Celebrity Big Brother 2015 Discussion Thread

Celebrity Big Brother starts tonight on Channel 5, and Sofabet commenters have already started discussing their speculative pre-series punts on rumoured contestants: stoney has gone for Marcus Collins at 7/1, while David is on Patsy Kensit. The line-up is officially confirmed in the launch show but there are usually spoilers beforehand. Do let us know your impressions in the comments below as the series unfolds.

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121 comments to Celebrity Big Brother 2015 Discussion Thread

  • Although Marcus is not in the leaked line up. A late night tweet from him yesterday leads me to believe he’s going in

  • Heisenberg

    Simply because she’s reality TV gold, and she’s being paid £400K to go in and stir things up – I expect Katie Hopkins to be making all the headlines and go deep in the CBB process.

    25/1 on Betfair (sportsbook) with cashout option is my play, looks like value considering she’s already shortened to 10/1 elsewhere.

    Doesn’t like Marcus Collins is going in.

  • David

    I’m also on the Hopkins, she will be TV gold. I found that Katie is the kind of character that people begin to warm to over time, so I am sure she could turn the general public opinion of her around. On Twitter she has a cult following, even people who don’t like her follow her to give her abuse, but she takes it like a champ. I really think she is a character that people love to hate, but secretly love. She is insanely opinionated but she is bloody funny with it. The show is even longer this year (4 weeks) so if she can stay in the house she may be very popular by the end.

    I really do hope she is going in the house, she is still Tweeting like mad today, shouldn’t the contestants be locked away somewhere today with no outside contact?

  • Henry VIII

    Someone could be tweeting on Kate’s behalf.

    They’d pay 400K for Madonna. They can get people like Kate for 40K. Don’t believe all that they say, CBB always hypes up the fees reported.

    Marcus isn’t on any recent list, not tweeted by Hilton, so unlikely to be going in.

  • David Cook

    Could this be an occasion where one of the early favorites wins? For my pre-show guess I’m going with ‘Cheggers’ for the win.

  • mb79493

    I usually don’t believe ‘leaks’ but they have the housemate photos. Let me obsess over Katie for 3 weeks or so.

    And please God, don’t let Perez win.


  • David

    Saw this image of all the contestants on Twitter, not sure if it is real, but unless someone’s been busy with photoshop, it looks pretty real to me.


  • if marcus isn’t going im he’s doing a bloody good job of keeping his fans hopes up that he is. several hints on twitter and no ruling it out. puzzling behavior

  • English in the minority. Spose it’s more life like in there this series then

  • Martin

    All signs last night pointed towards Katie being kept in as long as possible, and rightly so. She has a fighting chance – she’s running away with most of the early favourite polls I’ve seen, with Michelle Visage, Patsy Kensit and Nadia coming behind. I think Nadia will do a Nolan rather than a Welch and just be irritating and self obsessed rather than a bit of a laugh. Patsy seems nice but fragile, and if Michelle is as fantastic as she seems it will be a woman war between her and Katie – I feel that at the moment, whoever the public sides with (probably Michelle as she is more of an underdog, championing the gays trans outcasts etc, plus the UK love) will be the winner. That said, if Katie can rouse up enough anti-American support she could have a case too.

    Obviously this is just on first impressions – they all seem like pretty good value so I wouldn’t discount Jeremey or Kavanagh doing pretty well, and of course Cheggers would be a feel good option.

    • I managed to get on at 16s start of yesterday show and have taken various odds down to 8s. She is continuing to fall but that’s my lot I’ll be assessing the situation come final night if she make it. The thing that concerns me is she is alienating the fat vote and the lesser needed ginger vote. and this may be her downfall

  • David

    Kavana has the back story to do well, after watching him on The Reunion he’s a nice all round chap who is stuck in a bit of a rut, he is likeable, funny yet fragile. My only worry is he likes a drink and could have a meltdown at some point. Unless he really messes up I have no doubt that over time the public will be increasingly rooting for him.

