Britain’s Got Talent 2013 Preview: What kind of winner will we get?

Since the Jai McDowell fiasco, producers of Simon Cowell’s flagship UK shows are three-for-three. In the shape of Little Mix and James Arthur, the last two X Factors delivered the winners the show seemed clearly to want, at least in the latter stages. And while we had thought before the finals that last year’s BGT was all about launching Jonathan and Charlotte, with hindsight it’s clear that it was on Ashley and Pudsey that the finger of favour had alighted.

BGT is back on our screens tonight, and we can surely expect that producers will be keen to extend this winning run to four. But what kind of act might they want to win in 2013?

We can offer only wild speculation at this stage, of course, but that’s never stopped Sofabet before. And as we now have six seasons of form to go on, we thought it might be fun to see if we could get some clues by deliving into Wikipedia and seeing which kinds of act have proved most successful for the show in the past.

2007 winner Paul Potts, the operatic Carphone Warehouse salesman, has been a success by any standards – his first album went to number one in multiple countries, went double platinum in the UK, and sold a million in Germany. He doesn’t seem to have done anything Wikipedia-worthy since 2010, but as the article claims he was worth £5m in 2009, one suspects he might not be too distraught. His website says he’s working on an album, and a biopic starring James Corden is in the works.

Third-placed Connie Talbot, then aged six, is apparently big in the Far East – her debut album charted at 35 in the UK, but 1 in Taiwan, Korea and Hong Kong, and she was touring in Asia last winter. The things you learn on Wikipedia.

2008 winner, teenage dancer George Sampson, went on to advertise for NatWest in a deal allegedly worth £1m – and it’s interesting to wonder what proportion of such deals might accrue to the show, in comparison to the proportion of record sale revenue? He released a single which got to number 30, then the article talks about dance DVDs, and West End and TV acting work.

Third and fifth place Andrew Johnson and Faryl Smith both got album deals and both reached number 4 in the UK charts.

2009 winners Diversity have one of those gushingly enthusiastic Wikipedia pages that reads like it was written by one of their mums – “On 11 November, Diversity conducted several hours of signing autographs and posing for photographs with thousands of fans”; “they brought out their own fitness DVD which was bought by millions” (how does one go in to add “[citation needed]”?). It says they filled the O2 in 2012, and there’s a list of TV and advertising work. It’s hard to get much of a feel for how lucrative they might have proved for the show.

Runner-up Susan Boyle is, of course, the show’s big success story to date – worth £22m as of last year, according to Wiki.

2010 winners Spelbound, who since seem to have undergone plenty of personnel changes, “have since performed at numerous venues and have been featured in advertisements”. The only other finalist to have made it to Wikipedia is impressionist Paul Burling, who got a one-off ITV show and has since been doing panto and voiceover work.

What has happened since poor old Jai McDowell beat Ronan Parke in 2011? Well, for a start, Scots have been conspicuous by their absence from the X Factor live finals. Jai himself released an album which reached 54 in the UK charts, and told the Daily Record (great choice of picture) that Simon Cowell is “anti-Scottish” and “I don’t like him any more”.

Ronan Parke didn’t fare much better, also being dropped after one album, which reached 22.

After these relatively fallow two years, it’s no surprise that the show reached for popera again in 2012 in the shape of Jonathan and Charlotte. They haven’t been propelled into the SuBosphere after finishing second, though a top-five album is respectable enough and they got their own ITV fly-on-the-wall documentary.

As for the winners, Cowell is apparently filming Pudsey: The Movie for Christmas release. Fourth-placed Loveable Rogues got a deal, too, touring with Olly Murs and with their first single out later this month.

Where does this leave us for guessing producers’ intentions for 2013? It seems a safe bet that Cowell won’t want to create competition for himself in the adorable dog department, and surely the “unpreposessing person has surprisingly good opera voice” trope needs a rest for at least another year.

After popera, it seems that the most commercially successful genre has probably been the child singers – Connie Talbot, Andrew Johnson and Faryl Smith all appear to have done okay, and it’s interesting to wonder if Ronan Parke might have fared a little better had he won, and had there not been the controversy alluded to on his Wikipedia page.

Of course, it’s not always the most commercially viable act who makes the best winner. It’s perfectly possible to launch a successful career as a gallant loser, and there is also the health of the franchise to consider – the Cowell brand will surely have been done no harm by Pudsey fronting campaigns against animal cruelty for PETA and Vets4Pets.

