BGT 2013 discussion continuation thread: Can R&A go all the way?

It was a good night for the Sofabet hive brain, as Richard and Adam – first suggested in the comments by Andy on May 15th, and much discussed by commenters since – won the first semi-final. We’ll find out only when the percentages are released after the final, but we’d be amazed if they didn’t win it at a canter.

The winner of the first semi-final has so far never failed to finish out of the first two in the grand final. Can they continue the trend?

They certainly came across well in their VT, which heavily featured their nan. (Less positively, it also featured them referring to having sung on cruiseships. But the power of the nan beats the curse of the cruiseship, as Christopher Maloney’s X Factor longevity proved).

All in all, R&A (or Joe McElderry and Jason Manford as Chatterbox5200 called them) came across as Saturday night variety catnip: humble, good looking, talented. They could hardly have got more help from producers, with a backdrop of gold lighting. Amanda described how she felt patriotic as she imagined them representing this country in stadiums all over the world. (Do we imagine a “they’re not Hungarian” subtext here?)

The contrast in treatment with Band of Voices, pre-show second favourites to win the whole thing, could hardly have been more marked. Here we had a classic assassination job: up second in the running order; given a disjointed-looking stage backdrop of their faces moving around a big screen, making them look like a collection of individuals rather than a cohesive unit; and damned with faint praise from the panel.

To cap it all, Simon Cowell called the very next performance, by Essex dance troupe Youth Creation, the “best of the night so far”. Ouch!

With both Philip Green and Aaron Crow getting the “good, but not as good as your audition” dampening treatment, it seemed clear that producers were setting out their stall for Arisxandra Libantino to join the sandwich-makers in the final. The question was whether the hard-working-family intro (look at the camera, dad!) and the high praise from the panel would obscure how many bum notes she hit.

That’s two of our ten finalists, then – or of eleven, if producers repeat last year’s wildcard trick. Do keep the discussion going below as the week progresses and we try to figure out the rest.

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  • Ben Gray

    Arisxandra just won me ยฃ130 off a free bet. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Much easier show to call, this. I have no emotional investment in it to cloud my thinking.

  • Andy

    Had to run around shops again today ๐Ÿ™

    it was worth it and my winning on the night cover my outright winner stakes, free ride from here.

  • Guildo Horn Forever

    I felt a little sorry for Aris. She had the pressure of covering an epic Whitney power ballad, while carrying the weight of expectation from her family to deliver them from debt and back to their previous middle-class existence.

    But winning free bets are great, Ben ๐Ÿ™‚ Good selection and of course it’s not just Aris’s parents who want to improve their financial situation!

    Also felt sorry for J-Unity. Vibe from their VT as opposed to the staging for their performance was jarring. Staging and performance choices for Youth Creation looked spot on.Think Aaron Crow should be in the movie version of Assassin’s Creed.

    Philip Green was the one I’ll remember from the evening. He reminded me of a young, raw Jim Carrey. A bit Jim Carrey lite. Which is still a compliment.

    Btw, how on earth did one odds compiler have The Band of Voices at 2/1 joint favourite as late as last week. I failed to see their appeal and haven’t personally heard any love for them. I guess the middle-aged session singer demographic lacks strength in depth!

    Looking fwd and looking at the rest of the field – have firm opinions on most of ’em, but am unsure at how to appraise Jordan O’Keefe. Any thoughts on the strummer? How does he compare with Robbie Kennedy? Are they a bit both generic? Regional base factors to consider?

    My idea of super talented is Francine Lewis, but her showbiz background, while piecemeal, is too extensive.

    The Luminites are everything TBOV could never be. They remain an interesting proposition. I can imagine backing them to win their semi-final (whichever that is) against anyone left, save for Attraction and/or possibly Jack Carroll.

    Many thanks to Andy, Tim B, stoney and Boki for putting me in clover; and many thanks to myself for choosing to listen to them! Lol.

    And looking at the top three in the betting at this current moment is looking pretty as they mirror my top three for the competition.

  • Guildo Horn Forever

    Also: I’m not a betfair punter, not familiar with betfair ways, so am puzzled why the Luminites are displayed (or are trading) at 61/1 on there but are 16/1 top price with traditional bookies.

    Aliki meanwhile (for contrast) trades at 157/10 on betfair but is top price 14/1 with the odds offerers with high street representation.

