X Factor 2015 Week 4 Post Mortem: Anton Decked

The recap that starts the Sunday show is always worth keeping an eye on for what producers want you to remember. It was telling tonight that the main talking point of the night, Anton’s flash of anger at Nick implying he was fake, was not referenced at all. It was clear they didn’t want Anton getting any kind of sympathy vote.

Later in the show, Olly turned to Anton on the “someone’s going home tonight” line, and Simon cryptically told Caroline that having watched back last night’s show, “one or two weren’t as good as I thought”. Caroline asked: “But you don’t want to name him?” Simon replied: “Did I say ‘him’?”


It was no surprise, then, when Anton landed up in the singoff against Che. And it seemed like one of the most straightforward singoffs to call. If the show hadn’t already made its intentions towards Anton clear enough in his treatment last night, it seemed unlikely that they wouldn’t want to keep him around after his reaction to Nick.

It’s the first time Simon is without an act before the final, but better for the show that Simon remains as a “neutral” to tell everyone how good Louisa is than that Grimmy is left looking like a spare part for the next three weeks.

Unfortunately, everyone else was thinking the same way and Che was almost unbackable, trading generally at around the 1.1 mark during the singoff. I managed to get at least some money matched at slightly longer prices.

The judges attempted to give Anton as gentle a send-off as possible, no doubt fearing provoking a rant in the elimination interview with Caroline. There must have been some sighs of relief when Anton handled it in such a dignified and gentlemanly fashion.

The question now is whether Che benefits from the “week 7 bounce” that took JLS and Olly Murs to second place and James Arthur to the win. (Although this is only the fourth live show, in the rhythm of a usual season we’re in the equivalent of week 7 – three weeks before the final). The 3:1 decision doesn’t necessarily indicate that Che was below Anton in the vote, although he may well have been – it can also be to give the impression that the decision was obvious.

So who is next week’s target? Lauren’s treatment on Saturday felt like a softening to us, as did 4th Impact’s – but Reggie N Bollie, who have been treated indifferently in odd weeks and pimped to the high heavens in even weeks, were left till last to be called out, something that can create a sense that an act has only just hung on.

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  • Ben Cook

    Still don’t agree that Lauren is being softened. I don’t think it has to be Louisa or Lauren. It can be both. I think them as a top 2 would be a great result for Syco and they’ll sign both.

    • Face

      apart from the fact she got to unexpectedly pick her song last week… and smashed it… and was top 10 itunes… so by fluke, rather than by design (in TPTB eyes) I see no evidence the want Lauren to be top 2…
      imo she is at best this year Stacy Solomon… a likeable personality that can also sing…

      • Ben Cook

        She is far more talented and marketable than Stacey was

        • Face

          my point (maybe poorly made) wasn’t that Lauren is more/less talented and marketable than Stacy…
          but rather from the way Lauren is being treated by TPTB it doesn’t appear they see her as an act they want to sign post the show… especially after her treatment this week…

    • Jack

      I do remember someone (I think it was Nissl) mentioning after last year that an all-Girl Top 2 would be an interesting first for the show. Purely for the probable split vote, I don’t think it’s likely, but it would be fascinating.

  • stoney

    I reckon Anton was warned about his place on the tour if he stepped out of line, as they seemed to keep referencing it tonight.

    • Jessica Hamby

      Oh nonsense. You’ve fallen for the hype again. Anton’s not some kind of out of control raging monster. He was upset by comments that a song he was singing to his failed love affair was ridiculed and he defended himself. He has always been a complete gentleman, even when they put him on that stupid throne.

      I thought the point of this site is that we see through the bullsht that the producers and judges are selling, not that we buy into it.

      • We’re at that stage of the competition where confirmation bias can take over, especially if you’re involved in the outright market. I’ve had Louisa on the nose since August so they can pimp all they want. 😉

      • EM

        Yes Anton has always seemed to carry himself with dignity and to respect that other people may not see the world exactly as he does. He never belittled anyone’s point of view, just focused on his strengths rather than sniping at others. Whatever happened around him he just did his best in the moment, never let his own insecurities affect his response.

