X Factor 2013 Week 1 Elimination: Miss Dyna-nixed?

In the words of Etta James and the gazillion X Factor hopefuls who imitate her, ‘At Last’. After weeks of spoilers and sepculation about who makes the live shows, they are upon us. At last we get to assess producers’ thoughts based on the running order, staging, VTs and judges’ comments of a live show.

We’ve already given our thoughts on the week 1 elimination market in our 1-12 prediction, siding with Miss Dynamix on a value basis given that producers may not want to keep them around for long because of SeSe’s pregnancy. The news that they will be singing ‘Jump’ (presumably The Pointer Sisters song covered by Girls Aloud, and not Van Halen), saw them shorten a tad further in the elimination market.

It seems an unpromising choice on many levels. It’s a song that doesn’t allow them to show off any vocal prowess or give them any credibility; there’s a rather cruel irony in getting a six-month pregnant lead singer to proclaim “Jump!”; and it also strikes us that it would be an ideal upbeat number with which to open the show. But then, perhaps we’re just exhibiting confirmation bias having put our money down at 10-1?

For the record, elimination favourite Lorna Simpson was the most popular first elimination candidate in our commenters’ 1-12 predictions. She was the choice of Andy, Dan, stoney, Highlighted, TimB, JScouser and Santa Giles. Next popular was Luke with three bottom placings, from AlisonR, tpfkar and Nissl (who later wished he could edit to Lorna having read the shotgun story). Ben Cook and Cath went for Miss Dynamix, Mech for Shelley.

It’s well worth reading the carefully considered 1-12 lists among our commenters, given the thought and experience behind them. And of course, now is your last chance to add your own finishing order if you haven’t already done so. The deadline is the start of tonight’s show!

Running order will be keenly anticipated tonight: arguably it makes a bigger difference when there are more acts involved, when acts have had less chance to build up loyal followings, and when there is an overlap with Strictly on BBC1 – that overlap is 30 minutes tonight, likely to encompass the first two acts and part of the third.

The obvious route for producers is to field two acts they wouldn’t mind losing while Strictly is still on BBC1, and then a high-profile act on third to snare the interest of viewers channel-hopping as Strictly finishes. This would also, of course, have the time-honoured effect of sending the first two acts down the memory hole for those viewers who have been watching from the start.

Running order may arguably have an accentuated importance this year given the new flash vote system – a short window of time to call starts immediately after the acts have performed tonight. At the end of tonight’s show we will know which act was bottom of the votes. That act will sing for their survival on Sunday night, and lines will reopen to determine which other act joins them in the singoff on Sunday.

There is still some confusion about how the singoff will work this year. When the flash vote was first leaked, back in August, stories suggested that the act who finished bottom of Saturday’s vote would go in the event of a deadlock. We pointed out in our audition shows preview piece that this would make deadlock situations much less dramatic, and yesterday Boki pointed out in the comments that more recent reports were more equivocal, stating “bosses have yet to confirm how a deadlock situation… will be decided”.

It will be a relief to see how the new format works and start to assess its consequences.

In this and so many other ways, it will be a fascinating weekend’s viewing for X Factor punters. Good luck to all of you and do keep your thoughts coming below.

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71 comments to X Factor 2013 Week 1 Elimination: Miss Dyna-nixed?

  • Jay

    Is the Dynamix eviction after a pregnancy announcement a little dangerous in terms of bad press? Surely it’s too obvious and possibility a case of discrimination? Also they may not wanna botch it up with them coming b2 but surviving depending on the deadlock rule and getting a bounce and then all of a sudden build some momentum. I have a feeling they will give them a week before summoning the execution

    • stoney

      Why would that receive bad press? IF they get eliminated tonight it will be because they chose the wrong song, didnt connect with each other/the audience etc etc
      The pregnancy probably wont even be mentioned by the panel

      We of course would know differently but thats not to say the press would be allowed to pick up any other angle than just a bad performance cost them there place in the competition

    • I agree with Jay here, and previously said this on the matter.

