X Factor 2013: Betsfactor Week 3 Preview Podcast

Richard at Betsfactor is going all out with his podcasts – the first of three this weekend is up and running. In it, he and I discuss the movie theme song choices, our elimination fancies and more general news items to do with the show. Here’s how to download it:

iPod, iOS, iPad, iPhone users. Search for “Betsfactor” in iTunes or the Podcast App. The shows tend not to update on Mac/PC iTunes versions for a several hours, despite being released. Do refresh a few times on your iOS device.

Android, Windows Mobile and everyone else. Load up your podcast app and click “enter RSS feed” or “subscribe to feed URL” or similar; then enter:  http://betsfactor.libsyn.com/rss

If you’d like to listen to today’s show, here’s the direct link.


4 comments to X Factor 2013: Betsfactor Week 3 Preview Podcast

  • Mech

    Right, Mech / Matt (?*) here. Love the blog. 🙂
    Ok, so it’s late Friday night and somehow, again I’m watching C4’s Gogglebox which yet again has a segment on X Factor.
    Yes, I realise it’s producer led, but presumably (?) it’s a different set of producers to the ITV lot. They seem to (over the last couple of weeks at least) seem to be concentrating on reactions to Sam B and what’s surprised / amazed me has been the range of opinions the producers have been able to select for us (out of what must be a fairly small set, as they’ve only got a few families being recorded.)
    In my mind, the views portrayed generally support the perceived prejudices (especially re delight the demo)- has anyone got any deeper insight from this or is it as I suspect so even handed as to be useless?

    * I didn’t think I mumbled that much, but the evidence seems to suggest otherwise. Do I really sound like that???

  • Ah – sorry to mispronounce your name sir! I doubt it was you mumbling! It sounded to me like a mic issue – so maybe the phone was slightly covered, or you were using it on speakerphone, or using your phone’s headset instead of the main mic etc etc! Great call though – do call again!

    I haven’t watched Gogglebox, so can’t comment on that, but thought I should address your mumbling concerns!!

  • annie

    I listened to the podcast and what surprised me is that you consider it such a bad thing if contestants have older songs.

    Just think, these last few years acts had their best, I would almost say cementing-them-towards-the-top moments with songs that came out before they were born : last year James Arthur with the Marvin Gaye song, Little Mix with the En Vogue-Dont let go, Cher Lloyd with Stay, just to name a few. I think if the old song is well chosen and is performed that it doesnt feel old fashioned it is a blessing, it makes the act really stand out, have a song completely associated with them, so much more than the songs that are maybe more current but are heavily overused (like Listen, my heat will go on) or have a really iconic original performer (like skyfall, where adele is so much grander then the song).
    I am not sure which from these older songs could give a wow moment to tonights lot, but my first instinct would be Luke Friend could do quite well with Kiss from a Rose. Without any knowledge of circumstances I would say Abis song choice also looks good on paper, but the way theyve been gunning for her I have a feeling the potential of the song with her wont be used to the fullest, shell get mild comments, not the best look, unhelpful VT and such.

  • alscott67

    I agree with Annie above about older songs making the act stand out – best example of this for me is when Joe McElderry sang ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey before it was reissued and became a massive hit again.

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