    • martin

      I didnt watch the reunion show with him on, he came across as a bit of a mess last night though. He does seem relatively normal but troubled – if he can give just the right amount of crazy he could do alright. He also has the potential to be a bit self-obsessed and sulky at the same time, I’ll be interested to see how the series pans out.

  • the hopkins plunge continues. expecting her to be favourite by the end of Fridays show

  • Heisenberg

    Katie is now the outright favourite, glad I caught her early at 25/1 – cash-out option is looking very tempting.

    Off topic: Golden Globes (Sunday) – I love leak stories like this that may or may not prove to be accurate, however, sometimes they pay off. Odds are tumbling as we speak.


    • yeah great call mate. I think there will be more profitable cash out opportunities in the next week or so. ive got stuck into katie with a small cover on Michelle. early days though

  • Henry VIII

    Michelle doing well in the fan polls but does anyone really think she’ll be so popular with the 3 mill viewers on final night? If she makes the final night.

    • glad I got on michelle at 7/1 only enough to cover my katie money. Michelle now the favorite. Really not sure what this is based on, I was hoping Katie would be up for eviction so we could test her support. I’m guessing it won’t be long though.

  • Heisenberg

    Katie slipped to 4th favourite – now 5/1 – could drift even further after tonight’s show.

  • The Juan

    First time I’ve posted on here after being an avid forum spectator for the past year or so.

    Love the intelligent debate on the reality TV shows, adds a great perspective when watching.

    This series of celeb bb has certainly been strange so far, I agreed with the early predictions on here, but after watching my thoughts have changed.

    The fairytale theme will be a key teller in the eventual winner this year.

    It seems that the house has split in 2 different witches groups (Perez v Hopkins) and the men have been left out of it to form their own group.

    Last night cami was made princess/queen of the house, I think the real winner will come from deeper in the betting who hasn’t really had much screen time… The shows ‘prince charming’, I would be tempted to look at the 37/1 offered on bet fair at the moment with kavana

    – not really had screen time yet – tick
    – back story, riches to rags and back again? – tick
    – overcome drug habit – tick

    Looks a tempting price to me….

    Look forward to your thoughts…

  • David

    He is also my biggest green, I backed him early based on his back story but he has pretty much been invisible so far and I don’t know if he has it in him to become much more interesting.

    If you are going for prince charming then I think Calum Best fits the bill. A lot of people have been pleasantly surprised about the way he has conducted himself in the house.

    Rumours that Katie Price will be going into the house on Friday.

  • surprised at how many have backed kav. Based on the big reunion he had all the making of being a stroppy kid in the house. Instead he’s been dull as dishwater.

  • was well worth a tenner. Hes 16/1 now with paddy power which is who I took 50 with

  • Henry VIII

    You were right. I actually started backing him at 95 on BF on the 12th. It was just to clear a large red, I didn’t expect him to go this low. I think he’s too low now but I probably won’t lay him as the top 2 in the odds table both have big negatives and I think it’s wide open.

    Perez could become the next victim if they all gang up on him. I like him, he makes me laugh.

  • Never underestimate The Pricey. A guaranteed finalist, but can she go all the way?

    • Henry VIII

      Yes. She’s the only one that ticks all the boxes.

      • Tim B

        My only concern is the fact she’s gone in late. Does that make her less “deserving”? Although this series is so long that I guess that might almost be forgotten by the end. A Katie vs Katie final 2 isn’t unlikely imo.

    • Heisenberg

      – – My only concern is the fact she’s gone in late. Does that make her less “deserving”? – –

      Good point Tim. It’s not often that latecomers to the party take the crown – Christopher Biggins in I’m a Celeb is one that managed it, off the top of my head. I’m sure there are a couple more that I’m forgetting.

      The crowd reaction to Michelle was very interesting last night – now the house knows she’s VERY popular with the public and that Perez is not, some people may now reassess their current allegiances in the house. I love the way the live announcements lingered just that bit too long so the housemates could get a really good earful of the noise outside – definitely a deliberate effort – Perez hearing the “get Perez out” chants was genius, now he will become the ultimate car crash reality TV character (if he wasn’t already). You have to hand it to him, the place would be less interesting if he wasn’t around.

