Eurovision 2013: Sofabet in Malmo

Thanks to the efficiency of British Airways and the Scandinavian railway system, I managed to get my accreditation this evening in preparation for the first day of rehearsals tomorrow. Here’s what I’m planning to provide by way of coverage. Obviously it’s subject to change as the fortnight progresses.

Mainly you can expect an evening summary of events, but I will be making good use of Twitter during the day as well. First rehearsals offer one such opportunity. From this Tuesday to Friday, the only video footage available will come from official channel – likely to be a short and unrevealing set of teasers. A Sofabet tweet summing up what each semi-finalist has revealed is in order.

I’ll be tweeting to get these thoughts out quickly. Do feel free to respond via Twitter or in the comments section here, though I can’t guarantee a response. I’m sure you understand that it’s a busy time, and during rehearsals I want my eyes mainly on the TV feed. However, the Sofabet evening summary will give me a chance to answer any particular questions you have posed.

I will also re-tweet other coverage I think is worth reading. There will be a plethora of bloggers covering proceedings, many of whom are worth listening to, including other betting sites EntertainmentOdds and ESCtips. No one person has all the right answers; half the fun for readers is considering different viewpoints before making up your own mind. And I hope we’re going to have a lot of fun over the next two weeks.

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