      Interested on other peoples views? Assuming that in the event of Deadlock, the act bottom on Saturday goes…

      I find it hard to see how they can remove Miss D, so easily on the basis as below.

      2 Shoes, there were more acts that year..and the pregnancy wasnt as publisized as Miss Dynamix has been? I dont seem to remember anywhere near as much comments about the pregancny in 2 Shoes. It was probably easier to dismiss 2 shoes because they were a novelty act and probably the worst of the 4 in Tulisa’s category at that time. Surely the fact that they have highlighted that one act is heavily pregnant repeatedly this week, makes it harder for the producers to eliminate them without making it too obvious, and receiving a negative response as a result? Miss Dynamix are better than a few acts.

      Now also these are not a 2 piece band, Miss D are a 3 piece, whats to say they cant remove SeSe should it be required? They could have a full VT dedicated to how hard it was for SeSe to leave temporarily, that will give them an extra week for sure. How can we rule this out so easily, 3 would still become 2, therefor a group. The producers do have options.

      I think the fact that the result of a deadlock is known in advance is a big negative here, I personally dont think they have any chance being stonewall last, its alot harder for them to get the boot via judges vote without Deadlock, it would look too obvious?

      I do agree that the song choice this week is poor, but this could be aimed to make sure that they dont gain any fans so that when they do decide to pull the trigger its alot easier, stops any momentum.

      They could easily get them out in week 2/3 without it looking too obvious.

      Anyway, I expect Lorna to go this weekend, with a bottom 2 v Miss D, then Miss D getting the bounce to go in week 3

  • Jay

    I have a feeling the pregnancy will def be mentioned on the VT. I think they have been supportive thus far with the group, giving the name dynamix is almost buying in the brand of lil mix by association of the mix tag. I have a feeling they had high hopes for them. For them to go cold turkey as soon she says is pregnant is all a little too transparent and would be something they as a group could go to the press about. At the end of the day ITV don’t wanna be involved in adverse media surrounding discrimination. The very fact many of us are considering them as candidates to go based on the pregnancy is proof enough they have tread carefully.

    • stoney

      Yes you may be right, but i think the majority of the british public would be on the shows side with the view that pregnant parents should not be going through a competition as physically and mentally demanding as the x factor. Cant see many opposing that or much outrage at that view.

  • Jay

    It’s a difficult one to call. She only needs 3% of the vote, how many vote would that actually be 3-5000? There’s more than a few people who will say why shouldn’t she be allowed to pursue a music career just because she’s pregnant. I personally think either way they would have been trouble but they may get some extra rope because of this to treat it as politically correct as try can. The last thing they want is for them to get on the tour so they got a couple weeks to ease them out. Generally also groups made at bootcamps get given the judges vote not to make the show look stupid for putting them together in the first place….

  • Highlighted

    I mentioned it in the other thread and will say it here. Abi 33s for first elimination, is that too big? I think that could drop some after a slower version of Livin on a prayer rarely works IMO. Miss Dynamix still worth a punt too.

    • They gave it to Sophie Habibis in week 3, softening her up ahead of the killer blow in week 4.

      It’s so interesting watching that week 3 performance back – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3dyW-zGh-Y

      Just brutal! Poor Sophie. VT: No spark, no spark, bad, bad, boring, forgettable. Tulisa: “People talk about your personality and there’s nothing there, but you’re being yourself and that’s the best you can be.” Ouch! They weren’t subtle in 2011, were they?

      • Dean

        Not at all. As you hint not sure Abi will be killed off this weekend but the song choice doesn’t bode well for her. Think the price is huge.

  • stoney

    I wouldnt be taking the 6’s on miss dynamix to go tonight thats for sure.

  • Jay

    Kingsland interest me for b2 mainly because I have no idea what their names are who they are. Have we even been given their individual names? That’s never a good sign

  • Highlighted

    Just something picked off Facebook. Announcing their final 12 candidate by candidate

    Nicky McD got more likes in 10 minutes than Luke in 40.

