X Factor 2013 Auditions Week 4: Joseph and Sam have a montage to climb

Ambassador, with these spoilers you are really spoiling us. For the last four weeks we’ve had the unusual benefit of a credible-looking list of the 24 acts who make judges’ houses. This has enabled us to fast-forward through some acts, and watch others with an added layer of bathos: “No, Hannah Sheares, don’t ditch your friends! You don’t make it past bootcamp!”

But this is no longer enough. No, we want some definitive spoilers for the final 12, please, and we want them now. Unfortunately, all we have are Digital Spy threads which contain occasional nuggets of usefulness amid a sea of speculation to which prolonged exposure atrophies the brain. Readers, as you kindly have in the last three weeks (respectively on Rielle/Riely/Relley, Shelley Lewis/Smith and groups shenanigans), please correct us in the comments below where we have erred in this article.

Starting with the boys, there seems to be a consensus on Digital Spy that the final three are Luke Friend, Nicholas McDonald and Sam Callahan. Which made this weekend’s final brace of audition shows strange viewing, as the much-hyped Sam was twice montaged on Saturday’s and Sunday’s shows, while arena screentime was ladled upon Ryan Mathie, Giles Potter and Paul Akister.

Of course, the show needs its controversy, which means high-profile acts must be dumped at both bootcamp and judges’ houses stages. And if – as many have speculated – they are keen for a girl to win, it arguably makes sense to put through a couple of boys who won’t have gathered a head of steam from the audition stages. (Though why then put through a button-cute sixteen-year-old with a powerful regional vote after a third-week pimp slot?)

Ryan Mathie, opening Sunday’s show, has more than a touch of the Craig Coltons about him. The bluff Yorkshire bin man is vocally a little limited, but easy to warm to and with a crowd-pleasing line in banter.

Closing the show, Paul Akister represented the “shy fat man” trope which is a hardy perennial on Britain’s Got Talent but – if the spoilers are right – here leads only to heartbreaking rejection at the hands of Louis Walsh. Paul is highly likeable, has a pleasing soul voice and had the judges on their feet in the closing pimp slot – but doubts about the nerves will provide a rationale for Louis if needed.

Giles Potter, the last of the three boys supposedly disappointed by the Irishman, was described as having delivered “car crash” vocals (although we thought he didn’t sound worse than Tamera Foster). Interestingly, Gary went backstage to lend a hand as a concerned bystander, a mechanism which has previously portended good things in the cases of Jahmene Douglas at bootcamp last year and Zayn Malik at bootcamp prior to his inclusion in One Direction.

Blink and you missed Sam Callahan. Last week Gavster speculated in the comments that Sam could play the over-confident villain role of Danyl Johnson, which remains a possibility. But based on how little attention has been paid to him so far, it’s too early to speculate what kind of trajectory producers have in mind for him. The obvious suggestion, based solely on the brevity of his screentime, is a relatively short-lived one intended primarily to pull in some young female viewers.

But can we trust these supposed final three boys? It seems clear that the market largely does, with Paul at 20/1, Giles at 66/1 and Ryan at 80/1 compared to 7/1 Nicholas, 10/1 Sam and 20/1 Luke. But based on the closing arena show edit, wouldn’t you have to say there’s at least room for a question mark?

Turning to the groups, and the Digital Spy consensus seems to be that Gary will be represented by Kingsland, a manufactured group initially called StopLookListen and now called M!ss Dynam!x, and Brick City – or possibly Rough Copy, who apparently lost a member en route to judges’ houses.

If it is indeed Brick City who are through, they may as well change their name to Week 1 Fall Guys at this rate. Having not had much screentime in the room auditions last week, they were montaged again in the arena show. Their fate was shared by Code 4 and Xyra, who make up Gary’s rumoured sextet.

Which brings us to this year’s frankengroup. Apparently this comprises Rielle, seen briefly in week 1’s room auditions; Jeanette, seen briefly in the arena auditions last week; and SeeSee, who somewhat bizarrely turned up on our screens on Sunday night in a group called Dynamix, sandwiched by two blokes.