        Admirable qualities in a person, shame there isn’t more of it.

      • stoney

        Anton was clearly digging at Nick in the sing off. When he was singing the patronise line it was almost as if he was fixated on Nick. He was also pulling faces when Nick was making his decision in the sing off. Not that I blame him. The point is this. Anton as proved last night and in his twitter rant is an unstable character who wears his heart on his sleeve. It is not nonsense to suggest he was warned about his reaction last night. Did you even watch the show tonight?

  • Dean F

    Confident RnB are going next week and Louisa us wrapping this up in the pimp slot next week. 2 songs aswell

  • Phil

    The options for next week’s “Jukebox” are here: http://www.itv.com/xfactor/news/the-power-is-in-your-hands-use-twitter-to-pick-a-song-for-next-weeks-live-show

    I would be incredibly surprised if Che didn’t end up with Hello.

    • Martin

      I don’t know why they’ve even given any options other than Hello for Che, that song will run away with it. Personally hoping that Lauren gets Firestone, and Louisa backers should be hoping for Love Yourself IMO. A ballad-not-ballad, contemporary and full of attitude – could actually create that moment people are craving from her.

      Reggie n Bollie will probably end up with Locked Away, (although the sight of someone doing Watch Me on X factor would be hilarious) and I’d imagine fourth impact be lumbered with Rihanna.

      • Dazzle

        locked away is perfect for reggie and bollie ballad wise with a VT about being away from there kids. then sing there usual kind of song for there second song then they are safely through to the semi final.

      • Ben Cook

        “You Don’t Own Me” from the House of Fraser ad would be good for Lauren.

        • annie

          thats what I voted too.
          though most people seem to go with firestone… not liking that

        • Jessica Hamby

          It’s a really weird choice. Are they expecting her to do the rap as well. It’s a real memory holer that one. I think hers and Louisa’s options are a bit rubbish.

          • Martin

            Listen to ‘Love Yourself’ it’s a genius choice for Louisa. ‘Jealous’ has had its moment this year, and the other one is over done. Lauren’s choices are a bit shit though you’re right, I don’t even know this house of Fraser song. *takes to YouTube*

    • Hello? Really? This show likes screwing with Adele’s songs, eh? This is why she won’t perform on the show

  • Linda

    Lauren is the only interesting contestant left. I have no idea where the Fourth Impact vote keeps coming from.

    PS Have a look at the ITV site for the song choices for next week that you can vote for on Twitter. All obscure save for the options for 4I and Che.

    • eurovicious

      The Philippines.

      • Chris Bellis

        Yes, they all use VPNs over there as the normal internet is throttled and censored in that God forsaken hell-hole. OK for tourists, but terrible for nationals. They will use a VPN like Hotspot Shield to make it look as though they are here. I should have thought of that before I wasted some of my Mason winnings on them.

  • Dana

    4th Impact must have a rock solid vote out there somewhere for their vote to have held up so well.

  • It was my best week yet BY. A. MILE. Had a monster amount on Ché to be in the Bottom Two, as I was almost certain it was going to happen. Seems like he was bottom of the vote too. Also was quite big on Mason to go last night in-play and laid Anton heavily in the same market after the incident. Successfully laid 4th Impact, Reggie N Bollie, Lauren and greened up on Anton for the Bottom Two market w/o Mason. Then went in on Anton during the sing off, even at the tiny odds, and completed a successful back-to-lay on Ché to be eliminated. My only loss was a small one in the Bottom Two Combo w/o Mason market, but with everything else working out for me, I’ll take that!

    Don’t mind who’s the target for elimination next week, as long as it’s Reggie N Bollie or Lauren, mwhahahaha. The 4th Impact train choo choos along, for now at least.

    • Jessica Hamby

      Well done. 😀

    • Donald

      Well done Tim, good weekend here also, 4th Impact vote is solid, like Lauren last year, but they have started to move them away from that space. That is a concern but they still going and far from out of this unless they do what they did to Lauren to them. All down to Che bouncing or not for next week first of all now. They might finish him next week off so way further clear for Louisa.

