X Factor 2014 Week 7: Drowned Young

The running order at the start of the show revealing Stereo Kicks were in the pimp slot had confirmed Only The Young’s status as beta group. There was plenty of positivity in the rest of their treatment – a reasonable VT featuring an extended plug for Hamley’s, staging with their name up in golden lights, Simon mentioning that they’d “come alive” in the last three weeks and Louis giving another explicit shoutout for votes – but it wasn’t enough to get them off the bottom of the pile.

Who will join them tomorrow?

Lauren was up first, in the Strictly crossover. Her VT was pleasant enough, though the staging was questionable – there was colour vomit on the house backdrop and costumes of the backing dancers. On the positive side, Simon told her she was a “credible recording artist”. On the negative side, Lauren’s little brother did rather steal the show, as Louis said, and it is interesting to wonder whether viewers will have seen this as a reason to pick up the phone or an appropriately heartwarming moment for her closing credits to roll.

Lauren was promptly memoryholed by Ben, timed for the Stictly crowd turning over. “I’m more of a driver than a diva” was an entertaining line in a blokey everyman VT, and his staging was again exemplary. There has been plenty of debate in the Sofabet comments about whether it’s a positive or negative for Ben that he’s being given such a wide range of songs rather than pigeonholed as a rock performer, and that debate played out explicitly in judges’ comments with Cheryl calling it a “crazy” risk and Simon making a point of how Ben doesn’t do “soundalike” performances.

Readers of our midweek posts on the emphasis on Andrea’s Italian-ness and the donut deramp will have been amused by the sight in Andrea’s VT of him stuffing his face with cake at the Italian embassy, after “Shaddap You Face” had been playing in the background. We’re fond of the phrase “red flags” in these parts, and there were literally red flags in his staging. Comments were kind enough but with no motivation to vote – indeed, Simon wheeled out the old reverse psychology trick with “there’s no way you’re leaving after this performance”. To cap it off, Dermot had hilariously gone to the trouble of learning some Italian to appeal for votes.

The equally hilarious full-on ramping of Fleur carried on apace, with her mum, sister and assorted other friends and family sashaying onto the stage as she belted out “I’m Every Woman” before a four-judge standing ovation. The contrast with Andrea could hardly have been more marked, and that – in combination with Ben’s second consecutive week of mixed messages – was enough to see Fleur take over at the head of the outright market.

Hilarity continued with Stevi getting dribbled in honey and a mouth full of feathers. Comments had an end-of-the-road feel, especially from Cheryl, although Dermot did give Stevi the chance to thank the public and appeal for one extra week. The public obliged, and for the second time in six days some serious money has gone astray on Stevi in the elimination markets.

As suspected, Mel’s comment last week about getting to know Stereo Kicks individually was the set up for a VT which not only named but nicknamed them, Spice Girls style. Producers could hardly have done more for them this week – pimp slot, four judge standing ovation, and positive comments including “now I see you as a proper group” from Mel, “you’ve found that camaraderie” from Cheryl, “you did everything right” from Simon, and “there’s something magical” from Louis.

Do you agree with the markets that Stevi and Lauren are the most likely pairing in the singoff tomorrow? If so, they wouldn’t dare… would they? Or do you see the pimping not being enough for Stereo Kicks, or one of the big three in the betting falling into the dropzone to give everyone a shock? Do let us know below.

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  • Curtis

    I do agree with the markets about the probably bottom 2, and are you really going to bet that they wouldn’t dare?

  • I’m not convinced that that was in the script. I think they’d have rather had Stevi go tonight, but it does set up things nicely for another singoff. I was prepared to pile in on Stevi during the final commercial break but fate, divine intervention, call it what you will – I chickened out.

    Lauren v. Stevi bottom two tomorrow. As for who goes, I can’t call that. With the real business-end of the competition beginning next week, I can’t see Stevi hanging around. The publicity to be gained out of dumping Lauren for him though is frankly priceless.

  • Jon

    Personally I think Lauren is safe. Good performance and good comments. Three judge standing ovation as well. Her votes come from a different pool of voters to most acts. Negatives would be being on first and getting called safe first imo. My approach to try to guess b2 is based on the rise of Fleur. Is she taking votes off others? If so who? Is Andrea in trouble perhaps. Maybe I’m wrong, but we shall see….

  • With the exception of Andrea, who would never have finished bottom anyway, it didn’t feel like they were gunning for anybody tonight. I expect they would have quite liked OTY to stay, and it appeared once again they did almost everything they could to help them, but they won’t be too upset with that.

  • Jessica Hamby

    Thing about Stevi is that rificulous ott performances are what is expected from him. In that sense he actually is delighting his demo. There will be some people who are putting all five votes on Stevi. A deadlock with the other b2 might save him.

    I agree with James. I don’t think an oty exit was in the plan. I think emphasising them as a children’s band was a mistake.

    • Jessica Hamby

      Also have to sat a sad goodbye to my 250/1 punt on an SK OTY top 2. Richard’s record stays intact. Glad I also threw a few quid on SK and Fleur top two at 50/1.

    • R

      OTY were in the script either to go tonight or be B2 tomorrow.

      Compare Lauren’s VT, singing at the Albert Hall to a packed crowd of enthralled children, to OTY’s VT at Hamleys with a few children and them messing about.

      OTY also had a reworked song made unrecognisable from the original and they messed about for the last few chords ie they weren’t taking it seriously.

      They have also consistently been called, and portrayed as, a “niche” act for kids.

  • Donald

    Good job went easy enough tonight, first loosing night this series but better be wrong on an go easy night. Covered my Lauren win bet just in case. Wonder did they call first to try dampen further votes.

    It could be SK and Stevie tomorrow, Stevie is on a bounce though. Still not totally convinced about Fleur, tonight was good but not totally convinced. They must think they can get Andrea and push Fleur all the way. Looking that way tonight.

    Ben adaptability could be an advantage in the final.

    Sleeping on it for tonight.

    • Oty going followed by stevie tomorrow surely plays right into the plan of leaving fleur as the only entertaining act left.
      The facebook x factor page have made a right mess of the artists performance pages the last few weeks which have resulted in Ben being the runaway leader last week and Lauren this week.

      • Going back to this pointi have a feeling the people running the face book page are purposely throwing some curveballs into the format due to the precision of the bottom act being called by the likes. Think it was only wrong once in 5 weeks

  • Face

    UK iTunes… 10 mins after the show ended…
    Ben #48
    Lauren #72
    SK #64
    Andrea #81
    OTY #88
    Fleur #196

  • Curtis

    I think their plan was for Stevi to go, but it didn’t bother them too much if it was OTY. If they want to sign OTY then they will at this stage. I think the show will suffer without them though.

