X Factor 2013 Live Show 3: We’ll be Se-Seing you

Whenever I get it wrong, I like to imagine Cilla Black bursting through a paper wall in a Technicolor parrot costume screaming, “Surprise, Surprise!”

When I get it right, I like to imagine a languid Cilla Black on a mildewed chaise longue in a Victorian opium den, a pipe hanging from the side of her mouth, lazily slurring… “Surprise, Sur-fucking-prise.”

Tonight was the second, more sarcastic kind of surprise.

We opened up with Rough Copy. Their waning odds in the betting market seemed for sure the result of insider info as the boy trio slid under the Strictly bus.

Perhaps producers wanted to level the playing field with last week’s flash losers Kingsland Road or perhaps there was jealous confusion surrounding the fact that the lads insist on pronouncing the word ‘you’ as ‘Joe’ in numerous love songs. Speaking of which, all the “no one is going to expect this” shit doesn’t tally with the boys ballad-beating record in any way. 

The Copy with the John Waters moustache is quite creepy but the boys had an alright edit (mum alert!) followed by a performance accompanied by glowing lights and a gospel choir. Judges reminded us there were THREE STRONG SINGERS and pointed out that they boys were out of their comfort zone (doing another ballad? Which they always do?) NEVER MIND THEN.

Dead Weight slash Torso Of The Week Sam Cally learned from Louis that he would be attending the premier of “TOR-TOO” and continued to be the subject of a gentle VT in which he was wowed by the glitz of the red carpet.

Sam’s number was red and black and boring but far from totally damning. Sharon questioned the song choice as weird and didn’t know the movie. Amen Sharon.

Sam’s critique wasn’t great but it was far more centred on motivating criticism than ‘damning with faint praise’ (hereon referred to as ‘DWFP’). Sam avoided the bottom of the flash vote. I don’t think he can avoid it forever due to his blandness and lack of regional appeal but he escaped another night.

Hannah Barrett’s sausage roll exchange with N-Scherz was entirely reminiscent of the James Arthur pints-in-the-local charade. Hannah continues to push a good angle that working in Gregg’s is “GREAT” but she would PREFER to be a popstar. It’s a nice slant – |I’m a worker and a happy one but I still have one eye on the dream.” Capitalism works so long as you’re aspirational.

Unfortunately, and a week early for Halloween, Hannah showed up on stage as a widowed jellyfish with vanilla frosted piping. Big dip from last week. Adele songs seem significant in XF history, either bestowing great favour or showing up weaknesses.

Are producers nuking Hannah in favour of Tamera? Or perhaps they have time to let her lay low? With such a pimp last week, it would be easy to imagine TPTB willing to jettison the 17 year old if she couldn’t pull a vote from the closing slot. Hannah looked unhappy (the insider knowledge kind of unhappy, the green mile unhappy) as she received comments.

Nicholas followed in the steps of Little Mix as he learned to use a washing machine for the first time in his VT. AW BLESS!! BLESS!! HE’S A YOUNG BOY SO LET’S GIVE HIM FRANKINCENSE AND MYRRH… etc.

The ‘baby Buble’ or as I prefer to think of him, ‘bargain bin Buble’ gave another stellar vocal and there seems no particular sign of anxiety from programme makers to slow down his train. Nicole wants to sail away with him (God, David Gray was tedious) and Daniel suggested to me that wee Nic has been “frown from petri-dish to stave off the menopause.” Even post ad break, we got a mini-interview with Nic’s Scottish relatives in the studio audience.

If Scotland hasn’t quite got the message yet: VOTE FOR YE KIN OR BE YE A TRAITOR!

“Delicate flower” Abi Alton’s VT reminded us how badly she got slammed a week ago. She hadn’t seen the movie. Moon River was a pure Diana Vickers production with none of the admittedly naff charm. For me, Abi was the disaster of the evening. I’d feel very sorry for her if she seemed able to exhibit any semblance of personality.

The story of Miss Dynamix followed reality TV history in gracefully washing over the possibility that there might be professional life after pregnancy (remember when Gwen Stefani got preggo and then had babies and became fat and poor and grateful?)

‘Dreams’ was a dull and not at all motivating song choice and MD’s staging seemed like a ten-years-on Stand By Me-style sequel to a Little Mix win in which one member had died and the rest were touring village halls and pride concerts.

