BGT 2013: Final post mortem

[UPDATE: Full voting figures for the final and semi-finals can be found at the top of the comments section to this article.]

Attraction duly won the day from the pimp slot, but betting on Britain’s Got Talent isn’t for the faint-hearted. The Hungarian act drifted out to Evens from 1/4 after what was perceived to be an underwhelming new routine. They were joined at that price by Jack Carroll, for whom the judges stated their support as tonight’s winner.

Meanwhile, the Eggs Factor came during third-placed Richard & Adam’s performance, when a violinist stole the show with her talent for pelting Simon Cowell. That will get the headlines tomorrow, but the main point of interest for the TV talent show betting community may well be: who did he want to win the final?

As Chatterbox noted, he didn’t look best pleased at the result, though perhaps it was the lingering smell of raw egg on his clothes. A repeat of either of Attraction’s previous performances would have seen them more easily home and dry. Was this a failed nobble or not? As ever your comments below are welcome; many thanks to all of you for sharing your insightful opinions throughout the series.


65 comments to BGT 2013: Final post mortem

  • Daniel


    Attraction – 27.0%

    Jack Carroll – 20.1%

    Richard & Adam – 15.4%

    Steve Hewlett – 14.7%

    Luminites – 6.8%

    Jordan O’Keefe – 3.7%

    Gabz – 3.6%

    Arisxandra – 2.9%

    Pre-Skool – 2.8%

    Francine Lewis – 2.0%

    Asanda – 1.2%

  • Daniel

    Semi Final 1

    Richard & Adam – 66.0%

    Arisxandra Libantino – 13.4%

    Youth Creation – 7.2%

    Aaron Crow – 5.6%

    Philip Green – 3.3%

    Band of Voices – 1.9%

    J – Unity – 1.5%

    Bosom Buddies – 1.0%

    Martin Healey – 0.1%

    Semi Final 2

    Jack Carroll – 42.5%

    Gabz – 22.6%

    Jack & Cormac – 15.0%

    Alice Fredenham – 12.3%

    McKnasty – 2.7%

    MD – 2.3%

    Meat Diva – 1.5%

    Martin & Marielle – 0.6%

    Modupe – 0.5%

    Semi Final 3

    Luminites – 35.6%

    Pre – Skool – 16.9%

    Joseph Hall – 16.4%

    Rosie O’Sullivan – 15.4%

    Robbie Kennedy – 12.6%

    MC Boy – 0.9%

    Freelusion – 0.9%

    Stevie Pink – 0.7%

    Thomas Bounce – 0.6%

    Semi Final 4

    Francine Lewis – 23.2%

    Alex Keirl – 21.4%

    Asanda – 19.4%

    James More – 14.3%

    AJ & Chloe – 12.7%

    Shockarellas – 3.4%

    Chasing The Dream – 2.2%

    Poppin’Ron – 2.1%

    Club Town Freaks – 1.3%

    Semi Final 5

    Attraction – 59.1%

    Jordan O’Keefe – 15.1%

    Steve Hewlett – 12.0%

    Aliki – 6.6%

    Gospel Singers Incognito – 2.5%

    Maarty Broekman – 2.0%

    CEO Dancers – 1.2%

    Glambassadors – 1.1%

    Rob’s Duelling Pianos – 0.4%

  • Boki

    Damn, pressed the wrong button and my post is gone. Anyway, I thought the only one who smashed it tonight was Steve, the winner was total disaster, didn’t involve tonight.

  • Boki

    Wow, numbers already there and Steve was very close to R&A. Btw, was the egg incident staged or not?

  • eurovicious

    Actually surprised Jordan didn’t poll higher, I thought he was superb. Gobson and Jerome (R&A) were boring as tits, the eggs improved it. And did anyone notice South Park basically predicted Jack? There’s a character called Jimmy (introduced in 2001) who’s a child comedian with cerebral palsy. He uses his comedy (which, like Jack’s, is slightly hackneyed and clearly based on what he’s seen on television) to try and transcend his disability and become popular with the other kids.

