X Factor 2013 Week 6 Elimination: Hannah Wrench

Hannah Barrett can’t get any satisfaction on X Factor. She’s tried, and she’s tried, and she’s tried, and she’s tried. But she’s hit the bottom two twice and appears on borrowed time.

Last week, producers did everything for her: a sympathetic VT, decent song choice, good staging and styling, and it still wasn’t enough to avoid the singoff. Samantha does a good job of describing how bad this week’s song could be for her. As a result, Hannah fully deserves her position at the head of the elimination market.

It’s interesting to extrapolate a best case scenario and ask what happens as a result. There are precedents: Rachel Adedeji and Katie Waissel, who had both been in the bottom two more than once already, bounced very high with a tearful, “why is it that however hard I try I can’t seem to get people to like me”, VT.

The problem for Hannah is that if producers successfully use this strategy to bounce her a second time, it could leave them with a bottom two they’d rather avoid – Tamera Foster and Rough Copy – the two most consistently pimped acts of the live shows so far. Given that possibility (who would go – Tamera?), they may feel it’s better to cut Hannah loose altogether.

It would be no surprise to see Tamera in the bottom two. She’s coming off a sympathy bounce this week, and she’s been given the strangest song choice of all – Shirley Bassey’s ‘Diamonds Are Forever’. It’s old-fashioned and in the context of X Factor, repetitive and meandering. In short, it’s much more ‘Wishing On A Star’ than ‘Ain’t Nobody’.

Some of our commenters agree. EM puts it well: “The lyrics are Bond theme daft, no depth, there’s no big peak in the melody, it’s a song for a woman of life experience. Coupled with Tamera’s usual style the whole thing screams disconnect.” Izzy makes some similar points. Meanwhile, Boki has set out his reasons for believing that a Hannah/Tamera bottom two suits producers.

Rough Copy’s song choice of Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’ has Guildo Horn Forever concerned. We do have have a precedent of a “vocally suspect group” singing this song, and that was One Direction. In the same year, Cher Lloyd put a much more urban twist on it at bootcamp. It will be interesting to see what the Rough Copy approach will be – Gavster suggests the latter.

They have mentor Gary Barlow working hard for them as a de facto fourth member. Their VT will most likely involve their performance together for Children In Need, some of which can be seen here. That may be enough to keep them clear of the bottom two this week.

According to the market, Sam Callahan and Luke Friend are the other prime candidates for a place in the bottom two, after their maulings at the hands of judges last week. However, their song choices of ‘Faith’ and ‘Your Song’ are iconic and could play to their strengths.

Given this, and the fact that neither have been in the bottom two yet, I won’t be backing them to fall into the bottom two before the show. Meanwhile, I can’t envisage Sam Bailey and Nicholas McDonald in the singoff, especially with reasonable song choices, ‘Something’ and ‘Someone Like You’ respectively.

So this week’s suggestions are Hannah to be eliminated at 11/8, and a Hannah Barrett / Tamera Foster bottom two combination at 6/1.

Do keep the conversation going below – in the build up and during the show itself.

111 comments to X Factor 2013 Week 6 Elimination: Hannah Wrench


    Sam Bailey polling 35% according to tomorrow’s Sun.


  • Heisenberg

    I’m staying clear of Tamera for B2 because I think there’s a genuine prospect of a James Arthur/Hometown Glory moment in store for Diamonds Are Forever. It would be a smart move to modernise Diamonds and keep Sam B’s Bassey number firmly rooted in the golden oldies category:


  • Heisenberg


    Boom! Hip-Hop twist:


  • Crystal D

    Ooh, interesting Heisenberg!

    I’ve had a gut feeling for the last few days that it’ll be Hannah v Luke this Sunday (Hannah going) and Sam C v Tamera next week (Sam C gone), which sets up a nice Tamera bounce to the semi finals where she’ll finally end up in fourth place behind RC.

  • A note about Luke: this is his most “standard” song choice (compare to Kiss from a Rose, Play that Funky Music, etc.) since Week 1.

  • Guildo Horn Forever

    Been convinced throughout this week that Hannah would be going:


    …so jumped on the 2/1 for Hannah to be eliminated, and went again at the 9/5.

    On the B2 combo market, took a dash at Hannah/Luke at 9/2 and Hannah/RC at 9/1.