It’s a pity. Much as with alumni Miss Frank, the girls are talented and capable of more. The show just doesn’t bother with them. Judges’ comments (“less time on Twitter, more in rehearsal” “lacking chemistry”) can only have assured the girls’ failure tonight.

Up next (Dermot) it was LEICESTER’s Sam Bailey. Sam’s VT made a point of her excitement at attending red carpet events and also downplayed her professional experience. The “Butlins on sea” admission might work in two ways: on the one hand it suggests humility but on the other slightly larger hand, it suggests terminal smalltime potential.

Celine Dion in a bad purple bridesmaid’s dress is never going to inspire, is it? It’s not the raw-around-the-edges cut-off-tee Sam that we saw belting for her life at Bootcamp. Judges thought “machestical” and “Disney fiasco.”

Still, it’s not hard to imagine Old Bailey and Wee Nic mopping up 80% of the votes between them with other acts fighting for scraps. A slow deramp doesn’t seem unlikely.

Trying to bounce were Kingsland Road, this week with half the backing track of previous weeks. The boys did however come down from a suspended plinth; very reminiscent of Little Mix’s descending swings for breakthrough ET number. Unlike Little Mix however, KR did not put on a game changer.

Luke baffles. More mediocrity from the boy I imagine is the producer favourite male regardless of obvious Wee Nic dominance. We washed Luke’s hair, we saw him play guitar, we joined in with his fun. James Arthur he ain’t. Kimberly Walsh lookalike perhaps.

Closing the show, Tamera was a weak sub for last week’s Hannah. She can’t belt the notes as purely as Miss Barrett when the ballad crunch comes but perhaps the public aren’t really that discerning.

I prefer Tamera singing ‘Ain’t Nobody’ to impersonating Beyonce, much as I didn’t think she quite hacked Whitney in her audition. However, Tamera had gold, stars, halo lighting – the works. Are TPTB still deciding between her and Hannah or is the choice clearly made?

And more importantly, who will join Miss Dynamix tomorrow in the kangaroo court of shame? Surely the fem-trio are toast right? Right? Will Sam-Cally be joining them for the sing-off? Another of the groups? Or a surprise contender? My personal feeling is that Abi seems vulnerable enough to warrant top class sympathy.

But what do YOU think?

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  • eurovicious

    Sam C has regional appeal. The trouser region.

    Hannah’s performance = “how to sing Skyfall with no emotion whatsoever”. Hana Hasanova did it better. Plus if they’re giving her mega-hitters like Beautiful and Skyfall this early in the series, she’s not polling as high as they want.

  • tpfkar

    Didn’t have a penny on, so just watched as a viewer. And was underwhelmed. The decent acts got dragged down, the average ones got daft praise. Too much negativity all round. I wasn’t brave enough to back Miss Dynamix even though deciding last Sunday that they were “toast” and I should have gone with my instinct.

    Question: I am seriously red on Rough Copy and Hannah Barrett to win. With Rough Copy at 22 and Hannah at 18, I could easily lay off either. But I haven’t so far, as I don’t think Rough Copy have a prayer of going all the way, and I’m not sure I can see Hannah doing so; her odds lengthen every time she sings. there are lots of fans of Hannah here and a few for Rough copy. So have any of you lost faith? Or are you still confident Hannah (or RC) are going all the way? Ta

    • eurovicious

      I actually think there’s more chance of Rough Copy than Hannah doing so. Hannah’s vocal was really good tonight, light years better than last week, but there was no emotion or nuance, it wasn’t a performance – there was no sense of her interpreting or connecting with the song, she just sung it like a blank slate. And there was an awful lot of fire around her (though no smoke). Interestingly the Azeri performance I linked to had a very similar fire backdrop (albeit virtual).

      Completely agree with your assessment of the show.

  • I don’t get why Kingland are the most pimped group. Either Rough Copy are doing Much better than expected or they are doing really badly and producers have given up on them.
    Kingsland for bottom 2 tomorrow.

    • eurovicious

      I think Rough Copy are doing alright and it was a sign of confidence that they were on first tonight. It was their best live performance to date and the staging and feedback were golden.

      They’re just trying to bounce Kingsmill atm.

  • Dan

    Rough Copy – I quite like them but there’s some serious and obvious softening up going on to move them away from the perceived edgy black urban act. Safe this week at least but work to do on the image.

