X Factor 2016 Spoilers: Who Makes Judges’ Houses?

The X Factor auditions start screening on ITV this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, August 27th/28th at 8pm. This year’s SHOCK TWIST has been announced: an act in each category is reinstated for judges’ houses, by the three other judges. That means the final 24 who were chosen weeks ago – the Six Chair Challenge was filmed in early July – becomes a final 28 for judges’ houses, which will be filmed over the next two weeks.


Helpfully for punters, some audience members at the 6CC filming have shared their information about the 24 who got through. In previous years, these crowd-sourced spoilers have been impressively accurate, although as ever there are no guarantees. With thanks to posters on the Digital Spy forum Six Chair Challenge Spoiler thread, we’re passing on below what appears to be the current state of crowd-sourced spoilers, for ease of bookmarking and reference as the audition shows progress.

Girls (Simon)
Soheila Clifford – Twitter
Kayleigh Morgan – Twitter
Olivia Garcia – Twitter
Emily Middlemas – Twitter
Gifty Louise – Twitter
Caitlyn Vanbeck – Twitter

Boys (Nicole)
Matt Terry – Twitter
Freddy Parker – Twitter
Niall Sexton – Twitter
Nate Simpson – Twitter
James Hughes – Twitter
Christian Burrows – Twitter

Overs (Sharon)
Samantha Atkinson – Twitter
Christopher Peyton – Twitter
Ivy-Grace Paredes (Ayegee) – Twitter
Janet Grogan – Twitter
Relley C – Twitter
James Wilson

Groups (Louis)
Skarl3t – Twitter
The Brooks – Twitter
5am (reportedly put together by judges) – Twitter
Four of Diamonds (reportedly put together by judges) – Twitter
Cosmic Riot – Twitter
Husband and wife duo (name not yet known)

We have to wait and see if the identities of the four wildcards also leak – or, indeed, if there’s any leak of who makes it through judges’ houses to the live shows. The identities of those who get past judges’ houses are usually a more closely-guarded secret – some years, leaks and Twitterology get us an accurate cast for the live shows in advance of it being officially confirmed; some years, they don’t.

Last year we had the innovation of a live reveal of the live shows line-up during the judges’ houses episodes, rather than the traditional on-location tearful chat on the sofa. As that was widely regarded to have been somewhat shambolic, it’ll be interesting to see if they retain it this year – back in the safer presentorial hands of Dermot – or revert to the previous format.

Last year we also had the innovation of Betfair opening its outright market during the audition shows, rather than – as it has traditionally – waiting until the live shows line-up is confirmed. If Betfair does this again, and the previous format of informing the acts of their fate on location is reverted to, it will be interesting to see how clearly the market speaks.

If you have any additions or corrections to the above list, please share in the comments. And, of course, speculate away about what producers may be trying to achieve this year. Do you suspect this year’s SHOCK TWIST is set up for a Simon Cowell driving to Melanie Amaro’s house-esque trajectory, with a favoured act controversially jettisoned only to be reinstated, and win over their mentor at judges’ houses? Or is it a half-baked “we’d better think of a twist”/”how about this?” affair, which will fizzle out with none of the reinstated four making the live shows? Let us know your theories below.

Photos ©ITV

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35 comments to X Factor 2016 Spoilers: Who Makes Judges’ Houses?

  • I’d be very surprised if at least two of the wildcards didn’t make the final 12, otherwise there would be no point

  • Martin

    I think Dermot confirmed in an interview that judges houses was to be pre recorded although I have no source for that so don’t hold me to it.

    I imagine the twist will be a mix of the two scenarios. A lot of things last year were innovations which came to nothing, such as Monica and Mason being bought back so that doesn’t give me much hope that this twist will amount to much. That said, I’d be pretty amazed if at least one wild card doesn’t lead to a ‘I made a massive mistake at boot camp’ narrative sending through to the lives.