      I don’t buy into Katie Price positioned as a betting favourite, she’s a novelty, designed to create a Katie vs Katie narrative. I’m quite sure producers will have sat down with her and presented certain scenarios they would like to play out on screen. Having said that, if she strips back the makeup and glamour (like Michelle has done) and presents us with a human side that viewers haven’t seen before – she could do well, a real possibility now that she’s a bit older and with less to prove.

      At the moment I would say Michelle and Katie Hopkins (25/1 confirmation bias alert!) are guaranteed finalists, assuming they don’t crack. I’m also keeping an eye on Alicia – the way she handled herself when under attack from Cami was impressively composed and dignified. She’s quickly turning into an underdog – someone to root for in a house dominated by characters competing for alpha status.

  • Heisenberg

    Alexander leaving could indicate a change in KavFella’s dynamic in the house, hopefully for the better. He’s been a sleeper so far and in my view is the only celebrity, potentially, with a lot more to offer. He’s now my second bet of the series (65/1).

    “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be on Big Brother.”


  • Tim B

    Here’s a blog post I wrote ‘How To Pick A Celebrity Big Brother Winner’: http://t.co/PF2CSk104S
    Hopefully the link works.

  • katie hopkins back in as favourite. I’m glad she is up for eviction. A nice chance to get the backing hooked in

  • Tonight’s live twist has been confirmed by Telly Mix: Katie P will save “The most entertaining housemate” and replace them with the person she deems to be “The least entertaining”. She has been given 24 hours to make her mind up.

    I predict she’ll save Katie H and replace her with Patsy or perhaps Kav. This would mean Perez, Nadia, Alicia and Patsy/Kav would face eviction. With three opponents, I think Perez would just about scrape through.

    • I was kind of right. a twist to remove someone he has no chance against to replace with the least entertaining house mate giving him every chance of survival. Although she could easily pick perez.
      Have to say although I’m backing hopkins, Katie price arselicking her is a big let down and I’m glad her odds have plummeted the last few days.

  • Henry VIII

    Good blog post Tim, worthy of a Sofabet sticky type intro article on CBB.

  • The big reunion kav has well and truly arrived now

  • My second blog post – Irritating Whinge Bag wp.me/p3nip6-2m

  • I fancy alicia to leave tonight

  • David

    The danger with Hopkins is that I sense the tide may turn soon. She is becoming increasing unpleasant without the wit or humour. I definitely think it is hers to lose at this stage but with 12 days still to go so much can happen.

    I’m in a dilemma with Keith, he is max red and is the biggest threat. Might have to reluctantly back him.

    • I don’t know mate she is still holding on to a healthy lead in the polls l. But yes as you say there is a long way to go. Surely she will be up for the next eviction. Shes guaranteed a minimum of 2 nominations.

  • Henry VIII

    Keith on the rise, Hopkins on the decline imo. For now at least.

  • please please let Katie H and perez be the final 2. Some serious money coming for perez. Top Price 10/1 now

  • David

    Feeling quite strongly now that Nadia could take this. The show the night before the last eviction during the debate task she was immense and I think that was the turning point for her. People assume that Calum topped the vote to save but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Nadia. She has stuck by her beliefs with grace and dignity throughout the show no matter what and I think many viewers will feel she is a deserving winner. She has timed her run perfectly.

  • Heisenberg

    If the show doesn’t achieve its goal of Katie H and Perez in the final then it will have missed out on what would undoubtedly be an all time CBB ratings peak.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if both housemates have been briefed on this scenario during their ‘off-campus’ periods – Katie in her private bedroom continuing to write her newspaper column and Perez in his current spy hideout. The return of Perez tonight should set the wheels nicely in motion.

    I can’t see how producers would be content with any other outcome – it’s a ratings pot of gold opportunity too good to miss.