  • Sagand

    Great night for me. OTY were probably just ahead of Stevie last week so with a bounce they didn’t have to do anything negative that might harm future plans (Rumoured S Club 7 support act).

    Stevie Vs. Stereo Kicks bottom 2 for me. I think that was the plan, they save Stereo Kicks for a third time without looking ridiculous and bounce them to the semi..

  • Jon

    Imo Fleur is fave based on show backing. I’m not sure she is polling highest just yet. Judges still imploring viewers to back her. Wouldn’t surprise me if she is closing in on whoever is topping the poll mind. I suspect that could be Ben, who strikes me as very popular.

  • Jessica Hamby

    So after all the debate yesterday what’s the consensus? Was that a ramp for Ben or a deramp?

    • Face

      what was the phrase decided on a combination of ramp and deramp?

      they want him to do well for a variety of reasons…
      he appeals to the ‘average’ XF viewer (for lots of reasons posted previously)…
      he can steal votes from Andrea…
      he will steal minimal votes from the chosen 2 (SK and Fleur)…
      the judges banter appears to be a vote motivator… just not in massively…
      unlike Andrea and Lauren… he does songs that fall outside his key demo… so he may get cross over voters…
      he seems like a nice bloke… and his VTs is presented in that way…

    • Sagand

      I’ll admit it wasn’t a great week for Ben. I thought the performance was fine, but the comments were undeniably negative. I think it’s worth noting all the criticism was for the song not Ben, leaving plenty of room for ‘That’s what we’ve been waiting for’ moment if they decide to change ships back.

  • General Hogbuffer

    I am not sure we are quite at the endgame yet, where the judges normally throw all their support behind the leader to make sure they are seen to back the eventual winner. So for them all to be ridiculously over praising Fleur makes me think that she may not be polling as well as they hope. Similarly, if they do not want to get rid of Andrea now, the only logical conclusion from his continued dampening is that he is too high up for comfort.
    Similarly, the whole SK treatment tonight could have come straight out of a Peter Kay programme, just clichee piled on clichee. I get it, they have been identified as the next actual money spinner regardless of who will win this, but please stop pushing them down my throat continously…

  • Fudd

    Other than the messy staging I thought Only the Young got pushed all the way. I’m not sure whether production wanted them gone – they certainly appeared to be gunning for Andrea and Stevie and I’m not sure if Stevie should have been allowed to speak after his performance. I think Ben, Fleur and Stereo Kicks will be fine tomorrow. Beyond that…

    • stevie was fully miked up as well – despite using a hand held during the song, he did not need to use it for the chats at the end – so this was intended imho. OTY were thrown under the bus (TPTB new how close they were to the bottom from previous polling and they only needed to nudge Stevi a little)

      Plus of course they had up to the minute voting up to that point so they knew exactly how far adrift OTY were!

      This is all about SK – they needed to keep Stevi in to make it credible to save SK again if they fall B2.

  • Donald

    Some story in the press re contestant trying it on with ex footballers model wife tomorrow.

  • MW

    Pretty much the gentle deramp for OTY that I expected. Nothing that’s going to particularly damage them going forward while getting them out of the way to ensure the SK project can roll on. The horse might be a zombie, but its clear they’re determined to flog it all the way…

    I do think it’s a loss for the show not to have OTY around (and I suspect that ideally for TPTB they’d have lasted until Sunday), but if this can help get SK to the final, it’s not something Simon will be too bothered about.

    OTY still strike me as more likely to end up with a record deal when the dust settles than quite a few of the remaining acts. It’ll be interesting to see how things pan out.

    • Fudd

      The problem the show is having is the ‘production company’ thinking is having too much control compared to the ‘entertainment’ thinking. If anything, Lauren should have been se-ramped tonight with Stevie. That would have been a shock weekend yet left the main entertainment acts of Fleur and Only the Young untouched with Andrea, Ben and Stereo Kicks all capable of putting in a performance. It’s intriguing but they need to remember the show should be entertaining.

      • EM

        It is, the show is 20% about the performance and 80% about the contest. If all they cared about was having an entertaining line up then they’d just revive Michael Barrymore’s My Kind of Music

  • R

    Just had a sudden change of view so feel free to knock this down:

    Lauren did an uptempo track tonight which would appeal more to OTY fans than Fleur.
    Lauren is closer in age to OTY, therefore she is more likely to gain from their departure than Fleur.

    Fleur & SK are being massively pimped to get them through each week. One will reach the final, the other won’t.

    On reaching the final, Fleur/SK will be left to flounder without the pimping and end up third.

    Andrea is being deramped to stop him reaching the final.
    There will be a shot of the judges passing around panettone during his performance, which will be a Derren Brown style deramp trigger the public have been secretly conditioned for over the last few weeks.

    I think they still want Ben or Lauren to win.

  • Heisenberg

    My top 6 bet @10/1 just scraped through the door. God bless you Stevi.


    • Jon

      Great bet Heisenberg. You are a canny fella for sure! Any views on tonight’s show? I have gone through numerous conspiracy theories in my head, but perhaps a review of last year’s show offers a more likely scenario. TPTB want to simply bounce SK into the final. Would fit their treatment this year, and they have been in the b2 twice before. Seems plausible enough for me to take some of the 5/2, largely because I cant see Lauren b2 (maybe I am blinkered here and should pay more attention to her being on first than the performance).

      • Heisenberg

        Jon, it’s a great night to be speculative. I’m imagining the most likely scenario if Stevi miraculously escapes B2.

        • Jon

          You maybe right. It does feel like all the balls are up in there. Perhaps I need to consider scenarios without Stevi…

        • Donald

          That was a nice price and bet, well done. haven’t watched replay but did Dermot say the three of you not in bottom three but one of you is bottom of votes? Not sure, Stevie, Fleur and OTY were left.

          Logic says should be SK and Stevie tonight. Guess SK saved against anyone except Fleur? Hard to call except look for value.

          • Jessica Hamby

            I think they would prefer an SK win and Fleur second.

            The question I keep asjing but noone is answering is this. Assuming they want SK and Fleur in the fi al, who do you think they want as the other finalist and whi will it actually be.

  • UnCalquera

    Who can’t watch the show until tomorrow, didn’t remember today was a flash elimination, decided to read the comments in his favourite XF site and has just spoiled himself?


  • Dean F

    Sorry to repeat but I can’t see Lauren in trouble. Colour vomit aside her brother on stage, family love, middle England will love that, great judges comments, more uptempo. Only negative was colour vomit and Ben straight after so I can see this as a slight end of journey feel but not for this week, but next week. If she is in B2 with Steve it could potentially keep her an extra week.

    Also by far most likes on Facebook and her most likes in many weeks on there. She will also get alot of the OTY voters IMO

    SK in trouble of B2 for me. The pimp slit was desperation, will it be enough?