  • Yay! Happy New Season y’all. Finally, a distraction from the farce that is #WhoWillHost.

    What, do we think, can we learn from last year? Is there anything to learn from last year which has been all-but written off?

    The more I think about the scoring system the more sense it makes. The public, gripped with Olympics fever, will love it.

    In terms of production though, Syco need to take a good long look at the recent Eurovision production in Stockholm. X Factor has had a positive influence on the ESC for a few years now, and it’s a better production for it. However, am I the only one that thinks Eurovision – and the Nordic/Scandi productions in particular – has become a better show because it’s stopped taking itself too seriously? Love Love Peace Peace, for example, was really just a logical extension of the Failed Auditionees number during the final on XF.

    In X Factor, particularly last year, I saw a show not comfortable in its own skin. I hope by reversing nearly all of the changes – and the reintroduction of Louis and Mrs O – the show will be able to laugh at itself again.

  • Jessica Hamby

    The live reveal last year was a complete dog’s breakfast. The bit where they had the contestants explaining why they should go through (aka begging, literally, live on tv) was excruciating, particularly when it was obvious that the decisions had already been made. They might be happy to skewer the singers but they don’t want to make the audience feel uncomfortable. They won’t do that again. Please. Ever.

    The SHOCK TWIST is another high profile non-event in the ongoing TOTALLY REVAMP THE X-FACTOR saga. To my mind if it shows anything at all then it shows that the emphasis will (as ever) be on the judges rather than the performers. It might make for an interesting redemption narrative though. I wonder if they would do that to a chosen one.

    • Oh God, the worst part of the season no doubt about it. It just didn’t work in any way, shape or form. I think it’s fair to say that won’t be back.

      I’m not holding out much hope for a new set. They desperately need one but they’ll be leaving Fountain after this year so that’ll be the time to change it. No idea where it’s moving to either – I’d like to see the lives tour like Melodifestivalen. That’d shake it up a bit.

  • Martin

    That ‘begging for votes’ thing last year was utterly horrific and thankfully they pulled that on the second night, with Simon expressing his horror at it in the press afterwards if I recall correctly. That should ensure we never see anything like that again.

    In answer to James’ question about what we can learn from last year – the message prior to the first audition show, and indeed throughout it, seemed to be that 2015 was all about FUN however as soon as we got to the never ending boot camp episodes and into the lives, aside from Reggie and Bollie, that was quickly binned off in favour of destroying every contestant (apart from the aforementioned) to ensure a Louisa win. This year the pre show message appears to point to a more ‘classic’ series and that is what the show desperately needs. In terms of viewership and the overall health of the show going forward, we need a year where the producers aren’t doing over everything they can to nobble likeable characters and good singers. As Jessica rightly said, it’s one thing the acts knowing they’re being done over, but to make it as blatantly obvious to the viewers that they’re doing it (as they did last year with Anton and to Monica to name only two) is counter productive.

    There are some small signs that may point towards this already – Shannon is a loose cannon and especially paired with Louis, this will almost certainly allow for some interesting viewing at the live show stage. There’s also the potential that Scotland may have somebody to vote for, with two Scottish contestants in the girls category alone. Digital spy forum members are creaming themselves over one of them, Caitlyn, already and although this means nothing right now, am I right in thinking the last Scottish act was Nicholas McDonald in 2013? If either is allowed through to lives, regional voting alone may see them through to the business end. That said, a second year with a young female blonde winner may be a stretch in Caitlyn and Emily Middlemas was fairly unremarkable when she was rejected in 2014 (although that’s never stopped the show pushing anyone before).

    It may make things less easy for us for them to take this sort of approach, but in the long run it will be beneficial. Many more years like last year and we may not have a show to bet on.

    • Lauren Murray’s exit. Christ that was horrible to watch, and the only time I’ve felt bad making money off her genuine misfortune.