    Been below-par at the weekend XF markets so far and am hopeful of a sea-change this one.

  • Guildo Horn Forever

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know the format for the endgame of this year’s XF. Is it a 4 act semi-final where the lowest number of votes sees that act eliminated? Or is there another process planned?

    I was just pondering a future hypothetical.

    Imagined there was a 4 act semi, with the B2 singing off ‘gainst each other.

    If those 2 acts were Tamera and Nicholas – who would be saved?

    • Gamblebot

      Maybe if Tamera isn’t doing well enough, they will go for a 4 act final and use Week 7’s celebration to call a non-elimination week where votes get carried over but won’t have a double kill in Week 8.

  • Guildo Horn Forever

    Hi Daniel, Andrew and Dug. Serious suggestion: has sofabet ever considered publishing a book on X Factor? I’ve touched on this before, but think the idea may have got lost in one of my doubtless verbose posts.

    Had a scan at the (related) fare on offer:

    (Secrets revealed.)

    (4 copies are classed as ‘collectible’.)

    (Am fascinated by one of the front cover’s sub-heading’s use of the word ‘Free’ on this book – just love the concept that buying a book provides you with the content inside for free.)

    Have just reread this:


    There’s the template for a chapter or set of chapters right there.

    It’s literally the finished article.

    Of course, yours would be the book Syco could not and would not compile or publish.

    You could include interviews with a few ex contestants: Steve Brookstein, Chris Maloney, Jade Ellis etc.

    Have a viewer’s ‘manipulation bingo’ pull-out section?

    I Spy deramping spotter’s guide?

    In years to come, you may even find certain words from the glossary entering the dictionary…

  • Jessica Hamby

    I don’t think the lyrics of Diamonds Are Forever are daft.


    It’s about a woman who has given up loving men and now loves wealth instead. She’s not kind or appealing but she’s not daft.

    Dance Into The Fire, now that’s daft.


  • Ilivetowin

    You really really should think about a book. My god it would sell so many copies! XF would be fuming but there would be nothing they could do lol

  • tpfkar

    The tips look sensible enough and I’ve gone in (albeit on Tamera bottom 2 rather than the combo as nervous about Hannah pulling off the great escape) Rapping Shirley Bassey might work, or it could alienate all your viewers in one go.

    Luke should pull ahead of last week; Sam C makes sense to keep in.

  • Jessica Hamby

    The real shock of that Sun “leak” is that Sam C is in third!

    1 Sam B
    2 Nicholas
    3 Sam C
    4 Rough Copy
    5 Luke
    6 Tamera
    7 Hannah

    A Sam B, Sam C and Nicholas final would be a bit of a bore imo. If that came about I’d want them to push Sam C and deramp the other two just for shits and giggles.

    And to see Borelow’s outrage if he won, whether faked or no.

  • Jessica Hamby

    Meanwhile, Nicholas is getting uber pimpage in Scotland.


    Even watched the game with a cancer patient.

    Don’t be surprised if the blind began to see and the lame walked after his performance.

  • EM

    Do you want a big red light flashing over Tamera?

    Go to comparemyradio.com and see how often tonight’s songs have been played on UK radio stations over the past 30 days. Bear in mind radio stations play songs that the audience research says to play in the main.

    Now have a look at the songs for Disco Week.

    Not a perfect science as it doesn’t take into consideration fan base and performance (ie Sam B’s songs don’t get played on the radio!) but a decent indicator of how the song in general is thought of by the public at large.

    • I reckon that’s a tad deceptive, as Diamonds are Forever is a Bond theme, and they’re not often played on radio. If you were to ask what song is most recognisable too 100 people, I imagine Tamera’s song would be ranked rather high.

      I agree with the general sentiment that Tamera’s song choice is strange and somewhat lazy, however, I don’t think it’ll be the song that’s to blame if she falls into the bottom two again. I’ll be paying more attention to the staging and running order to crystalise my thoughts.

      • EM

        And why are they not played so often on the radio? Cos people don’t like them.

        Familiarity doesn’t count for much, I’m familiar with most of Taylor Swift’s music but I can’t stand it.