    Neither act featured tonight so am intrigued at this disparity.
    I should have imagined that the Luminites odds would have slightly contracted now their nearest competitor is out.

    • Guildo Horn Forever

      Actually, I automatically regard the betfair trading price as the “real” reflection of chance, given its fluidity and its nature, so am probably just surprised that they are a distant 11th in the betting on that measure, and am now doubting (rightly or wrongly) my estimation of their appeal

    • Luke

      Firstly Betfair is meant to be a true market without any overound (built in profit margin for the bookmaker) because they take their 5% commission from winning bets to make their money so generally the odds would be better overall (although you don’t actually get the exact price shown on Betfair due to the commission). Secondly, where some bookmakers are offering Each Way betting they have to keep their prices lower so as not to give create a situation where their place book is running as an expected loss, which happens when you get a short priced favourite. That’s why you will see the bookmakers who aren’t offering E/W be top priced on most selections. For example, Luminites might be a 66-1 chance to win the show, but they aren’t a 16-1 chance to place, so the bookmaker balances that out. Search for “bad each way” and you’ll find more detailed descriptions.

  • Guildo Horn Forever

    Thank you, Luke, for the clarity of your explanation. Supply-and-demand trading. Specialist markets. A quarter the odds a place the first three in 8 runner races with an odds-on favourite. Bygone times for a reason!
    I see that the Luminites are assessed at 12th (66/1) in the betfair win market, while Aliki is postioned at 4th (157/10). Current supply and demand has produced those odds. Hmmm.

  • Tish

    Does the pimp slot bear any significance for other semis? For example, is the last act on tonight more than likely to win their semi? Thanks everyone by the way for the victorious result of last night. It’ll be interesting to see how the final pans out

  • Tish

    I looked all over the net nearly all day yesterday for the running order and it was no where to be seen so had to wait for the show to start.

  • Andy.

    When the acts who are to appear tonight were announced on BG More T last night, Jack was 7th in the line up and Alice was 9th, sorry but I did not record it and these are the only ones I remember.
    I guess they may not have listed them in the order they will perform.

  • Stoney

    They obviously keep very tight lipped on running order, I bet the contestants don’t know until the show is about to air. Although Looking at the odds for tonight someone may know something as I would expect jack carrol to be quite that short going up against Alice. I’ll still be lumping on him though

  • Andy.

    Coral and skybet have odds for 2nd semi.
    Jack odds on 8/13.

  • Three acts are in the frame for qualification tonight:Jack, Alice, Martin and Marielle. Alice is my YES and Jack, Martin and Marielle are my MAYBEs.

    Martin and Marielle are undoubtedly the qualification value. I managed to get 7.0 but saw that even 10.0 was available with Coral but unfortunately my funds were elsewhere. If you don’t include Attraction, they are by far the best traditional dance act in the competition. The public responds massively to dance on this show when it’s performed well. The only downside is that they’re foreign, so they may need a late slot for them to land in the top 3. However, with an act as solid as theirs, I can easily envisage a Martin and Marielle pimp slot in tonight’s semi.

    Alice is a cert to qualify for me. She’s the best solo singer in the competition, and featured in the prestigious pimp slot for audition show 1, the importance of which is not to be underestimated. Simon was gushing over her at her audition and quite rightly so. I managed to get evens for her to qualify which I thought was on the generous side. People will disagree but I think she’s likely to win the semi.

    Jack is the other contender to win the semi, but he’s FAR too short. Has to be a big worry he’s already used his best material. He’s already played their disability card, so perhaps the only new place he can go is to have a pop at the judges. He may go through but I honestly prefer the chances of Martin and Marielle. Reckon Jack would be a popular choice for the wildcard. Francine is preferred comedian (I know she’s an impressionist rather than comedian, but still) and if Jack gets through then that would harm Francine’s chances of top 3 in the final. Not saying he won’t go through, as me may well do so, but that’s what would happen if he did.

    I am dismissing all other acts performing this evening.

    • Guildo Horn Forever

      Excellent points, Tim.

      There’s flaws and weaknesses every which way.

      To be sure, Jack is too short (no joke intended). There is a worry with the direction and growth potential of his act. And comedians can be so obviously hit or miss that no amount of subsequent panel praise can disguise a struggle.I personally trust he has more to offer and have faith in the guy – but odds of, for instance, 1/16 to win this semi are not for those with a nervous disposition or a nose for value.

