X Factor 2014 Week 6 Post Mortem: Mocking Jay

It’s been a while since we had a big-money Sunday afternoon plunge that suggested someone thought they knew something, but we had one this afternoon with Stevi Ritchie backed in to odds on as previous odds-on favourite Jay drifted out.

The extent of the plunge made me wonder if it might reflect information not only about the public vote but about the way the judges would go. Still, given the effort producers went to yesterday to dampen Jay’s expected bounce, and their love of a controversial singoff result, I couldn’t resist laying Stevi, especially when he was trading as low as 1.17 on Betfair. Some lucky punters got even better odds.

Never underestimate this show’s producers is one of the mantras of this site, and that proved the case even after Simon saved Jay rather than abstaining. Mel and Cheryl showed their willingness to do the dirty work, and I ended the evening with a satisfactory profit. Props to everyone in the Sofabet comments who also called it correctly when the final two were announced.

A good night’s work for producers, then – they hit their target, and they should get plenty of headlines from saving Stevi. Who will be in the crosshairs next week? As ever, do keep the conversation going in the comments.

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86 comments to X Factor 2014 Week 6 Post Mortem: Mocking Jay

  • Did Louis refuse to be the fall guy this week? Saw that coming a mile off as soon as they went to him for the second vote.

    • Chatterbox5200

      I think it was intended to make it look less obvious. Louis voting against the “fun” act and leaving Mel, who had openly said “I don’t get it” after Stevi’s performance last night, to actually save him. Made me think for a brief moment that my money on Jay had been lost.

  • Nugg

    Don’t blame on Mel b, don’t blame it on Cheryl, don’t blame it on producers, blame it on the public 🙂

    Thought my bet on Jay to go was a write off, a happy result in the end 🙂

  • Scott

    Dived in there just in time at a low stake due to the plunge (I had the same fears, especially given how efficient the market has been) but still made a tidy profit. I love you X Factor.

    Thought process for me was simple. They don’t want Jay any more. If they save him they risk a bounce. If they want Stevi out all they need to do is give him a ballad (see Wagner). Jay’s sing-off performance being weak sealed the deal.

    Loved the way Simon cleared up that the bullying reports were nonsense after Jay was voted out as well…

    Love you X Factor, don’t ever change.

    • Chatterbox5200

      After Mel saying to Stevi that she actually heard him singing in the sing-off, it seems perfect for him to be given a stripped back, slow ballad next week…… and then voted off.

  • Scott

    Louis slated Stevi constantly so it would have been tricky for him to save the comedy act (hasn’t stopped him before, mind). But it’s an easier sell to suggest the girls are trying to weaken Simon’s category, which I suspect will be the narrative to come.

  • Looks like most of us had a profitable weekend. God knows who was setting the odds on Betfair – they obviously thought this was a fair fight! Consequently like many it seems I piled in during the singoff.

    Next week is a bit trickier. My personal theory is Stevi will get red and blacked, death slot, negative VT, negative comments, crap song, the works – and they might just throw a double elimination into the pot as well, especially if the producers are giving up on Little Prix and switching horses to OTY.

    • I reckon they’ll just have a 4 act final this year

    • EM

      Betfair odds are set by those (and there were plenty on here today!) who thought it was a singing contest and that Stevi would go because he’s not funny anymore

    • Jessica Hamby

      Better odds on J in a two act sing-off than when 8 acts were in contention for the 24 hours before. Someone must have thought they were getting free money.


    • But are they giving up on SK yet? OTY left hanging once again – what is that all about?

      Is it to scare their fanbase into voting for them because the votes simply are not coming in? (i.e. SK and OTY 3rd and 4th last by a mile?) … or is it becaus they want the public to think they are doomed in this event?

      I really can’t fathom who is the favoured group – which is frustrating as I think they will leapfrog Lauren into the final – and maybe higher if Andreas is de-ramped into 4th.

      My most profitable week yet thanks to double figures JJ at start of week- ensured it made no difference who won the sing off (and i also hedged at 21 on OTY just in case!)