        • I don’t think it’s the case that people don’t like them, they’re just not ‘radio tunes’. Wicked’s Defying Gravity isn’t played on radio and nor is Phantom’s Music of the Night. Both are hugely popular songs. Mainstream radio stations play commercial music.

          • EM

            What facts are you basing that on?

          • I agree that the song choice for Tamera isn’t the best, I just don’t think it’s right to surmise that the song is unpopular or widely disliked based on commercial radio playlists.

          • Jessica Hamby

            I’ve never liked it. Mind you the only Bond theme I do like is Carly Simon’s Nobody does it better. I suspect that along with View To A Kill and Skyfall (which imo is a labourious tede-a-thon of a song) it is rare amongst Bond themes by virtue of being popular.

  • Saoirse

    At this stage last year, James Arthur performed an Adele song to great praise from the judges. Interestingly Gary said ‘ Adele is such an amazing brilliant artist, no one should ever cover her songs, except for you…’ Nicole followed with ‘ you took the legendary Adele… you take real singer songwriters, real melodies.. combine them with a fat beat…and you my love, are the best of British.’ Dermot repeated that no one should touch an Adele song and James then expressed his reluctance of touching an Adele song. I can see the exact opposite comments been given to Nicholas tonight. It’s highly unlikely that he will change anything about the song and will come off as a poor imitation of the original.
    Danyl Johnson did okay with Your song in week 8, after performing 1st and 7th in the show. I expect Luke to do a better version though.Sam C’s song should suit him also.
    Nicholas has performed no later than 7th so far and with 3 boys left, one of them will surely perform last/ second last. I can see Luke getting the more favoured spot though.

  • eurovicious


    Young artists are often accused of not having enough emotional depth/life experience to perform breakup songs etc, and it’s a school of thought I don’t normally subscribe to – young peoples’ emotion can be rawer, deeper and more on the surface than adults, and if they can channel that into their performance, it can be incredible. However, that doesn’t apply to any of the young people on this year’s show. Nick is a homely lad – sheltered but not in a bad way. The song towers over him – we all remember Adele’s epochal performance that propelled it into the public consciousness and straight to #1. My mum, who owns about 10 CDs, mostly of Kenneth McKellar, was blown away by it, kept rewatching it and has loved from Adele from then on. In short, Nick can only fail. It’s a song you just don’t sing because no-one can even begin to live up to the original performance. It’ll get votes though, due to the song’s overwhelming popularity. And he is overdue that pimp slot.

  • R

    Hannah Barrett – Satisfaction

    Terrible song choice. Hannah’s gurning reactions have been a real turn off & this will give her the chance to gurn her way through a whole song. The lyrics won’t connect with the audience. Red.

    Luke Friend – Your Song

    This could go either way. In his early auditions, Luke was described by many as having a weak voice & breathing too much. He was come a long since then but could revert to the original style with this song.
    Your Song was also used for Janet’s audition and allowed for great lighting, close ups and connection with the audience. Amber.

    Sam Bailey – Something

    Interesting choice. This seems a bit slow for Sam B, but the lyrics are very emotional & I can a imagine a string quartet support creating a sweeping instrumental to evoke romantic memories. A chance for Nicole to wipe a fake tear and women across the nation saying “aww bless” in unison. Three coats of green.

    Rough Copy – Viva La Vida

    An upbeat Coldplay song allowing for lots of backing and support. They won’t be compared to Chris Martin so no hate. I see them on after Hannah. Sam C and RC are the only ones with upbeat songs and will be kept apart to maximise the impact. Green.

    Sam Callahan – Faith

    This fits with his demo. Still not sure how many votes he’s really getting and The Sun leaking him being top 3 could be a vote deramp. The song suits him and keep his fans voting. His survival depends on Barlow’s script more than anything else. Amber/Red.

    Tamera foster – Diamonds Are Forever

    The lyrics allow the performance to go either way. Will she have diamonds in the sky or will we see her pocketing a few gems?
    Will she be sexily dancing with oiled up male models or pushing them away?

