CBB 2016 Discussion Thread

Celebrity Big Brother kicks off at 9pm on January 5 on Channel 5. The participants are not yet officially confirmed but a list was leaked to the tabloids. Bookies make Scott Timlin an early 3/1 favourite, followed by 7/1 David Gest and 9/1 Jonathan Cheban. X Factor interest is brought by 2012’s Christopher Maloney, available pre-show at 20/1 – will we get some lasers shooting out of that CBB eye logo? If you’re watching the series, please feel free to let us know your thoughts below.

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  • Jessica Hamby

    Anyone going in? I have a feeling Kristina Rihanoff will do well. She’s smart, tough, kind (she’s known to be one of the best with the duffers when she gets them on Strictly) and knows reality tv. Also she will want to change public perception of her as a bitch after the Ben Cohen thing. I’ve think she’ll go a long way.

    Obviously things will become clearer once everyone gets in but I wonder when the odds will come up for 1st eviction. At this point I reckon Gemma Collins has to be in with a chance of that. She’s horrendous.

    • David Cook

      Gemma Collins might be horrendous but she’s still not as bad as some of the others. There’s Winston for a start.
      As for Potty Mouth Scotty being favorite I must be missing something. He really is horrendous. He can’t win surely?
      Based on the first night I thought Kristina and John came over quite well and I can see both doing OK but probably not winning.

      • Caro

        I agree about Scotty, although it is interesting that Michelle Visage named him as a possible winner. I can’t see the attraction myself.
        I have been surprised by Daniella – I think she could do well. She’s got a ‘redemption’ story too.

  • Caro

    I was surprised that Chris Maloney got booed so much – am I missing something? What has he done? Was his panto that bad???

    • Jessica Hamby

      The rent-a-mob don’t need a reason to boo.

    • Edie M

      It was pretty extreme and made me really uncomfortable. He seems very vulnerable (I know his breakdown was a few years ago, but his £70,000 worth of plastic surgery was fairly recent) and I’m not sure he should be in there.

  • fused

    That’s the thing with reality TV hate though – often it’s based on pretty much nothing. For example, I don’t really get all the Gemma Collins hate I’ve seen online. She seems OK to me, to be honest. I don’t know anything about her though, other than her quitting I’m A Celebrity… early, but I only heard about it as I don’t watch that show.

    I think Scotty being a favourite is to do with him apparently having a big fanbase isn’t it? I know even less about him than I do about Gemma Collins, I hadn’t even heard of Scotty before launch night!

    I agree that Daniella has come across very well so far, and I’d say she’s also one of the more well known ones too, which I think helps, especially with a potential “redemption” arc.

    I think they’ve overstuffed the series. 16 housemates is a bit too many for such a short run. There isn’t enough screentime to go round, and unless a few of them quit or have to be removed they are going to have to do lots of mass evictions and/or a final with half the cast still there.

    • Jessica Hamby

      I take it you’ve never seen The Only Way Is Essex. Gemma was a horror.

      • I’ve been on Bit On The Side at the same time as Gemma (not as one of the panellists, sadly, just in the audience) and she seems very vain. She was constantly touching up her hair and make up between takes. To be fair to her though, I think she makes quite good TV.

  • stoney

    Haven’t seen much yet but ive had a little dabble at daniella at 10s. My record with cbb is pretty shocking to be fair so keeping the stakes low

  • I’m writing for Oddschecker.com about this series of CBB. You can find my latest article here http://bit.ly/1OhQq4v

  • Caro

    Good job they overstuffed the series with the number of ‘walkers’ they’ve had…..

  • Ade C

    I went for Darren Day early on, 15/2 so not too bad. He’s 2nd fav now which is always a good sign! Stood his ground whilst still not outraging anyone. Gets on with most people in there, enough to not get nominated. John is not liked & he singled Darren out so that goes in his favour to. The votes maybe split between the kids with the same demographic voting for them, so prob a ‘shock’ eviction in a few days time.

  • fused

    I’ve quite enjoyed this series so far really. But it’s one of those where everyone is a bit flawed in some way, so there isn’t an obvious winner. I think Darren, John or Daniella have the best chance, because they’re probably the most well known to the audience, but I’m not sure any of them are standing out.

    I don’t think I’ll ever get the appeal of Scotty T. Maybe he has a big fanbase out there, but there’s not really a whole lot to him is there? I think generally housemates have to be a bit less one dimensional than him to win.

    Tiffany is doing well in the online polls, but she’s got “overhyped internet fave” written all over her. She’s the sort of housemate that viewers who spend a lot of time on forums and social media go nuts over, but I can’t see her being as popular with the average viewer/casuals/silent majority, whatever you want to call it, but I can’t see it. I might be biased though, she’s a little too contrived for me.

    I can see why people dislike Gemma Collins now if this is what she’s usally like. She’s a bitchy shit stirrer if ever there was one. That said, I somewhat like her. I think she’s been a great housemate anyway.

    • I would’ve agreed with you about ten days ago about Tiffany being an overhyped fan favourite, but she seems to have transcended that label and now seems to be the genuine public favourite. Last night’s face-to-face nominations were also good for her imo. They’ve started to victimise her, which will only get the public on side as she’s turning into an underdog despite also being the most interesting to watch and the most entertaining. As it stands, I think she is the most likely winner but she’ll have to be careful to keep her temper under control.

