X Factor 2015 1-13 Prediction: After Haenow, Ché Now?

Sofabet’s traditional speculative attempt to predict the 1-13 finishing order has felt unusually tricky this year. The new judges’ houses format gave everyone roughly equal screentime, with no montages or standout mid-song cuts to interview, reducing its usefulness as a pointer to who goes into the live shows with most and least producer support. The seemingly greater use of post-production, here and at bootcamp, has made it harder to judge whose vocals will stand up in the live shows.


It feels like a relatively open year, so we expect to see some very different lists among commenters. Saturday’s show – with its “This Is Me” theme – will tell us so much more, and could easily change the landscape dramatically. For now though, these are our shots in the dark; we look forward to seeing yours. If you’ve never joined in before, please feel free. As always, it’s treated as something fun, before the curtain opens and narratives fly in different directions on Saturday night.

1st place: Ché Chesterman
Current Odds: 13/2


Ché has impressed with his vocals in each round – and while we all know that the X Factor is anything but a simple singing competition, it does help to be one of the better singers. In his first audition he said he wanted to bring back “old-school soul”, before being persuaded to sing Jessie J. Since then he has indeed fallen back on old soul classics, but in a way that has elicited a “wow” from the watching judges each time – and an encouraging four-judge ovation from the pimp slot at the six chair challenge.

Ché is unassuming, in both looks and character. This has its advantages. Just as Ben Haenow started his journey last year with a dodgy-looking goatee, Ché has the potential to look a whole lot smarter at the end of the competition than he did at its start. And while Ché may not quite be blessed with Ben’s good looks, style makeovers can serve as a useful visual marker of how the show is transforming an act’s life.

Three of the last five winners were male soloists who behaved with humility throughout the competition, and so far the former Tesco shelf stacker appears to remain similarly grounded: for example, he was the only one of the boys to thank his family and supporters on getting through to the lives. That kind of polite deference goes a long way with the X Factor audience.

We do have some doubts about Ché. He admitted at judges’ houses that he “finds it hard to show his emotions”, which could either herald a journey or hamper his chances of making a connection with enough of the voting public. And Mason’s return has raised question marks over the pecking order in the boy’s category. We don’t see Ché as the producers’ first choice of winner, by any means.

But our view of the bigger picture this year is that the acts we think producers will likely be most interested in from a commercial perspective – probably, in our view, Louisa, Alien Uncovered and Mason – will be hard sells to X Factor voters. We reckon they’ll likely end up looking for a compromise winner who is easier for ITV-viewing Middle England to get behind, and has at least some record-selling potential.

Cheryl Cole’s namechecking of Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran in Ché’s first audition is a reminder that there may be a place in the market for someone like Ché. We’re taking a chance that as the series unfolds, producers will come to see him as the best option they can realistically get over the winning line.

2nd place: Lauren Murray
Current Odds: 10/1


Lauren is another initial backup option we’re taking a chance on moving up in producers’ favour. In all honesty, we didn’t expect Lauren to be in the final 12 at all. Vocally she seemed too similar to producers’ presumed Plan A, Louisa, while offering more obvious back story and personality spark. We assume her inclusion indicates producers’ own doubts about putting all their eggs in the Louisa basket if, as seems likely, they want to make sure that new star judge Rita will be represented in the final.

We learned at judges’ houses that dental receptionist Lauren lives with her family but has to sleep in the living room, so cramped are their conditions. “I’m doing it for them,” she said, a line that reminded us of Ben Haenow’s similar semi-final bid for viewers’ hearts. The judges’ houses edit – with Lauren being last to perform, and called second in the live reveal – indicates that she goes into the lives as beta girl.

Lauren rivals Anton as the show’s most likeable and relatable contestant, a sense reinforced by her singalong reaction to watching her judges’ houses footage. And she is in a category that the show pushed more than any other in 2011, 2012 and 2013, without getting anyone beyond comeback kid Amelia Lily to the final. The act of whom Lauren reminds us most is 2009 third-placer Stacey Solomon, combining talented vocals with an endearingly ditsy, down-to-earth personality.

The main fear with Lauren is her performance skills. She flubbed a lyric at boot camp, went briefly blank before her six chair challenge song, and was repeating the first line of her judges houses song as she stepped up to the mic. Mentor Rita Ora expressed the same fears at judges’ houses. If she can manage to hold her nerves together, we can see her taking alpha girl status from Louisa as the series progresses.

3rd place: Anton Stephans
Current odds: 8/1


Mature, nervous and blessed with a strong theatrical voice, Anton strikes us as a more likeable version of Chris Maloney, the poll leader for so long until dragged down to third in 2012. For all Simon Cowell’s initial complaints about getting the overs, he has never failed to have an act in the final, and Anton looks like the strongest act in his category.

Viewers have been persuaded to root for Anton from his arena audition, which also featured his dog Honey. Since then he has pulled silly faces through a host of strong if over-affected vocal performances. We’d worry more about those faces were it not part of his narrative of wearing his heart on his sleeve. And in this Anton is TV gold. There are potential back stories galore about his days as a backing singer and his difficulties with drugs – already mentioned in the tabloids – whilst the dog has already made a return appearance on Xtra Factor.

Simon said “the competition wouldn’t be the same without him” last Saturday; on Sunday he was only the only over granted a few words, and after he gushed his appreciation, presenter Caroline Flack couldn’t resist saying “I love him”. We reckon that lots of viewers will feel the same way. But, like Maloney, his theatrical and rather uncommercial style may see producers wanting to put a halt to his charge for the crown.

4th place: Louisa Johnson
Current Odds: 9/4


Producers have done everything to indicate that Louisa is their Plan A up till now. What history has taught us is that their best laid plans can come undone when going up against the phone vote. We ran through the doubts about Louisa at article length before the six-chair challenge, and those doubts remain.

Louisa has a very powerful soul vocal that has been deployed so far on classics from the soul canon, and we expect the same for Saturday, followed by a super-pimping. However, she seems only to have this one way of performing, and it’s a manner which belies her claim to have confidence issues. Consistently belting out big soul numbers meant for more mature women – without any apparent back story of her own – creates the possibility that Louisa fails to connect, despite her big voice.

And she now has someone in her own category who has a big voice and seems, at this stage, more easily relatable than her – Lauren Murray. Of course, there’s a chance that Louisa does poll very well, and producers don’t feel the need to push Lauren instead as a back-up. It’s in their favour that they have only seven live shows, rather than the usual ten, to pimp her through. But we think there are too many doubts to recommend Louisa at current prices.

5th place: Seann Miley Moore
Current Odds: 8/1


Seann has polarised opinion in our comments section, as he likely will among viewers. On paper there’s plenty going for him: a strong voice, producer favour, a big character and a determination not to conform to gender norms, which is particularly topical right now. His performance of ‘This Woman’s Work’ at judges’ houses was his strongest to date.

We have a couple of issues with his chances. Firstly, the kimono-heels-and-baseball-hatted Seann is a divisive personality in the context of an ITV primetime series, and divisive personalities don’t tend to win X Factor. It’s not just his clothes which signify “different”, it’s his foreign accent.

Beyond this, we haven’t found Seann particularly likeable or humble yet. Producers can help soften his image during the live shows, and there’s a chance that a setback and a few sympathetic VTs could win more viewers round. But that only did so much for the likes of big-voiced Kitty Brucknell or Misha B, and we fear the same kind of fate for Seann.