  • eurovicious

    I hope a team of hunky Swedish acrobats wins next year, then we can have hung Aryans instead of Hungarians *drumbeat*

  • Chatterbox5200

    Just seen the ITV News and their report on the egg incident. They showed a replay of Richard & Adam’s performance being interrupted, stating that they continued professionally, despite what was happening. They then stated that 14 year old comedian Jack Carroll made a joke about what had happened, and showed a clip of his comment, before stating that the show will not be pressing charges on what the lady involved claimed to be a misguided action.

    Only as the the report was concluding did the reporter mention that the competition was won by “a shadow dance group” without even name checking the winner.

    I’m not saying that the incident was staged, but the new report amanged to give the viewing public a reminder of two acts whilst virtually ignoring the winners.

    • Chatterbox5200


    • eurovicious

      That’s interesting. Did you notice Attraction weren’t spoken to by Ant and Dec in the interval too, even though they spoke to Jack, Steve and a couple of the others?

      I don’t like betting on Syco shows because I find myself thinking over-conspiratorially, but while I honestly don’t think the eggscident was staged, certain things like that do make you wonder. I was surprised she was on camera for so long too, in previous stage invasions I’ve seen the director cuts away to a different camera as soon as they realise what’s happening. Rewatching it, I’m struck that her emergence and throwing of the eggs were perfectly timed for the long shot where the camera zooms in from a wide view of the stage to a close-up on R&A – so she really became the focal point and the camera kept zooming in on her. It framed her perfectly. She didn’t look like the typical stage invader either, she was telegenically grinning while she did it.

      Despite having just written all that I still don’t honestly think it was staged though. There wouldn’t be much point.

      • Cade

        Staging talked-about incidents during live events, then getting tons of press coverage the next day – ensures people are reminded to never miss out the next time.

        Example: Every single MTV Award Show in the US (VMA’s, Movie Awards)

        MTV stages something fake in every one of their shows.

        This year it was Aubrey Plaza getting escorted out after a failed snatch of Will Ferrell’s award on stage.

        The most famous example is when Sacha Baron Cohen descended from the ceiling and put his crotch in Eminem’s face – who furiously stormed out. It was later found out to be staged and pre-written.

  • eurovicious

    I also have to point out the irony and historical ignorance of a Hungarian group performing a tribute to Winston Churchill, the man who handed Eastern Europe to Stalin on a plate at Yalta. The British and the West also did fuck all when the Soviets crushed the Hungarian revolution in 1956 because Britain was too wrapped-up in the Suez Crisis.

    • Henry VIII

      American radio beamed to Hungary provided encouragement, mainly in the form of lies, but they didn’t want to risk atomic war, which was the dread of the time.

  • Henry VIII

    It transpires the answer to the last article was Attraction at evens. I know R & A Top 3 were a bigger price but as they got there by a 0.7% margin we can’t call that value.

    • stoney

      a successful bet that comes good is value no matter how close the margins, i have had some massive football bets let me down where a highly odds on favourite have gone on to draw, where as scraping a 1 nil win would have been enough to bring home the bacon.

  • Henry VIII

    To the question above – Cowell wanted Attraction to win. We all accept that he manipulates so much, then we can accept that he can manipulate a little faux Jack-to-win support in himself. He’s mindful of the non British winner criticism.

    • Roach

      Agree totally with this. Comedy wildcard hoovering up 14.7% of the vote + Attraction pimp slot says to me Cowell will be quite happy with the result. Had they brought back someone else instead, Jack gets more than half of that 14% and instead wins.

      • AlisonR

        I agree, the pimp slot plus their comments were all gushing. They knew that Attraction winning was a foregone conclusion so went with it. Hence the British theme to mitigate the effects of any “they’re not British” critics. Syco said at the end “bit of a surprise” – don’t believe him for a minute – unless he was surprised at another of the placings. Maybe the third. Luminites were set up with a better draw than R&A so maybe they were expected to get the 3rd place.

        • Kevin

          The more I think of the British theme the more it irks me. Mercenaries is the word that comes to mind. Just sorry they got away with it, would have won a nice bit from Jack but with bets of course you win some you lose some. I think it was simply the “wrong” result. Anyway move on I guess and young Jack is in a really good place career wise. Attraction will disappear into the shadows (ahem, cough cough)

  • Typical Cowell…….can’t take a yolk.