Producers have played the tired old “break up a group” card three times in four weeks now, following Tamera in week 1 with this week’s morality tale, in which Hannah dumps her friends at the urging of the panel and allegedly makes it no further than bootcamp, while SeeSee displays loyalty to her men and is supposedly rewarded with a place in the lives in between a differently-gendered pair of bookends.

The girl group is intriguing, given that all three members have displayed vocal prowess but none have exactly been showered with attention in the way Liam Payne and Harry Styles were during the audition stages in 2010.

Now the overs, and much confusion surrounds a story on Unreality TV claiming that Souli Roots is through to the final. If so, bring it on! As Dug said last week, “she combines something of the madness of Wagner with the gracious self-awareness of Rylan Clark” – it wouldn’t be the X Factor without this kind of fun, and anyone who can rhyme “beach break” with “cheese cake” has already earned their place in the lives as far as we’re concerned.

Only trouble is, Souli doesn’t appear on the Digital Spy list of judges’ houses. Unless someone misheard “Souli” for “Zoe”. But then “Zoe” transpires evidently to be Zoe Devlin, who tweeted that she was “fuming” on Saturday not to have been shown, and will likely not have been in better humour on Sunday having been featured in a montage memory-holed by an extended segment devoted to a wedding singer called Chrissie Rhodes who isn’t supposed to make it past bootcamp. It’s all very confusing.

Digital Spy seems fairly sure that Sam Bailey and Joseph Whelan make it, but unsure who joins them. Andrea Magee, one of the names mooted, got montaged on Saturday.

It was more of a surprise that Joseph also suffered the montage treatment in the arena show, having been given highly positive comments from the judges and plenty of screentime for his adorable son during the room auditions the night before. As noted in the comments by Boki, eurovicious and Guildo Horn Forever, he was vocally unimpressive then.

It would still be a surprise if Joseph doesn’t make the lives. For a start, he’s the only male in the six rumoured to be at judges’ houses; an entirely gender-imbalanced category is not impossible (as with the overs in 2009), but an exception. And in an interview with the Radio Times last year after his shock exit he seemed well aware of how the show works, so one wonders if he might have required some kind of a nod and wink to be willing to put himself – and his little lad – through the mill again.

Then again, one could say much the same about Melanie McCabe, whom well-connected commenter Tim B has heard falls at the final hurdle yet again (to Tamera, Abi and Hannah Barrett). If this is the case, then is it possible she is being earmarked for a Maloneyesque wildcard route into the lives?

Coincidentally, the US version of the show has form in rejecting then reinstating a heavily-telegraphed Melanie – will Nicole recreate Simon Cowell’s credibility-defying regret-fuelled drive to Florida by swimming from Antigua to Dublin to offer Mel a lifeline? It would be a surprise if, after three years of twists, they just give us a simple final 12 this time around – and if there isn’t a 13th act shoehorned in, there’s no scope for double evictions or accidental departures.

In short, the conclusion from tonight is either that the [edit for clarity: live show] spoilers are dodgy or that producers, intent on a female win, are trying to prevent female catnip Sam and Joseph from entering the lives with too much momentum. But then, how will they solve a problem like Nicholas? So many questions. Your answers, please, below.

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  • Good post, my views on the spoilers are as follows.

    Although I do debate the rumoured final 3 leaks in each category, I struggle to debate the judges houses leaks. Quite simply I first became aware of the leak for then final 12 on the Sunday of week 1. This is fairly early. Since then every act has been aired in some way. Then on top of that you have sources like their personal twitter accounts where it’s very clear that by following certain acts. They are posting tweets indicating that they are flying somewhere or tweets with pictures of other acts in the same category. If they aren’t posting pictures of themselves with other acts, they are regularly tweeting each other asking stuff which is related to the show or giving “shout-outs” to each other.

    If that list was flawed, I would expect a few acts to of not been aired at all, then the cracks would begin to appear. I find it difficult to believe that a false leak can be so right in all areas but then turn out to be wrong.

    My views on the edits are this… Next week the format change with the 6 chairs, this looks like great TV. If so and the producers want to execute this with as much drama and controversy as possible. Then they would need to make sure that viewers have connected with acts that originally have a seat to the judges houses, then are later replaced. If they didn’t how would we care, we wouldn’t have no emotional connection to these acts. Previously they haven’t needed to create this for anyone in the audition stage, they had bootcamp too they could use that to build a connection to acts, then dismiss then at judges houses and that was always the “shock” now they have had to create that “shock” again but with less time.