      And I totally agree with you about Scotty T. More of the same from him (i.e. not doing a lot) and he won’t be winning.

      • fused

        I suppose we might have an idea tomorrow if they say who the top ones in the vote are and Tiffany is up there, especially if she tops the vote. Mind you, “vote to save” is asking a slightly different thing to “vote to win”, even if both are positive votes.

        But this series, even just having a niche appeal could be enough. It’s also the longest celebrity series to date, and events can change everything. Not having an obvious winner makes it a bit more interesting I guess.

  • tash

    When does CBB end?

  • Tiffany was Top 3 in the vote tonight, as expected. Now she’s second favourite and has climbed from 23% (1st) in the Telly Mix poll to 31% (1st). HBIC for the win!!!

    • Caro

      I hope so. Tonight’s edit did her a lot of favours too. I think Danniella’s chances are fading now. No-one came out of ‘Knickergate’ very well.

      • Danniella’s chances decreased to almost zero on Friday when she made it very clear that she wanted to go home. Every second of airtime that Tiffany gets nowadays is extremely positive for her. I honestly believe she’s become The Chosen One.

        • fused

          I agree, I can definitely see the producers wanting Tiffany to win. She would be a different sort of winner to what they’ve had before, and everyone else has either too many negative traits or hasn’t done enough.

          I think Danniella might even go in Tuesday’s eviction. She has come across rather badly over the last few days, and she keeps saying she wants to go home. Though she still might get more votes than Christopher Maloney. He might have improved his public image a little, but he hasn’t really done anything other than throw up after the face to face nominations.

  • Caro

    Think Danniella has salvaged it a bit. Still hope Tiffany wins though.

  • Andy

    PP have SF market up Tim.

  • The Juan

    I honestly think after the “killer nomination” last night, that Steph is going to win this as its vote to win in the final

  • natasha

    There’s a lot of love for Stephanie on the CBB Facebook page. I haven’t been watching it. Should us Tiffany backers be worried :/

    • Stephanie is still quite a cheap cover for bets on Tiffany, if you think she can win. It’s worth remembering though that she didn’t beat Tiff in Friday night’s vote, and I suspect she was behind by quite a long way. And someone as divisive as Stephanie is likely to be anti-voted if she made it to the Final 2, just like Austin Armacost was last series and Katie Hopkins was this time last year.

      Speaking of that series, Katie Price was about the same price as Stephanie with this little time left, so it probably isn’t impossible for her to win.

  • The Juan

    Now that the final is very near, the TellyMix polls usually are quite a good indicator of result and public view of the potential winner… guess who has come out on top by a few hundred votes.. Steph!

    There are 2 other factors to consider here:

    Tiff – her price has been on the drift and I honestly think that the price is not reflective of the voting, I call false fav

    Scotty – The voting power of the geordie shore massive. They got charlotte to the win in cbb and vicky in the jungle.

    Here are the current prices:

    Tiff 8/11 far too short
    Scotty 2/1 solid price but a bit short when considering the other 2?
    Steph 10/1 taking into account the others, this price is where the value is

    As always, a losing bet is a losing bet no matter how much value you consider there to be.

    I know where my money is going… time to top up at 10/1

  • Final day is here! Does anyone remember Winston and Nancy? Wow. Seems like an eternity ago. Just for fun, let’s all post our Top 6 predictions and see who gets it right/wrong in the end.

    1. Tiffany
    2. Stephanie
    3. Scotty T
    4. Darren
    5. Danniella
    6. John

  • Jay T

    1. Tiffany
    2. Scotty T
    3. Stephanie
    4. Darren
    5. John
    6. Daniella

  • The juan

    This is based on the apparent snapchat scam via gaz gs account.

    1. Scotty t
    2. Stephanie
    3. Tiffany
    4. Darren
    5. Daniella
    6. John

    Also straight forecast odds are on sky bet if anyone is interested.

  • natasha

    Could Scotty T’s price crash indicate inside info on who’s winning the vote at the moment???

  • I doubt it. Calum Best went favourite, traded down to 1.6 on the final this time last year, only to crash out in third. Scotty T has the name recognition for the casual punter and lots of people assume he’s going to win because of his fanbase.

  • stoney

    i Stopped watching this series weeks ago. Infact i haven’t seen much of it at all. Had a small bet om daniella but i think looking at the odds it would be a huge shock if scotty doesn’t win. As short as 1/6 now.
    Yes there was a shock when Calum didn’t win but lightening won’t strike twice.

    • natasha

      Wow 1/6??!!!

      Definite insider info if you ask me

      • Wow, undoubtedly one of the worst winners ever. Four things are certain;

        1) Lots of insiders were playing the market today.

        2) It wasn’t won inside the house, but outside.

        3) Younger people must have voted in huge numbers.

        4) It wasn’t even a little bit close between Scotty T and Stephanie, otherwise Emma Willis would’ve mentioned it.

  • stoney

    I would say almost certainly

  • fused

    I wrote a blog post about this series of Celebrity Big Brother if anyone is interested:


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