Eurovision 2015: Welcome from Vienna

I landed in Vienna yesterday and will return to the press centre this morning, where rehearsals start at 12noonCET (11amBST). The full schedule can be found here. You can expect the usual coverage on the site: tweets throughout the day (follow our Twitter account if you don’t already); followed by a daily article summarising how things are coming across on stage.

It’s a good time to remind readers of the article I wrote last year, which still stands as advice for following the various rehearsal reports. Take the second point – working out what’s important and what isn’t: last year the Netherlands’ staging concept turned out to be a prime example of something that was; whilst Conchita had an uncharacteristically moderate second rehearsal which was never repeated.

So be patient and independent as the differing reports come in. Ask yourself the following: if there’s an apparent problem, can it be fixed? If on the other hand, an entry is receiving largely positive coverage, is it a gamechanger or just exceeding expectations? Once again the only first rehearsal footage will be short clips put on the official site, Second rehearsals onwards can be filmed by various accredited sites.

Enjoy the next few weeks and keep the comments coming.

14 comments to Eurovision 2015: Welcome from Vienna

  • john kef

    Happy 2015 Eurovision season!!!

  • Montell

    I look forward to Eurovision more than I look forward to Christmas. I must be nuts!

  • Alen

    i think the netherlands have a good shot at winning…….the barbara dex award that is. oh my.

  • Donald

    Thanks Daniel, look forward to guidance and to being part of sharing the annual gambling festival and experience on here.

  • Natasha

    A lot of countries odds have been on the drift today, Australia’s being the most surprising. Can’t work out why as none have shortened?

  • Italy was shortening as a result of their OGAE vote haul I think. The bookies have set Aus versus Italy up as Sweden’s main challenger so when one country shortens, the other lengthens. I am not sure that is entirely logical, but I am sure they know what they are doing. Finland at 12-1 is still an eternal mystery to me.

    • Natasha

      Thanks for the insight regarding Italy’s odds. This is my first year following Eurovision, in the past, have the OGAE poll results near enough reflected the place positions in the final? Can we rely on it at all?

      • markdowd1959

        hi Natasha. OGAE is a broadbrush instrument but is, at best, an inexact tool. Last year’s Top Three were Sweden, Hungary and Israel. Sweden came third, Hungary fifth and Israel did not even qualify!! There always seems to be one song at least that OGAE fans like that will nosedive. But in some years it homes in on the winner with no problem, e.g. Norway 2009, Sweden 2012 and Denmark 2013. For what it is worth, their top five this year of Italy, Sweden, Estonia, Norway and Slovenia are all songs I think will make the Top Ten. Beyond that……anyone’s guess. Think OGAE may have underestimated Australia, Russia and Azerbaijan this year.

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