      But the same hanging question of ‘where do you go with the act now?’ applies to Martin and Marielle. He lifts her up, at breakneck speed he rolls her around his body like a piece of juggling equipment. Yes, yes. Check. And then…?
      Also I read a unhelpful article in the Mirror today about them: ‘Dutch Trouble’ (or summat like that). Slight anti-foreigner vibe seeping form the sub-text I felt.

      Alice. Who the **** is Alice? The make-up/made-up specialist. I can’t stand her and feel if the voting process for this semi was constructed along the old BB ‘Vote to evict’ lines, then she’d be out on her arse.
      There is a LOT of revisionist articles about her.
      Exhibit A –

      Three learning outcomes:
      a) Syco must think all Sun readers are idiots. Ahem.
      b) The concept of ‘before and after’ can be reversed by time travelling in the Cowell publicity machine.
      c) That if Oscar Levant were alive today, the wag would opine: ‘I knew Alice Fredenham before she was a virgin’.

      Of the rest, the one potential improver I see is Gabs. Surely to God anything she wears must be an improvement upon that animal-print Primark onesie she blew across the stage in her debut. Fresh, direct, funny, nice girl who performs her own songs on the piano, and sings and raps. If she rolls on better costumed and plays and performs another hummable catchy tune, she has an outside chance of joining the party.

      Back to Alice. The trouble with Alice is I think the Syco machine are behind her and will continue to push her. Simon used Aris yesterday evening to snap at one BBC Saturday night rival and might use Alice as a political vehicle too. TPTB are never to be underestimated.

      I missed the early markets. Have been staring in confusion at the odds on offer for this semi.
      Had very tentative and small bets on Alice and the M&Ms for the outright win. Am amazed that I have a (virtual) betting slip with Alice’s name on it! Gritted teeth and all that. The things that value-seeking makes you do! The atrocities committed in the name of that God!

      Was and am desperately disappointed at the odds on Gabs for this semi. I was expecting some very fancy prices to be chalked up (both for qualifying and winning outright). Instead, she’s clear third favourite. Frustration.

      Feel very confused by this semi. Think I sense that there might a terrific vale bet staring me in the face.

      Anyway – go on Jack! I’m rooting for ya, lad.

      • Guildo Horn Forever

        Just thinking on further about the running order, If the Syco machine wants to use use Alice/Fred as a political project, prove a point with the Voice reject, they need to place Jack as far away as possible from her in the order.

        Any bull**** VT nonsense about Fred will be yet more transparent if in proximity to Jack Carroll’s spot.

        If Fred pitches up on 9th, then to maximise potential returns Jack needs to be thrown on early doors, with a raft of other acts and ad breaks between him and her. 3rd in the order would seem a sensible production decision.

        • Guildo Horn Forever

          Which invites the question: Why have as your allocation of two market leaders for a semi – the biggest faker and the anti-sympathy soldier? The simple separation method would have been to allocate Fred and Jack to different heats. There’s certainly enough heats.

          I wonder if the head of the production is running an amusing experiment (the puppet masters indulging themselves?) by giving the production team these two “big name” acts for this heat and challenging the team to get BOTH of them through to the final.

          In which case, the pimp slot would go to the one who needed it the most.

          Also, just took a piece of EW on the Illuminaties outright (extending the conspiracy theory theme). Since mentioning on this thread about their bonkers odds on bf that price has plummeted (tourism destroys tourism?). Bf odds of reward could be in a state of yo-yo but I think the trad bookys’ prices have drifted deeper into the value zone so couldn’t resist any longer.

  • Bruce

    Tim, if Francine is the preferred comedian as you state, why put her in the same semi final as Attraction on Friday? Any theories on this are welcome

    I’d not be dismissing the likeability of the two young Irish lads on tonight, Jack and Cormac although they possibly have to improve the vocalist’s performance to get through and he was very nervous at auditions.

    Personally I don’t rate Alice chances of winning and probably not even to qualify. I’m not sure she is likeable enough or a fit with the voting audience but if she is as good vocally as you suggest then evens sholud look good.

    • Tim B

      Bruce, where did you find out about Attraction being on Friday? I was assuming they were being saved for Saturday as the ratings will be higher than the weekday non-Bank Holiday shows. I haven’t heard about anyone being on the Saturday show yet.

