight as a group, interesting RAP comparison to Honey G. I said before it is either one of them for the final or neither.

    Ryan’s performance felt it was no vote motivator.

    Saara’s VT felt end of journey and the performance was restrained, although she had a big note at the end. The dress was very old fashioned. It will be interesting to see how the public react – it was very different to last week, as pointed out by Simon. Yes she can sing but many good vocalists have failed to get votes on this show.

    I felt Matt’s and Emily’s performances didn’t quite hit the top as intended but were well received by the studio audience and the judge’s comments were full of praise and longevity in the competition. Does make you wonder as both performances could be described as a matter of taste.

    I wonder if tonight is going to be about whose vote holds up after Matt and Emily? At this stage contestants have fan bases but is that enough? It will be interesting if they tell us the total number of votes and did it rise like last week.

    The recap on Sunday will be interesting, I wonder if it will give us clues who is safe and who is not.

  • Woofie

    Interesting comparison for Matt, James Graham’s cover: http://youtu.be/pFF8aV7W3Rw

    • Lara T

      Wow that was great!

      Ugh, it’s a travesty he was so underused in his year. Could have been a contender! Certainly could have taken votes from Ben Haenow.

      • Woofie

        I know Lara, one of the best vocalists the show has ever had, yes he was young and made strange face pulls when he sang. But was he really boyband? His X Factor audition was amazing. I only hope that they ask him back but I don’t think he would come back. He was a Peter Waterman protege. He is recording so it be interesting what he comes out with.

  • Poker Coach

    X Factor Facebook page is full of praise for saara. Sge has absolutely best feedback there (look through all recent pics).

    Also in youtube videos saaras video has best ratio of likes/dislikes.

    She will not be in bottom two either this week. Value bet availabe if you believe that she wilö stay in competition.

    • Poker Coach

      Even under Matts picture (which gets most reactions) people are promoting saara a lot. Facebook concensus seems to be that saara and matt are two bests.

      Facebook consensus might represent app vote. I did bet my money for the fact that she will not be eliminated this week.

  • Tpfkar

    Didn’t watch the show, but the comment about Honey G going backwards on Facebook likes suggests that she is going backwards on vote %. So either she was towards the top previously and is being slowly deflated or she is in trouble tomorrow.

    If the lines were open at the start (we’re they?) the pimp slot seems to have less effect so Emily might be less safe than she seems, as the Scottish vote have had all evening to vote for Ryan before she showed up.

    • Curtis

      Voting was open at the start of the show this week, as it has been every week since Week 3 I believe. Based off the running orders the producers have delivered us the last few weeks, I think even with the lines open early they still believe in the pimp slot, and therefore so do I. They also still choose to put acts they wish to throw under the bus early in the show.

      She is perhaps not 100% safe with an underwhelming performance and still having to split the regional vote (which already becomes less effective with every week), but I would still be pretty surprised to see her in the bottom 2 from the pimp slot.

      • Woofie

        I agree Curtis unless it was a major deramp, which has happened I think in a pimp slot. The show would lose credibility if pimp slot contestants after judge’s full on praise hit the bottom 2. They must always been confident the contestant will be clear and safe.

  • Woofie

    Interesting comment by Lious on the Xtra Factor when asked who would lose all their contestants first. Very quickly he said Simon, despite his praising of Emily. Probably nothing in it.

  • Alan

    I think they were after a Ryan / Saara bottom 2 and they may well get it. Ryan looks a dead cert for bottom of the vote to me. Its very rare the judges compare acts unfavourably to others in the competition so Louis’ comments were especially harsh. You dont get the impression they will generate any kind of sympathy vote though as everyone must be thinking he is lucky to still be there.

    Saara’s VT was dodgy as was some of the staging and she looked awful. I cant really comment on the song as it is about as far removed from my musical tastes as it is possible to get. I hate it but it seems like the sort of rubbish old grannies might vote for. Do old grannies still vote in this age of free app voting? I think TPTB might feel that a minor deramp was enough to get Saara back in the bottom 2. They didn’t really go after anyone else.

    • Poker Coach

      Ryan/Saara b2 will not happen. I thought it will before show and even during the show. But after looking in social media reactions I am convinced that it will not happen despite it was planned to be that way. It might still happen but the probability is smaller than current odds for that.

      I have been observing social media reactions after every live show and Saara is having more sympathy and support there than ever.

      The really good question is who is the other one in b2. My guess is now Honey G, but could also be emily or even 5am.

  • Spiidey

    I don’t think anyone was under the Strictly Bus tonight.

    The show didn’t start until 8.03pm (odd) and with the intro and then Ryan’s VT he didn’t perform until 8.11pm

    The show immediately after Strictly on BBC1 had a programmed start time of 8.10 pm. So Strictly probably finished around 8.08 or 8.09.

    Not that any of the above will help Ryan escape their bottom 2.

  • going by facebook it’s not looking good for honey g

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