  • Stu

    They’re really trying to shoot Andrea down this week, aren’t they? He got the worst performance slot for a flash-vote (right in the middle) and his name was called in the middle also. For him to get into the bottom two, 4 acts need to poll ahead of him – Stereo Kicks I think will actually poll really well this week despite me thinking their pimping is completely undeserved. I think Fleur’s pimping should ensure she’s safe this week. I think there’s a chance Ben (handsome = votes) and Lauren (family bonding = votes) could also poll higher than Andrea too. This is only if of course Andrea isn’t actually doing as well in the vote as everyone thinks. I think Andrea is actually at a really tempting price for elimination but then the most likely scenario of Andrea being in the sing-off is if he was with Stevi and Stevi being saved over Andrea is beyond ridiculous even for this show.

  • Stu

    Week 7 was when the Ella vs James sing-off happened. Now this is complete speculation but maybe a Fleur vs Andrea could happen. The general consensus on here is that she’s not polling anywhere near as well as the producers would like (much like Ella/James) and a bottom two appearance could give her a much needed push up the vote ladder.Also, the only way to justify sending Andrea home in a sing-off is if it was against Fleur.

    A Stevi vs Andrea sing-off would be a terrible scenario for the producers because the survivor would most likely bounce into the final.

  • Alen

    I didnt like the arangment for OTY so i wasnt surprised to see them go but i liked them.

    Andrea def still getting deramped but they just dont want him to win.

    I think Fleur is their Plan A now and theyd like Andrea to become second and Lauren third. That would explain the mixed feelings towards Ben.

    Stevi should be bottom two but will SK join him? I actually really liked their performance this time. Anyone would be saved against Stevi… they wouldnt dare kicking out Andrea against him, would they?

  • Depends how badly they need their headlines. I think back to the endless times Misha B was saved despite a blatant rejection by the public.

    There’s also the small, but not totally implausible possibility that Stevi might have bounced completely clear of the bottom 3.

    My nagging thought is that OTY did not look like an act being thrown under the bus. Most of the other eliminations, Chloe v. Sam aside, have been easy to call because they’ve been quite blatantly gunned for.

    Ben’s mixed messages continue to puzzle me. It wasn’t the “moment” it should have been.

    What if it’s SK vs. Anyone but Stevi or Fleur? THEN what?

  • Jessica Hamby

    Andrea’s music was interesting. Lots of strings in the mid range muddied his voice and with little rhythm section made it sound a bit meh. It also made the comments seem ott. Noteable that the usal crowd mania was missing for him this week. That’s a strong indicator. Could he b2? If so they could easily take him to deadlock.
    Certainly this was a big attack imo.

  • Jessica Hamby

    I stil think the preferred final was Fleur, OTY, SK with OTY coming third. Now they need a new third. Who’s it going to be?

  • Curtis

    I for one think Fleur is polling just fine. The producers are not pushing her for survival, they’re pushing her for the win. I reckon she may still be trailing Andrea/Ben in the vote so they’re focusing on overcoming that.

    • Jon

      That is my thinking with Fleur. Perhaps James is right and there is a chance Stevi cleared the bottom 3? Can’t rule it out when voting is free and there is a social media campaign to keep him in. Tonight should be very interesting indeed!

  • Scott

    It felt like the producers were willing to throw everyone under the bus to push Fleur and Stereo Kicks tonight. Colour vomit and the distraction of Lauren’s brother, Ben getting a crazy song choice, Only The Young performing in front of a rollercoaster (one for the viewers with motion sickness), Stevi getting the “not angry, just disappointed” treatment from the judges, and Andrea having the best vocal performance but being neutralised by red and black madness.

    And yet it was still a decent show. That’s quite impressive.

    As a result I’m a bit baffled as to who they want in the bottom two. They may indeed be happy with quite a few combinations

    Personally im hoping they’re willing to give Stevi another week and repeat the Lucie Jones moment with Lauren. If it’s those two in the bottom two tomorrow and the odds go the same way as they did with Jay I’ll have to jump in. The treatment wasn’t as bad, there were references to credible recording artist and her age, but on balance there’s enough there for it to be worth a punt if people lose their minds and throw everything on Stevi going.

    Jay going wasn’t a massive mega shock. I suspect they wouldn’t mind Stevi going but if they desperately wanted him out surely they’d give him a ballad? One huge shock? Or is this confirmation bias?

  • The fact that Fleur got pimped after being pimped last week must mean she did well last week.

    • Alen

      Thats my understanding too! And Andrea got red/blacked again so his deramp must have worked too in some way.

      Didnt Ben get some pimping a few weeks ago? I guess Fleur did better now with the pimping and thats why they send mixed feelings towards Ben and want to concentrate on Fleur but who knows.

  • Jessica Hamby

    Leaving Fleur and Stevi till last will surely motivate votes from supporters. If they wanted Stevi bottom of the vote surely he’d be announced safe earlier, unless it really is in no particular order.

    • I noticed Dermott saying this is not the bottom 3. Don’t remember him ever saying that on the Sunday night when there have been 3 acts left hanging.

      • Jessica Hamby

        It all feels too uncertain to me now. They want Fleur and SK in the final, that’s clear, but I haven’t a clue about anything else. I had a nibble on Lauren to go last night. That, obviosly, didn’t come off.

        I think maybe I’ve become too invested in certain results (heh! invested :)) and lost a bit of clarity.

        The only combinations which are easy to call seem very unlikely to happen. Unless it’s Fleur or SK in b2 tonight (and not against each other) I’m staying out, probably for the rest of the series.

        • Jessica Hamby

          Oh stuff it. Might as well go out with a bang and not a whimper. My last flutter of the season will be a tenner on Andrea to go tonight at 66/1. After that it’s just waiting and hoping Ben doesn’t win and SK / Fleur are the top two.

  • Jessica Hamby

    OT: has anyone bought Steve Brookstein’s book? It’s called Getting Over The X. Lot of positive comments on Digital Spy. I’m going to get a copy. Interesting how little media coverage it’s had. I can understand itv not having him on but you would have thought the other channels, the radio and print might have interviewed him given it’s exposé content and topical timing.

    • Dean F

      The show is losing ratings for this reason, not a shock it started going downhill in 2011 when a young 17 year old girl from Gortin had a death of a thousand knives (sofa bet article title if I remember). She was popular on the show and still has many fans now, that was where it all started to go wrong and the blatant manipulation became all too obvious.

      They are doing the same to Andrea now, though not quite as bad, but it becomes all too obvious to the viewing public at times what is going on and that’s why ratings just aren’t picking up.

      Look at these last couple weeks it’s basically been a case of deramp everyone else to have Fleur and SK stuffed down our throat. I only watch it now so I can make money from it. The show now will never pick up in the ratings in its current format.