      The preferred comedian doesn’t necessarily need to go through to the final from winning their semi. TPTB probably know that their chance of winning the whole show is zero.

      • Boki

        from betfair forum:

        Tuesday 28 May
        Alice Fredenham
        MD Productions
        Meat Diva
        Martin & Marielle
        Jack and Cormac
        Jack Carroll

        Thursday 30 May
        Rosie O’Sullivan
        Pre Skool

        Friday 31 May
        Francine Lewis
        Clubtown Freaks
        AJ & Chloe

        Saturday 1 June
        Jordan O’Keefe
        CEO Dancers
        Maarty Broekman
        Duelling Piano

  • Mr Joe Black

    The running order as I understand it to be is as follows:

    Meat Diva
    Jack and Cormac
    MD Dancers
    Gabz Gardiner
    Modupe Obasola
    Jack Caroll
    Martin and Marielle
    Alice Fredenham

    With a view to the market (if this proves to be correct) I wouldn’t imagine it helps much with such heavy weighting at the back end – Jack, M&M and Alice. As such this should bury Gabz in her 4 slot and so I’ll be laying her for qualification and forgetting the other markets as it’s so condensed in the later spots.

    • Joe, cheers for this – did you get this order from BGMT last night, as Andy suggests above, or somewhere else?

      And thanks, Andy, for that headsup. You can see it being announced in the order Joe gives here –
      (start at 30:48).

      Will be very interesting to see if this is tonight’s order.

      If so, just a word of warning about tuning in to BGMT tonight and assuming we’re getting the order for Thursday. It’s worth bearing in mind that this time last year, they posted the correct running order on the BGT website ahead of the first two semi finals – but just as we got all excited in the Sofabet comments about having spotted this, for the third semi the list they posted online turned out not to be in running order, and same for the last two.

    • Boki

      If Alice is really pimp and will be praised to high heaven, why is Jack so heavy favorite to win the semi? Something is not right, either the odds or the order…

  • Andy

    TPTB could not have done any more for Richard And Adam last night. Last slot in the 1st semi final, Orchestra playing in the background, golden lights gleaming, Standing Ovation by 3 judges.
    David, Every where I go people ask me about you 2.
    Alisha, You’ve gone to a whole new level, You’re my Nan’s Favourite.
    Amanda, Spine tinging, Proud to be British, Family’s will be in tears around the U.K. at this moment.
    Simon, You absolutely blew it away tonight. A brilliant choice of song.
    These were scripted comments and I now have no doubt which way this show is headed.
    I have said before that these guys are the only WOW act, loads of act are good, a few are very good but Richard and Adam are just a the stand out quality British act. I predict a return to the audition song,’the impossible dream’ in the final I also predict a pimp spot of last with a standing ovation by all 4 judges. Topped up today on betfair 5/1. Things seem a little clearer after last night.

    • Stoney

      Although I don’t disagree with what you are saying, now is not the time to be taking them odds on the only present known finalist, I fully expect them odds to drift a bit as more finalists get through

  • Anyone ever bet the “total buzzers” markets BetFred do?

    Like Alisha to buzz under 0.5 at 5/6.

    Buzzed once in total in the semis last year. It’s safe to say baring any huge errors none of the top 5 will be buzzed tonight by her.

    Mcknasty was a DJ act if you watch the clip
    In YouTube she was loving it.

    Meat Divas she enjoyed it all the way through.

    Only MD productions has a chance?

    Backed under 0.5 for a cheeky interest tonight.

  • stoney

    Alice’s chances of the win being over estimated by andy, in my opinion, i agree she was a producers favourite at first, but its live now and she has had negative press with her being outed as a fake with her extravagant voice audition, and im sorry but take the timid act away and she just isnt likeable, There are numerous other singers in tonights semi, and im pretty sure TPTB wont wont another singer winning tonights semi, yes jack carrol is very short, and i was more confident taking 11/10 on richard and adam yesterday, but i still fully expect jack carrol (now around 8/1 for the title) to cruise through to the final in winners position. Remember sympathy vote, plus likability factor will be key

    • I backed her each way in outright. I am not as confident as I first was, or maybe I’m more concerned of support I am seeing for Jack.