    Sam C – in trouble, poor vocals again and over promotion of looks. Sure, that will keep the teeny boppers watching and tweeting but they won’t vote.

    Hannah – good vocals, great comments from the judges, and I still think she could win but just waiting for that break-out performance.

    Jock McSporran – still safe with the regional and nan vote. No issues with his singing tonight.

    Poor Abi – always looks like she’s going to cry or be sick. She’s in trouble; the competition isn’t for her and I’d go so far to say that she may walk.

    Miss Dynamix – bottom of the flash vote was no surprise. Song was boring, key change made it worse. Gonnas tomorrow unless there’s a miracle.

    Sam B – hate the song but she sang it well. Many blokes watching may have been distracted by the Mitchell Brothers knocking heads. An awful lot of cruise ship references though. Safe for now.

    Kingsmill – a bit stale, struggling a bit I think. Maybe revise down to beta group.

    Luke – Surprise of the night. I though he performed well, at least enough to keep him safe next week. Promotion from gamma to beta boy.

    Tamera – yep, a Beyonce tribute act which the judges picked up on. Sounded like a de-ramp to me. Still waiting for more tabloid revelations to finish her off.

    My prediction – Sam C to join Miss D in the bottom two.

  • stoney

    http://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/347421/X-Factor-sensation-Nicholas-McDonald-warns-I-could-die-at-any-minute- interesting article that gives us our first boring leak from the highly credible daily star. Just what ive been saying.

  • I’m thrilled to tell you Daniel and myself have just recorded 10 minutes of ill thought through, cobbled together, Instanalysis for a bonus Betsfactor “Saturday Night Clocks Go Back” “Flash Chat” Podcast Special. Usual download details are here. http://bit.ly/1eWlxQD. If you want to listen to it directly it’s here – http://bit.ly/1dcecM9. Main show will be back on Monday.

  • Chris Bellis

    Azerbaijan has a lot more money to put behind its singers. If they were behind Hannah no-one else would stand a chance. AK47s are powerful persuaders too.

  • Luke’s third straight late slot and Sam C’s early slot seems to confirm (if the song choices for the last few weeks hasn’t done that already) a changing of the guard (or a switch on who will be Nicholas’s understudy, whatever works). I’d agree with the latter’s criticism as non-damning but that “non-damning” loses its meaning when done again three performances later, with a stronger effect. When I saw the songs, I thought that U2 + early slot = sure Bottom 2. I think I will be right…

    As for the rest, can the Groups just be eliminated one after the other? I feel like I’m watching Gary Barlow relive his “glory days” through the two boy groups. Plus, Miss Dynamix just doesn’t click.

  • alscott67

    Borelow (or the producers) are taking all the ‘edge’ out of Rough Copy and are just making them into a black Westlife.
    I must give a shout to old Ma Osbourne being even worse in the live shows that I could have imagined; a) calling that poor dancer a ‘pediophile’ last week was disgraceful (even in jest), b) completely destroying Abi’s fragile confidence tonight on live TV and c) getting Tamera’s name wrong (she called her Tamara twice). Car crash telly. Worst series of X Factor yet – but down to the actual production, not the acts.

  • Donald

    Didn’t see the show or have a bet tonight, great place for a catch up on the week as usual, Miss Dynamix not on the tour reads like, bottom 2 will watch the show back AM and give thoughts. NFL at Wembley tomorrow, pubs will be more busy than usual for breaks… To answer tpfkar question above, Rough Copy were my choice to win, nothing changing my mind yet.

  • Jessica Hamby

    Did anyone else notice that during the opening VT of the Thor premier there was a clear shot of Abi looking excited and happy in the foreground next to Chris Hemsworth and standing a few feet away in the background looking stonyfaced and sort of leeched of colour were the Miss Dynamix girls? Watch for it on the catch up.

  • Nissl

    A bit unsure of producer intentions for Rough Copy at this point. It would be nice to see a little fire, if not edge, from them at this point; perhaps they’re trying to make them acceptable enough to middle Britain to go deep, but at some point you need to delight your core demo, no? (Or maybe I just don’t get them as an American; I absolutely don’t get JLS either.) Ditto for producer intentions on Hannah, and I didn’t think it was a particularly good performance. I was not at all impressed by Nic, found him hollow and dull, but I seem to be a distinct minority.