  • Dean F

    My tip for tonight is SK in B2 at 13/8. Stevi will go of in B2 as expected but way too short.

    I still feel Andrea is being deramped more than in their sights, but not far away now.

  • Heisenberg

    Andrea elimination odds are shortening this morning, 66/1 still available (Boyle/BetFred) but now down to 16/1 and 20/1 at Bwin and Ladbrokes respectively.

    If Stevi somehow escapes, Andrea surely goes against anyone.

    I’ve also nibbled at the Andrea/Fleur B2 combo – it’s an ideal situation for TPTB, the Italian is sent packing and Fleur gets a much needed bounce (her vote must be dire).

    That combo also has the same feel as the infamous Ella/James week (that was a 40/1 winner for me and I’m feeling nostalgic).

  • Dean F

    Just watching performances back, Lauren had no glitter, sparkly, diamonds in her staging at all which I did say would be a negative before the show and is when the end is near, but the whole brother thing has helped her a lot for this week, and the slightly more uptempo tune, which IMO will keep her safe.

    I was almost right at the start of the week though when I said Lauren, Ben and Andrea will be the first 3 out (admittedly before flash vote was known, didn’t think 1st last night in the circumstances for Lauren was a deramp), well Andrea went 4th which is just as bad anyway. Amazing how much pimping they have been giving to SK and Fleur these last few weeks, its basically cringeworthy. Stevi got another late slot too, which to me suggested they wanted him safe last night anyway (what reason though?), though OTY didn’t have any real negatives, I think they knew there was a chance they could end up bottom and gave them a chance to go out on a decent bang, because they will be signed.

  • Jessica Hamby

    Imagine the outcry if it’s a Stevi / Andrea b2 and Andrea goes on deadlock. Scowell can then blame the public for their bizarre decisions, j over Paul, Stevi over J and then Stevi over Andrea.

    I think a Ben / Andrwa b2 is also a possibility given Ben’s negative treatment but I’m sticking to one bet which is purely for shits and giggles. II have no idea what’s going to happen tonight.

    • Dean F

      I think it would kill the show if Stevi stays over anyone left on deadlock or otherwise. There has been controversy before, but the novelty act to be saved twice in a row, and the 2nd time to someone much more talented, well the brand will find it difficult to survive (I already explained above why ratings are likely dropping).

      • Jessica Hamby

        I don’t want to be your nemesis today but I disagree with this too. TV audiences have fallen across the board over the last 10/15 years for a variety of reasons including more channels, online services, catch up shows and so on. X factor is still itv’s most successful show for ratings and revenue.

        Viewers might say they’re not watching anymore because of a dodgy elimination but very few actually follow through. I say I’ll never watch England again after every world cup. I don’t even like football. But when it cones around again there I am even though I already know what’s going to happen (spoiler alert: England will be rubbish).

        • Dean F

          Not just a single elimination but it gets a bit same old when it happens even year. Short term publicity but longer term hasn’t done the show any favours.

          You are talking of last 10 years but just 4 years ago the XF had nearly double the figures of now

          • Jessica Hamby

            And four years ago a lot of the online services we have now didn’t exist. I don’t think controversial or unjust elims are the main reason for audience drop. It’s more likely that the format is no longer fresh. Ceryainly I don’t think loss of audience would stop them from dumping Andrea for Stevi if they could do it by deadlock. It’d have half the country talking about it.

          • lolhart

            I don’t think they’d have any qualms on getting rid of Andrea. Not because of ratings, but just because the show seems pretty transparent about what it is nowadays. People will cry “fix” and complain as in previous years if Andrea goes, but it won’t stop people watching.

  • EM

    Really the only question ahead of tonight’s results is what’s going on with the public? Producer intentions were clear but, for me, will the voters play ball?

    Lauren, the staging was a mess with lots of distractions. She plainly isn’t the chosen one as this had a real end of journey feel.

    Ben, the big which way will it go performance didn’t go anyway did it? As for the less than great comments? My reading was that Ben’s doing very well in the voting and they want him out of Fleur’s way a little.

    Only The Young were hung out to dry. The talk about them being favoured by being allowed to do their audition song was nonsense. It was a poor performance, strange arrangement and again the staging was messy. Oh and the whole this is an act for 5 year olds thing too.

    Andrea. Lots has been said already, they are trying to make him look plain weird and almost creepy in the VTs. Also as an interesting note in his VTs things happen to him, people make him do things, Fleur and Ben are always shown making things happen for themselves.

    Fleur is the chosen one, we knew that and nothing last night said any different. The question is are they pushing her to give her massive momentum towards the final and beyond or are they pushing her because she needs it in the vote, my feeling is the former.

    Stevi. Very little to suggest they actively want rid of him. No stripped back performance, no attempt to show him as strange (in fact the VT showed him as likeable and hard working). The only alarm bells were Cheryl talking about him in the past tense and Simon doing the “I’m laughing so much I can’t comment” routine.

    Stereo Kicks treatment suggests that horse isn’t going to stop being flogged anytime soon.

    So I took OTY, Lauren and Andrea as the big targets. However without any insight to the voting it’s hard to predict how this ones going to go down, one we know the sing off the order should be easy enough pin down (famous last words)

    PS to whoever said the plan was to deliberately drop the Kicks into the bottom two so they can bounce them to the final please do not bet on the show, that sort of nativity will make you go broke,

    • Dean F

      You are wiser man than me, but if Lauren was the target how do we explain the 3 judge standing ovation, much better judges comments (not lukewarm at all), much better song arrangement and the little brother (which was really cute) being allowed to give Lauren some extra votes.

      There were negatives too such as colour vomit and lack of sparkles in her staging compared to other weeks, I am not doubting that, so its obvious she is not the desired winner. However if they really wanted Lauren gone last night they could have made her stand there, repeat the audition version in a red and black dress with red and black lighning, maybe with a hint of fire somewhere just for good measure, followed by the wow Fleur performance.

      • EM

        Strictly overlap
        Brother became a co-star (contrast with Fleur)
        Chavvy costume (not middle England pleasing)
        Messy staging
        Urban backdrop (has killed many in the past)
        Distracting dancers
        Lots of long camera shots
        Ovation and positive comments all said “you’ve proved you can do it” not “this is the start of something magic”.

        I don’t slavish follow the colour vomit and red and black theories. For me they put an easy label on a far more complex structure.

        Now the other possibility is that she’s streaking ahead of the vote and they’re dampening it to make it easier for Fleur but I think that’s really unlikely based on a whole host of evidence.

        • Dean F

          Still as I said I believe it would be an easier kill doing what I said above. She has the most YT views and FB likes also and her brother was definitely a huge positive compared to a negative.

          If she stood there and sang she’d have more chance of B2/3 IMO

          Going on first in the flash vote was not a negative also, again just my opinion.