      I am hoping she burst into tears of joy and relief for how poorly that girl has been treated way bck to her youth.

      As cowell then reminds viewers of her rejection



  • Andy.

    I’m in Jacks corner tonight.
    Always have been. Not gambling tonight nerves a little frayed after last night.

  • stoney

    Well looks like no one has called the running order correct, and it also looks like they have decided not to reveal the order at the start of tonights show, wonder if the bookies have requested this?

  • Snickster

    Am hoping for a late draw for Jack an Cormac so they can sneak in behind Jack Caroll for a surprise final place.

  • I love the subliminals in the opening act tonight “HOTEL”…”HOT”. Just a great warm-up dance act for Vegas perhaps?

  • Andy

    There goes the buzzers Jscouser.
    Not sure buzzing dek will count.

  • Had it confirmed, those buzzers don’t count ๐Ÿ™‚

  • stoney

    meat diva will surely get buzzed anyway

  • Alisha loved them in the auditions

  • stoney

    oh is it only alesha, she rarely buzzes anyway

  • AlisonR

    Not seen most of the series.

    In the programme where they announced who was through to the semi, who were the three acts for whom Simon said it was the “Easiest decision in the world”? They have to be in the final.

    R&A must have a shout overall.

    I liked Martin & Marielle tonight but difficult to progress off a number 1 draw. Jack’s got to win this one.

  • stoney

    jack carroll just eased out to 8/13 on bet 365, couldnt resist a little top up

  • Tish

    Great production and set up for all acts so far tonight and alot of positive comments so far…………

  • stoney

    looks like jack has got the pimp :))))))))))))

  • AlisonR

    That reverb’s not doing Alice any favours

  • stoney

    massivly underwhelming from alice

  • Andy

    You got it in the bag Stoney.
    Good call.

  • Can’t believe how poor Alice was! That wasn’t in Simons script

  • stoney

    happy days, jack carroll now as short as 1/9 looks like being another stormer

  • stoney

    just had a side bet on gabz to make the final, 13/8 is generous odds, should be a shoe in if she avoids alice, which is definately possible

  • Chatterbox5200

    The question is…. who do TPTB want in the final? If Jack takes this semi, leaving Gabz & Alice fighting for the remaining place (who else could really sneak into the top 3?) would they really want to lose Alice seeing how much they’ve promoted her and as they’d already have two youngsters already in the final. They are certain to release Gabz’ song, so she has served her purpose, and they can run with Alice putting her disappointing performance behind her in the final. At 3.15 to qualify, she looks the value.

    • Completely agree with you. Jack will win the semi, Alive vs Gabz and they’ll vote 3-1 to save Alice if necessary.

    • stoney

      why would they pimp the young girl if they didnt want to keep her in? basically they knew jack would win the semi and the biggest helping hand to reach the final has gone to gabz

      • To flog Gabz’ single which we’ve now heard in her first audition, when she got through and then now in the semi final.

        Reluctantly I backed Gabz to qualify when she had the pimp slot but I still think Alice would be put through over her.

        Notice how they always have a backup qualifier in case something goes wrong with one of their preferred two!

  • stoney

    i disagree, i think they will see alice as soiled goods now, or possibly hand her the wildcard, there is more value in putting gabz through, having said that i wouldnt be suprised to see meat diva or jack and cormac beat alice in the votes, she was woeful, no way worthy of top 3

  • stoney

    lol@ you guys assuming alice will be top 3

  • Bruce

    Have to agree with Stoney… Alice won’t be top three

  • Where the hell was Alice when ant and dec where with the semi finalists then on the results show

  • Is this Alice lass trying to be an Amy Winehouse tribute act? From the lazy vocal style and pronunciations (and cocking up her lyrics too) right down to the little random wobbles and twitches, she may as well have worn a Beehive wig to go with it.

  • Guildo Horn Forever

    Missed watching the show, but interesting to reflect upon the result.
    This morning was eager for the opening shows on the semi market so I could back Jack and Gabs.
    Markets appear and am surprised at the cramped odds for both.
    Dismiss the M&Ms and take yet another opportunity to mercilessly deride the detestable Fred. Yet, wonder if these acts could be where the value in the market is: and so have token bets on both (kind of for a dare to myself).
    I would have had more down EW on Jack for the show outright than I already have, but for that his odds, imo, have always been on the skinny side.
    ‘Value seeking’ – it has its downside.