We’ve so far had four dance acts, if you count Pudsey, and two singers win. In the name of variety, is it time for a musician? Might they be tempted to launch a stand-up comedian? Or perhaps another singing winner is in order? For what it’s worth – which is probably not much – it’s been reported that Louis Walsh is angling to manage this year’s winner.

Might it be worth wondering about the extent to which a Justin Bieber-shaped hole may be opening up in the young teenage heartthrob market? Bieber was only 14 when he hit the big time, and a lot more innocent-seeming than today.

Singers of that age don’t have the alternative route of the X Factor in the UK, given the lower age limit of 16. That age limit reflects the longer and more gruelling nature of XF, which must also have implications for how the audition shows are approached. XF producers, casting for up to twelve further weeks of appearances (boot camp, judges’ houses and ten live shows), must be forced to make choices about individuals at a relatively early stage.

BGT producers, in contrast, are introducing acts who will be seen a maximum of twice more (live semi and final). They must presumably have more leeway to think initially in genres and make last-minute decisions about which individual acts to push.

In other words, it makes sense for X Factor producers to ensure they go into the live shows with 12 easily distinguishable acts appealing to different demographics (Union J and District 3 being the exception that proves the rule). But BGT producers can go into semi-finals week with several collections of interchangeable acts.

Even greater caution is therefore required from punters during BGT audition shows than their XF equivalents – a situation compounded by the relative lack of reliable leaks. In 2011, two days before the first live show, bookies’ lists featured prominently two girls – Taylor Fowlis and Arisxandra Libantino – who had each been reported in the press as having wowed at their auditions. In the end, neither even had their audition screened, so they were a bookies’ benefit. In the XF, at such a late stage of proceedings there is usually much less uncertainty about who has and hasn’t made it to the lives.

For these reasons, we won’t be doing reviews of each audition show – we’re planning to check in again at the live semis stage, if nothing remarkable happens before. In the meantime, do follow Dug’s audition episode reviews for The Voice, and feel free to use the comment thread below to let us know your thoughts on this season of BGT, and what you’re making of the auditions shows as they unfold. What kind of winner do you think they’ll be angling for? Do let us know.

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  • trollgirl

    wow, you did consult an oracle before writing this article, didnt you? I didnt watch the show, but glanced over dailymail just now… The first article about BGT is about a child singer, actually the Arixsandra Libertino who was supposed to wow 2 years ago.

  • Boki

    Hi Andrew, any thoughts on Attraction? They were pretty amazing but can they break the foreign act rule and maybe more important – will tptb allow them to fly?

  • Hi trollgirl – I’d no idea they were going to take Arisxandra Libantino out of cold storage! 🙂 Interesting! But a distinct lack of backstory.

    Boki – just can’t see them pushing a non-British winner, can you? It would be like a tacit admission that Britain has no talent left any more.

  • stoney

    if attraction were british they would absolutely walk this competition and i would be lumping on them right now, as i did as soon as i saw spellbounds first audition.
    Although they didnt seem too have a problem pushing razy a few years ago im not so sure they wouldnt push this superb act, however, its the voting public which dont take to foreigners when it comes to voting on reality tv shows, and thats why i wont be putting any more on them for now

    • Hi stoney, hadn’t Razy already moved to Britain? I vaguely recall a Mancunian girlfriend. I can imagine the show being happy enough with a foreign-born winner who’s now making their life in Britain (and potentially also the voting public embracing such an act if the backstory’s pitched well).

      I’m just strugging to imagine how the show would spin a winning act that doesn’t seem to have connections with the country. I wonder if that’s ever happened with another country’s version of the Talent franchise?

      • trollgirl

        I also doubt they will be pushed. First sign for that is that although they had a major impact on everyone I dont see them all over the internet…As I said before daily mails first article was on the child singer and attraction was hardly feaured, even if they have the most YT clicks by far and are all over facebook (everyone shares their video…) . If they will be asked back for the live shows Im sure theyll open a show which will feature the second and third favorites, and wont go on to the final.

  • tpfkar

    Germany’s version (Das Super Talent) pimped an American shock magician Dan Sperry last year. Didn’t speak a word of German and I’ve never seen pimping anything like it. It felt watching the final that he was given 4/5 times the performance length of any other act and he was shown as the seasoned pro among a load of amateurs. He came 3rd in the end. I also remember a British ‘Mr Methane.’ Have a guess at his specific talent, although he was there to play the British eccentric as much as anything.

