CBB 2016 Discussion Thread

With confirmation that one of our favourite former X Factor contestants, Katie Waissel, has entered the Big Brother house on opening night, it’s time to open up a discussion thread should any of our commenters feel inclined. Katie is not the only X Factor alumni in the house. Chloe Mafia, now known as Chloe Khan, is also present. If you have any views on the series as it progresses, let us know below.

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  • Lia

    Kooky monster is back!!!

  • fused

    I don’t think Katie Waissel has come across too badly so far, though granted she hasn’t had much screentime. I don’t think Chloe Khan has either really, sure she’s a car wreck, but that doesn’t necessarily make someone a horrible person.

    To be honest, the X Factor cast-offs usually come across OK on Celebrity Big Brother. I suppose there is a difference between how audiences view a contestant expecting to be taken as a potential popstar or even just an entertaining singer, and how they view someone on CBB, where they are judged mostly on their personality and what they do while in the house. I didn’t watch Christopher Maloney’s X Factor series, but he was both a hate figure and vote magnet on there, while on CBB he just came across as dull and a bit wimpy, so nobody hated him, but nobody voted for him either.

    I didn’t like Frankie Cocozza on The X Factor, and I don’t like him now on the very rare occasions he’s is on TV, but I thought he was OK on CBB, if an inherently shallow creature.

    That was all a bit of a ramble, but I suppose the upshot of what I’m saying is that The X Factor and Celebrity Big Brother are two very different shows, so the same contestant probably follow won’t the same pattern in both.

  • 360

    The whole Katie Waissell saga was X Factor pantomime villainy at its finest. As XF nears the end of its shelf life I look forward to seeing more people’s opinions on former contestants and what the show itself made of them change.

    I’ve often wondered if past XF contestants could sue for libel at the ways some of them are portrayed. I imagine the production staff are very careful not to do anything that could be held against them as evidence, but it is awful how the likes of Katie Waissell if she had never done CBB would have remained with their name synonymous with a figure of hatred and ridicule, as if she was absolutely in reality the kind of person that the show portrayed her as for twenty hours of ten weeks of her life. Rhydian is another memorable example of that.

  • fused

    Although series 7 is when The X Factor was at its height in terms of viewing figures, I didn’t like it very much. I just found it all so overbearing and over the top, especially the way Katie Waissell and Wagner were vilified. I couldn’t stand all the Gamu worship either, honestly I doubt she would have come anywhere close to winning anyway.

    What I am a bit surprised by is how fragile and weepy both Christopher Maloney and Katie Waissell have come across when on CBB. I don’t know if they would have been like that while on The X Factor or have become that since, but I definitely feel a bit sorry for them. I suppose they are an advert for “fame” not being worth it.

    Interesting that we’re all commenting on The X Factor rather than CBB though! CBB18 isn’t going to be remembered as a good one, is it?

  • Martin

    I never bet on Big Brother, I find the variables to unpredictable and the standings can change daily but in terms of viewing, I’m finding this series compelling and unbearable in equal parts.

    In terms of Katie Waissell, I think she’s coming across nicely. I don’t think she’s there to win, she’s there to prove a point and I think she’s done that already. All she had to do was go in and not be terrible.

    There seems to be a vocal resistance against Bear, Marnie and Lewis (which was reflected in the votes to save last week – James was saved in the top two despite being low key. A massive anti vote for that group) however the three of them, particularly Bear, are controversial characters and vote to save will benefit them all massively. I expect Renee to be the beneficiary of that same anti vote this week with her, Heavy D, Bear and Lewis all up.

    I couldn’t call the winner though. I think Biggins would have walked it, but he was shamed out. I do think Bear would be a good shout and producers seem to behind him, but he’s too divisive for me to say that with any conviction. Nobody else is really standing out as a winner at this point, although Fatboy from Eastenders seems nice enough, hasn’t done anything to upset anyone and has enough of a following to stand a chance.

  • Must admit I’m looking forward to the return of XF. I’m hoping for a better year than the car crash that was the previous series

    • Martin

      Last year was odd wasn’t it? They were very tunnel vision with Louisa and that was at the detriment to the overall series, quality wise. Although it was very clear cut from a betting point of view, apart from week two.

      I think the show format itself is at odds with the current music scene. The fact that they have allowed Louisa Johnson’s first solo material to be a collaboration with Clean Bandit shows that SYCO are moving with the times, at least with the current chart climate, but I do think that now more than ever, the voting format is a complete contrast with the way music sales are compiled.

      All signs point to more of a “classic” series, with Louis back with Sharon and Nicole, I think it will be reminiscent of 2012 when Sam Bailey won. I’m happy Nicole is back, that woman is TV gold.