          • EM

            Yes you could do that with every act you dislike but it would be a dull show and wouldn’t do much for post show prospects.

            Do you have anything to suggest views or likes on social media translates into votes?

            You say her brother was definitely a positive, again what data are you basing that on?

            Feels to me you’re losing the signal in the noise

          • Dean F

            YT views not so much but FB views is good data to go off given the app etc. and she has double the likes of last week, though stoney is saying the is a problem with it at the moment.

            I think the brother is a positive as it is something Middle England will like. Us British love that kind of thing or do you disagree?

            I agree about the staging and colour vomit being the main negative. Obviously not stating LP will defo not be B2 but I just felt if they wanted to target her 100% they could have avoided the arrangement of the track and the brother being on stage. You say the show would be boring otherwise, but this hasn’t stopped them with Lauren until now!

    • Jon

      Thanks for the advice! My theory was simply a double elimination may afford the show the opportunity to bounce them. Not by dropping them into b2, but by elevating them to b3. Truth is tonight is very difficult to call.

      • Dean F

        Yes tonight is very difficult, though I would be absolutely surprised if Stevi lived to fight another day. Surely the end for him. Just figuring out who will be B2 with him is a tough one.

  • Dean F

    Regarding SK, not sure if its been said, or if anyone knows already, but I know a Geordie who is Lola’s hairdresser and knows the family well. She said to me that Lola’s dad told her that Stereo Kicks cast already knew long before the show that they would be put into a group made of 8 members, and that they have to try out for audition as a solo, get rejected then come back into an 8 piece band. Obviously no surprise to many of us that this is what goes on long before the shows auditions have even started, but just thought I would share that.

    So they have put that much time into them, there was never a chance they want them gone before week 9 (semi-final) as a minimum, and they are definitely getting a record deal after the show, so they need them around as long as possible. Stereo Kicks would stay today over everyone bar Fleur, there is absolutely no doubt. I believe SK got the pimp slot yesterday as they needed it, and to try keep/get them in the top 4 of the votes, so that if they are to go into another B2 it would be next week rather than this week, and next week they can justify saving them over anyone for an extra week.

    If SK go B2 this week, then possibly again next week no way they can keep them around longer than week 8.

    It is why however SK will be bottom 2 tonight for me and why I am backing that (13/8), I think they are close, we have to look at the facts and SK were in the bottom 2 after the last flash vote, they have been bottom 2 twice already (and this when there was 14 acts and 11 acts left). Obviously there would have been some vote transfers, but not sure that many would have gone the way of SK as opposed to Fleur or Ben (Jay, Jake, Paul, Lola voters going to SK? Doubt it). I believe OTY and SK were the two just above the drop zone last week and they knew 1 would have a chance of being bottom last night, and they made sure it was not Stereo Kicks. At least they can save them tonight at worst case scenario, and either hope for a bounce next week, or well a week 8 exit after singing 2 songs next week plus a sing-off is not disastrous for TPTB and Syco even if getting above the B2 tonight would be ideal for TPTB.

    • Jessica Hamby

      I think you’re very brave offering something as a tip. And given it’s only 13/8 it needs to be accurate because those aren’t appealing odds.

      Not enough value in it for me but I will watch your progress with interest

      • Dean F

        Well a tip, I just mean its what I am betting on, no one in here has to follow me and I wouldn’t advise following me anyway. I think its very good odds based on what we know until now in terms of facts and for me the pimp slot yesterday was just further evidence of desperation to get them above the drop zone.

        • Jessica Hamby

          Well you have to risk a lot of money to make a meaningful profit at 13/8. I was very nearly badly scorched by some impetuous decisions early on this year. It was only due to a run of predictable results that I am able to cover what could still be a substantial hit.

          If you are taking that 13/8 then be sure to only risk what you can afford to lose. They all look like sure things before the result is called.

          • Dean F

            I only ever risk what I can afford to lose. If I had the money some had in here id just do Stevi eliminated at 1/4 but my stakes hardly make that worthwhile

          • Jessica Hamby

            Lazt night was far too ambiguous to consider 1+4 on anything imo. From the moment Stevi gets carried on dressed in gold in a sedan chair cum throne you know this is the kind of thing that absolutely delights his demo. It’s Wagnerian and will be talked about for years by devotees of the show.

            In fact I just watched it again and I was laughing out loud, gnawing my own wrisr and mentally shouting “Go Stevi”.

            I think he’s staying.

            As I said before, if you’re placing these bets be careful.

          • Dean F

            Unrelated to betting but I’d still like to know which demo actually like this Wagner, Stevi type thing? And bothers to vote for it?

    • Caro

      I recently reread lolhart’s comment from last April – intriguing, especially in the light of your comment, Dean F.

      April 5, 2014 at 5:28 pm · Reply
      Hi there, I know it’s a bit early for X-Factor but I was wondering if there are any thoughts on them lowering the age limit to 14 again. My initial thoughts are they have either (a) scouted a solo artist who is below 16 who they really want on the show; or (b) they are planning to cobble together a group with some younger members. It will probably be a boyband considering Union J failed to take off as a mini One Direction.”

  • fused

    I don’t vote, but as someone who’s had OTY as one of my favourites from this year, I didn’t like their performance this week, and I even liked their ‘Boom Clap’ performance. This week it was a little too cheesy and too obvious. I still think it’s a shame they’ve gone though, and I hope they do OK out of being on the show.

    Maybe Andrea fans may feel a similar way, I’ve seen a lot of people online say even in past years that ‘I Have Nothing’ is a bit of an overused diva anthem. That said, I have to admit I’m a sucker for that song. This week was the first Andrea performance I liked a lot, rather than just thought “yeah, that’s pretty good”. I felt the same last year with Tamera when she sang ‘I Have Nothing’ in her sing-off.

    The song choice and the judges comments for Stevi seemed to be a deramp, but then he was given a big production and was on late in the running order (which I think is beneficial, even in a flash vote), and they will have known he was due a bounce. It was certainly nothing like what they did with Jay James last week, or Jack when they last had a flash vote elimination. The impression I got was that they are OK with him being there, but consider him expendable rather than desperate to get him out, though I think they will be if he manages to avoid the bottom 2 this week.

  • Donald

    Extra five app votes for OTY fans, where will they go, one would think good share to Lauren. Noticed the clothing brand was “Jaded”. Stevie is very short to go, maybe worth some laying at those odds.

    Very hard to call. SK saved against anyone except Fleur looks like. Waiting for sing off but a nibble at Andrea / Fleur at 40/1 worth a few quid.

    Some market moves this AM, might be a day to keep close watch on market for a leak.