    Sam B nailed it. Not sure what their intentions are mentioning the cruise ship stuff, but it may just be to get it out of the way. Very little stage help for Kingsland and a lot of long distance shots I thought. Also Luke gave easily his best performance and stood out by at least being someone I could connect to (along with Sam B), but surely them emphasizing that his hair was filthy and smelly had to be softening. Finally, very surprised by the Tamera comments. Possible she’s not getting on backstage, or are they just setting her up for a “breakthrough”? She did get the pimp slot after all.

    Missed Sam C, Abi, and Miss D and nothing about the comments makes me want to seek out their performances given that I can’t bet on this.

  • Quick comment on Abi. I was one of the few that backed her in the audition stage thinking she was better than she was.

    Trying to look for positives I thought her past two VT’s where good which showed her “fun” side with Nicole, trying to get the audience to connect with her. But then I cant help but think she is just a poor singer. The staging this week was massively helpful, a video image of her on the screens on both sides for the long shots, nice lighting, they gave her a song she would prefer, I thought they really did the best for her… but she just CANT nail it, she is shaking as she is holding the microphone.

    The producers cant do anymore for her, she just seems to nervous and as a result sounds worse.

    This week I am on all things RC and Hannah to be in the bottom 2, still stand by both, but Miss Dynamix are absolutely toast. Rare that two favs in a row go in X Factor at the early stages, I really cant remember for a while.

    Think a few on here who tend to try think outside of the box including myself are having a hard year. Hoping for better results… starting with RC/Hannah in the bottom 2 🙂

    • Dean

      I thought she did ok with the song, but her confidence already looks drained. A bit of Janet mark 2. The week they give feint praise is the week they think they’ve got her. I think she is still safe for this week as it was a character assassination this week (see Janet week 5 and 6) which is unfair on the girl and will generate sympathy from her niche and regional fanbase.

    • Boki

      Wow JSc, that’s what you get when you think out of the box, congrats!
      I had the impression Hannah was styled like MishaB this week and all of that fire but didn’t expect this in this stage at least.

  • cfahrenbach

    Hi everybody, first comment on this series (and one of the very few anyway, but I always love reading your assumptions, especially the lighting analysis), maybe you can treat it as a “normal viewer’s opinion”.

    To me, the general level of contenders seems even lower than last year, there’s not a single one anymore, where I think: “I wanna see how he’s doing this week.” Then again we came from very strong years with ready-made stars with Rebecca Ferguson, Cher Lloyd, Misha B, Danyl Johnson, Matt Cardle, One Direction, etc. There’s a lack of characters this year, imo.

    The one star that stands out, Tamera i.e., shows also what’s wrong this year: She’s just not as good as they want her to be. Giving her “Listen” was also a mistake from my point of view, because we saw it better from Sam in the audition – and maybe some even have the Listen-to-end-all-Listens in mind, with Beyoncé and Alexandra…

    I still think Nic is the strongest contender to win it. He has guy-next-door-appeal, seems fun and he sings faultless (if a bit boring), usually that’s what winners are made of, isn’t it?
    I also think that maybe Sam C does better than we think – at least he is not given the bad-guy-treatment we had in mind for him during bootcamp. Maybe he gets the votes they had in mind for the Kingsland Road guys.
    Why they polled to badly last week was pretty evident (and I hate to agree with Nicole Shamerzinger on this): without some identifiable lead vocals they will fail. Still think, there’s not much wrong with them, they r good for what they r aiming at.

    Which brings the question up, why everybody is so keen on pushing Rough Copy. If they want their JLS-follow-up, OK, but yesterday was a mess with all the echo and a huge, huge chorus. I wouldn’t be too surprised if they end up bottom 2.

    Although there’s still Abi. Let’s face it: This competition is not for her. From the very first audition I liked her a lot and I still think that she is very marketable with her flower-power-songwriter-cutey-voice-appeal (a lot more than Janet Devlin at least). But this week was terrible. Audrey Hepburn sang it better… Back then, they arranged it differently to suit her better, because she was so bad at singing – and still Abi fails totally. I also don’t think that her crying and the: “I want to be good”-part (or whatever she babbled) did her any favour. Nobody wants a popstar with this kind of self-doubts. I think there are less viewer’s feeling sympathetic for her then those with a “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, girl”-attitude.