    For me this explains why acts like Crissie and Next of Kin recieved great edits at auditions. So we all care and are all shocked when they don’t make it. These will be the standout
    Moments in the show that has been lacking in previous years during the audition process now with even better edits the ratings and publicity should rise more.

    • Cheers, JS. It’s a great point about the new bootcamp format – makes it much more important to have a couple of shock exits at that stage.

      You mean final 24 not final 12, right? Agreed, no real reason to doubt those judges’ houses spoilers, they look solid (it’s only the Souli story that casts doubt but, if true, could somehow be explained by off-camera happenings) – it’s the live show spoilers that we’re wondering about too.

      • Yep sorry, final 24 🙂

        And to add to speculation, having such a good edit for Paul adds to the drama when he is eliminated at judges houses. Keep in mind his audition was the last aired and will be the most fresh in the minds. Add that to the fact th boys judges houses were allegedly filmed first, (Judging by twitter 4 weeks ago) mix them both together that gave them four weeks of planning to prepare the edit that they want most, in order to have good tv at judges houses stage.

    • TommySauce

      I’ve been confused by how TPTB seem to be wielding their influence this year – hot favourites seemingly dismissed in blink-and-you’d-miss it montages, heavily edited auditions (Whelan’s Sweet Child only gets half a chorus after all that pre-performance VT over the weekend?), odd decisions with judges waving through acts with good room auditions and car-crash arena performances, heavily pimped X-factor “boomerangs” etc. JScouser has hit the nail for me, it’s because of the new bootcamp format – they need to create drama ahead of the lives, which is why we’re seeing pimping turned up to 11 for some unlikely acts, dampened down for the obvious acts and just messed around completely for some random acts. I’d also guess that TPTB don’t have much of a clue themselves how the new bootcamp format will change the dynamic over the entire series and they may find some activity pre-BC has some unintended consequences later in the lives. Even more cynically, the changed format of bootcamp would suggest if TPTB *really* want to control the final outcome, JH candidates will have been chosen during, if not before, the room/arena stages, which again could explain some of the odd story-telling during the last few weeks. Still undecided if this is going to make predictions more difficult, or if bootcamp and JH outcomes may telegraph producer intentions more clearly this year.

  • annie

    I cant really imagine Melanie McCabe having a long run on the show. She sings fine, but shes completely bland. And her multiple trials are also offputting-way to desperate. I am not really sure why they would put her through, the pool of talent for the girls is good enough without her—maybe she somehow bribed them ? :D— , but if they do, I expect her to have a run like TreyC rather than Melanie Amaro. Similarly to TreyC I think she is hyped mainly because many people in a weird way got attached to her and are touched by the fact that she tries and tries again. I am not sure if we saw her for the first time a these auditions people would think of her as such an outstanding contender… I didnt see her at her first audition, but in 2011 i thnk kelly made the right choice not to put her through… Sophie Habibis had an outstading, special voice she was mainly let down by editing… and if not sophie than Jade would have been the right choice for the lives, certainly not Melanie.

  • Like Greg, I’m very confident of the spoiler list, mainly because the judge’s house selections were made in front of a live audience.

    As for the inclusion of Souli – yesterday I read a comment somewhere that asked why the X Factor would release this information if not to create more publicity in the build up to judge’s houses. Souli’s twitter feed reads very much like every other contestant’s, in that she retweets anything stating she’s through to the lives or that she’s going to win X Factor. If anyone asks whether or not she’s through, she redirects them to ask Gary and Sharon.

    It could be that one of the overs pulled out due to illness or just changed their mind. Maybe Simon has realised that his beloved X Factor can’t go straight and needs novelty to keep it in the red tops every Sunday and Monday. And as suggested above, it could be a massive bluff!