  • Stevie was matched at 1.01 to go

    • ouch! – was tempted to lay at 1.13 as I predicted outcome — i.e. if stevi is 2nd bottom it is deadlock so they can blame the public … but in the end decided to keep my guaranteed profit!

      I got burned at 1.01 some years ago when i laid a horse that had fallen and was (i believed out of the race) – trouble was every other horse fell as well and this one remounted to cross the line in first place!!

  • MW

    Profitable evening – was amazed people thought Jay would get a bounce after last week and yesterday’s performance.

    I don’t think the saving will be nearly as controversial as people are anticipating. Jay was awful in the sing off.

    As I said in the other thread, I think the most fascinating thing is why OTY were again last to be announced as saved. Very interesting choice. Can’t wait to see the voting stats for the this week.

  • Donald

    Well done to all who called that one. Another bulls eye for TPTB, Strange they way they did not let Simon take to deadlock. it was all well set up. Had a go on Jay during the sing off, thought the odds were generous so some profit on the weekend.

    Will they stop Stevie bounce next weekend or will the real business end start. If they let bounce go, two weeks time is real money week with Stevie. Lauren or SK for pimp slot next week?

    • Simon rarely, if ever, makes the “wrong” decision though does he. He has to be shown to be the one that’s talking sense.

    • I’m not ruling out a two week stretch for him. Let him bounce next week and try and concoct up some “piss off Simon by voting Stevi” campaign stories in the red-tops, and then do a Wagner on him in a fortnight. I also can’t rule out another save, possibly against SK. I get the impression they’re in real trouble now.

      End of November is traditionally curtains for the twat act. But he won’t last more than two weeks now.

      • Donald

        Hopefully two weeks for Stevie, they keep edging SK forward and no real clarity who favoured group is. They have invested allot in SK. If they want a group in the final they have to remove one of the front four. They seem to be de-ramping Lauren even with some of the chat on Xtra Factor tonight.

        Heart wants Lauren to do well but head and gut past few weeks says they at it and want her out unless show closest to Andreas and they saving effort but if they are they going about it in a very strange way.

        Still have doubts re Fleur after all the hype this weekend but she does seem well favoured over Lauren at the minute.

  • Martin

    Oh I do love X factor. I watched the show with my parents this evening and my mother is convinced I’m a prophet for calling Jay out when he was announced as bottom two against Stevi.

    I have to say I need to start trusting tptb more. Aside from SK and losing Chloe they’ve pretty much conquered everything else they’ve gone for. Another target successfully shot down and a bounce cut dead. I didn’t think they’d done enough but not only did they stop the bounce, they were afforded the luxury of blaming it on the voting public too. Nice work.

    Fleur called first again this week. Is she sailing through or are they just creating the illusion that she is? They’re being particularly heavy handed if she is doing well in the votes, especially this weekend. I guess if she is safe she will be on early next week. If she’s on late I think we’d be entitled to believe she is being kept afloat.

    I find it hard to be impartial about Only The Young because they’re the only act I like. To be left hanging for 20 minutes seems worrying initially, but to do it for two weeks suggests to me that it worked for them last week, why not do it again this week? That is assuming tptb still want them around. With target Jay gone, Stevi due a bounce (for what it’s worth these days), there doesn’t seem to be an obvious target next week. With OTY being bottom two previous, they’re a possibility along with Lauren who got her first whiff of negativity this week. Plus, stevi will be surrounded by controversy this week so a bounce could indeed be stifled successfully if needs be. Would have been pointless saving the novelty act just to bin them off though.

    Did dermot give us the theme for next week yet?

  • Fudd

    Though that impression took a hefty kick when he saved Jedward over Lucie in series 6.

    I think it was important for the show for Mel to make the deadly blow rather than Simon as she’s been the most critical judge to date. In hindsight Louis and Mel saving Jay, Cheryl keeping Stevie and Simon taking it to deadlock had ‘too predictable’ written all over it.