6th place: Fourth Impact
Current Odds: 6/1


Fourth Impact are another hyped foreign act that we think will struggle to connect with viewers. In early auditions, the four girls from the Philippines had been afforded high billing and excellent edits for their high-energy routines. Those routines were sometimes at the expense of shouty vocals, but the visual distraction of a cheering audience camera or impressed judges helped overcome this.

There was less hiding for their stripped back performance at judges’ houses, where the vocals were more obviously unimpressive, bested by the following Alien Uncovered, and Cheryl made a cryptic remark about not being sure what would happen come “week 3, week 4” of the competition. That’s not the kind of thing you’d expect to hear about an act producers were thinking of as a potential winner.

They do have a few back stories to mine, such as the illness of their father, and the typhoon that recently hit their homeland. But there isn’t yet much sense that we’ve even got to know them as individuals, let alone take them to our hearts as we had already done at this stage last year with fellow foreigner Andrea Faustini. Their ability to deliver polished routines may continue to win them producer support, but they feel like an act that could deflate quickly if and when producer support is withdrawn.

7th place: Max Stone
Current Odds: 33/1


Max was the most surprising inclusion in the final 12, on which basis he’s got some catching up to do. He hadn’t featured prominently until his yo-yo experience at the six chair challenge when branded “half-dead” by his own mentor, then cast aside for most of the performances before finally being reinstated. But he’s a clean-cut White Guy With Guitar, who has a really good voice, and that plays to the X Factor demographic. You don’t normally get a WGWG propping up the phone vote in the first week.

Treatment will make all the difference for Max. If Simon retains his apparent newfound enthusiasm, and Max continues to be portrayed as the plucky underdog as he was at judges’ houses, he could go on a run. The press this week reported that Max has a backstory of bullying, depression and self-harm that could win him viewer sympathy if played up in VTs.

However, it is hard to imagine him being an act who excites producers’ commercial sensibilities. A couple of weeks of faint praise, or distracting talk on topics such as song choice, would allow the “boring” tag to gain the upper hand and bring his journey to an end.

8th place: Monica Michael
Current Odds: 25/1

Betfair activity and a cryptic tweet had suggested it during the week, and the first ever Thursday night Xtra Factor confirmed Monica’s return to the show as a wildcard. She had been portrayed on Sunday night’s live reveal as narrowly missing out on the final place in the girls category, when mentor Rita went with Kiera instead.

Monica is a big character with sympathetic back stories of tragedy and rejection. She gave an emotional rendition of her own song at judges’ houses, and it will be interesting to see if she also gets to use any of her own material in the live shows – something which only Lucy Spraggan has managed to date, and then for only one week.

History suggests that returning wildcard status should see her safe for at least the first vote on a wave of goodwill. Chris Maloney rode that wave all the way to the final, but he had the boost of having been reinstated by popular vote rather than Cowellian whim. Monica’s urban RnB niche is less of a natural fit with the usual X Factor voting demographic, and for that reason we don’t expect her to last to the business end of the competition.

9th place: Alien Uncovered
Current Odds: 25/1


On the surface, Alien Uncovered would appear to be a very hard sell – a girlband of six aggressive-looking backing dancers with colour-vomit hair, whose vocals have on occasion sounded ropey and whose judges’ houses song choice tagged them as ‘Bad Girls’ – and we’re not talking Donna Summer. This would normally be the stuff of first week exits.

But it was interesting that they followed supposed alpha group Fourth Impact at judges’ houses, and their vocals sounded better – indeed, suspiciously so. This suggests some producer favour going into lives, which is hardly surprising given that Alien Uncovered look like a commercial proposition.

Their mics malfunctioned when pleading for their place in the live shows on Saturday’s judges’ houses episode, but they managed to say something about “ostracised for being different”. This could suggest how producers will try to make them relatable to a segment of the voting audience. The first week or two will be crucial: if they can manage to gain a toehold, they could go further than many anticipate. But producers have a tough job on their hands.

10th place: Kiera Weathers
Current Odds: 18/1


Kiera’s momentum has stalled since her highly promising first audition. Whilst her judges’ houses performance once again showed an engaging performer, Rita wanted more from the vocal. This was disappointing to hear, on the back of Simon’s boot camp comment that “I don’t like her voice”.

Rita admitted on Xtra Factor last Sunday that her third choice had been between Kiera and Monica, clearly marking the St Helens lass as the least favoured among the three girls originally put through. Kiera should get enough of a regional vote to save her from a first week exit, but historically producers don’t tend to give the gamma girl too much of a chance to shine.

If the early votes show that Kiera is striking more of a chord with viewers than Louisa and Lauren, she may yet be given the chance to go on a run. But in comparison to Lauren’s cheery demeanour of being permanently on a hen do, there have been hints of a flintier side to Kiera’s personality which we fear may make it harder for her to connect with enough viewers to climb up the category pecking order.

11th place: Mason Noise
Current Odds: 22/1


Just what is going on with Mason Noise? We don’t buy the idea that his six-chair strop and controversial return was scripted all along – for a start, how could producers have known that Tom Bleasby would drop out? It smacks more of an opportunistic grab for short-term publicity, a tactic which has succeeded. Whether they also have a longer-term strategy in mind for Mason is the question.

Our initial thought was that Mason would play the role of pantomime villain. Instead, the judges’ houses episode bent over backwards to show us what a decent guy he is. Mason has a commerical RnB sound, good looks and no shortage of confidence, and it’s not impossible that a redemption storyline – perhaps with some controversial singoff saves – could see him progress deeper into the competition. But having already been branded as unlikeable, and booed at judges’ houses, he may find it hard to win over enough viewers quickly enough.

12th place: Reggie n Bollie
Current Odds: 100/1


On the face of it, a Ghanaian duo now living in the Home Counties wouldn’t appear to be a natural fit for the ITV voting demographic, and neither are Reggie and Bollie’s vocals particularly strong. However, the likeable pair have put smiles on our faces every time they’ve performed, and it’s feasible that enough voters will feel the same to see them at least escape being the first act out.

Unfortunately for Reggie n Bollie, their non-appearance in either bootcamp episode strongly hints that producers aren’t intending them to last too long, and being the last group to be called in the live reveal reinforces the impression that they are the category gamma. The gamma group rarely lasts for long.

13th place: Bupsi
Current Odds: 150/1


“You want nasteh, I’ll give you nasteh.” Bupsi Brown has come up with one of the best quotes of the series. Unfortunately, it also sums up everything that makes her it hard to see her striking much of a chord with the voting public, who tend not to respond to hints of sexual voracity – a suggestion in evidence both at the arena audition and again at judges houses – or getting ahead through feminine wiles.

Actually, she’s not a bad singer, with a decent Tina Turner impression. But the first elimination is more often than not a contest between the weakest over and weakest group, and it’s one we reckon Bupsi looks likely to come off worst in.

Now it’s your turn. Last year we had 37 commenters posting their own predictions, with Donald winning bragging rights by being closest to the actual finishing order (thanks again to Mech for doing the calculations). Do post your 1-13 predictions below, and feel free to include some explanation, or not – whichever you prefer. The deadline is the start of Saturday’s show at 8pm.

Who will be this year’s prediction king or queen? Best of luck to all.

X Factor images ©SYCO/THAMES TV/PA

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94 comments to X Factor 2015 1-13 Prediction: After Haenow, Ché Now?