    The market looks about right. There’s an exodus on Joe Whelan after his montage treatment and a small loss of confidence on Sam Callaghan. Both are still worthy 10/1 or below shots for me and I can see both trading for less right after Judge’s Houses (or Rock week for Joe). As for their fortunes going forward, it’s anyone’s guess. I’m interested how the producers edit Sam’s bootcamp performance where he was roundly booed.

    I would also like to echo Dan’s point about a wildcard. Melanie looks primed for this treatment. The producers will need to be careful though, as she’s not exactly winning material, so building her into the public champion might take the shine off of Abi and Tamera, clearing the path for dark horse Nicholas to exploit his voting bias.

    • Hey Gav, just to clarify it wasn’t our intention to cast doubt on the list of 24, which seems very credible, but to wonder whether the emerging live show spoilers (such as they are) are comparably reliable. Apologies for the loose phrasing, which is my fault – I’ve added a clarifying edit. Just in the sense that with three of the acts most of us are expecting in the lives (Sam, Joseph, Brick City) getting such short shrift in Sunday’s edit, it seems worth asking the question.

      Playing devil’s advocate with Melanie, might they in fact be seeing her as winner material?

      1. You could make the case that Leona and Alexandra weren’t exactly carried to success by the force of their interesting personalities;

      2. Could it be that they passed Melanie over in the last two years only because Janet and Ella were preferred for the alpha girl role?

      3. As you say and as Stu said on an earlier thread, they must be aware from Maloney of the potential power of getting the public to invest emotionally in a wildcard winner, and surely with a fourth rejection and bailiffs at the door, Melanie would be expected to walk a wildcard vote.

      Not saying I think this is definitely what the thinking is but, again, it seems worth asking the question.

      • Cheers Andrew. It wasn’t my intention to imply that you were casting doubt on the spoiler list.

        As for Melanie… I just don’t see her as winning material as she’s nowhere near as exciting as previous public vote winners: Maloney or Amelia. This makes me doubt her ability to be championed by the public. What would it say about the judges and show if she were to win as a wildcard winner?

        OK, she has a nice voice, nice personality and nice image – see where I’m going with this?

        For this 10th anniversary series, I can’t picture Melanie being top of TPTB list. If TPTB were indeed aiming for a female victory, as has been predicted, surely Tamera and Abi are the only credible acts capable of delivering a worthy chart topping and possible international career?

        • I agree, Gav… just finding it hard to get my head around how their minds are working this year, especially with regard to Melanie and Nicholas.

          A counterpoint to “what would it say about the judges and show” is that Cowell himself was happy to run that risk with initially personally rejecting Melanie Amaro on the US show and then having her win – but then, looking at the ratings since then, maybe he shouldn’t have been! 🙂

          Given the strength of the girls category, Nicole could credibly pull off a “it’s an impossible choice between four of them… I think I’ve made a mistake”.

          • Amaro is very different to our Melanie though, so perhaps a mistake can be justified Stateside. My gripe with our Melanie is that she doesn’t look or sound capable of selling records outside of the X Factor period of hype.

            You are right though, it is a a confusing problem that might become clearer after the VT edits at bootcamp.

  • How many of the acts could actually win this? for me I can see two Abi (as long as she has some vareity), Tamera (will need no more stories coming out).

    Sort of feels like I’m loking for an answer that isn’t there when I’m looking at the other acts.

  • annie

    i think the problem with Abi, for me and maybe for producers as well is that she reminds me a bit of lucy spraggan in the sense that she is also somewhat established as an artist-giggin around for a while, with own material,also she is as well somewhat out of place between the usual X factor suspects (although I find abi a bit more generally appealing than lucy was, both image and music wise). there were rumors last year that lucy didnt leave because of illnes, but rather because of contract problems, something about giving up rights to her songs that she performed… I think they could very well worry that similar problems could arise with Abi. I am sure they prefere maleable candidates rather then those that have a great sense of self and are almost ready made.

  • Tim B

    Agree very much with everything that’s said above. “How will they solve a problem like Nicholas?” Well, in the end, they got Mary, they got Janet and they got Christopher. I believe they’ll have confidence in their abilities after successfully bringing those down.

  • tpfkar

    I think the room / arena double combo is part of the confusion. As they are showing 2 rounds of auditions in the time they used to show 1, they’ve only got half as much time to showcase the acts, and have even retreated to showing either room or audition for some of the Judges’ Houses Acts.