  • MW

    I’m still not sure of the intentions towards OTY. All fairly mysterious.

    I can’t see them being explicitly ‘targeted; as such, because it’s pretty clear that they’re going be one of the acts getting a record deal. So if they do want to ease them out at this stage to help SK (who probably need to stay around more than OTY do), it will probably be fairly subtly done, so as not to cause them too much harm.

    I still think its probably a bit more likely that Stevi will be pushed towards the door. Can’t seem him getting a major bounce, and it’s about the time of year the novelty acts normally get shunted off.

  • EM

    As noted by Rob on the excellent entertainmentodds site the first non-favourite of the series to go. This is where it gets interesting and hopefully possible

  • Jessica Hamby


  • Jessica Hamby

    Sorry. It was that bloke in the audience.

    I couldn’t help myself.

  • Andy.

    Mel voted to save Stevi, OMG this is the biggest joke ever,
    I wont be voting for her act next week
    Clever move PTB.

  • Lia

    I am still laughing hard. I didn’t realise how much I missed a good controversial save from both angles: pretending I’m an innocent viewer and shouting deadlock, deadlock with my 8 year old and knowing producers tricks and seeing they actually got Mel do save Stevi! Hilarious!!!

  • awww… Simon didn’t follow the favourite move of last year’s judges: “abstaining”.

    Whitney vs Elton next week? Will Lauren will reprise her Sam Smith knock-off arena audition? Will Andrea reprise that song about not knowing one’s strength? Who will get I’m Still Standing or Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting?

    Also, are they sowing seeds of doubt regarding OTY’s viability in the competition? They’ve been called dead last again.

    SK are the second Week 4 B2 act to be safe in Week 6… ever (first was Tamera Forgetful Foster). It could very well be a logjam at the bottom.

  • Jessica Hamby

    I can see OTY do Crocodile Rock next week, meanwhile Andrea gets stiffed with I’m Still Standing or somesuch.

    • Fudd

      I’m Still Standing has Stevie written all over it.

    • MW

      They already did that in Halloween week though (mashed up with Monster Mash). Obvious EJ choice for them would be to do Something About The Way You Look tonight – that was their initial audition.

      I’m Still Standing seems made for Stevi at this stage – to much of an opportunity to miss, I suspect. Even if they’re wanting to push him out, that can be done with the Whitney song.

  • Jon

    I think the only clues to go on for next week are Stevi’s negative comments this week, and OTY being called safe last. I question how safe anyone is though to be honest, so will be a case of waiting for song choices and next week for me.

    One thing I am wondering, Is Andrea as untouchable as once thought? I note he is last in the itunes sales for whatever that’s worth. Aside from the from the subtle deramping, I feel the show is simply ensuring the spotlight doesn’t shine too much his way in recent weeks. Can’t wait to see the voting after the show ends…

    • Jessica Hamby

      What does thelast call safe tell us about OTY? You think they’re in danger?

      • David Cook

        Maybe its a call to vote for them if you think that they’re near the bottom.

      • Jon

        It has been a hint in previous weeks. I am not that sold on them personally, so that is def influencing my thought process, along with the fact they have been in the bottom 2. They have the highest iTunes sales this week though so can’t argue with that.

        Stevi b2 seems an almost certainty, but after that who knows.

      • Donald

        Saying the obvious but worth careful consideration, three of remaining acts have been bottom two and then got the front four. Who in the front four likely to be closest to those three?
        If TPTB think they have a chance to get one of the four down they will go for it next week and keep Stevie for another week.

        We are also getting closer to bounce to the final territory.

        It is far from clear which group they want yet.

        Only parts clear are Stevie will go either this coming week or following week, a de ramp of Andreas going on and they not helping Lauren at all past few weeks.

        Definitely a wait for song choice week and also see if they come up with another stunt for SK.

  • Dean

    Could give Lauren – Your Song

  • Curtis

    It was nice to save my weekend by loading up on Jay to go 2/1 when the last 3 were there. Please keep doing this producers, it leads to some great betting opportunities!