  • Tim B

    1. Seann Miley Moore
    2. 4th Impact
    3. Louisa Johnson
    4. Anton Stephans
    5. Mason Noise
    6. Che Chesterman
    7. Kiera Weathers
    8. Lauren Murray
    9. Monica Michael
    10. Alien Uncovered
    11. Max Stone
    12. Bupsi
    13. Reggie N Bollie

  • Ben Cook

    Pretty much agree with your analysis and I haven’t got much to add. I also think Lauren is the one to watch after last week – thought her JH performance was brilliant and she seems to be playing a perfect game. I have a feeling that the producers will do everything they can to get her to beat Ché but it might be tough. I don’t think Louisa will be as difficult a sell as you think, but at the same time I can’t quite envision her winning either.

    1 Lauren
    2 Ché
    3 Louisa
    4 Anton
    5 Seann
    6 Alien Uncovered
    7 Max
    8 4th Impact
    9 Kiera
    10 Mason
    11 Monica
    12 Reggie n Bollie
    13 Bupsi

  • Kenneth Chow

    1. Louisa Johnson
    2. Sean Miley Moore
    3. 4th Impact
    4. Anton Stephans
    5. Lauren Murray
    6. Alien Uncovered
    7. Mason Noise
    8. Che Chesterman
    9. Monica Michael
    10. Max Stone
    11. Kiera Weathers
    12. Reggie n Bollie
    13. Bupsi Brown

    They are going to push for a girl to win this year

    Che Chesterman screams Paul Akister like sabotage

    Sean is going to turn off half of the audience just for being who he is…but the ones that love him will stick with him…he is going to be the Marcus Collins this season…

  • Martin

    I’ve changed this so much and the inclusion of Monica has made me do it all over again. Interesting article – I note the lack of faith in producer intention this year! Maybe I’ve given them a little too much credit whilst doing the prediction.

    1 – louisa
    2 – che chesterman
    3 – fourth impact
    4 – anton stephans
    5 – seann miley moore
    6 – lauren murray
    7 – monica michael
    8 – max stone
    9 – alien uncovered
    10 – reggie and bollie
    11 – keira weathers
    12 – mason noise
    13 – bupsi

  • 360

    I’m very torn on a number of them with this, especially now Monica’s back in the running to throw everything off. For me a lot rides on who’s knocked out when. In the end up I have Che so high because I think TPTB will knock out anyone else viable who could be a threat to their chosen ones, but the chosen ones will fail to fly and gain enough traction/vote share to win. And so they’ll have to plump for Che by default.

    A lot will also depend on how many acts they have in the final. With a four-act final I could see Seann moving up to second or potentially even winning.

    I’ve also not watched the series and have only recently seen Judges’ Houses, so its that, some of 6 chair, and everyone’s analysis on here that I’m basing this on. If there’s any leeway with my list its the order of Mason and Monica, I’ve inserted her at a guess of how far she’ll go compared to all the others.

    1 – Che
    2 – Lauren
    3 – 4th Impact
    4 – Seann
    5 – Louisa
    6 – Max
    7 – Alien Uncovered
    8 – Anton
    9 – Mason
    10 – Monica
    11 – Kiera
    12 – Bupsi
    13 – Reggie n Bollie

    As to what else I’m expecting this year – Kiera and Monica to be in a final two together, Bupsi to be in singoff and saved first week over R and B, unless its a double. Alien Uncovered to be dragged to a respectable 7th or 8th from which to launch a career. Max, as the only WGWG in the competition, to go on further than planned. Che to be the plan they turn to after they realise, in week 4 or 5, that it’ll have to be Che or Max they go for, because the remaining girls and Seann are too divisive to unite a large enough chunk of voters.

  • Fudd

    1. Louisa Johnson
    2. Che Chesterman
    3. Anton Stephans
    4. Alien Uncovered
    5. 4th Impact
    6. Lauren Murray
    7. Seann Miley Moore
    8. Max Stone
    9. Kiera Weathers
    10. Monica Michael
    11. Bupsi Brown
    12. Mason Noise
    13. Reggie and Bollie

  • Lia

    Oh dear! The only one I got right last year was Ben… Let’s go…
    1. Monica
    2. Lauren
    3. Sean
    4. Anton
    5. Alien
    6. Louisa
    7. Mason
    8. Che
    9. Kiera
    10. Fourth Impact
    11. Max
    12. Bupsi
    13. Reggie and Bollie

    As usual, this does not reflect my personal preferences, just guesswork, including who’d be saved in the singoffs. Aaaarrrrgh! I’m sure I’ll change my mind after the first live show…

  • Jessica Hamby

    01. Che Chesterman
    02. Lauren Murray
    03. Fourth Impact
    04. Anton Stephans
    05. Seann Miley Moore
    06. Louisa Johnson
    07. Monica Michael
    08. Keira Weathers
    09. Bupsi
    10. Mason Noise
    11. Max Stone
    12. Alien Uncovered
    13. Reggie & Bollie

    • Jessica Hamby

      Fwiw my personal favourites are Alien, R&B, Mason, Lauren and FI.

    • Jessica Hamby

      After reading others’ predictions I realise I haven’t considered sing-offs. Can’t be bothered to think it through again now. Not the first time I’ve failed to think about how the process works. Fortunately this is penalty free and I am content to let these stand.


  • Alan

    Having been one of the first on here to express doubts about Seann’s likely success I’ve now gone full circle and am suggesting he will win. My original doubts were based on the ease with which I thought producers could drag his vote down but I have a feeling his vote will fly and they won’t have the balls to de-ramp him to the point where it would affect his chances. I think they’ll try to nobble him and then just go with it once they realise it would take a full on assassination to drag him down.

    As much as I find him an irritating @&%$ Anton is probably exactly the kind of MOR cheeseball that the people who voted for Chris Maloney will like and I can see him being allowed an easy run to the final with TPTB keeping his vote under control if needed. Louisa will get all the help TPTB can throw her way but will be a hard sell for the voters and will fall short.

    Bupsi I have pushed up higher than most as I think she will get producer support and might survive a couple of sing-offs over some more worthy but ultimately duller acts. Don’t really understand why Max is higher on a few lists. The guy has no charisma and in my opinion was only put through as TPTB had no doubt they could manage him out easier than Jennifer.

    1) Seann
    2) Anton
    3) Louisa
    4) Fourth Impact
    5) Alien Uncovered
    6) Lauren
    7) Che
    8) Mason
    9) Kiera
    10) Bupsi
    11) Monica
    12) Max
    13) Reggie & Bollie

  • Phil

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so uncertain, but here goes…

    1. Lauren
    2. 4th Impact
    3. Max
    4. Che
    5. Seann
    6. Monica
    7. Bupsi
    8. Louisa
    9. Anton
    10. Mason
    11. Reggie and Bollie
    12. Kiera
    13. Alien Uncovered

    I’m trying to balance my head with my heart – I’d love Monica to win personally, but I can’t see it happening.

    My prediction of Mason in 10th place is on the assumption he is saved in at least 1 prior sing off (vs Keira I’d say, maybe also week 1).

    Louisa to go in a sing off against Monica. Seann saved in sing off against both Bupsi and Anton.

    My prediction also assumes Cheryl being down to one act very early on, which I think would help 4th Impact get further than they would do otherwise.

