Sofabet in Stockholm

Good evening from sunny Stockholm. Over the next two weeks, you can expect the usual coverage of Eurovision rehearsals on Sofabet. From the press centre, I will tweet my impressions of each practice session as they happen, before posting an article summarising the day’s events. I can be found on Twitter here.

It feels like an open year, and I’ll try to bring as open a mind as possible to proceedings. It’s worth reminding readers that there are lots of reports, often contradictory, about each rehearsal. Bear in mind that some concepts take a little while longer to perfect than others – whether it’s Eric Saade smashing his glass box, or last year’s Estonian duo finding the right angles to tell their story. First efforts can be rough or ready, and much can change in the space of a week.

The only clips you’ll get of first rehearsals will be on, before the fan press moves in to film second rehearsals onwards. The full schedule can be found here. Most of all, enjoy the next few weeks, and keep your thoughts coming below.

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