    I don’t think one should read too much into OTY being called last again. It wouldn’t surprise me if they polled as high as 4th this week (above SK and Lauren). It’s more important for the producers to keep SK looking popular by calling them earlier because they’re a boyband.

    • Jon

      You maybe right. All guesswork right now though. Is vote transfer now going to start playing a bigger role? As a newbie I only know what I have read on this site, and the example of 2012 and Chris Maloney. Ben could be a big beneficiary of this imo. Fascinating stuff.

  • Nugg

    Anyone gonna own up to this ? Someone somwhere has not had a good day at the office

    Stevi elimination lowest prices matched:
    1.01 £344
    1.02 £280
    1.05 £604
    1.1 £96
    1.11 £558
    1.14 £889
    1.17 £1,852
    1.18 £32
    1.2 £5,129
    1.22 £104
    1.23 £16
    1.25 £11,563
    1.26 £2,939
    1.27 £1,328
    1.28 £1,558
    1.29 £3,673
    1.3 £9,318
    1.31 £1,107
    1.32 £1,835
    1.33 £3,148
    1.34 £240
    1.35 £1,877
    1.36 £585
    1.37 £440
    1.4 £8
    1.49 £220
    1.5 £116

    • Curtis

      Haha, I’d think that the people at this website are knowledgeable enough to not be doing that.

      You have to feel sorry for whoever it was though! I hope it was people from this website who cashed in on that misfortune!

    • Donald

      Ouch, few layers had a good day. That was far away from Sofabet articles or comments. Wonder where the plunge came from?

    • 1.17 £1,852

      was this Daniel’s lay?

    • Boki

      I was in a minority here thinking Stevi wasn’t sure to be saved even against Jay but was surprised to see him such a heavy favorite to go, even before the sing-off started, despite the fact Jay was favorite until late evening. So luckily I stayed away (would back Stevi to go if he was evens or so) but I feel kind of stupid for not laying Stevi at such a short odds, lesson learned. Btw, they really fooled me with both Simon/Louis dumping him, I thought he was bottom vote and they just gave up.

  • David Cook

    Greatt Elton v Whitney – that’s just what we need – something different.
    On the face of it OTY, SK, Ben and Stevi probably doing Elton, leaving Lauren, Fleur and Andrea as the unfortunate ones being lumbered with Whitney (unless they give Lauren Ellie Goulding’s version of ‘Your Song’).
    From the point of view of tptb Andrea doing a Whitney song (in the same style as yesterdays effort) is probably perfect for continuing the de-ramp.
    It leaves lauren yet again doing something that’s too old for her – another dull and predictable song choice no doubt.
    If Fleur does get Whitney what does that say about her. Do they think that she can and will pull it off, or will it expose her vocals to question again?
    This week I’m sitting on the fence until we see the song choices again.

  • Jessica Hamby


    Having bet imaginery sums last year I have to say, using real money is very different.

    • Curtis

      Feels great doesn’t it!

      You chose the right year to start! Last year was full of landmines (like Luke v Rough Copy sing-off), but this year has been pretty much the gambler’s dream.

      • Jessica Hamby

        Yes and no. Mostly things have been going well but I have been a combination of bravado and blind panic after laying Ben early on thinking he had no chance. I realised how exposed I’d left myself after tptb started to push him at Andrea’s expense. Fortunately Lola, who I also laid, crumbled as I had anticipated and with her and Paul going out I have enough in my pool to cover even a Ben win.

        Got quite ugly for a moment though. I wouldn’t have gone belly up if Ben had won, but I certainly wouldn’t have been shrugging my shoulders and whilstling. BIG lesson learned.

        Now that Fleur seems to be in favour (along with, imo, Only The Young) and Ben had a mediocre week on Saturday, I’m feeling a bit chirpier. I won’t be so anxious to lay in the future though. Reading about people laying at 1.01 and other very low prices it suddenly became clear to me where I was potentially going wrong.