  • Andy

    1 – Louisa
    2 – 4th Impact
    3 – Che
    4 – Anton
    5 – Seann
    6 – Kiera
    7 – Alien Uncovered
    8 – Lauren
    9 – Mason
    10 – Monica
    11 – Reggie n Bollie
    12 – Max
    13 – Bupsi

  • Dazzle

    1.lauren Murray
    2.max stone
    3.che chesterman
    4 louisa Johnstone
    5 4th impact
    6 Seann miley Moore
    7 anton Stevens
    8 mason noise
    9 Monica Michael
    10 Kiera weathers
    11 alien uncovered
    12 reggie and Hollie
    13 bupsi

    I think max will do better than a lot of people think because he has a really good voice and he plays guitar he will be everyone’s second favourite like Ben haenow or Marcus Collins. Che is a better Craig Colton. Seann I find is very stuck up. Lauren is more likeable than Louisa with good voice and viewers will get behind.

  • Mech

    1 Che Chesterman
    2 Louisa Johnson
    3 Anton Stephans
    4 Lauren Murray
    5 Alien Uncovered
    6 Seann Miley Moore
    7 Max Stone
    8 Monica Michael
    9 4th Impact
    10 Kiera Weathers
    11 Reggie n Bollie
    12 Bupsi
    13 Mason Noise

  • Sagand

    1 Louisa
    2 4th Impact
    3 Anton
    4 Che
    5 Mason
    6 Seann Miley Moore
    7 Lauren
    8 Kiera
    9 Monica
    10 Reggie n Bollie
    11 Alien Uncovered
    12 Max
    13 Bupsi

  • David Cook

    Martin had my hopes built up regarding song choices – only for them to be cruelly dashed on the rocks as soon as they were announced. The wild card inclusion of Monica seems to me to be a bit of a damp squib. I do however think that some of the song choices do start to give an indication of producer’s intentions.
    I agree that I that this is quite an open year, but I still think they’ll push Louisa for the win if they can. In many way’s I do prefer Lauren, but the song choice suggests that they’re playing safe with her as back up if Louisa fails – we’ll just see how it pans out. Anyway I know from experience that the contestant I like never wins – so I’m afraid Lauren you’re doomed.

    1 – Louisa Johnson
    2 – Che Chesterman
    3 – Fourth Impact
    4 – Lauren Murray
    5 – Anton Stephans
    6 – Seann Miley Moore
    7 – Alien Uncovered
    8 – Max Stone
    9 – Monica Michael
    10 – Mason Noise
    11 – Keira Weathers
    12 – Reggie and Bollie
    13 – Bupsi Brown

    • Martin

      ah I’m so sorry David! I did a feeble apology yesterday – serves me right for half listening to the radio, I think Grimmy must have been namechecking artists that appealed to a Radio One audience that were relevent or whatever.

      • David Cook

        Someone posted a similar list on DS so you weren’t the only one he fooled. Of the artists named, not one is actually being performed. You would think he would at least know what his own acts are doing. Maybe he just didn’t want to admit his cutting edge acts are performing songs the best part of fifty year old.
        In some ways I think Alien have one of the better choices – it’s just not viewer friendly – you just know there’s going to be complaints to OFCOM.
        I’m depressed already.

      • David Cook

        When I saw Lana in the list I honestly thought – Lauren. She can sing low, she’s got the range, she’s got a good tone, she can do it. But no – what do we get – Ch-Ch-Ch-Chaka Khan. I mean it’s older than she is. This is just going to be the same old same old isn’t it? Now I’m really depressed.

        • Martin

          It is depressing yes, I mean they’re saying it’s a “this is me” theme and Che is being fobbed off with the same arrangement Jahmene did years ago and Max Stone is “switching up” an Adele song, which is overperformed but still dear to the hearts of many.

          I suppose we can hope that Louisa, Reggie and Bollie, Monica and Mason’s songs may still be a bit better.

          • David Cook

            Well I’m not taking Tim B’s bet because I think he may be right. At least if Monica does her own song she really is showing ‘who I am’.

      • David Cook

        And Luther Van Dross. When was the last time you heard anyone playing Luther Van Dross? They’re queuing up on Radio 1 to listen to Luther Van Dross aren’t they. Surely by any possible stretch of the imagination if I actually wanted to listen to this (and I don’t) I’d go and buy, or stream or youtube Luther Van Dross. I wouldn’t listen to someone else doing a cover no matter how good they might be. As a representation of ‘who I am’ in the current music scene – really?

        • Martin

          It’s a shame they can’t manipulate contestants and viewers with some more adventurous song choices. Choices for Bupsi, Anton, Laura and Che are all begging for “nobody will buy your album in 2016” comments, surely that will be used on at least one of them.

          Did anybody else get the sense that producers have a lot of faith in Alien last night from Xtra Factor? They were very prominent, got a lot more time on their interview and their prank VT was introduced whilst cutting off Fourth Impact. How many people were expected to watch last night? I didnt even know about it until comments on here.

          • David Cook

            For me they’ve got Alien spot on with the song choice – unfortunately I just don’t think the XF audience will go for it. They do however look like a commercial proposition, so maybe that’s how they’re setting them up, even if it means they don’t last too long in the competition.

        • Martin

          ah, the rest of the choices are out. Louisa with “God Only Knows” by the Beach boys (zzzzzz), Monica with an Ed Sheeran album track, Reggie & Bollie in their lane with “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston and Mason doing a Fleur with Justin Bieber’s week old new single.

          • David Cook

            Can it get any more depressing than this? Thinking they might allow Monica to sing her own song on ‘this is me’ week. I’m obviously deluded.

          • David Cook

            God only knows how they’ve managed to come up with this collection of dross.

          • 360

            Re: Alien’s choice, let’s not forget, they gave Little Mix Nicki Minaj and Salt-n-Pepa in the first few weeks before they settled into their pop/R&B-lite niche.

            I’ve never heard Louisa’s song and I’m wary of Lauren’s “I’m Every Woman” as well. It’s very ‘hen night’. If Lauren is what, 20, she was born in 1985 and would have been a kid in the 90s…let’s not forget, the 1990s have become the ‘nostalgia’ decade for music for a lot of 30- and 40-somethings now, not the 80s. Who does XF think is making up their audience, is it skewing that old now? Not that familiar with the Luther Vandross either.

            Maybe they’re taking the approach from the start – “nobble everybody and see who withstands it”?

          • With Louisa, I imagine they are thinking of something akin to the Sam Smith version released a year or so ago. A leading contender on S7 of the Voice US sang God Only Knows and smashed it. Similar doubts were expressed before his performance too.

          • Martin

            I don’t think it’s a bad choice for her by any means – if anything, quite a smart choice as a cover of it was number one not long ago wasn’t it? It’s a classic song with a cute message and will be recognized by most of the audience. It’s just dull and boring, much like the rest of the choices.

            “Sorry” is a genius choice for Mason, I’m thinking he will at least make it through this week with that Bieber track.

          • David Cook

            Found a Joss Stone version of God Only Knows on youtube which seems to make more sense for Louisa. Vocally it would suit her although the tempo’s a bit slow and dreary.


        • Alan

          Haha! Loving some the comments here especially David’s. Has XFactor ever been anything other then middle-of-the-road, old fashioned rubbish? Big band week. Elton Vs Queen week. Jesus wept. No relevance to today’s music scene whatsoever. This is a show where you’re “edgy” if you go over-board on the eye-liner and are “current” if you sing something from the last 10 years.

          That said I struggle to see how “God Only Knows” does Louisa any favours. That’s the artist they see her being is it? Really? If I didn’t know better I’d have that down as a vote dampning tactic straight away.

