The Voice 2015: The Final

Despite the brickbats, The Voice has chugged its way to another climax tonight at 19.00GMT on BBC1. It’s an intriguing betting heat too. Shading odds-on, at a best-priced 10/11, is attractive Scottish fireman Stevie McCrorie, long-time favourite based partly on the fact he’s, erm, attractive, Scottish and a fireman.

Still, his rendition of ‘Bleeding Love’ – with Dad dancing moves – in last week’s semi-final, wasn’t totally convincing, even though the pimp slot showed plenty of goodwill towards him. Pushed more vociferously (perhaps out of need) was Sasha Simone, whose nerves threaten to get the better of her in every performance. This somehow has you rooting for her. She’s helped by being under the paternal guidance of mentor Tom Jones, and is a best-priced 4/1.

5/1 shot Lucy O’Byrne, with her opera numbers that appeal to a certain BBC-watching demographic, is a dark horse not to be discounted. That was demonstrated when she qualified for the final from the coffin slot in the semi. The outsider at 7/1 is Emmanuel Nwamadi, whose USP of being able to speak and sing in a very low register, and thus manage a wide vocal range, feels least vote-grabbing of the four. Still, the outsider took the spoils last year, and the show has a history of producing the unexpected.

Some of our regular commenters have been keeping us posted with their thoughts throughout the series. As always, it’s been much appreciated. Feel free to keep doing so now we’ve hit the home straight.

13 comments to The Voice 2015: The Final

  • stoney

    A shake up to the format sees us being left with a final 2 battling it out for the win which is great as we now find out the runner up, a question that always bugged me about this show.
    I can see stevie and lucy as the final 2 and would expect the scottish cardle to comfortably take the prize

  • gwri78

    Song choices nothing like I predicted, glad I took Alex’s advice& covered Lucy too, now come on Stevie!

  • stoney

    BINGO. just as i called it

  • David Cook

    Can’t remember being so disappointed at winning as this. Lucy miles ahead of Stevie on the night – but there you go.

    • stoney

      Lol i don’t give a damn if stevie didn’t deserve it. Ive been on both ends of the scale. Ive lost count of the times ive lost to an undeserved winner and i can safely say i am not disappointed by tonight’s result.

  • mb79493

    The Voice is probably the most infuriating show I have ever watched. Every year, the worst person in the final wins. A cash cow, yes – a respectable show, no.

    Lucy was robbed.

    • Angela and Jermaine gave the best performances in their respective finals by a long way. This year you’re right. The Scots vote for their own over merit.

    • Leanne was really good in 2012 too. Watched this last night for the first time since then. Lucy was superlative, Stevie was incredibly mediocre (sub-Cardle/Haenow). She’ll go far, he’ll sink without trace. Imagine how Jade Richards must feel about someone that crap from Kirkcaldy winning The Voice, haha…

  • Alex

    Same here David. I would have made a minor fortune had Lucy won and honestly thought she had it. I should have cashed out after her version of the winners song but was that confident. Instead a tiny profit on Stevie. Well at least Emmanuel didn’t win or I would have probably been on potnoodles for the rest of 2015. Congrats to everyone who won money!

  • Andy

    Thanks to David for all his input this series.
    its been spot on, and yes Lucy was quality tonight but I am also grateful for the Stevie victory.
    Well done.

    General election up next, Bring it on.

  • Donald

    I didn’t get heavily involved but backed Stevie after I saw his duel by accident weeks ago. I knew who he was voted through against was fairly well connected and thought to be put through over him must be going a long a way and he fitted a winners story. BGT from next week and Eurovision Vienna, must admit I have some serious catching up to do…

  • stoney

    Bgt thread please guys

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