    Diamonds are forever
    They are all I need to please me
    They can stimulate and tease me
    They won’t leave in the night, I’ve no fear that they might desert me

    Diamonds are forever
    Hold one up and then caress it
    Touch it, stroke it and undress it
    I can see every part, nothing hides in the heart to hurt me

    I don’t need love
    For what good will love do me?
    Diamonds never lie to me
    For when love’s gone they’ll luster on

    Diamonds are forever
    Sparkling round my little finger
    Unlike men, the diamonds linger
    Men are mere mortals who are not worth going to your grave for

    I don’t need love
    For what good will love do me?
    Diamonds never lie to me
    For when love’s gone they’ll luster on

    On the one hand we have the shoplifter singing about loving diamonds and giving up on men.
    On the other hand this could allow Tamera to connect with her demo as she sexily growls “They can stimulate and tease me… caress it, touch it, stroke it and undress it”.
    A few guys could get hot under the collar with this one…but will they vote?
    She started my post as a Red but the potential of a memorable performance has moved to a
    Tamera to a dark Amber.

    Nicholas McDonald – Someone Like You

    This seems a good choice for Nick. His main demo is still the mums and daughters, who Adele songs will appeal to. He’s basically telling them all he’s looking for someone like them and the song allows for close-ups and viewer connection. Green.

    • Crystal D

      So, it’s looking like a straight fight between Tamera and Luke for bottom two tomorrow night against Hannah, who’s almost a dead cert at this stage.

      Running order and judges comments will be the deciders on the night, I reckon, but I still have a sneaking suspicion Luke will be in trouble.

  • Chris Bellis

    Kanye West won a Grammy in 2005 with a sort of rap version of Diamonds, but I doubt whether Tamera will win any accolades.

  • A friend (not aware of sites like this) said that Gary seems really (i.e. off-script) pissed at Sam C, based on his body language and facial expressions. What will happen if this were true and it manifests itself in his segment?

  • Heisenberg

    Some interesting comments here from Nicole in the Mirror. Perhaps most revealing of all are her comments about Sam Bailey:

    “I always said if you guys remember, I always said she was going to win. I fell in love with her voice and her background, the juxtaposition of that… Obviously I would love one of my girls to make it all the way up there but I am really happy for Sam and that is what these shows are made of, giving someone like that a real chance.”


    • Gamblebot

      Wow. She did not even bother suspending disbelief (and say something along the lines of “besides my girls, I think she can win”).

      That said, are the acts in order of her preference?

  • Heisenberg

    It’s what we already knew, but good to get the affirmation nonetheless:

    “Afterwards Joey from Rough Copy was chilling out watching Hannah Banana rehearse her songs.”


  • Gamblebot

    Any spoilers on what the acts’ outfits will be like? The last three acts wore horrendous outfits on their last weeks (MD’s vomit, KR’s uncoordinated mess, and Abi’s geek-goes-to-prom look).

  • Heisenberg

    Backstage at yesterday’s rehearsals courtesy of ITV West Country – listen out for the overwhelming self-belief evident in Luke’s voice when asked about his prospects of winning.:


  • Stu

    If the producers are wanting Hannah out in order to protect Tamera, I doubt they’d want another disposable act (Luke, Sam) falling into the bottom two with her because they’ll probably be the producers’ targets next week and therefore TPtB won’t want a sympathy bounce at the expense of RC/Tamera. But then another part of me wonders whether the producers would want a boy eliminated now. The competition is getting to male-heavy and that was a contributing factor to what made the last series so dull IMO – female acts are generally more exciting performers on XF with styling, staging etc. I think if there’s a Hannah/Luke bottom two, Luke will go.

    • Gamblebot

      I don’t think that’s much of a problem as I think Sam is more disposable than Luke (of course, they’ve completed a narrative-of-sorts with Luke while Sam’s is still incomplete).

      That said, their worst-case scenario (that doesn’t have the two voting powerhouses) for B2 is Luke + RC because it forces them to carry either Sam C or Hannah to Week 8. Both are pretty much certain to be out by then (Hannah being on the unpopular side and Sam dying out because floating voters won’t go his way). In said case, they risk having a Sam C/Hannah B2 in Week 7 and while throwing Hannah out to is helpful (for Tamera), doing so could risk Sam C bouncing into the semis, and unless they have some redemption plan for him, that’s not what they want.

      The underlying rationale (I think) behind leaving a sausage-fest is that if the show is male-heavy and there’s a female with enough support (which Ella proved to be not), the female will soak up all the floating votes and win.