      • 360

        Its definitely amusing how badly Reggie n Bollie did once they got signed after being heralded as the second coming.

        I’ve been enjoying re-reading a lot of the older articles in the build-up to this year’s XF. I’m already looking forward to seeing what kind of acts they cast this year.

        The thing that will always stick with me about last year’s show (well, beyond the breakneck pace, as you say, tunnel vision, and Olly and Caroline’s endless cockups), was just *how bad* the winner’s single was, and how *nobody* on the production staff seemed to notice until it was too late to do anything about it.

        I still find Louisa Johnson a little dislikeable but its clear that the singer and person she is (purple hair, leotards and high heeled thigh boots) is very different to how she was portrayed on XF (everyone’s little angel who’s otherwise quite dull) so that goes some way to redeeming her in my eyes.

        From what I’ve seen of the previews of the next series it looks some way back to form with the room auditions returning and Simon once again playing the ‘only adult in the room’ role that he did back when it was just himself, Sharon and Louis. Sharon and Nicole are bound to be drinking on the live shows so at least we should have some unscripted live tv to look forward to!

        • Martin

          I read a story which said that Reggie n Bollie would have made #8 in the UK chart if streaming were discounted, that shows just how out of touch this show is with the music industry at the moment. That was reflected in iTunes as they hung about in the top ten there for a while, but if I remember correctly, the winners single debuted high and dropped like a stone rapidly.

          They seem to be on the right track with Louisa though – she looks very “current” in terms of image,and “Tears” was a great song for her. As you say though, that is such a massive contrast from her angelic appearance on the show, it’s almost like seeing a diferent person. In interviews she has been quoted as saying it’s a relief to finally be able to be herself, which shows a bit more self awareness than she ever managed to get across on the show.

          • fused

            I really like ‘Tears’, it’s a very good song, it suits her voice and I’d say that sort of music/image would be a good direction for her.

            I’ve long thought a big problem with The X Factor is the difference in audience between people who watch and vote on the show and people who regularly buy and follow pop music.

            I think generally The X Factor audience are much older and more middle of the road, and I’d even say a lot of them don’t even particularly like music. They care when the show is on, but will forget about it and move onto another reality TV voting competition in a couple of months. They tend to vote for strong vocalists to win on The X Factor, but as far as image is concerned, they like them to be safe, unthreatening, even angelic.

            People who are interested in pop music tend to be young, and want something with a bit of an edge, but not too much. There were Louisa fans at the time complaining that the programme wasn’t showing the sort of popstar Louisa would be, but honestly, I think if they’d have done that, she wouldn’t have won.

            I never really expected Reggie n Bollie to be successful popstars, but I kind of thought they might try to become TV presenters or something. They were always entertainers more than they were singers/popstars. Just to get it back to CBB, thinking about it the most successful contestant from the last 4 series of The X Factor has been Rylan!

  • Jessica Hamby

    Claudia Frangapane, 16 year old gymnast, sweet girl, must be a shoo-in for Strictly this year, even if we don’t know the rest of the line-up yet. She’s already a performer with great physical co-ordination and will love a bit of fake tan and a sparkly costume, she’s enough of an extrovert to shine on the floor and humble enough to inspire and keep fans and with Olympic level gymnastic skills her routines will surely be more challenging and impressive than anyone else.

    Best available is 5/1 at Ladbrokes. Grab it quick. It won’t last.

  • 360

    Re: This year’s X Factor, they’ve just announced some changes. Apparently performances will be ‘scored’ now by the judges – out of 10, perhaps, like Strictly – and they’re suggesting they might reveal the voting results in full on each live show. Full article here – http://www.tellymix.co.uk/reality-tv/the-x-factor/274131-x-factor-2016-simon-cowell-confirms-live-shows-will-revamped.html

    • Phil

      These were both rumoured last year, but they seemed to get cold feet. I hope they go for it this year and change things.

    • Martin

      The scoring has been rumoured for ages hasn’t it? I do think it would open them up to “copycat” criticism and would signal the producer manipulation even more blatantly than ever before, but they do need to do something to liven things up.

      The league table would be a dream though, and would work for and against them (and different acts) on a load of different levels. I’m interested to see if any of it actually materialises.

  • Like the idea of a “guest judge” – they really need to put an odd number of judges back as Deadlock has just been so heavily abused these last few seasons.

    • Jessica Hamby

      But isn’t that the point of deadlock? They have it in the show to generate suspense, entertainment and controversy as well as to ensure they get the result they want. As long as they only allow the public to select the bottom 2 or 3 rather than the actual eliminee there will be controversies.

  • And to go completely off topic, Eurovision 2017 is rapidly descending into a farce. The choices are now either put a roof on a footy stadium or use this cowshed…


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