    Tamera got more likes in 3 hours than Abi or Hannah in 9.

    Sam B got double all of them in the 9 hours though Nic only got posted 10 mins ago.

    Says sonething, but wouldn’t read too much into it as those posted 9 hours ago was while everyone was asleep, but says a lot for Sam B.

    • stoney

      Looks like Mc Nik is closing in on second place despite only being available for a fraction of the time. No groups on there yet though

      • Dean

        This is highlighted just think my actual name is a bit more friendly especially if mentioned in the articles. McNic already sailing past Hannah and Abi. Just a little behind Tamera

        • stoney

          92 people have liked lorna OUCH

          • stoney

            whoops was looking at wrong section, doesnt look good for luke friend, sam C also took about 10 minutes to pass him

          • Dean

            I actually think Sam is a decent ew punt given his price of 18/20s. Got the looks and could gain momentum.

        • stoney

          The Mcnik express has now tanked past tamara, and has Sam B in his sites, everyone up now except rough copy

          • stoney

            Judging the current rates, Sam C should over take tamara within the hour. Rough Copy should over take the other groups pretty soon too, despite only just being put on. I know this doesnt necessarily count for votes, but we can get a small idea of popularity. After all the page does have 7 and a half million likes, so it must have a wide age demographic.
            My initial thoughts are that sam callahans fan base should see him make the half way stage at least.

  • Boki

    It will be interesting if Miss Dyna end up if sing-off together with Lorna, it’s hard to tell which one would to be saved, hopefully it becomes more clear tonight.

    • stoney

      Although ill be sad to see deadlock go, the loss of excitement from the sunday night will instead be installed into the saturday nights show, will be interesting. The pimp slot will be absolutely massive with this flash vote system

    • Chatterbox5200

      Does anyone know what this will mean for bets placed on the “Will there be Deadlock this week” market? Does the bookie have to pay out on anyone that’s backed “No” ?

  • Andy

    Just a educated guess but I have taken PP 16/1 for Shelly to be the 1st act announced safe.

    • Guildo Horn Forever

      I hope you’re right, Andy. I’ve done the same bet! (Plus Kingsland Road at 12s).

      • Andy

        Hi Guildo.
        I just thought 16s was a bit of value, I am guessing she will be safe and if they call her name 1st it would be a bit of a shock which is what TP like to do, also Shelly’s reaction to being called 1st would likely be OTT and would draw a few laugh’s.
        Fingers crossed.
        I could only get a fiver on. Restrictions.

      • Guildo Horn Forever

        Have been told that Kingsland Road were called first on Sunday! Am struggling with trying to see the catch-up episode. Did I get a 12/1 winner! Can anyone remember?

  • tpfkar

    I can’t see any value at 5-1 for Miss Dynamix to go (10-1 maybe) just too much randomness, particularly with the flash vote to be confident the producers will get what they want first off – they certainly didn’t last year.

    And if you were at all worried about being discriminatory, you’d surely play safe with a group of black girls including a mother-to-be?

    They will be the easiest act to dispatch when they need to (rehearsal cut short as Sese was unwell etc.) so why bother tonight.

    Probably the best bet is a well-fancied runner who might struggle to make an impact with song choice; Abi might be a great call, to then lay off after the show.

    • I’m hoping they go and took some 9s I would also love to see how the Daily Mail would run the story


      is the likely headline.

      On a serious note, they’re no use to the producers and I don’t think they’ll really mind negative press as being talked about is better than not being talked about.

      Especially if the ‘left-wing’ voters decide they don’t like the way three black girls have been treated it could transcend to more votes for Tamera

  • Donald

    Top three overall for me,

    1. Rough Copy, (to do what JLS didn’t manage) ) Groups are lasting longer for Mr.Cowell.

    2. Nicholas McDonald.

    3. Tamera Foster.

    And as fan of Sofabet covering with Hannah Barrett.