    You think Sam and Brick City have had it bad? At least they were shown in both places. Poor Jeanette, Zoe, Lorna, Xyra, Code4 etc no such luck.

    I think the format change hasn’t worked here; it’s all too rushed and compressed. I much prefer the room so feel the arena should go, others will feel differently. Alternatively they could easily get some more shows as there is extra material.

    One thing I do think it happening is an undermining of the boys category. I think this week and last week, we got to see how concerned the judges were about the boys after some no-hopers were shown, subtly underming the ones who had gone through. And Giles looked like he wasn’t taking the whole thing seriously. Making us care more about the boys who don’t make it may be yet another way to dampen enthusiasm for the final three.

  • I think Jscouser2002 hit the nail on the head as far as the edits go.

    On the leaks – I don’t think anything reputable has actually leaked about the overs yet and everything has been based on assumptions? At least, I haven’t noticed anything that even confirms Sam B or Joseph are through – just the strength of Sam’s edit / Joseph being the only guy as the indicator that they are through. I am also pretty sure that no-one dropped out at judges houses, based on tweets, so it’s hard to see how Souli would have got through.

  • Danny

    From searching the interwebs, it looks like the Grand final is on the weekend of 14/15 december, which makes it 11 more weekends before the final.

    Could TPTB really be planning for 1 weekend bootcamp, 1 weekend judges houses and 9 weeks of single-act evictions to leave a final with just 3 contenders (over two nights)? They’ve never played with such a straight bat before and I can’t see them doing so this year. I’m certainly expecting some wildcards and double eviction weeks.

    My fun prediction for the series .. The Sun announces that Souli is dating Wagner in week 8 of the lives, right after her odds get down to about 10/1 ftw.

    • Ben Cook

      Isn’t that what they did most years until 2010? It’s only been the last three years there have been 16 or 13. However I do agree it seems likely that there will be 13 again this year, since it is handy to have flexibility if one person decides/needs to leave or they need to a double elimination if they need a ratings boost.

      The girls’ category seems the strongest so you would think it’ll be one of them, but have they screwed up by heavily featuring some of the boys late on in the audition shows? I think they’d be better off not risking a televote and just have Simon step in and say “you’ve made a mistake, Melanie/Hannah should have gone through”.

      I agree with Gav’s thoughts on Melanie. I cannot see why she would suddenly be Plan A when there’s absolutely nothing remarkable about her. Leona and Alexandra had much more distinctive voices and better looks. Melanie is just a run of the mill West End-style singer and will not be in contention IMHO.

  • Stephen M

    You’d think if TPTB want a female winner, they’d be taking a massive risk by putting through Nicholas McDonald, because he’s got the teenage girl and Scottish vote, but, I think what they are trying to do, is split the teenybopper vote by having Sam Callahan, Nicholas, Luke Friend, Kingsland and Joseph Whelan, the competition isn’t big enough for that lot. This would mean Abi, Tamara or Melanie will sail past them and win.

  • Highlighted

    Rumoured final 12 I last saw on DS was

    Boys – wee Mac Nic, Sam montage, Luke Enemy

    Girls – Mel 4th time lucky, Tamera Fighter, Abi Alton Towers

    Overs – Old Bailey, Joseph Whacko, Andrea who?

    Groups – Bricking myself, Queensland, Miss Manufactured

    Funnily enough of all the auditions I liked Chrissy ‘s the most even looking past how fit she was.

  • stoney

    ive already said the only way to stop mcNIC is by putting another scott through (jade richards)
    But as that doesnt seem to happen there is no stopping him.
    By the way its the first time in a long while theres no scouses in the final 12? unless ive missed someone

  • R

    My initial thoughts on the 3 expected groups, based solely on their names are:

    Kingsland: Sounds a bit like Kingslanding from Game of Thrones (We had District 3 from The Hunger Games last year). Very royal, very top group name.

    M!ss Dynam!x: Possibly the worst group name ever. Reminds me of Rhythmythmemix before they were changed to the more Googleable Little Fix. Just looking at their name actually annoys me.

    Brick City: Shit Bricky. Need I say more?