    Also, another good example for what’s wrong this series is Hannah. My biggest problem with her is the lack of timing. (Also with Sam C, who rushed terribly through “I won’t give up”) “Skyfall” is not only about high notes but also about pauses and tension. She couldn’t deliver that.

    Luke gets interestingly better but I still cannot see a star in him. Sam Bailey probably is the strongest housewife-wannabe-star-contender we had so far… If she cannot win it (and I doubt she can), then all the Tesco-Marys of UK can stay at home.

    To come to the end, there’s still one thing why I like this series a lot more than the previous and eurovicious already said it, I guess: The general tone. Sharon brings a lot of fun, the whole set-up doesn’t seem as manical-competitive as it did last year, little ideas like the light sword yesterday make it nice entertainment-telly.

    (And still all of the contenders could win any German X-Factor/Idols-show…)

    Cheers from SW-Germany,

    • Dean

      Hiya nice post, while I certainly agree with you on Abi, I still think there will be sympathy as it was a character assassination rather than a musician one. If it was a case of we don’t think your good enough to go on and win etc. then fair enough. However it was Mrs O saying she had no charisma and get the kettle on, and Gary B saying how boring she has become etc.

      On that note it’s why I don’t think she’s gone. Nicole already said if she’s here next week it will he impressive. To me that’s them realising her votes are good enough for now as of last week, but they will pimp her up to then see her fail again next week. I’m predicting next week as the one she goes,

  • R

    Ropey Copy: average but dull, certainly not appealing to their demo.

    Sam C: terrible vocals. Did notice the red lighting in the opening credits and knew he was in for a tough night. Sharon dissed the song choice. Will struggle. His drummer was excellent.

    Hannah: I really don’t see the appeal. I find her very bland and uninteresting. Skyfall did well for Adele but was criticised for being bland at the time. I did notice Derbot came on to another Bond backing track later in the show which instantly reminded me of Hannah.
    Also, did she throw something after the girls were called safe, or was it just a hand gesture?

    Wee NicMc: As USASoccerGuy would say “He’s comes from the English town of Scotland.” I felt they overdid the Scottishness and age references, but I will never fathom out how unlightened some viewers can be.

    Abi:She’s growing on me. Got my attention by making my ears bleed with some awful screeching, then made the judges look like the vile replicants they are. I would have liked more grovelling from Sharon when the tears started to flow but I guess she doesn’t understand emotion.
    I do have to wander how her performances can fall so far short of her YT videos.

    Dinner mix: bye.

    Sam B: there’s been a definite shift since week 1. She has gone from being a contender to a cruise ship singer and her trajectory has become similar to Tesco Mary’s.

    Kingsmill: I have to admit I tend to switch off mentally whenever these loafers come on. I find them very uninspiring, although they did get more backing from Dead Behind The Eyes Mix.

    Luke: Another decent performance. He seems to have been moved up the ranking. Had a good song choice which Louis pointed out was Luke’s own choice, and very good comments. He also received strong support on Xtra Factor.

    Tamera: Pimp slot, good staging. I’m not sure about the negative comments, they may be a set up for future performances. Did Louis repeat the comment about Tamera doing what she’s told? If so, the comments could be a warning for her to get back in line or get deramped.

    “Tamera” trended worldwide on Twitter after the show and most of the comments were very positive.

  • The remaining bottom two choice is surely between Sam C and Rough Copy. Would they want to risk Abi hitting B2 this week when she’s the obvious target next week. Tears and the last remaining bit of regional vote should see her safe.

    Are Rough Copy and Hannah polling well, therefore putting Sam in a Croydon big hitter sandwich?

    I’ve been looking for the opportunity to take Rough Copy on all series so I’m backing them to hit the bottom 2 at 3.75.

    On another note did anybody else get the 1.80 on Miss Dynamix next elimination that YouWin had this morning?

    And are any odds on the going value?


  • kinski

    I got in early on RC to go bottom two at 6/1. Have a smaller bet on Sam C as well, so hopefully between the two one will come in.

    I think Hannah is safe this week, her timing wasn’t great on Skyfall but she had good judges reaction and a positive VT.