    • Hi tpfkar – I’ve been enjoying the discussion about German cultural identity crisis on eurovicious’s jury drop article! 🙂 Hard to imagine that happening here, isn’t it?

      I suppose you could argue it’s less of a brand clash given it’s not called “Germany’s Got Talent” – although, could that in itself be considered a symptom of the crisis?

      (Against my better judgement I googled Mr Methane and discovered his 2009 audition for BGT. 30 million YouTube views!)

    • eurovicious

      I stopped watching Supertalent after the 2009 series because it went incredibly trashy, far worse than you could get away with in the UK (see my comment here:

      Whereas Mr Methane (who I cannot stand) was rejected at the audition stage in the UK, the German show put him through to the semis, where the climax of his act was sticking a straw up his pixellated anus live on Saturday night primetime TV and firing a dart out of it to pop a giant balloon on top of the co-host’s head.

      Germans would be incredibly flattered by an American or Brit coming to compete on their show. I’m resisting the urge to discuss cultural identity again, because I’ll go off on one and it does my blood pressure no good, but suffice to say, these two cartoons are barely an exaggeration:

      (This mentality applies to former West Germany only – former East Germany is a much healthier place in terms of accepting its own identity, not having a problem with being German, not wanting to be English/American, and not being full of misused, simplified English and baffling pseudo-Anglicisms at every turn. It’s partly a consumerist phenomenon.)

      Note the fact this year’s German NF was called “Unser Song für Malmö” whereas a decade ago it would have been called “Ein Lied für xxxx”. Even after a decade here, I still occasionally get treated like some sort of mysterious celebrity, demi-god or newly-arrived tourist by people with low emotional intelligence and despite the fact there are 100,000 Americans and 100,000 Brits in Germany.

      I suspect the show’s not called Germany’s Got Talent to differentiate itself from both Germany’s Next Topmodel (sic) and Deutschland sucht den Superstar (DSDS), the German version of Pop Idol, which is still running, as is Popstars, both joined by X Factor and The Voice. (Formats don’t retire here, they just run ad infinitum. Don’t anyone get me started on Wetten Dass… but what do I care, I barely watch television…)

  • Andy.

    Was there a message at the start of BGT this week when Amanda said,

    9 times out of 10 you know who the winner is of this show, They come on and you get that feeling.

    2 or 3 clips of Attractions shadow act followed by a clip of Amanda and Alesha teary eyed and a standingovation by all 4 judges.

    maybe a red herring.

  • Tish

    Is it worth betting on attraction to win? I’m worried the odds will be slashed even further if i leave it any longer?

  • Good question, Tish – and Andy your question is looking more and more pertinent by the week. Final is apparently on June 8 which means only three more audition shows for them to introduce challengers.

    But I’m still really struggling to imagine how a Hungarian dance troupe could be allowed to win without making a joke of the franchise, and therefore I’m still thinking that someone else is going to emerge from the pack and be pushed for the win. Would love to hear from readers who can make the opposite case.

    • Tish

      I agree with you, if they did win, the BGT brand would get a lot of stick and I think the public would loose faith, making the show less popular. But who do you think they will push forward? A singer? A dance troupe? Also, attractions audition was amazing, brings a tear to my eye every time i watch it but i’m thinking, how will they beat that performance in the semi finals, or even the finals? Have they peaked too soon? My heart says bet on Attraction but my head says don’t!!

      • It should be easy enough for the producers to stop Attraction if they want to – early slot in the final, “that was really good, maybe didn’t quite reach the heights of your first audition, but good”. But no idea yet who they might push instead – your guess is as good as mine. Might have to wait for the semis and hopefully it should become clearer then.

        • Tish

          Luminites is who i’ll put my money on, the best odds are 12/1 at the moment so definatley worth a shot. They have more than double the amount of followers than Jordan O’keefe who is currently 2nd in the betting market. They have the rawness in them like James Arthur has (he won the x factor ) and his sound is really ‘current’ in the Great British music industry. I believe that Luminites showcase British talent and that is who I will be putting my money on!