  • EM

    Elton v Whitney? Gee if only they had a contestant that looked very similar to Whitney Houston, then we’d know who they really are favouriting

    • Jessica Hamby

      Or a band whose audition piece was an Elton song?

      Or only one singer who can really do diva?

      I agree that they’re deramping Andrwa but in theory Whitney should play to his strengths. It’ll be interesting to see what he does next week.

      As far as favoured band goes, Simon now wants OTY, Mel’s kids now love OTY, OTY got individually name checked by Louis while Mel made a thing of not knowing the Prix individually, OTY have been getting the later performing slots and bigger productions, last performance they were mobbed by an adoring crowd….

      • Neeve

        I know Sofabet commenting is a bit of fun and I generally enjoy reading everything here. However I find it offensive that you use the word “Prix” to describe a bunch of young boys. Whatever our opinion of their act is, remember some of them are still children. While I respect your right of free speech, I do feel morally obliged to point that out.

        • Jessica Hamby

          Sorry Neeve.

          It came from Little Prix, a play on Little Mix, as a suggested name. I plead guilty for coming up with it, but I’m certainly not the only one that uses it. You may also see Octospaff and other puns which will probably not be entirely to your taste.

          As for “young boys”, they seem, or at least some of them, determined to display their lad credentials in terms of taking women to hotels (and getting the girls to pay) and verbally condemning those who don’t want to get with them (Betsy) as well as those who (apparently) do (Chloe).

          I’m sorry if you’re offended but they’re no shrinking violets and frankly I have no problem at all with callling them little pricks, never mind Little Prix, because that’s what I think they are.

          I have no problems with them being sexually active. They’re young men ffs. I’m not particularly keen on the way they speak about women. As I’ve said elsewhere on the site, Harry Styles may well be a notorious swordsman but I have never read or heard him say anything derogatory about women. Sadly I don’t feel the same about {insert name here}.

          • Jessica Hamby

            Last sentence should read…

            “Sadly I can’t say the same about {insert name here}.”

          • Neeve

            I appreciate your point. Stories about their treatment of women are indeed off putting and I don’t disagree with any of your reasoning.

            I am not for one second defending any of the reported behaviour of some the guys, nor am I in any way supporting them. In fact I find them boring as can be and barely pay attention to their performances other than to analyse them!

            Perhaps I should have been more clear. It is specifically toward the very young members (14/15 year olds) that I find a nick-name based on sexual innuendo inappropriate. I assume you are an adult and if I heard another adult was speaking this way about my 15 year old brother I would be horrified.

            No need to apologise, but appreciated none the less.

            P.S I do enjoy many of your thoughts and theories on here! 🙂

          • Donald

            Hi Jessica, bit early on a Monday for this really. A contributor on here has pointed out they feel offended by the word “prix” and pointed out “that some of them are still children” which is factually correct. It is anti bullying week and stuff like this can be quite sensitive. Others using was not point made but your use of it was addressed and it is correct that some are still children.

            I for one am here to analysis and discuss betting opportunities not read about disputed use of a name that someone feels and has felt inappropriate.

            I do enjoy your contributions and enthusiasm and as said above stuff like this can be quite sensitive.

          • Jessica Hamby

            This will be my last comment on the matter, though undoubtedly I will think of something to add as soon as I press post comment.

            Quite simply the idea that there is some kind of sexual innuendo in that name is absurd. You could say Little Sods, Little Buggers or Little Bastards and the meaning would remain essentially the same.

            I am reminded of the woman who was driven from her home when her neighbours discovered she was a pediatrician.

            This country’s paranoia and hysteria about the sexual exploitation of children has become absurd. Of course you should abhor it when you find it but this is palpably not it.