  • Cath

    So relieved that R&A made top 3, as my biggest bet was on them to place. But really not impressed that PaddyPower have marked the bet as a lose! I got onto their live chat customer services last night and the guy said he would send it to be rechecked and settled, but no change to my account as of yet. Has anyone else had this kind of issue with PaddyPower before?

  • Andy

    Exactly the same here cath.
    PP settled as a loser.
    I have’nt contacted them yet.
    Small amount each way for me as most of my stakes and r&a went on the win market.
    Glad attraction drifted to evens as it gave me a chance to cover my stakes on r&a and jack.
    Surprised the laminates got floored, thought they may have got close to top 3.

    • Guildo Horn Forever

      ‘Surprised the laminates got floored’ – I love your pun! Lol.

    • Cath

      Andy, pp have now paid out for me, so I suggest you get in touch with them using their instant chat service, if you haven’t already. However, thanks to my own naivety in betting jargon, my payout was only a fraction of what I was expecting. 🙁

  • Guildo Horn Forever

    Won a nice bit of money but am more pleased that my predictions worked out very well, as I’ve not been shy in pushing my opinions.
    Then again, an unforeseeable circumstance nudged R&A into the top three; and for whatever (difficult to understand or foresee) reason Cowell snubbed the chance to push the future national treasure (Jack) over the winning line.

    Have read an article on Leah McFall’s massive impact on The Voice, and on her chart success.
    Have just watched her most recent performance and was left feeling bemused at the phenomenal self-indulgence of it (maybe I can’t stand to hear echoes of Macy Gray!) The judges and audience lapped it up.
    She is mesmeric, has a regional base and her styling reminds me a little of Dusty Springfield – but I still don’t fancy that 4/7. Am happy to take EW on a couple of the other acts. Would be nice to recoup my early losses on the show.

  • Stoney

    I backed Joseph to win at battle round stage but I’ve lost interest in the voice already, I don’t have the love for that programme that I have for x factor

  • Stoney

    If the next bgt is half as financially successful for me and won by a British act I’ll be a happy man, my only error of judgement this series was strongly opposing the idea that tptb would want a foreign winner, but I can already see them using this in next years campaign by stating that British acts now have to up there game. Some great views/banter on here as well, roll on the x factor

  • Andy

    Thanks Cath, Just checked and the bet is settled.

  • Henry VIII

    BGT better for me than ESC this year, I held back on ESC because of the scoring changes, and I didn’t think the ESC favourite had as clear a run as the BGT favourite. I’m not sure if we’re any wiser as to ESC scoring, it seems to be a bit of a mess, but I have yet to read the ESC post mortem articles and comments on here. I will be doing so.

    BGT seems to have been more lively commented on than usual which is nice. XF is always a big one on Sofabet. Roll on XF.

  • Henry VIII

    There’s also BB starting on Thursday. Liquidity is poor for that though and it’s on every bloody night. For people who find it easier to lie in front of the TV than doing something constructive with their time.

    So I imagine I’ll be seeing a lot of it then.

  • Henry VIII

    Having said liquidity is poor on BB you can still quite easily build up five figure greens (and reds) by the end of it. Just not in one night.

  • Andy

    Just a few thoughts on Saturdays semi final of The voice.
    Andrea Begley 5/6 v Karl Michael 5/6
    Team Danny Match bet.
    Andrea has such a sweet voice and after singing ‘Ho Hey’ on the 1st live show on Friday will have won over many more supporters, she has a infectious smile, she doesn’t wail or try to play tricks with her voice, you get the feeling that Karl is absolutely desperate to win and he takes this so seriously while Andrea just smiles thru the songs, the audience were on their feet clapping along and the judges even got involved making her the feel good act of the night.
    I am not doubting Karl’s talent and he sure can sing yet for the voting public I just feel more people will warm to Andrea’ smile than the desperation of Karl.
    Andrea for me.

    • Boki

      Hi Andy, I have just placed a bet on Andrea and wanted to make a post about it here, glad you think the same. I didn’t follow the voice actually, did a quick scan yesterday and only this one (team Danny winner) I could recognize as value.