    • Hi Andrew,
      I watched the bonkers prices for Attraction disappear faster than a ninja before hopping on that train EW at 7/2 and also 3/1. To me they are an unstoppable force.
      Certainly, the Romantic cult of multiculturism seems to have fallen from grace in these times witnessing the rise of UKIP.
      But as soon I saw Attraction’s show I was reminded of Spellbound’s debut (which did exactly what it promised on the can) from a couple of years ago.
      They’re Hungarian in a show entitled Britain’s Got Talent – but the list of runners and riders reveals a fair number of surnames that don’t trip easily off the tongue.
      Plus,,and here’s the thing: you (the viewer) are watching shadow theatre, you’re watching bodies; you’re not hearing accents, you’re not registering facial characteristics. If it wasn’t for the brief bow out front at the end of the performance (by which time the spellbound viewer has a lump in their throat) the performers would be totally anonymous.
      I don’t take too much notice of YouTube figures but 15.5 million views ain’t to be sniffed at.
      Incredibly, I see with one firm that The Band of Voices have been installed as JOINT favourites with Attraction. Myself, I wouldn’t take 8/1 for the The Band of Voices, let alone 2/1.
      The betting seems to be filled with bloody singers. I’m bored silly with people opening their gobs, producing high pitched sounds and then being presented with reaction shots of punters open-gobbed with awe for the modern-day angel.
      If someone is a great singer get thee on the X-Factor or The Voice- you’re well catered for.
      I think many people share this boredom with the O.D. of vocalists: two of the last three winners of BGT haven’t been singers. BGT should be a proper variety show. I’d like to see a magician, juggler, impressionist etc scoop the prize.
      And don’t let me get myself started on reality-show opera singers; though I (thankfully) note that Barbara and Carla were out in their opening battle round in The Voice
      There you are: there’s the case for the opposition.

      • One extra point: I think the majority of contributers (myself included) didn’t back the short-priced favourite for the ESC. I think that this has increased the need to get the favourite beaten in this contest.
        Also, everyone here has been head deep in analysing singers for the last month or months re the ESC. There might be a tendency to continue to focus on (and analyse) singers (as opposed to non-singing acts).
        One learning outcome, though, from the ESC (that can be transferred into the analysis of this BGT) would be to reflect on the importance of staging in the success of the first four home in the ESC.

  • Andy

    Hi Andrew / Tish
    Richard and Adam.
    watch their audition again.
    It sent shivers down my spine listening to them sing The impossible dream, Both seem genuine as simon said and with vocals like that they can sing anything that’s thrown at them, Simon would want singers to win.
    14/1 available with Betfred and Stan James, yet when I tried to place bets with Stan James they limited me to £25.00 only, This price may drift as more acts are added but will certainly shorten when we hear them again, bet to lay possible.
    This time last year I won 5 figures on Pudsey, hoping for more of the same this year.

  • Andy

    would like to add that Britain obviously enjoys Classical/Opera music in this show.
    Paul Potts, Susan Boyle, Jai McDowall and Jonathan and Charlotte all finishing 1st or 2nd in the first 6 series of BGT.
    The look on Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden’s faces when these fellas are singing speaks volumes of there quality. The crowd reaction was also impressive, The winner of BGT has to be special, I feel this could be the act to take on Attraction.

    • Tish

      I agree they are good and you are right, Britain does love Classical/Opera music, however, Susan Boyle – a phenomenon and Jonathon and Charlotte did not win BGT and I personally don’t think Richard and Adam will either. Great Britain loves the more ‘current’ music genre. Take for example, Ella Henderson and Jahmene Douglas from the X Factor, they were both more ‘Classical’ than the actual winner James Arthur, who, as I said before has the same rawness that Luminites have. I put a bet early on for James Arthur and won a big sum and I hope to do the dame this year. My initial thoughts for betting on were Attraction, but, after a lot of research on whether a non British entrant could win, i’ve gone with my head and decided againt it.

    • Tish

      Andrew, what are your thoughts from a betting perspective re Richard and Adam? Yes they are amazing but similar to Jonanthan and Charlotte last year. Although, as they came second last year, do you think R&A could win? (as long as there isn’t another novelty act as good as Ashleigh and Pudsey competing against them) The public obviously love ‘Popera’ so will they vote R&A above the likes of Jordan O’Keefe, Luminites and Alex Keirl?

      • Hi Tish, I guess if you put a gun to my head I’d probably rather be on Richard and Adam than the Luminites, if only because we saw more of a relateable human backstory to make us warm to them (sandwiches, nan).

        They’d also be a more straightforward sell to middle England. On the James Arthur comparison, Dug makes the case here
        that he only took off in the votes when forced more into the “white crooner in a stiff collar” mould, and they don’t have the time to make that kind of journey to comforting middle-of-the-roadness with the Luminites.