    Glad I took the KH/PH dual forecast at 22/1 (thanks for the tip Tim B).

    • id be over the moon with that having taken 50s on perez plus I think kh would have enough support to beat him in a final 2. I think Katie and Nadia is a more likely final 2 now

  • twist tonight is a viewers vote ….

    Does PEREZ

    1: Get a free pass to the final


    2: Be nominated for every eviction remaining in the series

    Looks like they are giving him all the help he needs to get to that final

    • I’m green on KH, PH and KC btw, with neutral on KP, NS, CB …. big red for me is Michelle – can she still win? looking for her to hit 40/50 and i’ll cover her (if she drifts that far)

  • Third eviction analysis – Cami-kaze wp.me/p3nip6-2q

  • encouraging crowd reaction for the hop tonight. Could this be the peoples champ?

  • wow swerved a bullet there would have put the house on cami going

  • also hopkins just gone odds on betfair!

  • Heisenberg

    Top 4 favourites all up for eviction on Friday – Katie H, Keith, Nadia and Perez.

    It will be interesting to see how Cheggers and Nadia are treated in the edit over next 48 hours.

    • Ill be backing chegwin to go as soon as the market is available.
      Hope you didn’t cash that hopkins bet out mate

    • Heisenberg

      Intentions are very clear after Keith’s treatment tonight – I think he will be the elimination favourite ahead of Nadia and Perez with Katie H out at much longer odds.

      Stoney, I almost cashed out last week but thankfully thought better of it. I remain confident the show will do everything possible to engineer a Hopkins vs Hilton final.

  • David

    If Nadia makes it to the final I still believe that she will be Hopkin’s biggest threat. She imploded a bit yesterday but no one can deny her bravery and integrity throughout the show. It takes a lot of guts to do what she has done in the house remaining loyal to a character like Perez despite the huge backlash.

  • Ben

    It’s baffling to see Nadia praised for her friendship with Perez while Michelle is demonised for her friendship with Katie?

  • David

    Hopkins coming underfire from Pricey and Cheggers is not a good sign for her. Their comments will definitely be taken on board by the public. I’d say for every fan she has there are also a couple of haters. She is too marmite. I really wouldn’t be so confident of her getting over the line at this stage, particularly after last night’s show where she was exposed.

    • Last night was a bad night for hopkins but she is still the most popular housemate in the polls. If it was free voting like x factor id say she would almost definitely not win cos of vote transfer.

  • Nadia leaving has given perez a boost in the telemix poll but hopkins still leads by over double of the 2nd placed perez. I reckon well lose kav and another lesser entertaining person before the final which will split the anti hopkins vote too much for her too be caught as people start leaving on final night. 11/8 is a great price at this point

  • I have reluctantly put a cover on cheggers in place. Pricey winning would be a nightmare for me

  • David

    The Pricey is dangerous, she is the Queen of chav mums who watch and vote. She gets more likes on a single social media status than all the other housemates put together. She had been quiet until recently, now that she is taking on Hopkins she could gain a lot of support, all she needs is a ‘moment’ this week and she’ll be in with a big chance. I’d make a small loss if she wins but I have tried to cover her the best I could.

  • Cheggers seems to have the momentum now. Im starting to feel the final has comea week too late for Hopkins. Her only chance is if pricey cheggers and perez are all with her in the final. But I feel tonight’s twist will put pay to that.

  • Heisenberg

    Online sentiment is currently on the downturn for Katie H, however, the fact remains that both she and Perez continue to dominate the conversation – CBB 2015 will be remembered for them and them alone.

    Hopefully tonight’s ‘twist’ eviction sees one of the main challengers eliminated – Keith or Katie P would be a great result.

  • I hope the rumours about tonight being a vote to evict aren’t true. Either perez or katie h would be certs to go

  • Heisenberg

    Has vote to evict been confirmed? This photo from the Big Brother website causes more confusion:


    Article here:


  • Heisenberg

    A clever scenario for tonight’s eviction twist would be for each housemate’s letter from home to include nominations made by their family/friends. The flash vote would then apply to those with the most noms (and Perez).