  • FAO Nugg/Or Anyone at Bootcamp.

    If their is one area this week I think cant be edited.. its running order. Due to the format, its going to be pretty much impossible to show an act who was one of the first to get a seat in a specific category.. on last.

    So this brings me to my question. Can you remember which act from each category was given a seat last? In particular i’m interested in Abi Alton? Was she on last of the girls as I believe i’ve already read elsewhere.


  • Tim B

    Does anyone have any info regarding the identity of the elusive 3rd over? I’m assuming Joseph is in, but unsure whether or not to believe the Souli story.

  • The poster describes the swaps too. He doesn’t mention Tamera swooping with anyone, so we can assume that she can’t be on last.

  • Boki

    Oh, it’s suddenly so quiet in here…
    I see that SamB and Tamera are featured in the bootcamp preview on the YT channel, Tamera with changed image, softer I would say. I still see her as the most promising one of the top3 girls on oddschecker.

  • Tim B

    Bizarrely, it doesn’t look like Joseph Whelan is in the final 3 overs after all – he’s playing at least one proper ticketed gig in November http://www.o2academynewcastle.co.uk/event/59545/joseph-whelan-tickets

    This means that he’s almost certainly not Sharon’s wildcard either, if they’re being done in that way this year. It also means that the Overs category is entirely female. Could mean a spot for at least one of; Crissie Rhodes, Souli Roots, Shelley Lewis or Zoe Devlin Love.

    • R

      I doubt Zoe Devlin will make it to the lives.
      Her tweet last Saturday:
      “Fuming!! Must be tomorrow! Don’t get it why was on all the adverts before… I’m hoping best til last? Staying positive!!!”

      If I was at judges’ houses or lives I wouldn’t care if my audition had been shown or not.

      • Tim B

        Yes, I saw that! Might mean that someone like Shelley is through, as she had good coverage. Either way, with Joseph Whelan out of the picture it’s extremely hard to see anyone but Sam Bailey being the alpha over, and therefore well on her way to the top 4. I backed her to win today at 12.0 on the basis that she’ll be trading shorter when she makes the top 4/3, at which point I can re-assess based on her treatment.

      • If I made the live shows, I’d be fuming when I realised I was being edited as obvious early shows fodder 🙂

        They are doing an unusually good job of keeping us all guessing this year, aren’t they? Credit where it’s due.

  • Natasha

    Melanie really has NO star quality. Yeh she can sing but she has nothin ele to offer! IMO Hannah Barret was the stand out act of the girls tonight. Do we know for sure that Hannah has made the lives?

  • stoney

    Sam baileys bootcamp performance was better than any of the girls in nicoles group. Im back on the Sam love now

  • Natasha

    Yes she was amazing wasn’t she! Not winning material though IMO

  • stoney

    I do agree, Although swapping tulisa for Sharon may switch the demographic which helped littlemix and James arthur win. Sam seemed to get the best audience reaction

  • Natasha

    Yes you are right however, I don’t think it would help enough for her to win. Going by the last few years winners we have had I would say it is a younger demographic of voting public which, would help nicholas mcdonald this year together with the regoinal vote.

  • stoney

    Yep he is still my main fancy at this point. But if rumors about them ditching joeseph whelan before the lives are true maybe this is so they can push sam. Too early to say now

  • Natasha

    I agree, if they are true then Sam is by far the best over and extremley likeable which helps also. Theres an air of arogance about Tamera which makes her unwarming to the public and think she is this years Misha B. Just checked back on DS and someone is certain that Hannah is through and Melanie isn’t. It is definatly believable

  • Tim B

    Natasha, I’m certain (from my source) that Hannah is through also. And I agree with you about Sam Bailey – she’s a force to be reckoned with 😀

  • Dan

    From last night’s episode, it seems pretty obvious that TPTB want a winner from the Girls category; look at the amount of coverage they were given! They now have to squeeze in half of the acts from the Overs, the Boys, and the Groups tonight!

    And speaking of the Girls, I noted that Amy Motram disappeared without fuss or ceremony. We saw her getting through to the second half and then nothing. I’m getting the impression that they are struggling to fit everything in this year with the reduced number of shows and the changes to the format.