          As for Lauren I’m surprised that people see her as an act that TPTB will favour once / if Louisa fails to shine. Where does she fit into today’s music scene? Definitely likeable and a great singer so yes the voters will probably love her but I really don’t see her as an artist with any potential longevity on Syco. For me she’s just a younger Sam Bailey and given that the makeover has actually made her look the same-age as Sam Bailey I think that’s TPTB’s first attempt to pigeon hole her as old-fashioned and dated. (By that I mean even more than the rest of them)

      • Jessica Hamby

        I must be the only one looking forward to this. I think Lauren’s choice is great for her. She is everywoman as far as I’m concerned. She can sing anything. Post show career she could do Gaga or Perry style pop / dance / rock anthems or soul or whatever. She may already have some clear ideas of what she wants to do but is smart enough to do what she’s told at the moment.

        I like God Only Knows but admittedly the original arrangement is not right for this. If rearranged well it will address those who say Louisa is a one trick belter – if she can pull it off.

        Love Alien’s tune. Tempted to offer Mr Hamby a Saturday teatime pegging to get in the mood.

        Mason singing Sorry is so apposite that I will shortly reverse my decision and pop a fiver on him for top boy.

        I love Reggie & Bollie and would go and see them live tomorrow if they were on. I hope this song is uptempo because I think they’ll need that. To be honest I fear for them in the competition but I love their style and I’m looking forward to them.

        Anton’s going to make a great job of Dance With My Father. It’s a great song.

        Come on guys!!!!! It hasn’t even started yet. You’re all secret fans of the show too. Show some enthusiasm Goddammit!!!!!

        If you use up all your moaning now you’ll have nothing left for tomorrow night.

        • Jessica Hamby

          Also, did Fleur get I’m Every Woman last year?

          • Martin

            She did, but that was on Whitney week. Unless she 2015’s the song, it’s a dangerous choice for her considering the theme IMO.

          • Jessica Hamby

            I disagree. I think it’s the.perfect song for her. I think you’re getting too caught up in the genre. Think of the song as a message rather than a prediction of the genre and era she’ll perform in the future and you may find it more palatable.

            As far as I can tell this is the strongest live show lineup in a long time – possibly ever. I certainly can’t see how Luke Friend or Jack and Jake or Rough Cooy would have made it. Andrea v Seann would be a great diva off. Fleur’s performance skills would not have stood out so much against FI or Alien.

            This is a vintage line up guys. Enjoy it.

        • David Cook

          They are on. You’ll find them at Fountain Studio’s Wembley. Limited ticket availability – so be quick.

          • Jessica Hamby

            Thanks David, I’ll have a look.

          • Alan

            I can imagine Lauren singing I’m Every Woman in her post show career. Unfortunately for her it will be on the stage at Butlins rather than national TV.

          • Jessica Hamby

            As long as she’s top girl, that’s the main thing for me. I like her though, so I’d like her to go on to greater things than that.

  • Jack

    Hey everyone, I’ve been a frequent poster on Sofabet in seasons past, but I haven’t really gotten too involved this year. However, the show’s blatant manipulation and the fact they do seem to have real talent this year has drawn me back and I’ve keenly build up my own 1-13 prediction.

    Interestingly, this list was drawn up long before I read the Sofabet prediction, but we have reached several similar conclusions, particularly on the fate of Louisa Johnson and Anton Stephans. I will explain why I’ve gone for each one as I’ve put a lot of thought into this prediction.

    1. Lauren Murray

    Everything I’ve seen on the show points to one key factor from producers this year: they want a girl to win. And, for reasons I’ve detailed further down, I think that the big Louisa Johnson plan is doomed to failure. As a result, I think the Beta Girl is best placed for some producer favour and Lauren seems to fit this bill perfectly. She has been given the second most amount of focus in the girls category and has been consistently praised throughout the competition. Rita really talked positively about her Judge’s Houses performance and comments pointed to her being the second best girl, ahead of Kiera. Admittedly the Monica Michael wildcard has given me pause, but I think that Lauren is likely to receive more votes due a heart-warming personality and an obvious journey from the everywoman to a Superstar (Messing up the first line in her audition and repeating the first line of her Judge’s Houses song set up this storyline perfectly). For all these reasons and the fact that I think producers will rank her as a preferable winner should she survive past Louisa, she’s my pick to win.

    2. Fourth Impact

    Unlike most years, a lot of effort has gone into the groups and from the first week of auditions, Fourth Impact have been set up a lot by producers. The media hype from this audition has carried them extremely far and everything has suggested that producers see them as the alpha-group. I don’t think it will be too difficult to get them towards the latter stages of the competition and I do rank their chances much better than Sofabet purely due to the media hype around them. Whenever I’ve asked casual viewers who they’ve liked, Fourth Impact are the ones that have most often been mentioned. With free voting, I think this could be very important. They’re certainly well placed to receive a hell of a lot of votes from people who just vote week on week from neutrals and they have the ability to put a big performance in the latter stages. However, I think they will fall short as producers will favour Lauren more.

    3. Anton Stephans

    Put purely and simply, I think that Anton has the most potential for being an early Maloney and Haenow-esque vote sponge. He’s been very well set up by producers with an endearing personality and an impressive voice. Certainly, I think he will receive most Middle England votes early on and win the early public votes, before producers gradually begin to bring him down towards the end, being Simon’s usual horse in the final.

    4. Seann Miley Moore

    Seann Miley Moore is hands down my favourite contestant this year. I think he has an incredible voice and I find his individuality a unique aspect that is so often lacking in X Factor. Sadly, I really don’t think the public will ‘get’ him. Unfortunately, his individuality has the potential to be threatening to the Middle England voters that so often seem to decide this contest. Every way I look at him, I just think of Misha B, believing that in spite of being a terrific vocalist, he will end up in a sing-off or two or three. Fortunately, due to real commercial potential, I think he will definitely be saved by producers in these sing-offs, eventually getting shoe-horned into a 4-act final (After a Semi-Final sing-off with Che)

    5. Che Chesterman

    I can easily see why people could anticipate Che winning after Ben last year, but I don’t feel as though Che has quite as many upsides as Ben does. For one thing, he doesn’t have Ben’s good looks and I feel as though his voice is inferior. This is not to mention that Che does come across pretty vanilla, without much of a storyline. That said, I do see him getting quite a lot votes early on, seeing him safely through the first few weeks and all the way into the latter stages of the competition, where he’ll gently run out of votes in time for the semi-final.

    6. Louisa Johnson

    Because she reminds me of Ella Henderson in almost every way. She’s a terrific vocalist who almost everyone thinks is going to win, despite a pretty boring personality and being a bit too young for this competition. Some of the astute commenters pointed out that she struggled to connect with her lyrics for Respect, which is a view that I have a lot of sympathy with. Is she really going to be able to connect with the songs she sings? In addition, she’s already doing some of Ella’s negative quirks (Needlessly slowing down Respect, for example) and she just doesn’t come across as interesting contestant. I think she’ll poll averagely and producers will decide to cut her loose around this stage and start pushing Lauren, a more viable alternative, instead.

    7. Bupsi

    There are two main contenders for the novelty act this year and I think Bupsi will win the battle. She has a fiery personality and I think is just more interesting overall than Reggie n Bollie. Of course to get far in this competition, she’ll need a sing-off save here and there, but I believe producers will try to keep her in for a while for this purpose (Plus she sings well enough to just about credibly save in these sing-offs). Ultimately, when we get towards the business end, they’ll boot her off in the usual Kitty Brucknell/Katie Waissel 7th place.

