X Factor 2013: Listen to the Betsfactor podcast

We’re delighted to be able to point you towards our good friend Richard Betsfactor’s new X Factor podcast, featuring Sofabet’s very own Daniel Gould. Here are Richard’s instructions for accessing it:

* iPad, iPod and iPhone users – Subscribe via this link.

Android, Windows Mobile and everyone else. Load up your podcast app and click “enter RSS feed” or “subscribe to feed URL” or similar; then enter:  http://betsfactor.libsyn.com/rss

Richard is interested to see how far he can get the podcast up the iTunes rankings, so he’d dearly love for you to get it from iTunes if at all possible – and, if you enjoy it, to leave an iTunes review. As you’ll hear on the podcast, Richard is also keen to get listener participation. The number to leave him a voicemail is 0161 81 82 800. Read more about what Richard’s up to with the podcast at betsfactor.com.

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8 comments to X Factor 2013: Listen to the Betsfactor podcast

  • Nissl

    Nice, was just thinking this week it’d be fun to hear a podcast for this site. Would have been fun to hear you guys wonk out in even more detail about each act, but I suppose the host needs to keep some of his ideas stored up for future weeks.

    In case the host is looking for feedback, generally very impressive production values and hosting job compared to the amateurs I’m used to listening to. I could do with a bit less “we need more listeners or this goes away” (reminding people to do iTunes ratings and all the other support stuff you need is fine, it’s just a tonal issue considering this is week 2.) Maybe this is due to a radio background? Podcasts take time to grow virally; put your head down and get through a season and a half before making any decisions.

  • Tim B

    [Speculative, wishful theory alert]

    Could it be that Shelley was actually intended to be bottom 2 last week, in order to be saved vs (hopefully) Miss Dynamix? It would explain her odd song choice, the icy cold colours for her staging and “cheese” comments from the judges. They could then give her a transformation for week 2 and a journey for subsequent weeks, where “fun” Shelley comes out. Judges: “This is the Shelley we all know and love! Where has she been hiding?”

    Obviously the producers misfired and Lorna ended up bottom 2 instead of Miss D, but the “underdog” treatment may have been designed to get her safe in week 1 for an easier kill in week 2, with Miss D out of the way and Shelley bouncing. By the way, Shelley’s daughter is attending the show this weekend, so hopefully they’ll wheel her out, one way or another.

    • Plausible theory but after everyone said Shelley would be a novelty act pre-shows, you’re guessing at best if you decide to make any plays based on it without getting some info from the show (leaks). Hopefully we’ll get the song choices in advance again this week which should be a good indicator.

      • Tim B

        Not saying she’ll go full-on novelty, necessarily. Perhaps just going uptempo would be enough for a better/different kind of reaction. Friday’s song list should hopefully tell us more.

    • Fully expect Shelly to be do an uptempo “fun” song this weekend. Be surprised if she is in the bottom 2 Saturday.

    • eurovicious

      They should have her do reversed-gender Blurred Lines with a load of shirtless men. It’d be hilarious.

  • stoney

    Its her birthday as well a mention of that on the show will guarantee safety

  • TommySauce

    Just got round to listening to the first two episodes – if only I’d found the time *before* putting some cash down on Miss Dynarod. 🙁

    Great podcast which I can’t recommend more strongly. It’s very professionally done and strikes that nice balance between entertainment and actually discussing some serious XF issues.

    Dan’s input is equally entertaining and informative and he and Richard have a lovely little double act in the making – they remind me of a little Ant and Dec.

    Love the top and tail sketches as well.

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