    Abi will surely be next weeks fodder as I can’t imagine her level of quirk fitting in well with the disco theme. As many others have pointed out this show isn’t for her — she should have pulled a Spraggen and gotten out before getting shredded.

    • stoney

      ive got a handsome returns coming on miss dynamix going tonight, i would like to get involved in the bottom 2 odds but ill steer clear, if i was going to id take a punt on kingsland road, although id be happy enough if rough copy were to fall into the bottom 2, as that would surely bounce them into top group which is another big returns for me. All ifs and buts, but i still cant see kingsland road outstaying rough copy

  • Dan

    On more sober reflection, I was expecting more to be made of Kingsmill to give them a bigger bounce this week. I now get the feeling that TPTB can’t be bothered as we’re in week three and we still don’t know who they are – all we know is that they are a bunch of blokes who live and hang around together. That’s in contrast to Rough Copy who have had an X-Factor journey that started in 2012. Because of this, there might be some value in a punt on a bottom two placing. I do think we’ve had a swap on the alpha and beta groups; Kingsmill aren’t flying so there’s a major softening of Rough Copy going on. Wheeling out the mothers is always a good trick.

    Luke is having a bit of a journey as well. I didn’t think that TPTB would invest in him but sympathetic VT last week with his mother and this week with the “fans” shows otherwise. The hair wash was well overdue but strangely reflects positively on him. I’m guessing that Sam C isn’t bringing the votes in and they were at risk of losing two boys very quickly – bad for the tour – hence the ramping.

    Abi needs to be put out of her misery. I’m actually feeling rather sorry for her, she’s had a massive dent to her confidence – note that she keeps looking down and away a lot when being spoken to or about – and as I said above, the competition isn’t for her. She isn’t strong enough in character and she’s the wrong sort of act for the X-Factor; hasn’t Louie said at least once “I don’t know what you’re doing here”?

    My money is on Sam C to join Miss Dynamix in the bottom two tonight. Got him at 2.66 which has now shortened. I can’t believe that they’d save the latter over the former as they need him on the tour.

    • You can still get 2.88 at Bwin mate. I’m tending to think Sam might escape. His twitter traffic is buzzing this morning, which is likely to continue throughout the day.

      I’m going to sit tight and monitor things, but erring towards Rough Copy (already covered) and Abi.

      • Dan

        The caveat I’d place on the Twitter traffic is that the buzz doesn’t necessarily translate into votes, with District 3 and Union J being good examples last year.

        The view of Rough Copy hitting bottom two is an interesting one. Given that they got the death slot, this week will be a real test of their support.

  • stoney

    Once miss D get sent home tonight, ill be investing a large chunk on william hills 13/8 for nicholas to beat tamera, anyone else think this is extremely generous?

  • tpfkar

    Morning after thoughts:
    1-is there anyone who MD would be saved against? Abi is my only maybe as I feel they are desperate to focus more on Tamera and Hannah.
    2-there must be a danger Abi will walk. This would mess up the remaining weeks as we’d have a 2 person final. Agree with comments above about wanting her to be put out of her misery, out of sympathy.
    3-I was wrong on Luke, although he’s had good slots he has stage prescence, and is filling Abi’s niche better than Abi is.

    • stoney

      Abi definately represents Miss D best chance of staying in the competition, in fact if she falls into bottom 2 i will more than lkely have a cover to safeguard my investment.
      However i seriously dont see abi falling in the bottom 2

    • I could only see Miss Dynamix survive the sing-off against Abi. She needs to be put out of her misery, stat.

      • stoney

        These were my thoughts originally, however if they dont get rid of miss D now, they risk them making the tour slots next week, something i dont see them being so against abi doing, so for me they go home tonight no matter what

        • I actually don’t see the problem with Miss D and the tour. SeSe is due to give birth in January, the tour starts later, I think. Anyway, TOP 8 usually tour, so Miss D would have to survive another week after this one.
          Also, Abi is a total trainwreck, I don’t think they see her as a huge tour draw. Miss D would bring more life to the tour if they made it that far.
          I just want to say, I feel like between Abi and Miss D, TPTB would rather keep Miss D for another week.

          • stoney

            Thats what i said, if they keep them in this week, they run the risk of them making the tour if they go through next week. Without the risks of problems with sese and the baby. Nope lastnight was evidence they want them out at any cost.