  • Jessica Hamby

    They gave Hannah a song about a bloke who wants to get laid but can’t. Can you think of anything more guaranteed to put her in the bottom 2? It’s so wrong for her that it’s ridiculous. Transparent. Sharon even prepared the ground last week by saying if she’s bottom 2 again we can’t help her.

    I think you’re overcomplicating it. They’re winging it too – responding to events as they unfold, making it up as they go along, not executing some grand master plan.

    Hannah & Luke this weekend (get rid of Hannah) and then Sam C and Tamera next weekend (dump Sam) would see Tamera with a small sympathy bounce and a boost from Hannah’s fans that should see Tamera to the semifinal.

    If she’s currently polling as poorly as many suspect, that would be a great result.

  • Jessica Hamby

    I think the one thing they definitely want to avoid over the next couple of weeks is a Tamera / Rough Copy b2.

    • Gamblebot

      They should avoid that by shoving Tamera towards the end, but they can’t do that forever because the running order starts to become less and less important.

  • Jessica Hamby

    I’m not really looking forward to tonight’s show. The song choices are so dull. I may end up reading a book through most of it and just watching out of the corner of my eye for cues as to tptb’s intentions.

  • Heisenberg

    Pre-show prediction (with Busker Rhymes on standby):


  • Kermit The Frog

    If Tamera’s performance uses portions of Kanye’s “Diamonds From Sierra Leone” and Rough Copy’s “Viva La Vida” makes use of Lil’ Wayne’s mixtape version (both likely to happen two years ago, but this year?) then I think we’ll see over-the-top praise and everyone else presented as dull in comparison.

    Hannah is buried – remember how dull Rebecca Ferguson’s performance of it was? Seems that whoever chooses the songs is misled by Aretha’s cover of it. They don’t seem to realise that she’s, erm, Aretha…

  • Heisenberg

    Got a feeling this could be one of those weeks with a wider spread of unhelpful critique (aka the truth) than usual.

    I’ll be watching with particular interest how the judges respond to Nicholas after his inevitable ‘Honey, I Shrunk The Song’ performance.

  • Saoirse

    Bond songs never seem to do well on X Factor..
    License to Kill – Craig Colton
    Live and Let Die- Kitty Brucknell
    Skyfall- Hannah

    All bottom 2 in their respective weeks. When Aiden sang Diamonds are Forever he dropped from 4th out of 14 to 6th out of 12. Unless Tamera does something different successfully, it could be trouble ahead for her.

  • Heisenberg

    Bottom 2 pre-show market activity paints a very clear picture.


  • Chris Bellis

    Hannah = toast, I feel. Can’t see Tamera nailing it either. Rap version of a well known song. Sounds messy, and although might appeal to younger voters, that’s not her problem. She needs to appeal to a wider age range, not a narrower one. Anyway I’ve got them as B2 at reasonable odds. I’m off to the pub on the strength of the money I will win.

  • Heisenberg

    It appears that Luke’s VT will feature him meeting Seal, a massively positive spin and great endorsement following his ‘Kiss From A Rose’ performance.

    It happened, that’s a fact, so if it’s not included then we know he’s a major target tonight.

    • Chris Bellis

      If they filmed it, they’ll put it in unless it’s cr*p. Seal’s agent will have set it all up and the industry works on “you scratch my back”. Excellent info btw Heisenberg.

  • AnnaC

    Plinth, busy backdrop,frenetic dancers = bus headed for Hannah?

  • Curtis

    Well how about that? Hannah’s in with a shot to avoid the bottom 2 with that I would have thought. She gave that a real go. It’s just whether it’s enough from the death slot.

  • Neve

    Few mins behind the live broadcast but Hannah’s vt all about showing that Nicole is a far better singer?

  • Natasha

    Luke Friend and Sam B after. Says it all. Luke and Hannah for B2 tomorrow

  • Jessica Hamby

    Message I got from the judges:

    Hannah’s been in the bottom 2.
    Hannah’s going to keep trying.
    Hannah hardly ever smiles.
    People might vote, might not.
    Voting costs money.
    Shame cos you were jolly good.


    Who were we talking about?

  • Liam

    Why is Nicholas’s ‘Pedophile’ being filmed having dalliances with Luke Friend? X Factor Scandal! Somebody alert the press!

  • AnnaC

    End of journey VT for Luke?