    • stoney

      Ok ive decided to take a punt on this tip, bet 365 was the only place i could stake what i wanted, taken at 4/6

  • Some good stats (already posted here), with added links and interesting general public comments within..

  • AlisonR

    I did feel on the night that Francine was probably the weakest act. Luminites also underwhelmed, the lead singer was never quite on the money with her tuning (nerves) – their semi performance was much better. That combined with R&A’s egging (which I think helped rather than hindered R&A) dropped them down.

  • Andy

    Good luck Boki.
    It is always comforting when anyone agrees.
    Leah’s price has been shortening all day and is now 2/5 in places.
    She is polling really high percentages in polls and seems to be very popular.
    I just don’t understand all the hype myself.

  • Andy

    Welcome on board Stoney.
    I have had my eye on this girl since the very first episode of the voice in march, I would feel confident betting her in a match bet against most of the 8 still involved (maybe not Leah).
    She has likability in abundance and does not take herself too seriously, She is now in the semi final and her supporters haven’t had to spend a penny thanks to Danny’s fast pass on Saturday leaving more money in their pockets to vote this weekend, You moved the markets yet again, 4/7 Now

    • stoney

      Bet365 will be banning me from reality betting if this one comes in lol
      Yeah i think she will also benefit from the jack carrol factor, as she isnt overly popular on digital spy, in comparison with (eye candy) karl
      But im gonna rely on your judgement on this one as the voice is not really my thing, although last year i was on tyler ew 25/1 and he must have come pretty close in the final to landing me a nice returns

    • Boki

      Two scenarios could be possible: Andrea might get stitched witn song/RO if they want Leah to be the only girl in the final or Karl stitched if they want 50/50 male/female. Either way, I also count on the sympathy vote (I had no plans to bet on the voice at all but she deserves it).

    • Guildo Horn Forever

      Hi Andy,

      I think it was a post of yours that reignited my interest in The Voice, and which highlighted the merits of Andrea. I began backing her (and Ash) each way from that point.
      I found Karl an awkward watch in his audition. He hunkered and posed like someone whose deep artistic angst was close to squeezing out a poo. Singers like this annoy me.
      I watched his battle performance against Nadeem, and realised that his dress sense seems to be based on John Bender (from The Breakfast Club).

      At series outset I was doubtful about Andrea’s prospects, for reason that not only have I known a few people who were scared of blind people, but that it was going to be harder for her to emotionally connect with the viewer. From reading your reports it seems her personality is shining through despite this – which gives her momentum and makes her a grower.
      I took the 5/6 this morning.

      When I say I “took” the 5/6, I guess it was still there after my bet. I think some of the sums that stoney places in one bet are what I am trying to win over the course of an event! Lol.

    • Guildo Horn Forever

      I did mean to add one rider. When people start investing in something, they often build up a loyalty to investing in that something (whether it’s throwing good money after good; or good money after bad). So, Andrea’s supporters not yet having had to dig into their pockets to vote for her could be viewed as a negative.

  • Andy

    Digital Spy’s rankings added today at 14.13.
    Andrea Begley – 7.98%
    Sympathy vote or serious contender? Whatever your verdict on Andrea, she’s clearly picking up fan support from a significant section of viewers.
    Karl Michael – 7.19%
    He gave a strong performance on Friday night with his version of ‘A Thousand Years’, but we can’t help but feel that Karl might be left making up the numbers in the semi-final.

  • Andy

    Team Tom match bet.
    Mike Ward, Ev’s V Joseph Apostal 8/11.

    Digital spy rankings.
    Mike Ward – 11.29%
    The country music heartthrob actually delivered one of his weakest vocal performances of the series, but he still remains popular with our readers.
    Joseph Apostol – 4.32%
    We’ve still got a soft spot for the Big J, his mum and his dodgy pink bomber jacket, but he’s bottom of our readers’ rankings this week. Poor Joseph.
    Even money anyone ?