        On the other hand, you’re totally right that R&A look like a weaker popera package at this stage than J&C and SuBo. And if producers decided they’d like the Luminites to win it, I suspect they could probably find a way to engineer it without too much trouble.

        So much will come down to who the producers want to push, and I’m finding that really hard to second-guess at the moment.

  • Tish

    Ok thanks for that! I guess what i’m trying to do is second guess who will be pushed for a win and am doing everything possible to try and work out who this could be, i’ve read all previous posts on here and looked at first auditions for previous winners and runners up to see what simons initial response was etc. Basically i’m going to take a gamble and put a bet on after the weekend whilst the odds are really good in the hope for being successful and getting a much greater return! Richard & Adam and or Alice Fredenham! (After her audition Simon said ‘this is what I have been waiting for’. This is almost exactly the same thing simon said to Ashleigh after her audition with Pudsey)

    Wish me luck!

  • Natasha

    Hi Andrew/Andy! What are your thoughts on Band Of Voices at this stage? Simon seemed to like them because he hadnt seen an act like them before i think if they hadnt sang ‘God Save The Queen’ they wouldnt be bookies 2nd favourite (Simons comments regarding the queen and its what makes us proud to be british etc has drawn me to the fact that this could be the reason he would want to push an act like this?). Aliki? I dont think she was anything special but you cant deny the fact that she has the best sob story the show has ever seen which the may or may not take to. Comments appreciated 🙂

  • Andy.

    Hi Natasha, 2 very good acts last night and that just adds to our problems, Just had a quick look at the odds of BGT and apart from attraction who are a dance act the show is dominated by singers, many of these singers are very similar, for example, The band of voices and The luminites have the same style, so do Jordon o keefe and Robbie Kennedy, Richard and Adam & Aliki, a few other singers Rosie, Alice etc making me think a few of these acts may fly under the radar due to the fact that the final will be dominated by singers, I made a case for Richard and Adam in a earlier comment and will stand by them for the time being, I think the luminites stand more of a chance than the Band of voices.

    • Tish

      I totally agree, they can’t put all the brilliant singers through. One more show left on saturday so will have to wait and see if they have saved the best (non singer act) till last because as you have said Andy, attraction are the only dance act up there with the singers and they have been ruled out of the equation. I did fancy my chances with the odds as they are at the moment but I can’t for the life of me think who they will quietly bury, I have a feeling it’ll be a shocker anyway!

  • Hi Natasha, Andy, I basically agree with both of you. Certainly wouldn’t be a surprise to either see the Queen/British guff or Aliki’s sob story turn out to be significant with hindsight, but as you say Andy there are just so many singers around it’s hard to guess who’s going to be pushed forward during the live shows and who’s going to be quietly buried. Who knows, maybe even producers themselves haven’t decided yet.

    • stoney

      that sob story is a rival for jahmenes in the x factor, could be one to watch out for that girl, i wasnt really feeling the song choice to be fair, it got a bit better as the song progressed though

      • Tish

        Thats exactly what I was thinking Stoney with regards to Jahmene and in my opinion, she wasn’t as good as the other singers in the top 10

  • Andy

    Hi Guildo Horn.
    Its great to see someone come out fighting in the opposite corner and all your excellent points are now taken on board.
    When watching reality I always sit with a laptop with a live betting comparison site open and I watched attractions price of 10/1 quickly become 5/1 and then shorten again all day sunday, I had the opportunity to take thes prices but could not bring myself to do so simply because the act was not British, I then stayed up till the early hours watching dozens of attractions performances online, I have now viewed these performances many times and I think that the BGT audition is my favourite by far, now the reason for me looking for value elsewhere is because its possible that attraction may have peaked too soon, its going to be difficult for them to beat the 1st audition and this could see them beaten on the line. I feel the same way about Alice Fredenham and Alex Keirl, I am not sure they can move forward as a winner needs to do,
    Havin said that, after reading your views I am now beginning to wonder if 3 or 4 singers in the final may split the votes and leave a variety such as attraction free to take the title, Good luck to all trying to figure this years winner out.

  • Hi Andy,
    Like your arrangement for watching reality shows – think I’ll be copying that set-up!

    Good point about Attraction possibly peaking too soon – but I still prefer to liken their initial group splash to that of Spellbound; then, for example, the immediate transatlantic waves of Susan Boyle (who of course finished runner up).I think that comparison is the better fit.