  • Curtis

    Well I think Luke is a near certainty for bottom 2 after that.

  • Jessica Hamby

    I’m going on Luke and Hannah on b2 and Hannah to go.

  • Chatterbox5200

    With that imagery behind Luke, did they actually “nuke” him infront of our very eyes? It changed from what looked like a galaxy of stars, to an orange, and then red ball of fire! All that was missing was a mushroom cloud after it!

  • R

    Not sure about RC. Expected more, especially with the backing & louder chimes to lift the song. Did Nicole just name drop Souli Roots?

    • Chatterbox5200

      I heard that too – was it a way of saying they need to be more fun?

      The other judges comments were also interesting. Louis said “It’s week 6 and you haven’t been in the bottom two. You must be doing something right”. The tone that he used implied that he was suprised and he wasn’t sure why they are still there.

      Also, Gary said “I can’t stop them doing that”. It gave me the impression that he had tried, but they didn’t want to.

  • Monty

    Okay, watching on catch up and Hannah is now the poster child for Colour Vomit.

  • AnnaC

    Never seen so many disgruntled judge cutaways as for Sam!

  • Chatterbox5200

    Tamera – Singing is easy…. but everything is more difficult…. IN THE CUBE!!

  • EM

    In danger for me tonight Hannah (a half deramp first one) Tamera (they didn’t ignore her mistake at all, forgettable performance) and Sam C (they are gunning for him and it wasn’t great or entertaining)

  • Curtis

    I think Luke and Hannah/Tamera. I just think everything about what Luke did was end of journey and middle of the road. Hannah would’ve done better with that performance later in the show, but put first she’s definitely in danger. Tamera meanwhile was exceptionally bland, as I suspected with that song choice. Forgetting the lyrics was the only memorable part about it.

  • Joe

    Why is Nicholas dressed like Marty Mcfly?

  • Nissl

    Bah, I was looking to the show to pick between Hannah, Tamera, Sam C, and Luke for B2, and this didn’t really help much.

    Hannah on first with some low notes she couldn’t hit for power, started on a plinth, but came off the plinth. Almost nothing except B2 and voting talk, which is normally good but also emphasized she’s not connecting. Not a favorable replay, featured those low notes.

    Tamera is coming off a B2 bounce and was tagged on forgetting the lyrics. And while I guess she took the early comments on Queen on board (that was pointed out here, right?), the song she picked is money > love. Not a favorable replay, didn’t see her do much.

    Luke was on early, burned, ugly shirt, journey ending suggestion plus had the other boys in the VT, long distance shot of him with a girl on the big screen, flushed with Sam B, comments could have been more lukewarm though.

    Sam C was red and blacked, messy lighting, screwed up click track, ending plinth and crowd surfing perhaps to make him look egotistical, mixed but non-controversial judge comments I thought.

    Whole lotta bravery tonight. Every act took at least a little ding. Noticed they got Sam B and RC together in responding to Nicole’s criticism.

  • Jessica Hamby

    Tamera didn’t have the voice for that song. It doesn’t seem credible that she “did some research” and settled on that. It would have been poor even if she hadn’t forgotten the words.

    I think they were trying to put Luke and Hannah to b2 tonight and setting Sam C up for a b2 next week. Tamera could end up there instead but I think the late slot may see her right.

    • R

      All feels like a surreal dream. Are we supposed to believe Tamera’s original song choice was Bohemian Rhapsody?

      Which parts of the song was she going to sing?

      Mama, just killed a man,
      Put a gun against his head,
      Pulled my trigger, now he’s dead.
      Mama, life had just begun,
      But now I’ve gone and thrown it all away.


      Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?
      Thunderbolt and lightning,
      Very, very frightening me.
      (Galileo) Galileo.
      (Galileo) Galileo,
      Galileo Figaro

      Would have been an interesting performance either way.

  • I think this is the week RC is revealed as TCO

  • Tamera will get the sympathy vote and avoid the B2, I reckon.

  • Heisenberg

    A couple of staging psychology examples from last night – maybe Hannah’s prospects aren’t so bad after all (she was even wearing gold shoes).


    Also, if X Factor studio audience applause is anything to go by, with my ears Hannah, Rough Copy and Sam Callahan seemed far more enthusiastically received following their performances in comparison to the other acts.

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