  • Tish

    Who’s on the line up for tomorrow? They did announce it at the end of the show but I missed it and can’t see it on the net anywhere

  • All quiet on here today. I have recovered from my loses yesterday on Alice getting some severe stage fright and totally bottling her shakey performance of Cry me a river, leading to her getting the boot!

    Anyway, onto tonights semi final.

    For me winner comes from either Luminites or Robbie, at the current prices 5-2 Robbie seems like the bet of the 3. But I cant split the two just yet.

    Anyone else any views?

    • Guildo Horn Forever

      Hi JScouser2002,

      In the Star, it asserts that Alice/Fred was given a late-in-the-day change of song. It seems Syco threw her under the (school!) bus. Perhaps they too felt conned by her, so decided to reciprocate with payback of their own. I don’t suppose the puppet-masters take to kindly to being played…

      Concentrating on the first four in the betting to win the next semi (they are also four acts whose auditions I have watched) my first three price-centred reactions are: a) Rosie is a ridiculously short price; b) the 20/1 for Pre-Skool is nearer the mark than the two firms offering 8/1, and the 12/1 on Freelusion just to qualify looks overpriced.

      Pre-Skool’s audition is an uber-cutesy concept adequately executed. If you watch their audition again, look out for actual dance content. Where is it? The choreography is a mix of low-degree difficulty street with touches of jazz. There are no soloists busting high-visibility special moves. Where are the freestyle breakers? There’s bazillions of dance schools and clubs who could put on that exact routine in a week. It was tight, it was good, but, imo, nothing special. And don’t we have enough child performers in the final already? Heay Simon!- you’ve slapped down Brucie already; enough now!
      Of course, this won’t stop mumsnet and their like from block multi voting for them!! Amanda Holden seemed to be nearing a maternal orgasm watching them.

      Compare this with the style, excitement and thrill of watching Freelusion’s routine. These people can dance. And their staging is captivating. You have to re-watch their performance 4 or 5 times to catch everything. There is something a little Eurovision about the concept; reminds me a little of last year’s Ukrainian entry. A problem with them is that the staging is a little too hi-tech perhaps? A little ice blue cold and obscuring? It’s difficult to be emotionally moved by the performance or any of its dancers or follow a storyline. Who were they?

      Rosie. Great voice and a lovely girl. Won’t be putting a penny on her for reasons of perception and image.

      Robbie Kennedy.Now there was an auditionee who was genuinely nervous. Terrific rock voice. Very likeable.

      I’m a big fan of the Luminites and think they are worthy favourites.Their lead singer has star quality. Perhaps, ultimately, a little too cool and contemporary for the BGT audience, I think they’ve drawn a beatable bunch of rivals in this semi.

  • Bruce

    Pre Skool my idea of the winners tonight

  • Bruce

    oh thanks Scouser hadn’t realised it wasn’t on tonight because of the football…

  • Tish

    I’m inclined to say luminates. They have a mass following and they are different, whereas Rosie and Robbie are like other singers. Luminites are the only group left and I rekon they will get the pimp slot to give them a helping had to get straight through to the finals. Already we have a popera act, young solo singer, comedian and young Gabz, add a group to that mix and we have a bit more variety. I think Pre Skool will be left with Robbie or Joseph Hall and think the judges would put through a dance act.

  • Tish

    What sites are offerings odds already for tomorrows semi final?

  • Bruce

    and the public not liking the credible and cool Luminites

    Anyway my opposition to them is from the auditions where I wasn’t in the slightest part impressed. Could they suffer a similar fate to Band of Voices?

    Who is going to be favoured by Syco is a dangerous game to pay betting wise imo , look at Alice last night

    • Guildo Horn Forever

      I don’t see why the older members of the BGT audience would dislike the Luminites. They’re fresh faced, non-threatening and likeable. As 41 year old David Walliams said ‘What’s not to like?’.

      The impressive one, for me, is the girl, the lead singer. Stand-out look, voice, presence. Super likeable.

      I doubt very much they’re going the same way as the Band of Voices (whom I never rated as having a chance).

      Band of Voices looked like they could be the Luminites parents! Or their ugly step parents, at any rate!