      • Alan

        Given that Che was in the bottom two I cant see how he is a threat to Louisa. They can just keep giving him dire old fashioned songs happy in the knowledge that’s his votes under control.

  • Edie M

    They’re trying to drag emotion out of Mason on Xtra factor and he just won’t give them what they want.
    OOH Anton is really committing to slagging off Nick on Xtra factor and they’ve just cut him off…

  • Donald

    Story about Lauren pushing one of 4th Impact tonight has bit of traction online. Lauren has left the guard down.

  • stoney

    Oh that solves that one then LOL

  • Martin

    She clearly says something about Che. Please tell me you’re all joking and I’m just missing the irony in your text?!!!

    OH it’s already resolved. as you were

  • stoney

    Seems the screw faced shove was just one big accident. 4th impact have spoken. Thank god for that

  • Lia

    Conversation with my 9 year old during tonight’s results show:
    – Mum, is XFactor a fix?
    – What do you mean?
    – Like, it’s not happening for real. It’s a play and we don’t have to vote because they have a story to follow and it won’t count.
    – Well, they can’t do that because a lot of people pay to vote for who they like, so they would get into a lot of trouble if they did that.
    *Gives me an unconvinced look* so I carry on:
    – But they can manipulate…
    – How?
    – Well, they may not put a lot of effort into someone’s performance so you’re not impressed or choose a bad song for someone or, if it’s someone they really like, they can make a big show and give better sound so more people will vote for that contestant.
    – Aaaaah! Just like they’re doing with Louisa?
    *me taken aback but recover quickly and smile*
    – Yes, that’s it!
    – You know mum, she’s a good singer but she won’t have a career singing those songs. She might even win but she’ll fail if she keeps singing that kind of music.

    I laugh, give her a hug, and we go back to watching the show.

    *SO PROUD!!!*


  • Jessica Hamby

    I wonder if Lauren will have to overcome class prejudice to win votes? I suspect she will. A lot of people on DS call her Stacey Slater, an Eastenders character. The accusation that she abused and assaulted the FI girl gained traction quickly too.

    It would be a shame if her chances were ruined because people are snobs about her accent.

    • I find her accent really sexy actually. I bet she’s pure filth in bed.

      Is that weird?

    • Donald

      Like last year one more elimination and TPTB will have a choice of two to put one in the final.

      Next trick they will probably try pull with Louisa is to do what they did Fleur Uptown Funk and iTunes last year. We won’t be buying it.

      Even one of the journo on panel on Xtra Factor toinght is not convinced on Louisa moment last night.

      Bottom line is we do not know the voting so one has to go with gut and experience and reality. If we all on here not buying in and streaming in, that got to stand for some caution. Remember how close to bottom Fleur was last year.

      It is not a great series but good for the gamble as this weekend proved.

      One point is vote transfer, where will Mason and Anton votes go now.

      • Dean F

        Inclined to disagree on this. It seems a sofa bet thing since the start that Louisa is the favoured chosen one and no matter what she does its only because TPTB are doing it for her as she’s plan A.

        My job involves speaking to the public and today in between speaking to them and colleagues many found Louisa’s petformance the best by a distance

        9 times out of 10 TPTB get what they want anyway. Think some need to remember that as ‘easy’ as it now is to see producer intentions we should keep focused on why they do it and how professional they are at doing so. It’s clear they want Louisa to win. They missed the boat on Fleur last year but I am quite sure it isn’t happening again

    • Edie M

      Signs of class prejudice in the response to the push story and continuous mocking of her accent on the show etc. so depressing 🙁

  • annie

    Oh God, the story seems to have gained some momentum on social media, I hope this wont be her ‘ misha b is a bully ‘ event….

    • Jessica Hamby

      I wonder what odds you can get on Lauren having topped the poll this week.

      A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.

      Mark Twain (attributed)

    • Jessica Hamby

      It may backfire massively if people think she’s being nobbled. This could be the defining moment in this year’s x factor one way or another.

    • Curtis

      I think the producers are very eager to put a lid on this – probably because it could ultimately generate sympathy for Lauren which they don’t want.