    Off comment Grand Prix to watch, go Lewis.. He is my last leg of an accum which Included Mcllroy BO, Ogier WRC, Europe Ryder Cup, so fingers crossed.

  • Henry VIII

    Stoney you said somewhere that Facebook messed up. Have they done so this week? Because Lauren has over 2x the likes of the next one.

    • Yes my friend, I have already mentioned this either in this thread or the last one. A purposely done thing in my opinion. As it was becoming far too accurate.

      • EM

        Explain more Stoney? How do you think it was accurate? Why would the show not like us to know?

        • Predictability =less viewers.
          Facebook likes were pretty much calling the lowest act every week.

          Its just my assumption based on the way they have done the posts the last 2 weeks and the strange results that have come from it ie no way in a million years lauren is toppong the vote

          • Caro

            There’s certainly something odd because it is out of sync with the contestant’s individual pages, of which Ben has most likes, followed by Lauren and then SK, and then the others quite adrift.

          • EM

            Stoney how does that work with how Facebook sorts its newsfeed (likes lead to likes) and how many ITV viewers do you believe are scanning the Facebook page, ranking the likes then deciding not to watch? That’s not realistic is it?

          • Henry VIII

            It’s not realistic but then neither is Lauren getting more than twice the likes of anybody else (and her top rated comments are negative). Odd.

        • You really need to have been monitoring the Facebook page on a weekly basis to understand how they have made it very confusing to see who and what you’re clicking ‘like’ for.
          The x factor face book page would get a large percentage of viewers accessing the page every show. And with the free app voting this year it has been correlating very accurately with the bottom vote statistics. Anyway like I said if you haven’t been visiting it every week your highly unlikely to realise the point I’m making.

          • Henry VIII

            It’s an interesting theory but looking back I can’t see any other week that seemed odd. Which one did you have in mind.

          • EM

            I’m not disputing there’s something strange about Facebook I’m disputing that it’s been done because it is hurting ratings

          • The last2 weeks have been peculiar with the Facebook page. I’m not saying it’s because it’s affecting ratings. Im saying its because it was tallying up far to efficiently with the app voting that the producers wouldn’t have been happy with the formatt killing a lot of the suspence factor

          • EM

            Sorry Stoney not following this argument at all

  • Jessica Hamby

    The “teenage girl” (can’t help thinking it might have been Richard Betsfa tor in vitual disguise) who said we wete making a mistake in dismissing SK may turn out to have been uncannily prophetic.

  • Stu

    I personally believe the reason for Stevi being favoured tonight (very unexpectedly for many of us) is because the producers’ favourites are able to poll ahead of the targets/expendables with ease. If not, then why else would the producers risk Stevi bouncing? If Stevi bounces and the likes of Fleur and Stereo Kicks did well in the vote last week, this would allow two of Ben, Andrea and Lauren to fall into the sing-off. Realistically, Andrea can’t be sent home against Stevi or Stereo Kicks without the show looking like more of a farce. Against cute 17-year-old Lauren who redeemed herself this week and handsome Ben who didn’t come off terribly tonight, I think Andrea could justifiably be sent home. Their running order slots of #1, #2 and #4 back up my theory.

    I disagree with the people on here who said that no one was a real target this week. Andrea 100% was but because of his likeability, the judges couldn’t criticise him without provoking a sympathy vote.

    • Jessica Hamby

      I disagree with you that Andrea can’t be sent home against Stevi. He can if they’ve got him bottom of the vote. Simon saves his own act, the girls save Stevi, Louis gives the public the chance to choose between fun and seriousness, the public choose fun.

      There’ll be a lot of angry italians but in the end the public made the decision and that makes it hard to argue against.

      I don’t think that’s the plan though and I don’t think it’ll come to that. I think the plan is Ben v Andrea and Andrea goes home in deadlock.

      Having said that, I’m not sure enough of it to risk significant money. As I already said, I’m putting a tenner on Andrea to go to have an interest and that’s it. I think ah’m oot for the rest of the series unless something really blatant comes up at good odds. I’ve had a tremendous time but it’s been a bit fraught too and I doubt I’ll ever go at it like this again although I’ll keep an eye on the site and look out for value opportunities.

  • Curtis

    If I were to bet (and I probably won’t) I would be betting on Lauren to be eliminated at 7/1 (Skybet). Just think I can see enough permutations where that happens for those odds to be good value.

    I generally prefer to bet on less lucrative but more certain outcomes though, and there’s little like that on offer today!

    • Jessica Hamby

      But if Lauren is eliminated then who do you think tptb want as the third person in the final? Surely, with the “recording artist” tag they keep giving her she’s preferred above Ben, and they don’t want Andrea because he could ruin everything if he gets that far.

      I would think a Ben / Andrea b2 is more likely than Lauren being in there with Stevi.

      • Curtis

        Well I think I have a belief that Ben and Andrea are polling a lot better than you think they are then, because I just don’t see that being the bottom 2 at all. Maybe I’m being naive.

        I see no signs that the producers have any interest in Lauren getting much further. Consistently rubbish slots in the running order. The “boring” tag applied last week. Lukewarm and non-motivating comments this week (and a fairly lukewarm and non-motivating performance as well). If she’s lucky enough to avoid B2 this week she goes next week in my view.

        I’d imagine they’re fine with Ben in the final – just the deramp continues because he’s probably polling better than their preferred winner, Fleur.

        • EM

          Agree with that sum up Curtis, also hasn’t Ben been getting the recording artist comments too?

        • Jessica Hamby

          I’m not certain of anything about tonight to risk significant money on it. Certainly not at this stage. As I said elsewhere I’m about to call it quits for this series. There’s not much consensus anymore and at this stage the show becomes a lot harder to predict.

        • Dean F

          I am not going to keep banging on about Lauren for tonight, as there is a chance she ends in B2, as her price entails. However I didn’t see the judges comments as lukewarm aside from Mel B’s. Louis called her a star before saying the brother stole the show, but I felt that wasn’t a bad thing. Simon said it was her best performance for weeks and recording artist, Cheryl pleaded for votes at the end. Plus the 3 judge standing ovation. I feel Lauren got better treatment than Andrea and Ben, but that is probably also because her vote is under control compared to those to allow Fleur the victory, so there is still every chance she ends in B2 of course. This is my last post on that matter.

          Where will OTY votes go though guys? I personally think towards Fleur and Lauren, both young and current compared to the rest, some to SK, though not those from the forums as SK and OTY fans despise each other :/

  • lolhart

    I’m not going to put any serious money down on tonight, because I’m really not sure how it will go. For some reason, I think it could be a Lauren v Stereo Kicks bottom 2. I just don’t think they’ve done enough to drag Andrea down and I’m pretty confident Ben and Fleur are safe. Also, I didn’t really get either a Johnny end of journey vibe, nor was there a Wagner style takedown for Stevi. If it came down to Lauren v Stereo Kicks, I’m not sure how the judges vote would go. On the one hand, they don’t seem invested in Lauren anymore. But would they really leave Cheryl without an act? I know Louis would be in that position if SK went out, but I doubt he would care.

