X Factor 2013 Week 3 Elimination: Shattered ‘Dreams’

The frontrunners in this week’s elimination market – Miss Dynamix and Abi Alton – were thrown under the bus in weeks 1 and 2 respectively, yet survived. They look especially vulnerable with the two surplus Overs now gone and Kingsland Road due a sympathy bounce. You’d expect producers to go after one of them this time and give the other some respite before trying to finish them off in week 4.

The question is: whom? Both acts suffered injury scares last week. The way these are handled in tonight’s VTs should be revealing. In one, last week’s events may be suggested as an indication of weakness, in the other an indication of bravery. My guess is that the act to appear later of the two will get the sympathetic hospital footage: a shortened version of ‘Casualty’, airing at the same time on BBC1.

My head says that Miss Dynamix will be the main target this week, but at a best-priced Evens, there’s no value in thinking so. Producers have kept with last week’s song choice, Gabrielle’s ‘Dreams’, which has about as much relevance to movies as it did the love and heartbreak theme. (The movie link is Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘Magnolia’, where the song is used as a motif for a character whose life has gone disappointingly wrong).

Try listening to it: the song has no big moments and doesn’t go anywhere. In the context of an X Factor live show, it’s boring and unknown to the demographic.

Last week the girlband were due on sixth in the running order. If I were producers, I’d be tempted to put them on first this week, in the 15-minute Strictly overlap. They’d have the perfect excuse – tell the three girls it’s for the best to get their performance over with, so there’s less chance of SeSe having another panic attack whilst waiting to go on and more chance for her to rest afterwards.

I’d also pick up on the slightly pathetic-sounding excuse last week for not performing as a duo – that an hour was too short a time for Rielle and Jeannette to learn SeSe’s verse – by hinting that a lack of work ethic is the reason for giving them the same song again.

Commenters have generally been unimpressed by Abi’s song choice of ‘Moon River’ too. Richard Betsfactor explained: “It’s a very old school song that I used to play on Hospital Radio in 1996 to people in their 80’s.” Fair enough, but unlike ‘Dreams’, at least it’s an iconic movie theme. As I explained in Richard’s podcast, Abi does have a redemptive storyline to hand this week – that she’s back to doing what she does best – and the song choice allows for that possibility.

Abi’s had some bad press this week, and it would obviously be no surprise at all to see producers go after her again tonight. However, if they are confident of being able to get Miss Dynamix in the bottom 2, they may just want to help Abi steer clear of the singoff for a week to avoid having to give her a bounce. That way they could target her next week, when the disco theme is unlikely to suit.

We suspected last week that producers had set out to angle Kingsland Road into the bottom two with the hope of being able to give them a bounce by saving them against Miss Dynamix, before SeSe’s panic attack scuppered those plans. If the same thinking is at play again, who might they prefer to save against the girlband rather than the expendable Abi?

The betting suggests one of the boys – Sam Callahan or Luke Friend – is the most likely outcome, bearing in mind this week’s PR stories which indicate that everything is being done to help Kingsland Road bounce out of the danger zone. It will be interesting to see if they get the “introduce each act by name” VT that is classically used to give groups a strategic boost.

Luke has Seal’s ‘Kiss From A Rose’ and is due an early slot, but I’d be more worried about Sam Callahan dropping into the bottom two if ‘All I Want Is You’ turns out to be the minor U2 number rather than the song from Juno. Producers did their best for both acts last week, but I’m reminded that Sam was given less help in week 1. I’m waiting to see their treatment in the show tonight.

Rough Copy have been mentioned as possible shock bottom two candidates by the likes of JScouser after last week’s ropey vocals. We have a precedent for a big turn in treatment from a previously heavily-pimped boyband in week 3. Just watch the VT and staging for The Risk’s rendition of ‘Crazy’ back in 2011. However, it took a personnel change and a few more poor performances before they exited the competition in week 5, by which point Little Mix were carrying the hopes of the category.

I’d like to see evidence of a deramping of Rough Copy before getting involved, though. Producers’ attempt to give them Middle England appeal seems to be continuing with the song choice of Bryan Adams’ Everything I Do’.

Otherwise, Hannah Barrett should be boosted by a VT showing mentor Nicole joining her at workplace Gregg’s and a song choice, unlike any other this week, that is both iconic and recent. Nicholas, Sam Bailey and Tamera should be safe, and Tamera’s supporters should be pleased that her recent press has only been positive.

How do you think tonight’s show will unfold? Do let us know before and during in the comments section below.

47 comments to X Factor 2013 Week 3 Elimination: Shattered ‘Dreams’

  • I have a feeling that they will only throw one of Abi and MD under the bus. The other will be a Boy. If a Boy loses the flash vote, they might play the “Mrs. O’s revenge” angle and send him home.