    8. Monica Michael

    Quite what producers are thinking with this Wildcard, I do not know. It’s going to be hectic enough, cutting down 12 acts in 7 live shows and this Wildcard doesn’t seem well planned or thought through at all. The fact that Simon said he was toying with the idea of a wildcard earlier in the week suggests it was tacked on as an afterthought and this does not bode well for Monica. She does have a decent voice, support from last year and a heart-breaking sob story, but at the end of the day, I don’t think producers would find it difficult at all to cut her down early on and with so many girls, I think she’ll meet this fate soon enough.

    9. Mason Noise

    Mason Noise is in the live shows for one purpose – controversy. As a result, I imagine he’ll have plenty of producer backing early on with quite a few late slots and decent
    comments (As he does have a good voice) Unfortunately for them, thanks to his actions at the Six Chair Challenge, he really doesn’t have support in the eye of the public, who really seem to hate him at this stage and we all saw what happened to the likes of Waissel in the past. I think he never will be popular enough to do well and may survive a few early double eliminations via sing-offs before getting eliminated at around this point.

    10. Alien Uncovered

    This is one prediction I feel could go horribly wrong as they are a really unique group and seem to be loved by Cheryl, but I’m just not feeling there’s a lot of support from producers for them. The problem is, whilst they do seem pretty commercial, producers have nailed their colours to groups mast and it isn’t with Alien. Ultimately, I don’t think producers will want the already-small Girl group voting demographic to be split and so I think Alien will be dispatched quietly in the first couple of weeks.

    11. Kiera Weathers

    I must confess I have never rated Kiera as highly as many others have at all and sadly for her, her treatment since Boot Camp has had ‘Gamma’ written all over it, being passed over for screen time by the other three girls in her category and getting slaughtered at Boot Camp. In addition, the amount of times it was implied that Rita made the wrong decision keeping Kiera instead of Monica on Sunday was significant. The fact that Monica has returned is terrible news for Kiera due to what will be an over-saturated Girls category and Kiera seems to be an obvious early sacrifice.

    12. Max Stone

    Every act in the Final 13 has had significant screen time and time for us to get to know them. All except one – step forward Max Stone. I personally think, for all the talk of his surprise inclusion, the real reason he was chosen was make the Overs (The one category I REALLY think producers don’t want winning this year) weaker. I think it is a shame as he is one of the best contenders in the Final 13 and his Judge’s House performance was excellent, but I think he’ll struggle for votes and go very early.

    13. Reggie n Bollie

    Novelty Acts either go far in the competition via a series of sing-off saves generating controversy or they leave early. And I think there will only be one space for Bupsi and Reggie n Bollie and sadly, the boys seem the most likely to leave early on. For a precedent, look no further than Blonde Electra, also a foreign duo who received the lowest percentage of vote share ever. I do like their spirit, but they have also been shortchanged in screen time compared to the likes of Bupsi and I could easily foresee them being the first to leave.

    So there’s my prediction – I hope it wasn’t too much to read! Looking forward to commenting to more as the competition unfolds and best of luck to everyone with their predictions.

  • Patrick

    Well I can’t do much worse than last year.
    1. Che
    Young likable unthreatening white boy with a great voice. He doesn’t quite have the look (although I actually think he’s pretty cute…) but he ticks most of the boxes in an unconventional year.
    2. Seann
    I love him. Not very objective, but whatevs. I think the show is due a “queer acceptance” contestant.
    3. 4th Impact
    They’ll probably be saved a few times but I can see them putting on some great performances. They’ll want Cheryl in the final and this seems the best hope.
    4. Lauren
    More personable than Louisa, and a better voice for my money.
    5. Max
    I have a feeling he’ll be this year’s Contestant That Just Won’t Die and survive several attempted bussings. Won’t be surprised if he makes the final.
    6. Louisa
    Can’t see her catching on. I think we’re looking at a Tamera trajectory.
    7. Anton
    Likable with a good voice, but not much appeal to the X Factor types. I think he’ll start hitting the bottom two as soon as the chaff is gone, but will get a save or two.
    8. Mason
    Hate figure. They’ll want to save him as long as possible, but sooner or later he’ll come up against a fave (Louisa or FI maybe) and they’ll have no choice.
    9. Monica
    Probably my favourite of the lot but a touch too unconventional/confident/”urban” for the audience. She’s shown versatility though so I could be wrong.
    10. Keira
    Again, I like her a lot but her understated vocals won’t stand out from the pack. A Rachel Adedeji/Jade Ellis situation.
    11. Alien Uncovered
    Too “in yer face” for X Factor, and especially for a girl band. I have a feeling they’ll fall apart vocally.
    12. Reggie & Bollie
    13. Bupsi
    Both a lot of fun but destined to go nowhere. Could leave in either order, but if they’re both in the bottom two I sense they’d save R&B.

  • Kenneth Chow

    Someone needs to make a chart with all the Predictions and keep scores…

  • mb79493

    Just as a thought, I know a friend who happens to know Louisa, and apparently she isn’t an especially nice person. They also knew Tamera, and they didn’t very much like her either. It may just be them having a vendetta, but I feel that this demonstrated Louisa has a real likability problem, and I think she’ll follow the Tamera narrative.

    Disclaimer: I haven’t myself actually met Louisa.

  • mb79493

    1 – Lauren
    2 – Che
    3 – Seann
    4 – Anton
    5 – 4th Impact
    6 – Louisa
    7 – Kiera
    8 – Mason
    9 – Max
    10 – Monica
    11 – Reggie and Bollie
    12 – Alien Uncovered
    13 – Bupsi

  • SirMills

    1. Loisa
    2. Laureen
    3. Anton
    4. Impact
    5. Che
    6. Seann
    7. Alien Uncovered
    8. Mason
    9. Monica
    10. Reggie and Bollie
    11. Max
    12. Kiera
    13. Bupsi

  • Bit of fun, so many variables at the moment.

    1st Louisa Johnson
    2nd Che Chesterman
    3rd 4th Impact
    4th Anton Stephans
    5th Sean Miley Moore
    6th Kiera Weathers
    7th Alien Uncovered
    8th Mason Noise
    9th Lauren Murray
    10th Reggie N bollie
    11th Monica Michael
    12th Bupsi
    13th Max Stone

  • Andy, no 2.

    1, Anton
    2, Seann
    3, Louisa
    4, 4th Impact
    5, Che
    6, Lauren
    7, Max
    8, Alien Uncovered
    9, Keira
    10, Monica
    11, Mason
    12, R&B
    13, Bupsi

  • Linda

    1. Lauren Murray
    2. Seann Miley Moore
    3. 4th Impact
    4. Anton Stephans
    5. Monica Michael
    6. Max Stone
    7. Louisa Johnson
    8. Alien Uncovered
    9. Che Chesterman
    10. Kiera Weathers
    11. Mason Noise
    12. Bupsi
    13. Reggie and Bollie

  • Vülker

    Let’s try this!