  • I’ve slept on it, thought long and hard and I’ve made my decision. I am going for a LAUREN v STEVI sing off tonight. It’s impossible to call how that’ll play out though.

    Don’t pile in but Stevi against anyone EXCEPT Fleur and possibly Stereo Kicks is worth a bet on Stevi to be saved. If he is ahead in the vote, it WILL go to Deadlock. Fleur would be saved, no doubt. Stereo Kicks I think would get saved, especially with the slightly unexpected departure of OTY. I still think the script was for Stevi to go last night then have a genuinely difficult-to-call sing off tonight.

  • RE a judge losing all their acts – does it matter? The competition between judges thing is a device to placate Simon Fuller more than anything.

  • Andy


    Best rated comment (vote for Stevi )

    Caution advised before taking short odds on Stevi.
    Digital spy running similar article this week.

    • EM

      Caution advised that t’internet doesn’t reflect the voting population

      • Dean F

        I agree with this at least, I think people can get caught into online forums, FB likes, YT views, iTunes sales as if this means it translates to votes. I do think Stoney’s view on FB likes translating to app votes can mean something, but not everything. Look at the DS poll the other day, wasn’t OTY top of that? Just shows it means sod all when considering the whole of the UK and the way people vote, not just what internet/online users think.

  • Jon

    Saw similar comments on Guardian blog. Not sure how extensive the #votestevi campaign is, but something to consider.

  • Donald

    I think a night to wait until sing off, still not totally convinced re Fleur and all the pimping so going to have a little on at the odds, Fleur V Stero Kicks would be unreal stuff to watch.

  • Stu

    I honestly can not see Lauren being voted out tonight and here’s why:

    – Losing OTY and her in one weekend means there’d be a real lack of females in the competition. A “sausage fest” on X Factor is tradionally boring for many (see 2012).

    – Cheryl losing all of her acts by week 7 would reflect terribly on her as a judge/mentor and people have already been criticising her this series without further ammunition.

    – I don’t think she’s in the producers’ favour but I also don’t think she was the big target this week. She’s probably just a back-up in case the producers can’t get the big targets (Andrea and possibly Ben).

    • Stu

      Having said that, maybe leaving Fleur as the last remaining female act could be a real plus for her. I’d assume there’s a lot of pro-female-act voters.

  • AlisonR

    I disagree with the opening comments that Lauren was memoryholed by Ben. It was a poor performance and the judges were rightly critical. But I don’t see his VT as positive either. He has 2 mates, in his van/in an otherwise empty cafe(?). Your ordinary bloke? Yes. Megastar? No. I do not see him making the final now and if Stevie escapes again he could very easily land b2 tonight.

  • Phil

    I wonder if they’re setting things up for another Simon-sending-his-own-act-home scenario with Stevi? I wouldn’t rule that out if he’s bottom 2, especially if they go to him last and it’s already 2-1 to the other act.

    • Dean F

      Has this happened before where a judge sent home their own act against someone elses act?

    • Curtis

      That might be a dramatic way of doing things. Of course one of the judges is going to have to sell their soul to actually save Stevi, and if Lauren’s in the B2 presumably that won’t be Cheryl (who has the “You’re my wildcard” excuse). Still, Mel B proved last week she was prepared to do the dirty work if required!

  • EM

    Lets chuck a theory out there. They’re trying to replace Andrea in people’s affections with Ben.

    1. Ben is shown with his mates in the VT, he was making things happen for them. In contrast Andrea was shown to be passive, going where he was invited, on his own.

    2. Ben ate a full ENGLISH breakfast at the traditional British cafe, Andrea ate something fatty at the Italian embassy.

    3. They reran the comments about the strange looks Andrea pulls, he then pulled some more. Ben, in contrast and rather self effacingly, got the pop star beauty treatments.

    4. Ben did the type of song that Andrea is famous for, the diva ballad. It was presented as a first and a ballsy choice. Andrea did the same but it was presented as safe and well inside his comfort zone (currently Ben is outselling Andrea too)

    Any more?

  • Alen

    Is that Lauren sitting next to Ben on the chair of doom in this backstage video? 😉


  • DT

    I think Lauren is doing fine and they like having her. Perhaps put first because they know she’s safe? Best odds right now look to be SK in the bottom 2. They threw everything at them last night obviously suggesting they like them but that they’re in trouble. 2/1 for bottom 2 looks good considering they’ve been there twice before. That would be similar to a Union J trajectory of in and out of bottom 2.

    Everyone thinks Stevie to go but I’m not so sure. Wagner and Rylan made it to week 8. The staging/performance was mad but as someone else said already isn’t that the point? (i.e. delight the demo). You know he’s gone when they stick him on a stool on his own and strip it all back

    • Jessica Hamby

      I don’t know about what “everyone thinks” because everyone seems to be thinking something different.

      It’s probably the most open elim of the show so far which is why there are so many different views on it.

      If you want a bit of certai ty you’re better off waiting for the sing off. I can’t get any more excited about 2/1 than I can about 13/8. Seems pointless to bet on that at this stage when in two hours’ time it’ll be between 2 acts instead of 6 and depending on who’s there you could even get better odds.

      • DT

        When I say ‘everyone’ I guess I mean ‘the market’. Just pointing out some of the options available now. I may have a flutter in the sing off too!

    • Jessica Hamby

      If you must bet right now put £2 on Andrea to go at 33/1. If he goes you’ve got enough for a few bottles of something special or a nice meal out or something and if he stays you won’t even notice the loss.

  • General Hogbuffer

    I think we are fast approaching the point where this show and all its processes will metaphorically eat itself. I mean, every positive comment (pimping, praising, appealing for votes) can also be seen as a negaitive (false security, no need to vote) and vice versa.
    I could really only see two main negative treatments this week:

    1) Stevie has literally had the whole of Brian Friedmann’s dressing up box thrown at him, and while he presumably was a consenting participant, I actually felt it bordered on degrading. Couple this with BF preparing the ground in his column (“do a big production while we still can”) and Simon starting the criticism of his own act in the introduction and then refusing to take any blame for it afterwards and you will get a pretty solid bus coming towards him. I agree it’s not the classic stool&ballad combo, but I would think the phantom ballad may actually have worked very well for him, so I don’t think they would risk another one of these.

    2) Andrea had yet another FOREIGN FOREIGN FOREIGN VT for the UKIP orientated part of the demographic. Why invite him to take part in the first place if you do your best to stop him winning ?