  • Superb Spot on Twitter from @Reality_Tim “Someone has offered over £3000 laying Abi Alton for bottom 2! Lay lay lay!!!! #xfactor” – Very interesting on Betfair… Surely they’ve seen the performance, or the running order, or something!! Or it could be a bookie laying off a massive bet potentially – but even so…. worth noting!

  • Heisenberg

    Wouldn’t it be marvellous if Miss D went totally rogue tonight. Given SeSe’s circumstances and seemingly no prospect of participating in the tour – what have they really got to lose?

    Following an inevitable barrage of judges’ grenades I would love to see them return fire with some authentic, off-script banter before Dermot awkwardly restores order.

    If they want ratings to improve then something controversial needs to happen, and soon.

  • Heisenberg

    Abi’s starting to drift in the Bottom 2 market and the New Jack Copy boys are coming in fast!!

  • Natasha

    There he goes……………….under the bus!!

    • That was dampening more than being under the bus. He got criticism rather than bland praise, Louis made the point “if we are here next week”, he got “hard working” again, he got his kit off in the VT, he got in a semi-vote beg when speaking with Dermot. He’s not the kind of act that can be forgotten about by a bad slot as he has devoted fans rather than being one that picks up floating voters. Won’t be bottom of the flash vote, might hit b2 but should get saved if he does.

      • Natasha

        I didnt know the song or the movie from which it was from. Mrs O made reference to that. With the strictly overlap, people switching over would have just caught the comments rather than the vt

        • Sam’s voters don’t watch Strictly – they’re watching on their own TV in their bedroom. It was negative enough to motivate votes not bland praise and “you’ll definitely be here next week”.

          • eurovicious

            I totally agree with this. Despite him being on second in the SCD overlap, having a boring song which exposed his vocal limitations and getting poorish feedback, I’m calling him safe. The staging was alright and there were lots of long lingering shots of him looking ball-achingly gorgeous. He handled the song pretty well and was humble and articulate in his comments to Dermot. Never underestimate the pretty non-threatening boy in these shows. As Luke says, the feedback was negative enough to prompt votes.

  • Natasha

    BV offering Mc Nick to win at 66/1!!!!! http://www.betvictor.com/sports/en

  • Curtis

    The washing machine VT. Haven’t seen that before…

  • Luke better not ruin Kiss from a rose.

  • Chatterbox5200

    Did anyone else get that Nicholas McDonald is only 16? Not only was his age mentioned 8 times, the term “baby” and “young” were also said 4 times each. Then, just In case anyone watching missed it, Dermot pointed out that we should all now know he’s 16.

    • Natasha

      They have done this since the beginning of the lives and I didnt think they would continue to do so. Can’t figure out if they are using this as a negative or positive thing?

    • stoney

      Not to mention the fact he’s had 3 early slots in a row he is obviously smashing the vote. I’m happy enough with my investments in miss D to go tonight. Louis saying they spend too much time on twitter was priceless

    • eurovicious

      It’s doing my head in, I’m glad Dermot called it out. Nicholas was absolutely incredible tonight, it’s like watching a seasoned West End professional twice his age and the vocal is so velvety, precise and just effortless – he has a beautiful tone and is mature, balanced and professional way beyond his years.

      Him being prompted to go upbeat next week could be prep for a deramping.

      • stoney

        I think it’s disco week next week so it shouldn’t matter. Will probably work in his favour as other acts will be out of there comfort zone. I still don’t get why he’s trailing tamera in the odds

  • Phil

    It’s noticeable how few likes everything is getting on X Factor’s Facebook this week. It’s all just a bit meh.

    Also noticed they’re doing voting via the app for the flash vote this week for the first time.

  • eurovicious

    I got in from visiting Tim B just before 8pm and, against my better judgement after last week’s treatment of Abi, decided to watch X Factor while I microwaved my dinner.

    Nothing says great, feel-good Saturday night family entertainment like the emotional destruction of a vulnerable 16-year-old girl by a panel of botoxed millionnaires. I want to give Abi a hug and tell her to quit, and I want to punch every member of the jury in the face with a barbed glove.

    I’m now switching over to watch Serbian “Your Face Sounds Familiar”. Sara from Moje 3 is doing Ovo je Balkan dressed as Milan Stankovic tonight. Unadulterated trash but it beats this vile, mean-spirited pantomine hands down. I will not support televised bullying.

    • stoney

      She will be safe this week because of that though. There will be a big regional sympathy vote

      • Natasha

        If disco week doesn’t kill her off I don’t know what will!! Also re disco week, I think it will break or make Nicholas, however saying that, I think it’ll be the latter (fingers crossed anyway lol)

    • Curtis

      Abi’s 16 is she? It’s fascinating because I didn’t know that. I certainly am very aware that Nick is 16 after his performance today…

      Abi’s treatment reminded me of the treatment of Janet a couple of years ago. The producers obviously aren’t fans. Any expectation of the X Factor to have ethics is simply absurd at this point unfortunately!