      • Martin

        I was only reading through last years articles/comments the other day. I was quite a fan of Lauren at the time, along with lots of others here, and going over her treatment it seems even more harsh now there’s no money down. I promised myself not to get emotionally invested last year but I think it’d take a heart of stone to notice what we do on here and not feel anything. Her exit week was particularly rough as vocally she’d been faultless up to her sore throat that week. Only the week before had we been drummed into sympathy for Louisa and her poorly throat but they pounced on Lauren for it and her sing off only made it worse. There was a small amount of satisfaction when Adele named her as her winner. It’s a shame Lauren has had no music to put out to test whether Grimmy would have had her on the show as he said he would as she was eliminated.

  • Alan

    Christ. I dont know whether to laugh or cry at the prospect of another series. That anyone takes the thing seriously is beyond belief. Much was made of last year’s revamp only for them to go back to Dermot, Sharron and Louis this year. What a total joke. The program has no credability whatsoever.

    It should be better from a betting perspective this year as I think it will go back to ten live shows and presumably just the one weekly eviction. Trying to guess who would be bottom of the pile was tricky last year. Much easier to work out who TPTB want shot of as they only need get them into the bottom two to achieve their goal.

    As always it will be the Sofabet articles and comments that will suck me into watching the goddam thing every week.

  • Dan

    After last year, things can only get better for X-Factor. Here’s hoping for a classic (and prosperous) season. Good luck everyone!

  • 360

    X Factor season! Let the manipulations begin!

  • Group Twitter accounts make for pretty interesting reading. Seems JH was a couple of days ago. 4D and Skarl3t very excited with lots of stuff they can’t tell us about. Cosmic Riot not quite as obvious but positive, tweeting heavily. 5AM quiet, then one of the members rehearsing with another group. Brooks tweeting about ‘keeping the faith’.

  • Ben Cook

    Only a handful of the 24 on tonight’s show (though of course some of them could be wildcards, which makes it a little more interesting)

    Caitlyn Vanbeck might be one to watch out for based on Digital Spy’s preview articles. I gather she auditioned last year but can’t remember anything of her.

  • Alan

    So do we think tonight’s pimp slot will be this years Plan A? Surely TPTB can mix it up just for our benefit.

    • Jessica Hamby

      I’m sure they’ll throw in a few cake and donut shots for us. Personally I’m thinking of giving it a miss and focussing on Strictly and La Frangepane. I’ll probably change my mind at 20:03 though.

    • Martin

      According to the pre show press, a female over called Honey B is the pimp slot and she isn’t listed as through.

  • Donald

    Hi Andrew, Daniel and everybody, let the madness begin for another season.! All quiet on the western front as 32 shows start their run. Let’s hope they not as blatant as last year with their Plan A.

    Pay particular interest to the boys featured tonight late on and any of groups featured. The Brooks connections associated with the show well documented, Are there good enough to win? Personally doubt it. More a Jedwardish effort maybe.

    As always good luck to all and look forward to a decent season with great harmony and great winnings on Sofabet ;-).

    PS. Rumblings of some changes to voting possibly on the cards!

  • Jessica Hamby

    2 people with learning difficulties, a bunch of assorted relatives (living and dead), a forgetful Ben Haenow and a likeable Louisa Johnson.

    SHOCK TWISTS indeed.

    Yeah. I know. I watched.

  • 360

    Caitlyn Vanbeck seemed to do quite well there. She might be this year’s Plan A; I’m unsure they’d risk putting through a girl with a great voice, solid backstory and doubtless solid regional support from Scotland after the Janet Devlin fiasco and the difficulty they had getting her out.

    EDIT: Oh, the show isn’t finished yet. I thought she was the pimp slot act at first

  • Lenny

    So, initial observations –

    Only 2 of the opening night acts making the 24 surprises me. Although I thought the opening boyband might have had a chance (unless they changed names or are the wildcard choice). Since they were the two acts they started to go into the backstory of, it wouldn’t surprise me if both Christian and Caitlyn make lives.