  • Tish

    Plus the fact that one of the main singers in The Band Of Voices got replaced by a chavvy one didn’t halp matters!! Can’t believe how awful they were, the production team did a great job at bringing them down! I just really hope they won’t do the same to Luminites because I genuinely like them and a lot of their other stuff on you tube. Stoney what are your thoughts on tomorrow?

  • Stoney

    Sorry tish but Im Considering deserting this site for the second time unless a mod can explain why my comment about Alice running off to apply for big brother was deleted

    • Guildo Horn Forever

      Hi Stoney,
      I’m surprised that’s been done.
      I’ve made a variety of scathing comments re Alice/Fred for over a week on this site (and in relation to her applying for other reality shows)
      As far as I know, none of my comments have been deleted.

      • stoney

        yep, shocking treatment, not too mention my comment about the running order not being given out in last nights semi being used in the latest article without a mention, looks like im being driven away again guys ๐Ÿ™

  • Tish

    You were probably right lol

  • Bruce

    Reason I didnt like the Luminites was the lead singer. Its all about opinions ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for the betting on the heat you have to consider the opposition and the odds. The Luminites are 6/4 up against a very decent vocalist in Rosie who was given a fair amount of coverage time wise for her rehearsal. The initial TV polls survey results showed more people want Rosie to win the whole thing than the Luminites.(8% v 0% yes Zero)
    Then you have the nervous brickie and the bubbly kids as well never mind anyone else.

    So yes they may be on last, they may get top 3 and be put through but 6/4 for a win I’ll be laying all day.

  • Tish

    Who would you back then bruce to win tomorrows semi?

  • Bruce

    At the odds I’m already on Rosie and Pre-Skool Tish

  • Bruce

    Thanks Tish I had a look.

    They should be on X factor probably.

    This is the wrong show for them. Perfrorming dogs win this competition remember ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Andy

    Take a look at Oddschecker Tish.
    6 bookmakers priced up the semi so far.
    I agree that the luminites stand out as winners of this semi.
    I’m taking corals price of 13/8.

  • Andy.

    13/8 is no more.
    6/4 P Power best price.
    I’m taking that as well.

  • Tish

    Thanks Andy, I just did it with Coral too and just managed to get same odds as they have just gone down, phew lol, also went with Pre Skool for semi final qualifier. I think Robbie and Jordan are similar (both solo with guitar) and out of the 2 I think Jordan stands a much better chance so goodbye Robbie for me.

    • Guildo Horn Forever

      I jumped on at 11/8. Don’t know why I waited so long.

        • Tish

          I didn;t think they would open the market today to be honest. If Stoney has backed the same act bet to win the semi then I am more than confident of a win ๐Ÿ™‚ Did you back for a qualifier also?

          • stoney

            my main reasoning for thinking they will win 2moro nights semi, is that i can see rosie and robbie splitting votes, and i think band of voices were thrown under the bus to make way for the luminites to be the only vocal harmony group in the final, there definately wouldnt have been room for them both, i havent backed another qualifier yet, ill wait til tomorrow night and see if another gabz opportunity arises on the spur of the moment. That was easy money. Incidentally, i added to my jack carrol 20/1 e/w shot with a lump on 4/1 for the outright win with william hill, he quickly shortened to 3/1

    • Bruce

      You may all be right but I sense some over analysis here. Luminites are a singing act like Rosie and Robbie.

      They may be a group and categorised as a vocal harmony group and the producers/Syco might see it this way but to the general public they are a singing act.
      To think Rosie?robbie take votes from each other and not Luminites just doesn’t ring true to me.

      If they are on last then they will go odds on for the win in play I’d guess. if you have Betfair accounts maybe you might want to lock in some profit at that stage. Just a suggestion.

      Good luck all with your bets.

  • Henry VIII

    “The winner of the first semi-final has so far never failed to finish out of the first two in the grand final. Can they continue the trend?”

    Not necessarily. There’s an elephant in the room that nobody seems to have noticed.

    That is the week long gap between the last semi and the final and the fact that the last semi is on a Saturday. So now all acts have time in the public consciousness and time to rehearse their final act. And how will Saturday’s viewing figures compare with Monday’s?

    New territory for us. We can say that BGT wanted R&A in the final. They are a quality act after all. But beyond that I don’t know yet.