    • Jessica Hamby

      How it’s being seen on DS.


      Not great for Lauren.

      I reckon this is a nobble and it’ll turn out that at the very least the expected surge for Louisa didn’t happen. Maybe Lauren even topped the poll last week and this week.

      • Jessica Hamby

        Ok. Not a nobble. A knobhead. Certainly not foreseen by anyone.

        Events dear boy. Events.

        Harold Macmillan (alleged)
        Response to a journalist when asked what is most likely to blow governments off course.

      • annie

        wow, twitter is full of hate. lets hope most angry people are filipinos who cant vote anyway.

        • Jessica Hamby

          Like I said, a lie can travel half way around the world….

          This is actually libel. It would be wonderful if they sued the guy who made the original claim and everyone who retweeted it. Simon is one of the few people with the money to make a realistic threat of that. Sadly unlikely to happen though.

          Unless Lauren calls in Slater & Gordon on a no win no fee….


          I still can’t help wondering if it was deliberate. I won’t be easy about it until I see the voting figures for this week and last week.

        • annie

          oh God, its really looking bad.
          I looked through fcbk, twitter, DS, YT. people cal her racist and all sorts of names, that her true colors came out. wow.

          My jaw is on the carpet from the stupidity people display.
          Did she nail her own coffin? are tptb glad they didnt have to do the dirty work?
          hang in there Lauren…

      • Dean F

        Why do these events prove Lauren topped the vote this week? It’s nothing to do with producers who seem keen to put a lid on it

        • annie

          well, many assume that rag mags and sites like metro do need permission from production before perpetuating a story, so it can be that producers allowed it to spread. nasty business.

          but i dont think she topped any vote, i just think they are now keen to get rid of her, she served her purpose and there seems to be no interest in her anymore.

        • Jessica Hamby

          A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.

          It’s an old politician’s trick. You leak something completely outrageous about your opponent, that he has sex with farm animals or something. It doesn’t matter what. By the time the truth gets out it’s too late. A reputation is ruined.

          Funnily enough it didn’t hurt David Cameron because in that case it wouldn’t be shocking even if it were true. Everyone thinks The Bullingdon Club are horrendous already and they elected him in spite of his being a member.

          But look at how they got Anton – the accidental head clash became a “headbutt”. His unselfconscious facial expressions became “mad eyes”.

          Lauren is a potty-mouthed bully and possibly a racist. Even people posting here wanted to believe it.

  • Nissl

    If I were TPTB I’d probably want to drop off Lauren and then Che or RnB next. But I’d primarily be pleased I got all my commercial and quasi-commercial prospects to the final 5. With Che in no danger of pulling a Haenow, I’d be focusing more on making the remaining shows good viewing all around rather than engineering a specific finishing order with a pile of deramps. I suppose the show will continue its intense push to make Louisa the next Leona at the expense of almost everything else though….

  • What a time to be in! The males are in the bottom, double the LOL of Rn’B are just above.

  • Jessica Hamby

    If you want to know what Simon Cowell wants you to think, look in The Sun.


    They spent all that time and effort making a nice video to disprove the lie but they forgot to inform the biggest newspaper in the country.


    • Jessica Hamby

      The video from Fourth Impact and Lauren was posted on their website more than 3 hours ago but this story is still running in The Sun. It will still be there tomorrow morning.

      • Jessica Hamby

        The Fourth Impact / Lauren video has not been tweeted by the X Factor account either. Clearly they’d rather have the controversy than protect a contestant.

        Meanwhile this kind of nonsense is doing the rounds.



        • Curtis

          Yet that video was clearly made at the request of the producers – hence you have Reggie N Bollie and Louisa in it also. I still think they want to put a lid on this – The Sun thing only applies to stories “leaked” from the house. This was something that has happened in public and hence Simon Cowell will have had no say on The Sun’s reporting.

          Honestly, this will blow over by next week. I certainly don’t think this was a ploy by the producers to sabotage Lauren. They have better, less risky ways of doing that. Frankly Saturday night was a pretty good start.