  • What a damp squib the bombshell was. On the plus side cami looks a cert to go. Hopkins has a good chance with the other still in on final night. That’s the only way to dilute the anti vote

  • Although Hopkins remains by far my best result I think the prospect of my landing the 50/1 on perez is starting to look more likely now

  • Been filling my boots on Perez for the last two weeks. Laid some off but still got him a £25k green. Definitely think he has the momentum right now. Can’t call it between him and Katie H just yet. I’d be astonished if they weren’t the final two.

  • Hopkins is still polling better than the others and I think what also works in her favour is the fact that the 2 people most likely to leave tomorrow come from either calum kav michelle, and out of the people left in the final Hopkins is most likely to benefit from that.

    • Tim B

      Yes, absolutely. The “nice” vote is going to be split three ways in the final with Cheggers, Calum and Pricey, hopefully leaving a deliciously ‘evil’ and entertaining final two of Hopkins and Perez.

  • A big market move for calum today iinto 3rd favourite. That would be a disaster for me if he won. I don’t understand why he’s come in do much hes struggling in the polls.

  • Heisenberg

    Calum could be a danger after a good anti-Perez showing last night. If the final 2 are Calum & Perez I would expect the public to award Calum the win. As a Hopkins cover I have taken that straight forecast at good odds with SkyBet (28/1).

  • its all about last night and the fact that he was the first to truly stand up to Perez. If he survives tonight then he is a real candidate (probably taking votes from Cheggers)

  • Weird goings on, on betfair. Katie Price is clear favourite to win yet is third favourite to be evicted next

  • Wow did not see perez going out. Not sure what that means for hopkins chances of taking the crown

  • Henry VIII

    I’m surprised by Calum’s price now the anti-Perez thing has abated. He did get the most FB photo likes today though. Most votes come in the next couple of days so we’ll see.

  • I refuse to cover on calum. Hugely undeserving winner. Done even less than cheggers. If he wins I’ll have to take it on the chin

  • The market is really interesting right now. I’m pretty convinced that Calum has almost no chance, despite the fact that he’s pushing for favouritism at the moment. Cheggers probably has more chance, but perhaps the market is underestimating The Pricey? She’s constantly been on the cover of every tacky celeb magazine since Kingdom come. On my flight the other day I saw someone reading a magazine that was still calling her ‘Jordan’ – really?!

  • This final is surely the most wide open in cbb history. Will be interesting to see who gets the producer help in tonights penultimate show

  • David

    Hopkin’s tears at the end may have clinched it. I just hope Chegwin doesn’t win it.

    • I’m covered on cheggers and michelle. But Katie Hopkins winning is my big one. Fingers crossed. The favourite rarely loses at this point but rarely do we see an odds against favourite

  • The pricey is the biggest mover this morning. Into 3rd fave on betfair. Are we heading for a katie 1-2? I took a 14/1 cover on the price hopkins straight forecast

  • Heisenberg

    I have watched the last 10 mins of last night’s episode again and I think it is very revealing. The editing combined with the use of John Legend’s emotional ‘All of Me’ soundtrack served perfectly to further soften the perception of Katie H and really hit home the narrative of her Big Brother journey. Impeccable timing on the eve of the final.

    I want to thank Tim B for his very helpful How To Pick A Celebrity Big Brother Winner blog which I would encourage you to read ahead of tonight’s final – here’s an extract:

    Edit on final night

    It is estimated that more than 80% of public votes are cast on the final night (or any eviction night). Therefore the last segment of highlights, usually the Last Supper speeches from the night before, can be carefully edited in a way for the producers to favour their desired winner. Running order can come into play here: in September 2014, Gary Busey was the last to be shown delivering his speech and had more airtime for this than some of his competitors. Similarly, Charlotte Crosby was shown as being very emotional during her speech. Channel 5 had probably decided they didn’t want boring Abz to win and so edited it as such to successfully persuade people to vote for Charlotte instead.