    1. Che Chesterman
    2. Lauren Murray
    3. 4th Impact
    4. Max Stone
    5. Seann Miley Moore
    6. Anton Stephans
    7. Reggie N Bollie
    8. Louisa Johnson
    9. Mason Noise
    10. Monica Michael
    11. Kiera Weathers
    12. Alien Uncovered
    13. Bupsi

    I was going to predict Max as the winner but I feel his current hype will die down soon and he’ll be more of a Luke Friend than a Ben Haenow. Still Simon’s best chance of a place in the finals.
    Putting my faith in Lauren as I really can’t see any of the other girls making it that far. Louisa is really a Laura White in the making.
    RegNBol are the new Jedward.
    Poor Bupsi.

  • OK so here is the winning entry (hahaha :P):

    1. Che
    2. Louisa
    3. Anton
    4. Lauren
    5. 4th Impact
    6. Seann
    7. Alien
    8. Kiera
    9. Mason
    10. Bupsi
    11. Monica
    12. Max
    13. R&B

  • Dean F

    1st Louisa
    2nd Che
    3rd Seann
    4th Lauren
    5th Anton
    6th 4th Impact
    7th Mason
    8th Monica
    9th Alien
    10th Keira
    11th Max
    12th Reggie N Bollie
    13th Bupsi

    Mason for me us the difficult one. Not sure if they will push him far fir publicity or axe him clean.

  • Plinkiplonk

    Cannot really make a prediction as I haven’t followed this mess so far this season, but may nip in and out of the live shows. However, I thought a snippet from this week’s Popbitch was interesting…

    ‘ Plans are geared towards a
    young winner this year, so
    which “overs” did they pick?
    Max, as early cannon fodder;
    Bupsi, this year’s take on
    Wagner; and Anton. Anton might
    make for good TV, but we’re
    told he’s slated to take the
    Maloney position. And if he
    looks to be challenging a
    more youthful winner? Word
    is they have enough ammo
    to take him out.’

  • Stu

    1st: 4th Impact
    2nd: Monica Michael
    3rd: Seann Miley Moore
    4th: Anton Stephans
    5th: Louisa Johnson
    6th: Alien Uncovered
    7th: Che Chesterman
    8th: Lauren Murray
    9th: Mason Noise
    10th: Kiera Weathers
    11th: Max Stone
    12th: Reggie N Bollie
    13th: Bupsi

  • The maestro

    1st Kiera 2nd Sean 3rd Lauren 4th 4th impact 5th Che 6th Louisa 7th Anton 8th Monica 9th max 10th alien 11th max 12th regie n Billie 13th bupsi

  • Kenneth Chow

    Che is not good looking or marketable enough to get the winning push from the judges…

  • oxobb

    01.Sean Miley Moore
    02.Anton Stephens
    03.Louisa Johnson
    04.4th Impact
    05.Che Chesterton
    06.Kiera Weathers
    07.Alien Uncovered
    08.Lauren Murray
    09.Mason Noise
    10.Monica Michaels
    11.Max Stone
    13.Reggie N Bollie

  • Luke

    1. Louisa Johnson
    2. Che Chesterman
    3. Alien Uncovered
    4. Seann Miley Moore
    5. Kiera Weathers
    6. Anton Stephens
    7. 4th Impact
    8. Lauren Murray
    9. Mason Noise
    10. Monica Michael
    11. Reggie & Bolie
    12. Max Stone
    13. Bupsi

  • The maestro

    Cheers Alan mason 9th am I the only 1 on here that thinks Kiera has a chance she has got the lot for me the voice the look a recording voice and like ability 20-1 is huge

  • Chatterbox5200

    I think that TPTB have definitely stacked the deck in favour of a girl (and new judge Rita Ora) to win this year, and although it may even be obvious to the uninitiated that Louisa is their Alpha choice, I feel that should be able to get her over the line. They must have learnt their lessons from recent years, and if this is potentially the last series, Syco will want to sign off with their preferred choice winning.

    All the arguments that have been raised about the international acts are valid, and could see Fourth Impact and Seann Miley Moore nobbled in the same way that Andrea was last year.

    I think they would like a final containing one act from each category – if it is a 4 act final – and again I think that could be achievable given the supporting cast that has been selected.

    I’m sure that Simon is not too concerned if Fourth Impact don’t win, as long as they do well enough to be launched into the Far East market, and earn him plenty.

    Keira could be the surprise early exit, with Mason saved over her in a sing off, but like most others I believe that the gamma act in each category will get the boot early on.

    My prediction (possibly mirroring that of TPTB) are:

    1. Louisa Johnson
    2. Seann Miley Moore
    3. Anton Stephans
    4. Fourth Impact
    5. Lauren Murray
    6. Che Chesterman
    7. Alien Uncovered
    8. Monica Michael
    9. Mason Noise
    10. Max Stone
    11. Keira Weathers
    12. Reggie & Bollie
    13. Bupsi

    Good luck everyone.

  • Jessica Hamby

    FI don’t need to do well here to be launched in the Far East. They’ve already had success in competitions over there and released records.

    I suspect if he wants to launch them anywhere it will be here and in other western countries, perhaps those (USA, Australia?) with large populations from East Asia. I would have thought trying to muscle in there when he doesn’t speak the language and isn’t from the culture would be a headache he doesn’t need.

  • Andy

    I see Mason will be performing Justin Bieber’s new song ‘Sorry’ tomorrow night. TPTB seemingly keen on the possibility of redemption, but as the lyrics go: Is it too late now to say sorry?

    Time will tell

  • Dan

    Since I read so religiously, why not (I didn’t watch the girls JH cos they bore me, but I really didn’t like Lauren beforehand, so not sure I agree with this new hype)… I worked from last place forwards, and realised I don’t really expect anyone to win. Weird year…

    1. Anton Stephans
    2. Seann Miley Moore
    3. Fourth Impact
    4. Monica Michael
    5. Che Chesterman
    6. Louisa Johnson
    7. Alien Uncovered
    8. Lauren
    9. Mason Noise
    10. Bupsi
    11. Keira Weathers
    12. Max Stone
    13. Reggie & Bollie

  • So many variables at this stage, but for what it’s worth…
    1. Lauren Murray – if she can overcome nerves, she’s got the personality and range to win this. Obviously Beta girl at the moment, but a flying start could change that.
    2. Che Chesterman – does anyone else think he’s potentially James Arthur 2.0? This May or may not be a good thing.
    3. Alien Uncovered – a big if, but if they start well, I think TPTB will push them to the end stages.
    4. Louisa Johnson – great voice, limited versatility (her song choices have been too samey and too soul/blues, in my view) and not interesting. A Change is Gonna Come, my arse.
    5. Sean Miley Moore – I think he’ll divide opinion too much to go further. But XF is a more interesting thing with him in it..
    6. Anton Stephans – initially likeable, but too West End, too many off putting mannerisms.
    7. Monica Michael – also likeable, clearly talented, but might be hamstrung by the format and not allowed to shine.
    8. Mason Noise – this year’s Frankie Coccozza, albeit with talent? He’s a tough sell, but talent should get him through the first couple of weeks.
    9. Kiera Weathers – strikes me as a younger, less appealing Fleur East. Not the best voice, not the biggest personality, this year’s Jade Ellis?
    10. Fourth Impact – I just can’t see them getting any traction, unless shouty vocals and glee club routines are vote-winners. Week one sing-off save, week two/three gone.
    11. Reggie and Bollie – lovely guys, but no producer love, and no prospects, even as the fun act.
    12. Bupsi – I hope she can be this year’s Rowetta, but I don’t think it’ll happen.
    13. Max Stone – on an equal playing field, he could do really well, maybe even a finalist, but I think he’ll be cut off at the legs in week one.