      • R

        I was going to say the same thing about Abi. I wanted to watch her comments again but noticed the “comfort zone” comment, and pretty sure Gary used exactly the same phrase he used for Janet in week 4.

        • Curtis

          It was Gary’s comments in particular that really brought back memories of Janet – the way he transformed from loving her to finding her boring. It’s exactly the same thing he pulled off with Janet.

          • Dean

            We will find out soon enough but I think abi has enough of a niche fanbase to see her through this week still and possibly on to the tour. Plus the sympathy votes. Her crying made me feel so sorry for her.

      • Ron

        Abi is 19 in fact, not that this makes much difference in the general scheme of things. I bet she’s regretting ever going near the show now as things haven’t panned out at all well and may even be doing serious damage to her credibility as an artist.

        • eurovicious


          And they wonder why ratings are dropping. People don’t want to watch talented young artists being torn apart without justification at the very start of their career. It’s such a negative programme. It’s so, so negative.

          If they wanted to get Abi off mid-show, they should have just let her do her thing and people would have gotten bored of it by week 3/4/5 anyway. So it’s not only unjustified, it’s unnecessary. She’s getting an incredibly raw deal out of the show and I worry for her.

    • Chris Bellis

      eurovicious – which channel is Ovo je Balkan on? I always rather liked that song. And sung by Sara from Moje 3 instead of Milan must be interesting. I have his latest album and I like it. But then I am a bit weird, or so my (very few) friends tell me.

      • Strange song for a women considering some of the lyrics are about breasts.

      • eurovicious

        Hi Chris, it’s on Prva TV, this is the live link: http://tv-uzivo.net/index.php/prva-tv He has a couple of good songs like Solo and Face. She did Rihanna last week in a light dusting of blackface, it was quality. Being weird is great, cultivate it. If you like Serbian pop, check out my side project and the associated Spotify playlist (91 subscribers can’t be wrong): http://turbofolked.blogspot.com

        Before I turned off I thought Miss Dynamix were good tonight, I thought the judges’ comments were blatantly at odds with the quality of their performance. I just did a Twitter search for “abi #xfactor” expecting to find sympathy/outrage, but it’s mostly just people who hate her – I’m quite shocked. For the record, I didn’t think her performance was the best tonight either – she was shaky and exposed, and it didn’t move as much as it should have – but it was far from bad and their treatment of her tears my heart out. She’s an artist in it for the music not the fame, and being exposed to this level of public criticism and outright hate (the stuff on Twitter is shocking) at such a young age could totally put her off her chosen career path, and we could lose a great artist as a result. X Factor is wrong for her.

        • Chris Bellis

          eurovicious – thanks very much for the links. I have friends living in Bulgaria near the Serbian border and have been out to stay a few times. I developed a taste for the local pop and ethno-pop. I have even watched the Bulgarian version of X Factor while over there. The judges there seem less cruel than on our version, even when acts are pretty ropey. I think Strictly is winning the ratings war because despite the critical judges, there’s enough good humoured banter to temper it. You are also right about Miss Dynamix – their best performance to date and not recognized as such by the judges.

  • stoney

    Very suprised by the negative comments for tamera. Interesting

  • Heisenberg

    “Who’s side are you on Irish!” Record this moment 21:37 on 26th Oct – negative for Tamera – no win.

  • stoney

    Glad I was a brave man to top up at 11/10 🙂

  • Heisenberg

    So good from Stuart Heritage on the Guardian live blog:

    “Backstage again. This time Caroline is talking to Tamera (who is a picture of confidence) and Abi (who is quivering and juddering like she’s just been forced to watch The Exorcist on her own in a haunted castle at 3am).”

  • stoney

    More pimping for nicholas on jonathon ross

  • Andy

    Tamera bottled the big note at the end of Listen.
    Sam B didn’t in the auditions.

  • Dean

    I knew Sam C was in trouble. Luke is defo potential finalist in TPTB eyes. Not sure how votes are going mind, but they see something.

    • TRIVIA: On average, Luke’s had the best running order in the last three weeks while the two boys have had the worst (I’m guessing they’re trying to dampen the support for Nicholas). I think they’re trying to get him to connect to the public, which I think he just did.

      This kind of pimping is similar to that used two years ago, on Kitty in the early stages (but Kitty never broke through so she was laid off in Week 6) and Misha in the middle until Week 9. Tamera’s getting it, too, for the same reasons (although in her case, it’s to overtake Nicholas and Sam Bailey, who I assume are topping the votes).

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