          • I have to defend Jessica here, I feel this argument is silly – people have been calling them things like Ejacul8 on Twitter, and while I’m no fan of Popjustice, they ran this article full of joke names for the group, some rude: http://www.popjustice.com/briefing/25-name-suggestions-for-the-x-factors-absurd-eight-piece-boyband/131357/

            Certainly the argument that it’s OK for people to make sexual jokes about the 16- and 17-year-old members but not about the 14- and 15-year-old members obviously doesn’t fly as it’s so ridiculously arbitrary. Neeve – if the show was going out in France (age of consent: 15), Germany (age of consent: 14) or Spain (age of consent: 13), would you feel the same way? Or in the Netherlands, where teen magazines sometimes come with free condoms? Assuming he’s post-pubescent, your 15-year-old brother is a sexual being and so are the lads in Stereo Kicks. We’re not exactly talking about Junior Eurovision or Minipops here. Regardless of that, it’s clear to me that Jessica’s name for them, whether you like it or not, is first and foremost a Little Mix pun and secondly a comment on her view of them, with any sexual implications taking third place.

            From an anti-bullying perspective, I take Donald’s point but would also say there’s minimal difference between Jessica’s “Little Prix” and an article on this site calling Craig Colton “biscuit boy” (and probably things I’ve said on here in the past about James Arthur).

          • Anyway, Little Prix is merely Franglais for “low price” – surely a knowing reference to the fact that compared to leaner boybands, Stereo Kicks give you 8 different lads for your money…

      • Neeve

        I didn’t intend to start a war so will give one final comment then accept that my view is not shared by other posters here.

        I didn’t mean this to be personal towards Jessica, and I also feel such names are insensitive on other public forums such as twitter and media outlets like Popjustice.

        Not to be (intentionally) pedantic but I don’t believe other than the two youngest members (Charlie, 14 and Reece, 15) any of the other members are under 18? So my point is not arbitrary in the sense that these other members are adults and do not need protecting in the same way children do.

        Whether or not a 15 year old is a sexual being is not the argument, the point is that about an adult referring to them as such.

        Re: Bullying argument. Bullying is not a word I used or an implication I intended to make.

        As an aside, I strongly believe these types of shows should have age restrictions for this and many other reasons.

  • Henry VIII

    [i]Julie Morrison Ne Mason Sorry I have to agree with Simon.I got board half way through and hate watching him with the funny faces he pulls.[/i]

    This was top FB comment for Andrea for a while. It’s now just been pipped but it’s still the first showing of discontent. Something Bailey never had, she always stormed it.

    Social media such as FB, YT show that their de-ramping does have an effect. After sinking their second best singer Paul I’m just wondering if they’d do that to their best singer too. It seems it’s still about TCO (SK, Fleur, whoever) and stuff the ratings.

  • fused

    I usually hate Big Band week, and this year was no exception. (Although I did like it last year for the first time, I thought it had some very good performances from Sam Bailey, Rough Copy and Hannah Barrett, even though she ended up in the bottom two. But I digress).

    I was happy that Jay James went. I think I disliked him more than any of the rest of the final 16 this year, either him or Stereo Kicks, and with them it is at least amusing how desperate tptb are to drag them through. I also thought Stevi was actually better in the sing-off anyway.

    But it was an interesting week in terms of the vote. Both the groups getting through despite that usually they would be coming down from a bounce. They went all out to stop Jay James from bouncing, (on early, negative comments, distracting staging) and they succeeded as he was dead last in the vote. Stevi landing in the bottom 2 despite a late slot, and I don’t think the judges were particularly gunning for him. Lauren after a very slow and kind of dull song and lukewarm comments from the judges being only the second act this series to avoid the bottom after performing second (the other was Lola in week one). As always, the vote statistics will be interesting.

    Some good calls on here as for the song choices. I definitely think Stevi will get ‘I’m Still Standing’. Ellie Goulding’s version of ‘Your Song’ is probably the best choice for Lauren (though it depends if they consider her expendable now or not. Even if they do, I can’t see them specifically wanting her out this week). If they want to help out Fleur, which they seem to, she’s going to be much more suited to Whitney Houston’s late ’90s R&B songs like ‘It’s Not Right But It’s OK’ than her late ’80s/early ’90s power ballads. Andrea should be fine with most Whitney songs (it does allow them to get “one trick pony” accusations in though).