    Now watch the Last Supper speeches below (consider these are unpolished and will be carefully edited for tonight’s broadcast):

    Keith: http://goo.gl/jJHtIl
    Calum: http://goo.gl/lROKK0
    Michelle: http://goo.gl/NoyidJ
    Katie P: http://goo.gl/bhbfWu
    Katie H: http://goo.gl/Kyud5t

    If you have read Tim’s words above, watched the speeches and anticipated the likely running order then, like me, you should not be left in any doubt who will win CBB 2015 – and I for one will be very happy ($$$$) with that result.

    • I have caved in and placed a cover against the calum win. I truly have learnt from myx factor blunder. It’s also his birthday which is bound to gain him some extra votes. Plus hopkins has been on the drift all day which has beena worry

    • Heisenberg

      No, Stoney! Good on you if he wins but I’m holding strong in fort Hopkins for reasons stated earlier today.

      Here are my finishing predictions:

      5. Keith
      4. Katie P
      3. Michelle
      2. Calum
      1. Hopkins

      Good luck!

      • stoney

        Im still rooting for hopkins, shes still my best result but i was willing to shift some on the calum cover. Its usually today that we start seeing some movement due too voting. Calums odds today have reminded me of charlotte crosbys the year she win it, she shortened the final day right into evens by start of the show then continuing to crash to heavy odds on.

        I hope your correct with your finishing predction 🙂

  • Natasha

    Calum has now overtaken the Hopkins in the betting. Slightly worrying as I am in all for the Hopkins win

  • Heisenberg

    Agreed – taken from Metro.co.uk:

    Katie Hopkins may be opinionated and come across as a bit of a bully at times, but she has contributed to one of the best Celebrity Big Brother series there’s been.

    They say that he who dares wins and Hopkins has not compromised her harsh personality and provided a watered-down version, like Katie Price and Calum Best have probably done.

    She is difficult to like but based on the lack of drama from any of the other housemates, Katie Hopkins deserves to be crowned champion for sticking her neck out and taking the hits.

    Read full article here: http://goo.gl/oHPkzk

  • Heisenberg

    Taken some cover with Calum/Hopkins dual forecast (9/4 Skybet).

  • Tim B

    1. Hopkins
    2. Pricey
    3. Calum
    4. Cheggers
    5. Visage

    Good luck, and DON’T f**k it up 🙂

    • Heisenberg

      You’re good Tim, very good. Now just the last 2 to get right!

      • Tim B

        Shame I got the Katies the wrong way round, but I had very much covered the possibility of Pricey winning. I laid off a load of Hopkins green at the last minute which turned out to be the right call. Also won on Michelle 5th and the Katie vs Katie 1-2.

  • stoney

    1. hopkins
    2. Calum
    4. price
    5. Michelle

    1. Callum
    2. Price
    3. Hopkins
    4. Cheggers

  • stoney

    wow, well called tim., pleeeeeeese be 100% right

    • I’m pretty good at calling CBB finals. – I only ever get a maximum of one wrong. The market often calls it mostly correct but I have to say, WTF was going on with Calum’s price, especially in-play? It looked almost too fishy to be wrong.

  • stoney

    i called the price hopkins forecast earlier today at 14/1 but that will be a poor consulation. here we go squeeky bum time

  • stoney

    thats trully sickening, went in 10 days late did absolutely nothing, got 500k and won the competition. Awful result

    • Andy

      The 1st 15 minutes editing tonight was the clincher for Pricey, yet again another set up, BB got the winner it wanted.

      • Henry VIII

        All signs were that it was close, Emma said that it was close, so the edit was indeed the clincher.

        If they had a preference I think they’d have been happy with any of the 3 big name Brits rather than either of the 2 unknown Americans. But they just showed in their edit the most interesting stuff of the day before, which just so happened to be Pricey the victim and the other 3 idiots committing suicide.

  • Heisenberg

    It was fun while it lasted, but a hugely disappointing and undeserving result. Bad luck.

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