Betsfactor’s X Factor Week 7 Preview Podcast Out Now

The latest Betsfactor podcast, in which Sofabet’s Daniel joins Richard Betsfactor to review week 6 and look ahead to week 7, is out now. There’s no direct download link this week. You can get it on iTunes or Stitcher Radio by searching for “Betsfactor”, and through any other podcast apps/software by clicking “enter RSS feed” or “subscribe to feed URL” or similar, then entering

If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, why not join the fun this week? And if you are a regular listener, Richard would love you to give him a review on iTunes/Stitcher to help get it up their rankings and find new listeners. Don’t forget you can feature on the show by calling the Betsfactor voicemail hotline,  0161 81 82 800, at any time. And if you haven’t already read Richard’s Advantage Bailey piece from midweek, it also comes highly recommended.

8 comments to Betsfactor’s X Factor Week 7 Preview Podcast Out Now

  • Boki

    As you guys mention in the podcast, some things point out that they don’t care for Tamera as much as we thought before. Based on those signs I discarded the possibility of a show stopper they are building for her (as Gary suggested they are missing from her). But today I started to reconsider that possibility again, trigger was the song choice.

    You talk a lot about the JA endorsement and bad timing etc. but I ask you (and myself) is this an excellent song for her? It’s the most current winner’s single, a big hit from the latest x-factor winner who has a very successful album. I believe it’s the best they could offer to someone (Bleeding love is from 2007 remember). Why would they give their best choice to someone who ruins it or gets criticized? Beware of the show stopper…

    • Daniel

      It’s a good set of points you make at the end, Boki. I remain open-minded and am waiting to see what tomorrow’s show tells us.

      • Boki

        I’m curious to see it too.
        Btw, there is a consensus that they are clueless what they should do with Tamera. That’s possible but it can also be the consequence of them trying to make the show less predictable.
        So after first few weeks people thought they are going to continue to push Tamera (as most commercial), deramp SamB (as least commercial), drag Shelly as joke act all the way and they didn’t do any of that.
        At this moment everyone thinks SamB is winning and it’s quite early for such assumption since it would give a boring final. So I hope they will stir the things up again and apply a handbrake tomorrow.

  • R

    Hannah Barrett – Hallelujah

    On paper a great song but it will show up Hannah’s shortcomings when compared with A Burke.
    Last week Hannah had massive pimping including judges pleading for votes & she had the benefit of a second bounce.
    This week she’ll be moving back down from what I believe to be an already precarious position. She’ll need massive pimping to escape B2.

    Luke Friend – What Makes You Beautiful

    A One Direction connection will give him a boost but the song won’t suit his voice. Then again 1D not being able to sing for toffee hasn’t damaged their career.
    All he needs is a 1D tweet saying how great he was and their fans will think he’s better than Sinatra.

    Nicholas McDonald – The Climb

    I have to admit I have never heard this song (yay me)
    It will be bland, uninteresting and will delight the demo. Safe for this week but I don’t understand why they would deramp Nick & Sam B unless there’s a major twist in store.

    Rough Copy – Don’t Let Go

    This is interesting. Based on last week they needed help to stay ahead of Sam and Luke. With Sam gone and Luke on a bounce, they will need to stay above Hannah & Tamera. Hannah is coming off a very good week & Tamera seems to have had the brakes applied so it’s possible they will escape. If the do fall B2 it will be alongside Hannah.

    The song seems a poor choice. But Little Mix received a massive backing track & hype even though they were out of tune. This song helped cover their deficiencies.
    The majority of Little Mix’s fans are really 1D fans so loyalties will be with 1D first.
    They are in danger of B2 but I expect them to escape.

    Sam Bailey – Bleeding Love

    Bleedin’ Hell. If Sam gets this right I will start to believe she is the chosen one. However, I think this will be the second week of her deramp. The song could beat her & she will look ordinary beside Leona.

    Tamera Foster – Impossible

    Bleedin’ Impossible. I think Tamera received a slight pimping last week to escape B2. She will be coming back down and will challenge for a B2 position.
    Another song I’ve managed to avoid but JA is a walking disaster. Apparently people are returning his album for a refund in anger at his tweets & general dick-headedness.
    Will his fans vote Tamera in defiance? I think it’s more likely people won’t vote Tamera because of the son choice.

    I see a Hannah/ Tamera B2 with Rough Copy as a possible alternative option.

    I still see Hannah going but Tamera’s treatment has been too harsh to give her an easy bounce into the top 4 next week.

    NB: I have to wonder whether JA’s terrible week has been media driven by TPTB following his pig-headed behaviour with his record company.

    • Guildo Horn Forever

      Here am I commenting about a Hannah song again (!) but I must say I agree with your reservations about Hannah’s song.

      Last week provided one of her best performances,performing an upbeat song, with a staccato rhythm.

      The first time she fell into the B2 she was performing Skyfall. She registered a fail at that epic, building song, and inevitable comparisons with Adele scuppered her further.

      Why should the pattern deviate, now she is due to sing the epic, building Hallelujah, with inevitable comparisons to Alexander Burke version?

      But, as with other commentators, I would be happy for Hannah to somehow fall over the line as top female in this series.

  • tpfkar

    Think I’m sitting this week out. Doctor Who’s 50th (and of course Tim B’s birthday) more interesting than X Factor’s 10th, and I’ve somehow persuaded mrs tpfkar to come to a cinema showing tonight.

    No real idea; it does all seem more open, but not sure about the idea of bouncing Rough Copy that many commenters like; 1D were never bottom 2 and it’s hardly a badge of honour even if it’s not fatal. Good luck folks.

    • Jessica Hamby

      I think I might do the same. Last week was so boring it put me off a bit. Dr Who can be a little bit up itself but it’ll be a nice change and x-factor is on about 6 times over the weekend anyway. Besides, I ‘m getting into watching grown men and women chow down on emu testicles and kangaroo vaginas.

  • Kevin

    Luke 4/1 B2 with Ladbrokes Surely value

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