    Another betting pressure I recognise is the ‘Damn,I missed the price’ syndrome. You know the one: you refuse to bet what is still a value selection, because you could have, but didn’t, take even better prices previously. This is the annoyance with myself (and general frustration) I felt after having watched the fancier prices about Attraction disappear. The frustration hardens into stubbornness about not backing the selection. Because I can’t get the price I missed out of my head, the price now available looks terrible value in comparison. The non-emotion reasoning would be comparing the current price with an estimation of the current true odds of the selection. The wrong part of the brain apparatus is making the wrong comparison!
    Anyways, in short, I thought to myself: are 7/2 and (then) 3/1 value prices. I answered ‘yes’ and forced myself to back Attraction. Because I’ve took them at those prices I notice how it’s now been easier to back them at 2/1 (which I have). Tis’ funny how the punting mind operates, is it not?! I have to laugh at myself,sometimes.

    A singer whose emergence would worry me would be someone like Connie Talbot.

    Regarding a comparison in another comment above: as I recall James Arthur looked R.A.F. and like something out of Trainspotting. The turnaround time to make him more voteable for was necessarily an intensive,one. Whereas the Luminites…you could have them drive on stage in The Magic Mystery Machine and they would look well cast. They look a nice, clean-cut, genuinely close-knit group of fresh-faced friendly, humble talented people.

    It is true that TPTB at BGT could torpedo Attraction’s chances of winning; but feel that they will prove a tough gig to derail.

    It’s also true that BGT will push their favoured act (and will also be very aware of avoiding unhelpful vote splits). A foreign winner of a show called Britain’s Got Talent is a bit funny. So, I wouldn’t take less than 2/1.

    As I will always remember that “credible” JA won X-F!!
    (Anybody can be engineered a win!)

    Disclaimer: if Attraction lose I’m NOT refunding anyone’s bets!!

  • Andy

    You hit the nail right on the head Guildo.
    Of course I regret not taking the decent prices.
    Don’t worry too much about a Connie Talbot type act
    Ronan Peake.
    Hollie Steel.
    Rachel Crow.
    Connie Talbot.
    Cheeky Monkeys. Etc
    Cute doesn’t win talent shows,
    Talent wins talent shows

  • Tim B

    Hi all, I’ve been following BGT but haven’t had time to comment until now because eurovision got in the way. You may remember it was me who flagged up Ashleigh and Pudsey on here last year E/W at 10/1 :D.

    I completely agree with Guildo above who (rightly imo) compares Attraction to Spelbound as the obvious and most-talented winner, far and away the standout and most impressive act. I believe Attraction are Plan A, and fully expect them to be featured in the first semi final on Monday.

    “But can they really win BGT? They’re not British, and this has to be a serious concern…”

    My answer to this question is yes, and I can impart some information I gathered from attending some of this year’s auditions in London. At the session I attended, the first act on was also from Hungary. They were an extremely solid, 3D in the dark dance troupe. Anyway, during the comments Simon said he was pleased that acts were coming from across the continent as it meant the British acts had to up their game, and it would lead to a stronger competition overall. He was filmed saying this maybe four or five times during the session, as there were acts from different parts of Europe, like The Netherlands, performing. This struck me as a little odd. Why was he being filmed saying this again and again? At the time I concluded that TPTB were intending to push a European act for the final or possibly the win, and it seems like I was right. If TPTB have decided that they want Attraction to win, then they will do so. After seeing that none of their competitors have been anywhere near the same level, I backed Attraction heavily to win the contest. Best odds are currently 3.5 with Betfred, and I would suggest getting the favourite on side if you haven’t already.

    But what about Attraction’s competitors? Who else is likely to finish in the top 3 and potentially challenge for victory?

    My strongest contender for an E/W selection is Richard and Adam (12/1 with BetVictor). The popularity of opera/popera/classical singing must never be underestimated on this show. This genre has an outstanding success rate as outlined by others above. The fact that they are brothers gives them the aww factor, necessary to succeed in the substantial mum and nan voting demographic. They even brought their nan to the audition, who was immediately encouraged on stage by Amanda. Only Boys Aloud may have benefitted from a hefty Welsh vote last year and R&A should benefit from this too.