          • stoney

            No body denied abi was a good singer, yet they focused on the girls spending more time on twitter than rehearsing. Not withstanding the fact that they will want miss D out to help Tamera with the mixed race votes

  • Andy

    Looking for a little value I have taken 9/1 Kingsland Road bottom 2.
    Nicole mentioned Cheese.
    Louis talked about West End.
    Sharon brought up Jersey boys.
    Dermot came in with Raining Cheese.
    Not great comments.

  • lolhart

    After watching last night’s show just now, I’m pretty convinced that Nick and Sam B are well ahead of the others in the voting. Hannah and Tamera are probably doing an Ella and in the middle. I think last week and this week saw TPTB testing the waters to see if either of the girls can surpass them. Hannah had her try last week and Tamera had her turn this week. I’ve always thought that the producers waited for the lives to see which of the girls would be the Plan A. As for the mixed comments for Tamera last night, maybe it’s an attempt to (a) make people feel the judges are wrong/being unfair or (b) give the impression she’s not being favoured so she can “redeem” herself later on.

    I actually feel sorry for Miss Dynamix. They remind me of Miss Frank – another talented girl group who TPTB had no interest in. I still think they would have been the Alpha group if it wasn’t for the pregnancy.

  • sistermym

    Shock Horror, Hannah is not a good girl after all: http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/x-factors-hannah-barrett-drug-2643719

    After banging on about Luke being the dark horse this year, it is interesting that others can see it too. He had by far the best song and a good VT as well. If he falls in the bottom 2, I will have to eat my hat.

    Thoughts about this year X factor generally:

    it feels like a more ‘serious’ year without clowns and joke acts, a little bit like TPTB are trying to capitalise on the ‘we can find a credible act a la James Arthur’. Shame that they could not find a decent crop of artists and that the public is switching off in droves.

    I am really missing Olly Murs on the Xtra Factor and can’t be asked to watch it. Who is this new guy? They really should have got Rylan instead.

    Gary is leaving…rats fleeing a sinking ship or just trying to salvage a shred of credibility.

    Flash vote is a total pain and sunday voting has become hard to predict. I would love to know if the bounce is as effective as it was in previous years.

    If not for the Xfactor, who would have heard of Louis Walsh ? Surely he is TV Gold. I am still chuckling about Screw-Bo and his clapping like a seal always gets me.

    • Phil

      Louis was very funny on Xtra Factor last night. On being criticised by a caller for picking dated songs for his acts, his response was along the lines of “I’m the expert, I’ve been in the music industry for years, I know what I’m doing!” I’d bet my cat on him being back next year.

  • Heisenberg

    The week 3 landscape as I see it (‘traffic light’ risk assessment inspired by the very entertaining Betsfactor podcast):


    And, for a bit of Sunday pre-elimination fun, here’s judges reactions for each performance as they happened (Tamera was reaction-free):


    Rough Copy have been my bottom 2 choice since Monday but I’ve got a saver on Kingsland after watching the show.

    Good Luck to all.

  • Dean

    Hannah clearly not getting the votes. No connection to the public

  • stoney

    Blimey what a shocker, cant see hannah doing a james arthur somehow. Hannah backers in all sorts of trouble

  • Dean

    James was different in a way. Happened in week 7. Would be surprised to see Hannah do a James but from week 3. She’d do well to get too 5, but will get the bounce next week

  • tpfkar

    Did Cilla Black just jump through someone’s wall wearing a technicolour parrot costume?

  • Dean

    Hannah putting on the sobbing. Thought it was terrible vocally she did well to start sobbing.

  • Dean

    Moving forward can’t see how Abi will escape B2 again but will see next werk. Feint praise, she’s gone. Character assasination. She stays.

  • Chatterbox5200

    In my mind, the hint was there….. after what they did to Kye last year, it seemed like they tried to send Hannah’s chances up in flames last night. It reminded me of the lyrics in this song.


    “Fire, to destroy all you’ve done
    Fire, to end all you’ve become”

    I jumped on the 17/1 that was avilable with Ladbrokes this morning. Given the bullying of Abi, and Sam Callahan’s perceived teen girl vote, it seemed great value to me.

    After seeing how uncomfortable Abi has looked in the up-tempo group songs, including tonight, I’m sure they won’t need to do much to bring Abi down during next week’s Disco theme.

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