    First elimination, Hard to go against Miss Dynmaix now but Kingsland Road at the price maybe worth an interest. Groups do go this weekend.. But Mr. Cowell is in baby land also! At least Miss Dynamix have a story.. but careful of long shows early on and who last, as learned from last year, voting can be very tight…

    Good luck to all. looking forward to what unfolds and the great Sofabet gambles and banter. (Careful of new rules)

  • Vulker

    Leaving my predictions here…

    12. Lorna Simpson – “So Emotional” is not gonna do a lot for her tonight and she’s easily the most forgetable contestant. I’m even predicting she’ll be the second on stage tonight.

    11. Luke Friend – Let’s be honest here, no one really cares about this guy.

    10. Miss Dynamix – I can see them sparing them until they can no more. They won’t be wanting to repeat the same lines as 2 Shoes as to make it appear a credible elimination this time, and eliminating Gary’s handcrafted girlgroup would be a blow on his face.

    09. Abi Alton – This year’s shock elimination for sure?

    08. Rough Copy – Hip Hop doesn’t gather that much votes no matter how much their vocal resemble a 90s boyband.

    07. Sam Callahan – He’ll do the oposite of a Marcus Collins: Starts off a true popstar only to peak too early and gather comments such as “I want something more from you!”, “That was great but I feel like there’s something that’s not quite connecting.” and “You need to spread some baby oil all over your prowess and make it Samazing!”.

    06. Shelley Smith – The closest to a joke act we have, she’ll stick around to secure ratings.

    05. Kingsland Road – The tween vote won’t take them that far.

    04. Tamera Foster – They’re going to push her as much as they can a la Misha B/Cher Lloyd, but she won’t make it as far as they hoped.

    03. Sam Bailey – She’ll be flying the Overs flag and take Sharon to the Final.

    02. Hannah Barrett – Jahmene Douglas 2013.

    01. Nicholas McDonald – It’s a Leon Jackson year isn’t it?


  • Natasha

    Hmmm, Hannah on first. Was not expecting that and was also not expecting such a poor performance!!! Where was the emotion? She was also drowned out by the backing music.

  • Stephen M

    Hannah got the “death slot”. Bad sign, but favourable VT and comments

  • annie

    this doesnt look to good for hannah, does it? bad styling, not exceptional songchoice and version of song and opening in the stictly overlap…?

  • tpfkar

    Is the bus stuck in the depot?

    • Natasha

      Nicholas on 2nd?? Confused!! Much better performance than Hannahs and comments after the break??. What are they playing at?

    • Donald

      ha ha, maybe they think from last year that it the late ones suffer on the votes in these early shows. we know how good this lot are at getting it right…

  • Nissl

    Hannah first but with very helpful comments, now Nic in the Strictly overlap.

    Up is down, left is right, cats and dogs living together etc.

  • stoney

    They know mcnic ain’t going nowhere maybe there throwing miss dynamix under the bus by sandwiching them between 2 acts while keeping them in the strictly over lap. It’s far more worrying for them than nicholas!

  • Jay

    Pregnant or not……. That was god awful

  • Nissl

    Brutal sandwich for Miss D, though I might have expected less “special” comments. Pretty honest assessment, frankly.

    Nice call with Sam B for the Strictly audience.

  • tpfkar

    Sam B now shorter in the win market than Hannah, as Natasha spotted. Even if Hannah goes on to win the thing, a moment to make me think I might not be mad after all.

  • R

    Hannah and McNic on early as they will get enough of the youth vote but to be worried about the Strictly crossover.

    Miss Diner Mix were getting ripped apart on Twitter. The pregnancy reveal made it clear she hadn’t been honest and had hidden the pregnancy

    Sam B got great lighting with her vocals. The Strictly switchover will giver her a massive vote boost.

    Feel Sam C is getting the negative comments as it will spur the girls on to vote to save him.

  • Phil

    Noticed the comments for Miss Dynamix – “that was a great song choice” from 2 judges. In other words, “it’s not our fault you were crap!”