    The next act worth considering E/W is Luminites (14/1 with Coral). This is a cool, credible and fresh band of talented youngsters. They are good looking, humble and are a “ready made band” as Amanda stated in their audition. They have a great deal of commercial chart potential, and I reckon SYCO are already preparing contracts for them to be signed. The band have already established a significant following on social media and we’ve not even reached the semi finals yet. I would compare them favourably to The Loveable Rogues from last year. If the plan is for them to be signed, which I expect it is, then they’ll have to be pushed for a top 5 finish in the final for this to be justified. So top 3 is definitely possible and I’m sure they can achieve a very decent finish.

    I’ve found weaknesses with all of the other acts they’ve put through, so I’m not able to make a case for any other act at the moment. I have made a provisional list of acts I expect to see in the final too. Can’t wait to get started with the live shows now 😀

  • Attraction for me are the best, but would I touch them at the current price of around 5/2, cant do it. Too many question marks.

    Not from Britain and the fact the favourites have a poor record in this show in general. Does anyone know the record of acts in “got talent” in other countrys, of how many have won that where not from that country.

    Trying to oppose them looking for something to at least place.

    Alice Fredenham
    Her audition was on Week 2, preference for me is always for acts that are on in early weeks. Gives the audience time to have chosen their favourite and harder to change their mind.

    She was rejected from the voice auditions which was aired, sure the viewers will be reminded of this by Simon in the semis, giving her an “underdog” story. This is likely to give her added push. If anyone listens to the full youtube clip with simons comments, its enough to think he does have a preference for her.

    8 minutes and 30seconds of air time – positive

    Can anyone give any reasons against Alice that I may be overlooking?

    • Also to add, if Alice is a “flop” on BGT and doesn’t make it to the finals, what does this say about the Voice reject and BGT’s decision to take her. Makes BGT and Simon look weak in comparison to the Voice.

      Success of any amount to Alice only benefits the rivalry, not saying that this is reason she will do well, more of a reason that she wont do poorly.

    • Sorry, rushing today….

      She also has the second most Youtube views from this years BGT, obviously second to Attraction.

      Cant see her out the placings at 20-1ew (22/1 yesterday)

    • Tish

      I completley agree with you JScouser on every point you make, i keep watching her audition over aswell and you should also note the fact that Simon says ‘this is what I have been waiting for’ this is almost exactly the same thing Simon said to Ashleigh last year after her audition with pudsey. I have also noticed that the acts who come 1st 2nd and 3rd all have their auditions shown in week 1-3. Coral were doing odds of 22/1 for alice on tuesday and I kick myself as they have gone down to 14/1

      • Yep mate, took the 22/1 myself, put up for the past week on twitter account. But still 20-1 available with VC, its not so much the win part that i think is huge, I like the eachway part of the bet. Struggle to see her out the first 4, if she finishes 4th so be it. I will take the loss on the chin.

        I just struggle to find the negatives on her in comparison to other acts who have more negatives/question marks

    • Tish

      Also, simon has publicly defended her after the stick she got for her ‘vulnerable act’ she had on stage compared to her voice audition. Also, he has said publicly that every one deserves a second chance. Could this be a strong indication that he wants to push her for the win??

    • Tish

      Maybe it’s worth an EW bet for her then at 20/1 with BV before it goes down again?

      I think richard and adam EW aswell is probably a good one

  • Andy

    Hi Jscouser/Tish
    Just a few of my thoughts on Alice.
    I think I actually preferred Alice to Alice’s performance, many questions are being asked about the stage fright, people felt it was faked, I thought she seemed genuine and it truly was a beautiful audition but I am not sure she can make the top 3, it was good but not WOW Good and im sure many people will disagree with me when I say after watching it about half a dozen times I now find it boring, please don’t let me influence your betting or your stakes, these are just my opinions and I have been wrong many times in past.

    • If I’m honest, I think her wow moment that makes her a solid bet to place, is more about her story from the voice, the fact Simon appears to love her, according to his quotes. And more importantly if she fails then it doesn’t do nothing but harm to BGT, since they took on a reject from the Voice.

      There may be more to come with her. Put in the right semi final, and the right slot in the final, with clever wording from
      The judges with a decent edit.

      Easy for me to see her in the final 3

      • Tim B

        Definitely possible for Alice to finish in the final 3 but – she’s posh. I wonder if that will end up hindering her chances.

      • Boki

        Historically speaking, young female singers almost never finish in top3, I don’t know why is that (just looked it up on wiki) but it keeps me out from involving in Alice at the moment.

        • I don’t remember any acts similar to Alice with her story or qualities?