    On the other hand there was over the top ramping of Fleur and SK yet again – it’s as if they believe they just need to tell us often enough someone is amazing for us to actually think so, too. Oh, hold on – that’s how One Direction happenend. Great, we’re doomed…

  • Face

    Logic tells me Stevi and SK will be B2 tonight… and they will clearly save SK…

    The novelty act has never gotten beyond 6th and boybands… have tended to struggle on this show… and SK haven’t really done anything to stand out performance wise or endear them to the wider British public… hell most people couldn’t name the invidual members or pick them out of a police line-up … having a sizeable twitter following didn’t save OTY last night… why would SK be any different?

    I just can’t see any on-line campaign to save Stevi getting him from 7th to 4th (or higher) in a week… even with the de-ramping Andrea, Lauren and Ben have been getting…

    also… SK has been B2 twice already… and all the producer shenanigans of late… stage invaders… mic cutting out… changing songs at a days notice… OTT judges love… doing dreary MOR pleasing ballads, rather than something youthful sounding … all suggest they are still probably struggling in the votes… while they may have escaped B2 for the last 2 weeks weeks… it seems unlikely someone B2 in weeks 2 & 4 is now in the top 4…

    even JLS… who were lively, charismatic, telegenic, likeable, performers… only polled around 4th or 5th most weeks of their series… and were B2 in the 7th week… and people who didn’t like boybands liked JLS… from what i have seen SK have that same crossover appeal…

  • Paolobow

    Can’t resist Andrea & Ben B2 at 42 on Betfair.

    Good luck everyone.

  • Stevi/sk bottom 2 for me. Think the only one who could replace one tonight could be Lauren. I really am not expecting any shocks

  • Although I’ve had a small stake on Andrea to go, just incase he slips into the b2

  • General Hogbuffer

    If I were to go by the tone of the recaps, then the only ones with negative undertones were Ben and Stevie… hmmmmm.

  • Fudd

    Reveal Order:
    Stereo Kicks

    Andrea, Lauren and Stevie left in the bottom three.

    If it’s Andrea v Lauren I would have saved Stevie over Ben. That would have got people talking.

  • Dean F

    Well I was wrong won’t be the last time either, got to imagine it’s lauren v steviie but let’s see

  • Stu

    I’d be quite frustrated if Andrea went because I’ve had the feeling he’d be gone all day and was tempted to put a small bet on but I’m so broke at the moment! It’d be good if he did leave though. The competition would get very interesting!

  • Jessica Hamby

    I wonder if they’ve got him. All that handshaking at the beginning seemed to augur something.

  • Dean F

    Andrea v Stevi with a Stevi save would be awful

  • Andy

    £14 on Lauren/Andrea bottom 2 at 52/1

    Fingers crossed.

  • Lol I would laugh my arse off though. I found it very strange that syco act labrinth said he loved Andrea. Is this an empty praising as he’s slipping out the door? ??

  • Fudd

    Simon Cowell really doesn’t like Take That – colour vomit and a smattering of red and black. 😀

  • Dean F

    We know the SK pimp slot worked though. Final a possibility now maybe with the help of a bounce. Whatever happens here TPTB can be proud of this result

    • Curtis

      Yes, the final should be almost a given at this stage – probably set them up for bottom 2 next week, and then use the bounce plus producer assistance to get them into the final.

      I think we’d have all been surprised by that in Week 4.

  • Curtis

    Haha, Gary Barlow still in Cowell’s back pocket, backing Fleur for the win.

  • Damn can’t find any odds for take that landing in the bottom 2 🙁

  • deadlock beckons if Stevie in bottom 2 v anyone … IF Stevi is not bottom .. guaranteed headlines and the public are to blame! IF Stevi is bottom then they cant save him imho

    Cant call Andrea v Lauren but reckon they want Andrea out as Lauren easy to kill next time.

  • Curtis

    Wow. So do we go for an Andrea elimination?

  • Fudd

    They’ve done it. They’ve de-ramped Andrea into the bottom three.

    Now… what do they do…

  • Dean F

    Lauren still there least I weren’t wrong about that

  • Dean F

    Stevi gotta go they have Andreas vote under control anyway

  • Curtis

    Well I’ve put a little punt on an Andrea elimination given that the odds are pleasant anyway. Presuming that the producers do save Andrea, they’ll have to make sure to play it safe with him next week, or he could get a real bounce.

  • phew – escaped with a guaranteed £12 profit (would have been £72 if Stevie v Lauren)

  • Curtis

    This looks end of journey for Stevi.

  • Fudd

    I think Stevie’s better than Andrea in the sing off.

    They could base it on the sing off and feasibly save Stevie IMO. Not that the sing off matters, of course lol.

  • Kudos to Stevie though – saving his best until last!

    Will they take it to deadlock — can they get their headline from the public

  • Stu

    Oh wow could my Andrea prediction actually be right?

  • i should add – no point losing credibility by taking it to deadlock if Andrea NOT last …. deadlock = Andrea goes imho

  • Dean F

    Leaving it to Louis hmm

  • Fudd

    Two of the entertainers gone… clearing the way for Fleur?

  • Curtis

    I’m guessing that Andrea was above Stevi in the vote then, or I think they’d have done it you know!

    • Jon

      Simon managed to get another kick on Andrea when choosing Stevi of course lol. Andrea gonna have one helluva bounce next week.

      • Jessica Hamby

        Is that the same bounce Jay and Stevi got?

      • Another bashing next week and Andrea will be in trouble once again. For a bounce to work you need producer help. Ie Stereokicks. Which Andrea won’t get. I expect next week they could get the job done no problem.

        • Jon

          I’m not sure Andrea can be considered the same as Jay or Stevi. Jay a bit marmite and Stevi a but rubbish! Plenty of people profess to be Andrea fans but maybe saw him as untouchable. A delicate touch required next week if they are going to b2 him I’d say.

  • Dean F

    I think they’ve had Andrea vote under control a little while that’s why they gave him a pimp slot in week 5

    • Curtis

      Yeah, Andrea’s pimp slot makes more sense in that context. Maybe not as popular as I thought he was.

    • Fudd

      I did muse at the time whether they knew that they could de-ramp Andrea effectively (maybe Halloween gave them the indication) so gave him a boost to get rid of Paul then started on the de-ramp once again.

  • Stevie bottom then. Was well worth a top up though. Glad tptb have got Andrea well under control now. I said the second this double elimination was announced it was cos Andrea was in their sights. I believe the plan was for stevie to go last night and to save the other act over andrea tonight. Obviously stevie survival last night hampered the plan. For now.

  • So was the plan OTY v Andrea tonight and what would have happened? Did they overdo the cruelty to Stevie (being tarred and feathered) and combined with his rather dignified speech it earned him enough sympathy to take him off last place? Almost voted for him myself and I’ve never voted!!

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