X Factor 2013 Week 7 Post Mortem: Hannah’s End

Poor Tamera doesn’t look to be having a happy time of things backstage, does she? Having looked nervous enough throughout her song on Saturday, she looked on the verge of tears while waiting for Dermot to announce the names.

Once she’d been announced safe, it was a battle of the Croydon acts, and a singoff where the outcome never seemed in doubt. On her third time in the bottom two, Hannah was never going to be given another reprieve against an act producers have consistently seemed keen to get to the final three or four, and position for a post-show career.

Betfair had Hannah trading around the 1.08 to 1.1 mark, and those were odds I was happy to take. I ended the evening with a four-figure profit, more than recouping last week’s losses. And while sorry of course to see our pre-lives tip for the win not work out, I was glad to see Hannah leaving with dignity and her head held high.

We’d speculated in our review of Saturday’s show that producers giving Rough Copy an “urban flavour” this week, as Gary put it, indicated they might be relaxed about the prospect of a bottom two appearance. Olly Murs and JLS bounced from a singoff save in week 7 to second place, and James Arthur to the win.

The “car crash” that is Tamera continues for another week, at least. Were people voting for her out of sympathy, or a cruel desire to see her forced to learn two sets of lyrics next week?

On hearing the boos that greeted Tamera’s name being called, Izzy wondered in the comments: “I wonder if they’ll change her into the villain.” The judges making barbed comments about the singoff being a travesty, because both these acts remembered their lyrics, suggested so.

We felt it was rather ungallant to pile on like that – Tamera is only 16, and clearly quite a mixed-up kid given her history of drugs and shoplifting. In hindsight, perhaps it was unwise for producers to have nuked Sam Callahan right at the start of her intended big week, given how grounded he seemed and how close the pair were reported to have been.

What are your thoughts? As ever, do keep the conversation going below.


28 comments to X Factor 2013 Week 7 Post Mortem: Hannah’s End

  • Natasha

    Really feel for Hannah, she was a million times better than Rough Copy in that sing off! Loving the boo’s for Tamera, she should have gone

  • Nissl

    Well, I was wrong about RC helping themselves. Should have paid more attention to the general forum reaction, which was meh.

    I thought Louis could have used third bottom two as an excuse as well, because Hannah was obviously much better there. Wonder if RC being exposed without a backing track will limit their bounce any.

    The public just gave the show a free publicity gift by keeping Tamera in. Forget your lines two shows in a row and stay in? Free controversy, and lets them argue that her star quality is shining through even if she’s not totally ready.

    Curious if they will still want to keep her far from the final, or if they’ll stay on the order that seemed so obvious last week and dump Luke next.

  • MightyMadders

    I find it very interesting that in the recap they reminded us of her forgetting the words. I’m pretty certain that was done to get votes one way or another – be it for sympathy or for car crash tv.

  • Possible songs for next week, from the app:

    Rough Copy:
    Boyz II Men – End of the Road
    R Kelly – I Believe I can Fly
    E17 & Gabrielle – If You Ever

    Sam Bailey:
    Mike & The Mechanics – Living Years
    Emile Sande – Clown
    Mariah Carey – Without You

    Roberta Flack – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
    Maxwell – This Woman’s Work
    The Bee Gees – Emotion

    Simon and Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water
    Bon Iver – Skinny Love
    Elbow – One Day Like This

    Celine Dion & Josh Groban – The Prayer
    Lonestar – Amazed
    Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are

  • lolhart

    I was pretty sure Rough Copy would be bottom 2, but I thought that Tamera would be joining them. Shame Hannah got the boot as she was much better in the sing-off, but that hasn’t mattered on the X-Factor for a while now. I agree that the sing-off might have exposed Rough Copy. Their singing was quite painful in parts and getting the audience to wave their arms couldn’t hide that.

    The barbed comments about Tamera reminded me how unpleasant the show can be. It would be hard for anyone let alone a 16 year old girl to basically hear she shouldn’t be there. I guess it’s possible this is to make people feel sorry for her and pave the way for her to redeem herself next week.