  • Lake

    Checked the overall Jukebox hashtag numbers on Topsy… (Not accounting for the two tweet per person maximum etc.)

    4th Impact look like a lock for I’ll Be There.
    Che’s definitely getting Hello.
    All of Louisa’s 3 songs are still close but Love Yourself is on top. (1,390 vs 1,224 vs 1,536)
    R&B look like a lock for the Nae Nae.

    • Tim B

      Thanks for this! What about Lauren though?

      Silentó’s Watch Me (Whip Whip / Nae Nae) would be the worst song performed on X Factor since whatever it was Alien Nation sang in their sing off. It could easily be used as a de-ramp for RnB if they polled too close to Louisa. I’m hoping a British sense of fair play will kick into action with them soon. But it could also go down a storm with their demo *rolls eyes*

  • Tim B

    Anyone who doesn’t think 4th Impact can sing a ballad should check this out;


    Well lo and behold, it’s I’ll Be There! Although I must say, I’m very glad that the tall one in the middle is no longer part of the band

  • annie

    wow, 4th impacters are craaaazy. there are even tweets with ‘I hate Lauren’ and ‘God bless all’ side to side…

  • the maestro

    The fact that they have to pimp louisa to high heavon and de ramp the rest only says to me shes not polling well if she was topping the vote they wouldnt have to use embarrasing tactics the best thibg is she has nothing to beat so id she was that good or liked she shud be walking this the worst xfactor ever for talent

    • Dean F

      I don’t know . I take last year for instance when TPTB still didn’t give Ben a major deramp even though he was clearly above Fleur. I think Lauren is polling well but to be seen who is doing better. Either way I think TPTB are looking for Louisa to get the momentum now

      • Plinkiplonk

        I would tend to agree with the Maestro; why risk looking unfair by favouring Louisa if there is no need to ? Fleur’s push last year was of ridiculous proportions; we can probably expect more of that next week.

        I think the reason why Ben never got a full de-ramp was that he seemed to be comfortably at the top; a de-ramp would have meant he may still have won, but they would have ended up with a winner they were openly critical about. It may be just my faulty recollections, but if you go through past seasons, there usually comes a point at which the winning act has it in the bag vote-wise, and they tend not to criticise that act from this point forward, as they have to be seen as tuned into the ‘vibe of the people’. I think Sharon / Steve in series 1 was the last and only time where a judge showed a definite antipathy to an ultimately winning act.

        So by that argumentation, I would not be shocked to find out that 4rth I have been top of the vote from week two… (or, heaven forbid, R ‘n B…).

        • Linda

          I was shocked at 4th Impact avoiding the bottom three after Saturday night but it shows the strength of their vote, legitimate or otherwise. I think we can comfortably see them in the final now. Che will avoid bottom two next week as he’s singing Adele’s “Hello”. Lauren and RnB in bottom two next week, RnB to go on the singoff. Though Mason and Anton’s votes – if anyone is still interested in voting which I doubt – might transfer in small part to Lauren, rather than Louisa.

        • To be fair, the pimping of Louisa wasn’t the focal point of most weeks; she was heavily pimped BUT NOT THE MOST PIMPED (how do you add bold text), on a week-to-week basis.

        • Rob4

          agree with plinki. 4th impact have been niether pimped or excessively de-ramped which suggests a rock solid vote and TPTB are happy for them to proceed to the final. if they are polling way ahead i expect the show will get behind them this week. RnB will only be allowed to the final if the ramping has worked and both Che and Lauren can be maneuvered into the bottom 2. Che is definitely out either this week or next. Lauren could survive to the final – very difficult to work out the strength of her vote? – a Stacey Solomon finish is maybe planned. TPTB will move heaven and earth to get Louisa to final but i’m still not sure they will be able to avoid one bottom 2 appearance.

          • Linda

            Can you see both 4I and RnB in the final? Curiously it seems to be looking that way. Although I doubt if they’d want Grimshaw’s last act not to be there, hence giving him Adele’s “Hello” next week. I’m really puzzled today.