    • stoney

      Im still not convinced they will get it, the scots will be furious that jade richards misses out and fully get behind mcdonald for the win, i have decided to back him at 7/1 for the win with paddy power, and staked my free bet on sam bailey. Thats it for my outright betting, im going to invest heavily on category winners this year as im fed up with backing runners up

  • tpfkar

    Dan – my only question is why they would put the girls on first? They usually leave the most anticipated category till last.

    I think from spoilers that they were filmed in order of Overs – Girls – Groups – Boys and I wonder if this was the intended running order at that stage?

    Of course this may just be setting the girls to be shown last at Judges’ Houses stages.

  • Natasha

    Nic Mc got pimp slot. Glad i backed him for the outright 7/1 earlier as his price will shorten alot by tomorrow!

    • stoney

      Wise move, that boy will be unstoppable now

      • Natasha

        He is kind of cute and is growing on me. Looking forward to seeing how he does in the lives. I also backed Hannah at 10/1. Her performance last night was just wow, looking forward to seeing her styled up in the lives. Tamera is no longer of any interest. Sam, Nic Mc and Hannah for me

        • stoney

          Tamara as short as 7/2 is god awful odds, reminds me of daniel jonsons odds when he was in it, wouldnt have touched that with a barge pole either. I would like to hear from everyone who thought abi alton was the chosen one, i had my doubts at the time, i dont think bootcamp has been as good for her as some people here were saying it would be

          • Natasha

            Shes good but she doesnt have the ‘x’ factor like previous girl winners and also, a white girl has never won x factor (apart from little mix but they were a group) so its a no from me!

          • stoney

            Yes this is true, but i have also learnt from the last 2 years that ‘Never beens’ can be broken, i just dont see abi appealing to a wide enough range of people to win the show, but i also thought that of james arthur

          • Boki

            I was in Tamera camp from the beginning and backed her at 13,11 and also 10 when she drifted few days ago, so I’m pretty pleased with her current odds. I was skeptical about Abi and Nicholas, just backed Nicholas a bit at 7 due to the weak boy competition and Abi remains a no go.

  • Andy

    Do you think that due to McNic being Scottish he will not pick up many votes from south of the border?. English outnumber scot’s by over 10/1, also Louis Walsh is by far the least popular judge which could also be a hindrance. I like McNic and have bet quite heavily at 8/1 yet I fear because he is managed by Louis and also Scottish that it could be his downfall if patriotism comes into play

    • stoney

      I touched on this earlier on in the thread i believe, in saying that whilst having a chat with my nan about this years contestants she (without prompting from me) said she liked the young scottish boy. So he should appeal to that demographic regardless of his nationality, i dont see the teeny vote that has been so powerful the last few years being put off by the fact hes scottish
      And least now forget its the scottish vote that made Jai Mcdowell an unlikely winner of BGT, and that was the last time they had the chance to make there voting powers known
      And although you say louis is unpopular apart from Nicole who won last year, hes the only other judge thats had a winning act, so i dont see that hindering Mcnics chances

  • Natasha

    IMO Andy he will attract many votes from south of the border. He is really cute and adorable so would attract girl votes and i’d say he is the act that maybe the ‘older’ demographic would vote for as he seems such a lovely genuine boy for his age, add this together with the scottish vote and I think this could push him to the very end for a podium place. The fact that he is scottish would definatley not put me off voting for him rather than an act of ‘our own’. Yes Louis has been the shittest judge and always seems to pick the wrong songs however, I think he is more suited and compatable to Nicholas than the other boys in his category.

  • stoney

    Bwin have opened there top of category markets. 5/6 on mcnic looks juicy

  • anyone know what happens with Lorna Simpson, i think she’s being majorly over-lookes as she’s in the ‘overs’ category yet she’s only 26!

    I’ve had a bit of the 50/1

    Here’s my post bootcamp thoughts on the overs anyway (too long to clog up a comments section)


    • Cheers for that, fun read.

      Daniel and I thought Andrea Magee had potential, too. Just a shame that she was given such a fodder edit. Although if she does make the lives, Ulster might just keep her safe for long enough to give chance for a rethink.

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