    • stoney

      May 26, 2013 at 10:28 pm ยท Reply
      i cant call it at the moment, ive been oposing attraction for a while now, and tonight hasnt given me any reason to change that opinion, it really is wide open at the moment, there keeping tight lipped on tomorrows semi final line up though, and that seems to be what will be our biggest hope in finding out who is going to win this. Also im wondering if the first semi final will be so influential as in previous years bearing in mind the final is a week later, could play a part in shaking up what happens.

    • Guildo Horn Forever

      I think and hope that R&A will still benefit from a primacy effect. I think your point about the last semi being on a Saturday sounds bigger. Does this mean we’ll see Attraction before Saturday, do you think?

  • Tish

    I wasn’t on the R&A bandwagon at the beginning but after wise words from Andy, I jumped on and was glad I did. What he said was right and I believe that R&A will place top 3 in the final as other ‘popera’ acts have never failed to do so before. As others have said, Jack is worrying me at the moment, purely because I missed the boat and didn;t lump on him before the odds dramatically plummeted!! (Gutted!!) With regards to Saturdays show pulling in more viewers (which I agree it will), I can’t see that they have saved the very best till last?? Not sure that saturdays show will bear any relevance on the voting public/potential winner. I’m aware that the reason why the final is a week later is because footballs on this saturday and BGT wanted to have the final on a saturday to go into a ratings war with the Voice (which has now moved to Friday I believe).

  • Andy

    You had the sense to take R&A each way Tish
    and that should be safe for a return, I took the win market and may well live to regret it, I could lay on betfair if I wanted to guarantee a return which I may do if they shorten during the final next week. At least I placed a tidy sum on Jack EW @ 16/1.
    I do well if either of these acts win, but will be like a bear with a sore head if they don’t ๐Ÿ™

    • Tish

      Yeh Andy I did, twice! I missed my oppertunity with Jacks 16/1 and the only reason I didnt do it is because I placed my money betting EW on R&A again after their performance on Monday! No funds left but fingers crossed Luminites will win tomorrows semi with Pre Skool getting judges votes and then i’ll lump all those winnings on Jack for an outright win. If he does win and R&A place 2nd or 3rd then happy days ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Andy.

    Fingers crossed for Luminites Tish, seems a few on here are lumping on.
    I’ve put my winnings from Mondays semi on to the Luminites yet there are a few decent acts up tomorrow, rosies voice is a little too deep for my liking, Robbie seems a smashing lad and with a good song choice might be a worry for us, yet luminites just stand out, The girl is the star of the show and her voice is phenomenal, I don’t see them challenging for top spot in the final because of weakness elsewhere in the group but the semi seems winnable, and your prediction of Pre Skool got a good chance as well.

    • Tish

      Early auditions seem to be playing in acts favours for semi finilists so far apart rom Gabz. (Rosies audition was shown later then Robbies and Luminites) and eventhough Robbie was shown on week 3 with the Luminites, Robbie was very nervous in his audition and if I remember rightly, stuffed up at the beginning? Can he keep his nerves under control? Luminites have a massive following, near on 50,000 on facebook compared to Robbies just over 5000.

      • Tish

        I hope they keep their performace stripped back like in their audition and the producers don’t do anything overly creative on stage or drown out their voices like they did with BOV

  • Andy

    Simon won’t want to jeopardize their chance Tish.
    He will see the dollar signs and know there is money to be made here.
    more money than Robbie and Rosie could bring in.

  • Bruce

    Luminites seem a little similar this year to how Loveable Rogues were last year which would be good for you as they comfortably won their semi.
    Similar in that they already appear to have somewhat of a fan base and more established than most contestants on BGT.
    I backed them last year for their semi and each way for the final but they came up short in 4th

    I did really like them from the word go though, something I can’t say for the Luminites

  • DB

    Neither Robbie nor Rosie would have longevity within the X-Factor competition – Simon knows this and can’t be seen to pimp let’s face it what is 2 average focalists… My Luminites flag has been well and truly nailed for this evening’s semi-final. I can’t bring myself to backing them to win the overall thing however and will sit relatively pretty with my Jack Carroll e/w bet

  • DB

    With regard to R&A – Missed the boat unfortunately. However I think you’ll see them drift in price following Attraction and Aliki’s performances over the next few days, and so may be backable again before the final. Popera has a great record in this competition & so would be crazy not to include them somehow in my book

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