        • stoney

          Let me draw your attention to the James Arthur year. Following hes appearance in the bottom 2 he topped the vote by a huge margin. Tptb would have known there and then he was going to win at a canter. Did they stop the pimping? Hell No. I stood to win a small fortune if Jahmene won and he was kept well in check while Arthur was pimped to high heaven right til the very end.

          • Martin

            There was outrage across the nation when he was b2 though. Now, either nobody cares or nobody likes Che. I can’t see any reaction to Che being b2 anywhere.

            With the rate they’re stopping the bounces this year, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Che go this weekend, unless he does end up with “Hello” (which seems likely). I think we’ll see a much more even field this weekend, but more knives out for Lauren – as long as Louisa is safe, they don’t seem to care much elsewhere.

          • Rob4

            the difference with JA was that it was a genuine surprise bottom 2. he wasn’t thrown under strictly. it was the wrong song choice and apathetic voting that got him into that situation. will Che’s supporters be similarly galvanised? i don’t sense that.

          • stoney

            I’m talking im reference to the pimping of Louisa and people assuming she’s struggling for votes

          • Plinkiplonk

            As I said above, there seem to be two processes at work: outright pimping if the votes are not as they should be, and getting on board the winners train by seeming to agree with the public. James Arthur was the latter, but I would strongly doubt Louisa is, too. Hence my assumption it is the first scenario.

    • stoney

      How’s that 4/1 on lauren looking right now?

  • Jessica Hamby

    Just to satisfy me and my tin foil hat, if anyone recorded last night’s show can you check that the footage of Lauren being used in these disgusting faked videos actually was broadcast. If it wasn’t then we’ll know for sure who released it.

    • Martin

      It was yeah, my friends text me and picked up on it. I did brush it off a bit last night but it’s being dealt with very heavy-handedly this morning. Shame really, I thought it would be nice for two females be allowed to do well.

    • David Cook

      We didn’t see either show live this week – so I’d heard about this before seeing it. It shows how easy it is to stir up trouble on the internet as it’s quite clearly a fuss about nothing. For a start as Louisa is about to be called safe you can just about make out Lauren in a hug with 4I in the background – hardly the action of someone who’s going to shove somebody away a minute later. Just as the alleged shove takes place you also see Louisa also break away and turn to the front as they know the next name is about to be called. As to what was said I would suggest ‘Come on Che’ does fit – ‘Fack off me you slag’ might be someones idea of a joke but it certainly doesn’t fit.
      Some of the comments about this on DS and twitter are just idiotic, but it’s difficult to put the genie back in the bottle.

  • Stu

    4th Impact outsiders to win. 14/1 on some bookies… If they get I’ll Be There and they do that whistle note then I can see their odds shortening a lot.

  • Boki

    Problem with 4th Impact (I speak as a backer) is that tptb can feed the story about “massive voting from abroad” anytime they want which would easily cut their support within UK.

  • Jack

    Just caught up on the Lauren/FI thing. All I can say is Jesus Wept. Some people really are awful.

    Dunno if it’ll impact the show much but it’s just plain nasty. Hope Lauren’s ok over it all.

  • Caro

    Do you think there’s any chance of a backlash/sympathy vote for Lauren? The trolling (much of it appearing to come from abroad) is horrible.
    Then we’d have a scenario of a combo of sympathy votes for FI increasing their support, and some sympathy votes for Lauren coming from any of the other acts which could have an adverse impact on any of Che, Louisa or Reggie and Bollie.

    • Edie M

      Hopefully this will have died down by next week. But I think she is in danger of going on Sunday. Now they have Che’s vote under control I don’t think they’d mind him in the final, Louisa is safe, FI’s vote is much stronger than anticipated (and might be boosted by this) & even if she was in the bottom with R & B they might use it as an opportunity to eliminate Louisa’s female soloist rival.

    • Martin

      I’m not sure it will make a massive difference to be honest. It’s perfect ammunition if they wanted either scenario this weekend, but if it were to be featured as part of her VT (or 4I’s VT) I think it would get more sympathy than backlash – they couldn’t edit it in any other way. Which is why I think it will be ignored. The whole thing will be forgotten about by Saturday!

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