    • stoney

      joseph wasnt great last weekend, but if he sings a slower tempo ballad id have to favour him going through, ill just stick with the andrea bet on this one

    • Guildo Horn Forever

      Yep, even money for me. Just steamed into it.
      Initially, I dismissed him as a bit thuggish and a bit niche, with his country warbling.
      But boy oh boy, does he scrub up well! That lad is catnip. His country singing performances are warm, intimate and sexy. He’s serenading and stealing hearts – up and down the country.
      Am struggling to see which demographic (of any significance) will vote for Joseph Apostle over Mike Ward.

  • Andy.

    Even money good enough for me Guildo, Lets keep the win streak going.

    • Guild Horn Forever

      I’m wondering if I’m over-confident that Mike will take out Joseph.
      Joseph imo has maybe the best voice left in the competition, and is kinda sweet.
      And maybe his odds are nearing value.

      What motivated me to get stuck in to wagering on Mike was the strong sense of disgruntlement in the air post the BGT result. A couple of friends of mine who are ardent multi-culturalists expressed unease at the sight of the dance troupe denying the disabled Northern lad the prize. If even they are negatively commenting, I read that as indicative of the Zeitgeist.

      I’ve bet on a backlash being a factor too large to ignore (with backlashes often tending to be indiscriminate).

  • stoney

    if were all assuming that andrea is gonna see karl off, then an e/w bet on her to win is surely a must!

  • Andy

    If the EW terms available included first 3 I would agree Stoney, Yet only Lad/Coral offering EW odds for first 2, meaning Andrea would need to beat at least 2 of the finalists and with Leah looking nailed on for top spot it could be a tight call for 2nd spot.

    • stoney

      dont see how they can do this, we never found out who came second last year, we know who was in the top 3, and we know who came first, no other information was revealed

  • stoney

    Surely cleo isnt gonna give up a final spot without a fight, shes an outstanding vocalist.

    • Guild Horn Forever

      I remember the battle round embedded below, with Cleo MkII versus the Mel & Kim tribute screechers. Holy yikes! Too much fighting and not enough singing. I’m amazed that the GBP have subsequently voted CM2 through, in another round. So she must have a devoted fan base. Now that BGT has finished, I expect The Voice’s viewing (and voting) figs will rise, so a multi-voting fanbase may not be enough from this point on for her? Am wondering what ITV1 have scheduled in competition next week?

  • Andy

    I posted earlier that I just don’t understand the hype surrounding Leah and I don’t, If it wasn’t for the betting frenzy she may have passed me by as just another high pitched wailer who can reach a few high notes. yet its been impossible not to notice the attention Leah gets in the media and the polls don’t tell lies, 47% in places, some times its dangerous to follow the money when the markets are moving in one direction and you get caught up in the fear of missing out. I followed money for Adele to win best single at the brits this year and thankfully the 16/1 odds I managed get from 1 very slow bookie paid dividends. I initially staked money on Andrea and a little saver on Mike, but the frenzy on Leah spooked me and thankfully I dived in at 3/1. I will not win any money if Leah wins but it covers my stakes elsewhere. Leah is 1/50 get past Cleo on Saturday, it would be a major surprise if she didn’t.
    Hopefully the semis are going to be profitable because the final looks like a full gone conclusion. How many times have we said that ?

  • Andy

    Or maybe even a foregone conclusion 🙂

  • Guild Horn Forever

    I think it’s’s 7.7+ million followership that is helping provide the hyperbolic drive for Leah. He is promoting his artists on there. This may also help explain Cleo’s continuation in the competition (re my previous comment – which is awaiting moderation).

  • gwri78

    I agree, she’s all they’ve got to keep people watching, given the failure of last years winner they’ll do all they can to get Leah to win to salvage any credibility and viewers for series 3.

  • Andy

    Profitable way out Guild.
    Joseph now 6/5 with B365 & Will Hill.

    • Guild Horn Forever

      I’m just looking at the bf outright market, with Jo at 61/1 and Mike at 14/1. Judging by this marker, that 6/5 quote for Jo still looks skinny and it should actually be operating in the 5/2 to 11/4 range.

      I’m probably thinking that 7/4 or 15/8 would be the price at which I would consider an exit Dutch.

  • Henry VIII

    Be wary of betting on The Voice until the dust clears. 1.4 makes me think someone knows something. Like operation Leah to win at all costs.

    If you can’t beat ’em copy ’em. The Voice now = XF.


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