  • Bwin up with Next Elimination / First to sing / last to sing / First act announced safe / Deadlock, for next week 🙂

  • Jessica Hamby

    I think they want Tamera out. Each car crash damages her credibility and Louis’ comments yesterday and today were very negative.

    She’s on her own now and if she fails next week they’ll drop her in an instant.

    The good thing from their point of view is that she’s failing on MOR and when she releases r&b she can say she just wasn’t comfortable with x-factor song choices.

  • Andy

    I guess Tamera had the illuminati voting for her.
    Them lot are minted.

  • R

    Nice to see Nick & Luke on Xtra-Factor say how disappointed they were with Louis backing Nick, and Nick say how bad it made him feel.

  • Gamblebot

    The lyrics thing might have been a curveball, but this is exactly what I thought would happen.

  • Natasha

    Does anyone know what the theme is alongside jukebox?

  • Roxie

    Fair enough to Tamera I think. Though she came in a bit early, it was still nice to listen to after the mishap.

    What’s more surprising is that Tamera’s rebound has lasted 3 WEEKS! That must say something about her popularity. Though they did build her up for a long time so some of that must have materialized into support.

  • very obvious results. Im actually on the fence about Rough Copy.. after don’t let go last night and their save me song tonight, they look like they could make good finalists. lets not forget in the last 5 years, we’ve had 5 future finalists fall in the bottom 2 area on week 7 (JLS, Olly, Cher, Amelia, James).. sounds like good news for Rough Copy.
    Tamera… I think the main reason she’s still in is because she has the best voice in the competition (expect Sam) and the public really likes big voices.. also, like I said in my previous comment, her forgetting the lyrics last night did her more good than bad..
    I heard they were gonna announce 2 out of the 3 song during the week, is this true?

    • sistermym

      I just watched the show and the results this evening and I have to agree with you. Rough copy to be in the bottom and saved is the trajectory I expected for them to end up in the final having been pimped all the way. Still not sure about a win though.
      I’m not Tamera’s biggest fan but she looked set up with Impossible and she has a great voice which showed when she got going.
      One more thing, did anyone else notice that all the acts name behind them when they are announced are usually silver or purple on blue except Nick who has gold on gold? Nick is the winner?

  • tpfkar

    Good week for my win market position; I heavily laid Hannah and Rough Copy at the start of the live shows, and Rough Copy were so exposed during their sing-off that their stock was weakened further.

    As she’s survived 3 less than stellar weeks, I’m now thinking Tamera’s bounce must have been huge to carry her all this way.

    2 further thoughts: firstly Louis seems to have lost all discretion this week; must be demob happy, but likely to be worth paying close attention to for clues on who remains favoured. Second the treatment of Tamera now becomes what we tune in for next week, so if they want to push her still, a wow moment next week could put her right back in it.

  • Argenta Q.

    Have you seen the controversial photo of Tamera and Hannah backstage? :O http://bit.ly/1aZp7od

  • Boki

    I propose that everyone who made some winnings last night buy Hannah’s album when it comes out. I will do it, she fully deserves it.
    So, that tweet about Nic topping last week doesn’t surprise me, they pulled the break this week but what are they going to do in the (semi)final? We projected Luke to go next but I have a suspicion they could use him to take some Nic votes if they want to make sure Nic doesn’t win.
    If there is a “black vote” RC will surely get it and with some pimping will bounce. Not sure if Hannah’s vote will go to Tomira but it’s possible. It will be an interesting week anyway.

  • AlisonR

    I feel that Tamera goes next week whether she remembers the lyrics or not.

  • AlisonR

    Not that surprised at RC being b2 either, their red laser lighting (and performance) was all over the place.

  • Stu

    I’m happy I called the right bottom two even if RC are my favourites. I think Hannah was always going to do a “Misha B” and fail to pick up votes once she was in the bottom two te first time. I’m expecting Rough Copy to bounce quite a bit next week, leaving Luke, Nicholas and Tamera to fight it out avoiding the bottom two (if there is one, depending on whether producers still want to keep Tamera).

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