BGT 2016 Discussion Thread

Britain’s Got Talent starts on ITV this evening – the tenth outing of a franchise Syco have so far kept in rather better shape than the X Factor. ITV’s press release for this series promises, inter alia, “a dancing polar bear”, “a one-man band on stilts” and “the world’s fastest tortoise”. If history is any guide, we’re likely in for seven Saturdays of taped auditions before live semi-finals in the week starting May 23rd. Do let us know your thoughts below as the series unfolds.

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5 comments to BGT 2016 Discussion Thread

  • Sagand

    Given how close Jamie Raven came last year I would keep an eye on Richard Jones who is auditioning tonight as a potential winner. They have never had a magician winner so may want to push for that. They also have three (obviously) bad magicians on tonight which’ll be used as build up so he is clearly going to the semifinals. He’s a good looking male, used to be in the army and is from Essex all positive to public votes.

    You can watch some of his magic at his youtube channel He isn’t particularly original but neither was Jamie Raven.

  • The Ferret

    well this thread has got off to a slow start!

    haven’t watched any yet but from a purely mathematical perspective I have had a tickle at long odds on Kathleen Jenkins (Sarah Brightman lookalike and fits the demographic??) and Presentation School Choir (this is a back to lay)

    Thoughts from those that did watch?

  • Well I think those two should certainly make the semi’s. Maybe a trade opportunity. Not my thing but good luck.

    Betfair add the runners early now to these events. They used to wait until the Lives start. Maybe people don’t know that yet because liquidity is low but viewing figures are very strong. However the market will pick up when the Lives start: 6 Semi’s 21 to 26 May, Final 28 May.

  • Score

    Just over a week until the live shows start with 2 (1.5 really) audition shows left. Any thoughts on who they’ll be looking to give a helping hand to in the live shows?

    Beau and Jasmine are the obvious candidates and they seem big on 100 Voices of Gospel too. They won’t just want singers though. I think so far Balance, the magician Richard Jones, the dog act (Trip Hazard) and impressionist Darren Altman could be the variety acts they push, just based on how much they’ve been spoken about by the judges and placements in the audition shows.

    The sword guy got the pimp slot in show 1 but I’m not sure the act can sustain. Plus from previous years only 4 of the 9 acts that have received that slot have actually made the final (fewer than I expected) so it doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll get more favour from the producers.

  • Alan

    The sword dude and the guy with the crossbow will probably be helped to try and give the final some variety. They seemed to hold back on the manipulation last year (in stark contrast to the XFactor) so I will be watching and betting with caution.

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