  • I actually thought Nicholas had a very negative VT, seemingly implying he had a lack of musical knowledge. In terms of VTs and comments, dodgy VT, but helpful song choice and comments, possible that TPTB are mixing it up to confuse us all?

  • Andy

    I will never know why Louis kept Luke over Paul Akister.
    The mind boggles.

  • Joe

    Anyone notice that the ad break directly following Tamera’s performance contained the track ‘ain’t nobody’ the very song she sang. A gentle reminder maybe when the voting lines open very shortly?

  • stoney

    Rough copy with the pimp slot which is more good news for me

  • Nissl

    Flash reactions for a flash vote.

    Sam B – Very good vocal, though I’ve heard her do better.
    Kingsland – Strong performers, not as bad as I thought vocally, to the extent I could tell. Fun!
    Lorna – Solid. Still nothing that interests me but I actually liked her voice and stage presence better than Hannah.
    Hannah – Meh. Didn’t feel like the song choice played to her strengths.
    Miss D – Meh. Vocals solid but didn’t connect. Bad song choice, VT, and judge comments. Bye girls.
    Tamera – Meh. Mediocre vocal but nice stage presence. Lots of softening, humbling, underdog narrative in VT.
    Rough Copy – Meh. Not a pick that played to their strengths. Talk about judge pimping.
    Abi – Don’t like her vocals at all, although she’s doing what she wants. Guess they’re giving her some help for now.
    Shelley – Bad vocals and I wondered at first if they were taking her out with the stage setup and song choice, but got tons of help from the judges, backing track, and late interview.
    Luke – Better than Sam C I guess. Terrible stage support.
    Sam C – God awful vocals, nice stage presence and looks. Give him a TV job that doesn’t involve singing already.

    In my books MD’s a clear target, doubt they would mind losing Sam C, Luke, or perhaps Lorna or Shelley. Pretty much as called before the show except for the running order.

  • Got to laugh at how much they have Targeted Miss D tonight, all their rivals who have chance of elimination, put on last with Miss D on early

    Up tempo song, about Jumping sung by a pregnant women.. even highlighted by Nicole that they werent performing to the song. Practically impossible for them.

    Off topic.. did anyone here one mention of “Scotland” today for nic? Bit of de-ramping there? trying to keep the scottish vote as low as possible?

    They did everything to help Lorna tonight, to keep her away from competing with Miss D for bottom! Lots of men with no tops on during performance, lots of men with no tops on during VT. no mention of negative press this week, nicole relating to viewers “i kind of forgot you, but now i know who you are!”,

  • Vulker

    Two things to point out. Firstly that was a stroke of genius for the opening of the show. Two big favourites to try and grab viewers sneaking from Strictly followed by a break and a less important act and Sam Bailey comes just in time at the end of Strictly right on time to lock those viewers to the show. Giving BBC a fight.
    Secondly how Sam Callahan was build up for the tweens only to be completely surprassed by Kingsland Road up to the point of the boyband singing “I’m your man!” to the screaming girls. Couldn’t be a clearer message.

  • ChrisR

    Couple of thoughts, firstly one of the few things we do know. We will only see deadlock when Saturdays bottom act is the one they want to go…. This will give a whole day for Louis to work on his ” I just dont know what to do (My earpiece isnt working)” Thus avoiding last years cringe moment. The other observation I would make, is that the running order is following the principle of get the big acts on early , help the strugglers they need to stick around by pimping. Kingsland Road impressed me tonight. I see them going top 4. I got sucked in tonight on Miss Dynamix, which was expensive. Wouldn’t surprise me if they still went tomorrow night

  • Did they make Shelly… unfun. Did they take the novelty away from her, meaning fact she actually nailed it, took away her audience?

    I think producers shot here… and missed.

  • Kevin

    Took 7/1 on Shelley going after she sang. My Sofabet education taught me that the word “cheese” is almost the ultimate negative. Might not pay off but in good position. Louis and her own mentor said it and i think Shelley herself reiterated it.

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