  • Dean

    For keen followers of FB likes interesting that Ben is far and away the leader with over 14k then SK with over 11k then Lauren with about 8.5k, OTY 7.3k, Andrea, Fleur, Jay and Stevi all had around 6k

  • Heisenberg

    I backed Jay to go during the sing-off at 4.5 after having earlier invested in a Lauren B2 appearance – ended up green for this week but very thankful it was Jay down there with Stevi, this was the scenario I was most confident trading in (like many others here who called it, good work!).

    Here is the updated visual landscape:


  • Dean

    Monday morning after week 6, odds


    Andrea 6/4 (bwin)
    Ben 3/1 (various)
    Fleur 7/2 (various)
    Lauren 7/1 (various)
    OTY 40/1 (boylesports)
    Stereo Kicks 40/1 (Skybet, Betvictor)
    Stevi 80/1 (Bwin, sportingbet)

    Next elimination

    Stevi 4/5
    OTY 13/5
    SK 19/4
    Lauren 10/1
    Fleur 40/1
    Ben 66/1
    Andrea 66/1

    For next week I think they can easily contain a Stevi bounce if they really do think he can go this week. They gave their slightly controversial save. I doubt Stevi has that big of a fanbase willing to vote next week to keep him in with a bounce.

    Down with him looks like 1 of the groups who have already been in B2 but both managed to escape it the past 2 weeks, and Lauren seems to be one the dropping from the big 4 towards the B2 zone.

    Will be interesting to see in week 7 what they do with Lauren, will they murder her again (this week wasn’t exactly that bad as she sang well, and only had 1 negative judges comment, but the word ‘boring’ got bought up which can lead to further deramping in the next week). However still a chance the show has some vested interest in her, the swing wasn’t the best, but she got sparkly diamond/star staging once again in the background and finalist has been labelled about her. Big fear for Lauren is that TPTB want a group in the final over her, so if they give her some more ‘boring’ productions they can easily justify a group to be saved over Lauren in perhaps week 8 or 9. I hope not, but looks like they hve support for the 2 groups now.

    My big problem with Fleur this week is that they completely deramped the rest of the big guns to give what seems their plan A a huge pimping. To me they wouldn’t have to completely blow out the others if Fleur was doing better in the votes. A pimping would be enough with some slight deramping of others, but with Ben (despite a good performance) and Andrea I saw more deramping than necessary at this stage of the competition.

    So for me the B2 next week to be made of Stevi and 1 other, probably a group with Stevi going, but they may take Lauren down a peg again this week with a view to get her in the bottom 2 for week 8 if possible.

  • Alen

    my bf has no clue how scripted and manipulated the show is so when we watched the decision on sunday he screamed at the tv “you make no sense Mel B!! you alwys hated stevi and now you are saving him? stupid cow”….lol. Poor him.

    But I was surprised they didn’t go the easier Louis way.

    • EM

      Maybe putting too much meaning on it but if Mel and Cheryl’s acts feel the lack of love because of their mentors’ decision to save Stevi then I reckon that suits the producers just fine.

  • Heisenberg

    Lauren VT receives this week’s honorary meme:


  • Jessica Hamby

    A thought on the three tier cake trays.


    Or more specifically Simon’s comments on donuts.

    Last week Lauren got them and people started to get a bit sick of her, too much of the same thing.

    This week Andrea got them and people are starting to get a bit sick of him.

    Is the donut deramp a thing?

    It’ll be interesting to see if someone else gets them next week.

  • Dean

    A bit OT but it seems Jay was not as bad or arrogant a guy as many on here seemed to think. Lots of the remaining contestants posting on Twitter today how much they will miss him etc. (though they will be on tour with him soon enough)

    • Jon

      I don’t know how true this is, but I did hear through someone connected to an act that he wasn’t a particularly nice guy. Wasn’t sure what to make of that as I didn’t really get that impression on tv. Obv take with a pinch of salt, but it makes me wonder what goes on behind the scenes! me

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