    I know the “putting the rubbish act through to annoy Simon” is common enough at this stage, but was it really necessary to end the show by doing it twice? Interesting in not going for a big pimp slot in the first show. Do we now look out for the pimp slot in the last show as our early favourite?

    Looks like no proper auditions to be featured on Xtra Factor. Worth skipping this year if this is the expected standard.

  • Fudd

    Has anyone commented on the four acts who were shown ‘growing up inspired’ as part of the introduction? James Wilson following James Arthur and, I think, the Brooks Twins were there being linked with One Direction. Then we had I think it was Gifty ‘watching’ Alexandra Burke and… was it Four of Diamonds? Remarkable if so considering they were only put together a couple of months ago… being inspired by Little Mix.

    They must have picked those carefully – especially with James’ audition airing later on.

  • Tpfkar

    Hello everyone, hoping to have a bit more time for XF this year. Caitlin Vanbeck impressed me tonight, but if the list above is the final 24 then we didn’t see many. Wonder if it’s a bank holiday thing? I if so, it’s maybe the act shown last *next* Saturday we should watch out for.

    • Jessica Hamby

      Compared to Kelly Clarkson from 15 years ago. Is that a good thing?

      • Martin

        In the context of the show, Kelly Clarkson is as positive a comparison as you can get. One of the earliest winners, has sustained a consistent career since then and still has hit singles now. There is nobody else you can really say that for, winner-wise, apart from Little Mix and they haven’t been going long enough to have the same effect.

        I haven’t watched the show yet, but from what I’ve read about it so far it sounds like they’re going out of their way to associate some of this years contestants with previous SYCO acts, is that fair to say? Not sure how relevant that will become, if at all, but to have the Dermot intro as it was and then have Caitlyn so heavily associated with Kelly Clarkson all ties in with the ‘return to form’ message. I’ll be interested to see if it comes across that way, or more ‘this show is still relevant, honest…’

      • Tpfkar

        Hi Jessica. I saw it as a positive – I took it as saying they haven’t seen anyone as good in the past 15 years. Much better than being compared to the last year’s winner I’d have thought? Especially given her lack of success!

  • Donald

    Very mixed bag, some of audition vocals were blatant recordings, mixed and overdubs, never seen or heard that before on X Factor UK. That one new feature for this season.

    They seem to be planting the seeds for a put together boy band just like 1D. Two of likely members shown tonight. One of those guys tonight is a well known quantity, opened at Capital Summer Ball this year.

    Same old same old for seasoned Sofabet punters, no audience in the room now of course and Sharon missed one audition already. A great start indeed.

    Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

    • Fudd

      On The Xtra Factor they were pushing for the guy in the white T-shirt from Yes Lads to be put in a Frakenband too. It wasn’t subtle at all.

      Yes Lads are being interviewed on the show tomorrow so it WL be interesting to see what happens there – if white T-shirt guy has been moved it must have been done by now.

  • Phil

    I can see the Honey G wildcard trajectory already. There has to be a novelty act in the live shows and she fits the bill perfectly.

  • Fudd

    Performing on tonight’s show:
    1) Eddie Lee
    2) Saara Aalto
    3) James Hughes
    4) Emily Middlemas
    5) Rachel Hooke
    6) Abiola Allicock
    7) Kittipos Maspun
    8) Rebekah Ryan

    So two from the 24 again – James and Emily. Will one of them get the pimp slot? Possibly Emily has she has a ‘return’ storyline behind her.

  • Betfair have once again already got the outright market up. 🙂

  • Martin

    Finally caught up with yesterday and watching tonight now. Seems like a conscious effort for the show to be acknowledging Scotland’s existence again.

  • Gage Loverne

    Just saw rumors that the husband and wife duo is called Tom and Laura. Also that the group wildcard was Yes Lad.

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