Betsfactor podcast out now – X Factor week 7 review, week 8 preview

What better way to spend 62 minutes than in the company of Richard Betsfactor and Daniel on the latest “epic” podcast? Usual instructions: iTunes and Stitcher Radio users search “Betsfactor” and subscribe, other podcast app subscriptions use, and here’s a direct download link if you want to listen without subscribing.

And in case you haven’t seen them, here are this week’s song choices to mull over. Can Tamera find love in a hopeless place? Do you believe Rough Copy can fly? Will Nick have his greatest day? Do keep the discussion going below.

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  • Boki

    Richard, I don’t like the show.

    I love it :).

    Seriously, I wanted to make a ‘small constructive criticism’ about the podcast getting longer and longer and now you pushed it over 1 hour !? Better be good 😉

  • Hey guys!

    The fact that we will have a sing-off at the stage of top5 is not by chance, it’s for them to have a greater freedom to get rid of the one they want to get rid of, which for me translates to ‘hedging in case Tamera or Rough Copy hitting the bottom of the vote’.

    If I was an X-Factor producer, I think Luke would still be the most dispensable to me at the moment, regardless of fluffed lines. The song choices seem to re-enforce this.

    We are now at the stage of top5 and in previous years the first judge out lost their last act at:

    2012 – Stage of top6 (Tulisa’s girls).
    2011 – Stage of top7 (Louis’s overs).
    2010 – Stage of top5 (Louis’ overs).
    2009 – Stage of top6 (Louis’ groups).
    2008 – Stage of top5 (Danni’s overs).
    2007 – Stage of top6 (Sharon’s girls).

    So, if Luke goes this weekend, it will be the first time that all 4 judges have an act in the top4. After Little Mix’s win and James Arthur winning from a bottom 2 at the stage of top6, maybe this is this year’s ‘first time’ thing. Plus, notice that 3 out of the 6 times, Louis was the first judge out. From the other non-Louis years, a couple of explanations can be dug up. The situation with the post-Leona girls in 2007 was a joke if you guys remember the stories, so Sharon first out. Last year Tulia was not helped by that shock Ella/James bottom 2 and Lucy’s withdrawal. I think Nicole is too popular as a judge to just leave her there hanging like an idiot with first one out with no act. Just doesn’t seem right with her casting/persona on the show.

  • Saoirse

    Woohoo Tim- Great call!
    Love the show as always Richard and well done Daniel on your returns.

  • Tim B


    Skinny Love, Bon Iver – 42.0%

    Bridge Over Troubled Water, Simon & Garfunkel – 33.0%

    One Day Like This, Elbow 25.0%


    Just The Way You Are, Bruno Mars – 68.8%

    Amazed, Lonestar – 20.2%

    The Prayer, Celine Dion and Josh Groban – 11.0%


    I Believe I Can Fly, R Kelly – 46.5%

    End Of The Road, Boyz II Men – 38.4%

    If You Ever, East 17 featuring Gabrielle – 15.1%


    Clown, Emeli Sande – 54.4%

    Without You, Mariah Carey – 35.3%

    The Living Years, Mike & The Mechanics – 10.3%


    The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Roberta Flack – 46.0%

    Emotion, The Bee Gees – 33.1%

    This Woman’s Work, Maxwell Version – 20.9%

    The people have spoken! Or should I say, the youth have. I’m pleased that Sam Bailey gets to sing ‘Clown’ as now she gets a very contemporary song to sing as well as a slightly older song -potential to widen her fan base. And as we saw from Bootcamp, she’ll nail it. I wasn’t sure which out of two Rough Copy would get to sing but the most recent was picked by the voters. ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ surely a better message for them than ‘End Of The Road’, no?

    • stoney

      A very contemporary song she has already sung. Yawn.
      I think the most telling thing for me is nicholas has the highest percentage score for 1 of his songs. Just the way you are, polled almost 70% which is obviously down to the fact everyone is desperate to see him sing something modern. I’m surprised they even allowed him 1 half decent modern song in his choices. I fully expect him to be singing merry xmas by wham in the final

      • …9 weeks ago. Matt Cardle got to reprise ‘First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ from boot camp during the live shows, didn’t do him any harm.

        • stoney

          Fair point. Although strangely I didn’t remember him doing it at bootcamp or certainly wasn’t seeing him getting massive recognition for it, unlike his live show performance which imo is the best ever performance I’ve seen on the show

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