  • eurovicious

    Not watched this year’s series so far aside from a few Youtube clips of the boys and a couple of the groups, but surprised at Mason and Bupsi both being predicted to go out in the very early stages… in previous years you’ve normally had the act cast in the “controversial” or “novelty” role finishing about 7th (Stevi/Chloe last year, Shelley in 2013, Rylan in 2012, Kitty in 2011), partly because the show likes to keep “buzz” acts like this in for the first half of the run to sustain media interest/water-cooler potential. Is this change in your prediction in response to Chloe and Shelley leaving much earlier than expected the past two years (ie. you think the show won’t be interested in saving either Mason or Bupsi)?

  • Donald

    Here we go, there is a rumor that Adele is considering a duet in final if the act not “rubbish”. That could be a game changer.

    Good luck to all on Sofabet for the live shows.

    My predictions for 2015.

    1st: 4th Impact
    2nd: Max Stone
    3rd: Seann Miley Moore
    4th: Louisa Johnson
    5th: Anton Stephans
    6th: Lauren Murray
    7th: Che Chesterman
    8th: Bupsi
    9th: Reggie N Bollie
    10th: Kiera Weathers
    11th: Monica Michael
    12th: Mason Noise
    13th: Alien Uncovered

    • Plinkiplonk

      I think that particular rumour may come back to haunt Simon. Because if Adele now doesn’t show up for the final, the conclusion is that the finalists are all rubish…

      • Jessica Hamby

        Will anyone care? I remember mention of Olympic gpld medallists mentoring contestants in 2012. Jess Ennis went on record as saying how much she’d like to do it. It got the show in the papef linked with a then current success story and was never mentioned again.

        If they get Jess Glynne, Meghan Trainor and Jason Derulo or similar, noone will care imo.

      • Donald

        Was thinking the same.. He’d have probably forgotten about by Christmas or the Monday!

  • Jack

    Song choices suggest a FI pimp slot to me, bit worried for Seann and Louisa’s song choice is a bit puzzling. Otherwise, a lot of contestants allowed to play to their strengths. Still think RnB are likely to go, though It Wasn’t Me fits them well.

    • Jessica Hamby

      I think Bupsi and Max could be in trouble. I don’t recognise the title of Bupsi’s Marvin Gaye song and I’m not sure Someone Like You will work with a reggae beat – it might be a revelation but it might just sound a bit crap.

      I agree that Seann’s could be dangerous but at least a lot of the audience will know it. I’ve never particularly liked that song but then the only Bowie album I really like is Let’s Dance and most of his fans seem to hate that one. It sort of reflects Seann’s alienness and it’s a big emotional number so it plays to his strengths.

      The groups and Lauren are the only acts singing upbeat numbers, or have I missed someone out.

  • Piresistable

    1. Lauren Murray
    2. Anton Stephans
    3. Alien Uncovered
    4. Seann Miley Moore
    5. Louisa Johnson
    6. Che Chesterman
    7. Max Stone
    8. Mason Noise
    9. 4th Impact
    10. Bupsi
    11. Monica Michael
    12. Kiera Weathers
    13. Reggie n Bollie

  • Pimpin4rizeal

    Winner kiera
    2 fourth impact
    3 Anton
    4 sean
    5 Louisa
    6 alien
    8 mason
    9 Monica

    The Kiera selection is obviously very dependant on producer treatment and the girls is a bit of a minefield but I think if given a fair shot she has a big chance

  • Jessica Hamby

    Running order is going to be very interesting, particularly given it looks like there will be a flash vote elimination and there is a 15 minute Strictly cross over.

    If I was running the show I’d have Alien on last. They’ll finish the show with a bang and as a potentially very commercial act it will give them a bit of a boost. Voting / supporting an act is for many people a habit after the first, catalytic event.

    There will, as ever, be a big build up before they get started but will they make it last 15 minutes or will the first act or even the second get lost?

    I have no idea.

    • Alan

      They cant string it out for 15 minutes. The first / second acts will either be those TPTB are confident have enough support or ones they are happy to see the back of. I’m tempted to have a small punt on Mason as first to go. He’s not doing well in online polls and I would have thought that demographic would have been where his fan base was.

      • Jessica Hamby

        Reputations are very hard to change in things like this, particularly when he has no prior history and so little time. Short of saving a baby from a cancer causing terrorist on benefits and forcing said terrorist to wear a poppy I’m not sure there’s anything he can do.

  • Dan

    Had better get in there before the live shows start. Here goes…

    1. Ché Chesterman
    2. Seann Miley Moore
    3. Anton Stephans
    4. Louisa Johnson
    5. Fourth Impact
    6. Lauren Murray
    7. Alien Uncovered
    8. Max Stone
    9. Monica Michael
    10. Mason Noise
    11. Reggie n Bollie
    12. Kiera Weathers
    13. Bupsi

    My reasoning? I can’t see any love for Bupsi. Kiera is unremarkable. R&B are fun but that’s all they have going for them. Mason will be controversially saved a couple of times. Monica is a bit too rough around the edges. Max is boring. Alien are a commercial prospect but not a show success. Lauren will coast through until the competition toughens up. Fourth impact will need work to get them less screechy and make the members more individual. Anton is a nice guy but not a winner. Seann is controversial, but technically great. Ché will scrub up nicely and his singing is excellent.

  • annie

    4.Sean Miley Moore
    5.Reggie n Bollie
    7.4th Impact
    13.Alien Uncovered

  • Cath

    I’ve a lot of doubts, but here’s what I’m going with:
    1. Lauren
    2. Anton
    3. 4th Impact
    4. Seann
    5. Louisa
    6. Che
    7. Alien Uncovered
    8. Monica
    9. Max
    10. Mason Noise
    11. Reggie n Bollie
    12. Bupsi
    13. Kiera

  • Caro

    1. Che
    2. Monica
    3. Louisa
    4. 4th Impact
    5. Kiera
    6. Seann
    7. Lauren
    8. Mason
    9. Alien Uncovered
    10. Max
    11. Anton
    12. Reggie n Bollie
    13. Bupsi

  • Marc

    Right then…

    1) Che
    2) Anton
    3) Louisa
    4) Seann
    5) Fourth Impact
    6) Lauren
    7) Mason
    8) Monica
    9) Alien Uncovered
    10) Kiera
    11) Max
    12) Reggie n Bollie
    13) Bupsi

  • Snowfall

    I’m terrible at this, so here’s how they definitely won’t be finishing…

    1. Seann Miley Moore
    2. Ché Chesterman
    3. Lauren Murray
    4. Louisa Johnson
    5. Alien Uncovered
    6. Fourth Impact
    7. Anton Stephans
    8. Mason Noise
    9. Monica Michael
    10. Reggie and Bollie
    11. Max Stone
    12. Kiera Weathers
    13. Bupsi

    I do think Seann’s cocky and I think the shorter live shows run will benefit him by obscuring that a little. Mason’s fate really depends on what Cowell’s plans for him are, if he shafts him the way he did that wildcard boyband last year he’ll go sooner.

    My personal favourites are Reggie and Bollie, I also like Ché, Seann and Lauren. Can’t bear Monica!

  • Steve

    1. Che
    2. Lauren
    3. Anton
    4. Seann
    5. Fourth Impact
    6. Louisa
    7. Alien Uncovered
    8. Monica
    9. Max
    10. Mason
    11. Kiera
    12. Reggie and Bollie
    13. Bupsi

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