          Baring in mind she is something like 26-27.

          • Boki

            I wouldn’t know, following BGT only from last year but the stats are looking strange – is it possible there was no young female quality singer all these years? When I said ‘young’ btw I ment someone younger than SuBo 🙂 Also they introduced Aliki last week (I’m trying to catch up) who has the looks, a kind of sob story (which I don’t get btw, big deal) and similar screen time, although I agree she made less impact than Alice.

            I’ll continue to play devil’s advocate here, Alice’s performance was too slow for me to make serious impact either. She can do quicker stuff as can be seen on The Voice but that one was nothing special imo and jazzy sound hardly can appeal to the masses. Her only plus is that Voice reject story and we hope they are continue to push it but, if that happens, will it be enough for a placement or even a place in the final?

  • Andy

    Most of our time and efforts on this site are focused on Attraction or singing acts, I am beginning to wonder if comedy acts may be being over looked, There are 3 acts who I think have a great chance of making the final,
    Jack Carrol.
    Francine Lewis.
    Phillip Green.
    The events of the last few days will leave many people wanting something to smile at and maybe we shouldn’t rule out a top 3 for one of these acts.
    Phillip was my personal favourite but he may become irritating.
    Jack has his own comedy style and I suspect he will pull in plenty of votes.
    Francine the outsider for me.

    • Can’t have a comedy act winning it myself, 3 minutes is not enough time to put forward your comedy act and style.

      It’s a huge disadvantage for the act, too much of an uphill task for me.

  • Tish

    How am i supposed to place a substantial bet when most bookies online will only take a maximum of £25 per bet? How does everyone else get round this one??

  • Andy

    I’m having the same problem Tish.
    V C have banned me.
    Sky, Sportingbet & SJames only allow such small amounts I don’t even log into my account anymore.
    PP accepted £8.00 EW on a 12/1 last night and Bet365 only allowed £6.82 on a 11/1.
    BFred, Lad, Will Hill and Corals also limit but are my main betting accounts.
    Betfair is the shining star but will not set up a market until all the finalists are named.
    Frustrations of the reality TV gamblers. 🙁

    • Tish

      How did you do it this time last year then when you won 5 figures?

    • Tish

      Regarding comedy and imperssionist acts, Francine Lewis was amazing but she is already partly famous as she was on Very Important People and Phillip Green really grated on me! He was good, but just really annoying before and after his act. Jack Carroll is also very good and very funny and I think the fact that he has a disibilty and uses it in his jokes will win him more votes and get him to the final but I just can’t see him winning. A few years ago Paul Burrell came 4th i think, he was an imperssionist and an extremley good one but his initial audition was better than his performance in the final.

      • Tim B

        Quite right to bring up the comedy acts. Three of them received large segments for their auditions.

        Philip Green is extremely irritating and some of his act isn’t great or original – they’re impressions of other people’s impressions. But he may have some Joe Pasquale-esque appeal?

        Jack Carroll was very entertaining and funny but he did so many jokes about his disability already, I struggle to see where his comedy will go. He was featured in the audition show, which is historically an advantage, but I fail to see him making the final without a pimping.

        Francine Lewis is my favourite out of the three. Her act was well written with some brilliant comedic timing – “Oh, shut up!” to the audience when they were laughing. Her website reveals a portfolio of famous people she can do including plenty of soap characters. I would fancy Francine to make the final out of the three, possibly Philip too but only for some kind of lame “Battle of the impressionists” narrative that would punish both.

        Am I missing any more comedy acts?

  • stoney

    i put 100 pound on ashley and pudsey at this stage last year 100/1 and 500 pound on them just after there semi final at 11/4, i havent tried to put any money on this year, purely because i havent got any strong feeling towards a winner yet, im waiting for the semi finals, as the winners market in them is usually quite easy to work out, but it wont be any good if there capping the betting to silly amounts!

    • Tish

      Wow, they were at 100/1 just before the semi finals? Fair play, bet you were well happy with that! Makes you think about the acts that havent been discussed on here as yet as potential winners with really high odds………………….

  • Tim B

    [Danijela coming from Slovenia moment]

    First semi final is on Monday 28th May. They then run Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and then SATURDAY as this year the final is being held a week later than the semis this year. Will this Saturday show be significant this year, perhaps as important as the first one on Monday? Viewing figures may be higher on a Saturday than say, the Thursday semi.

    • stoney

      i have priority tickets for the saturday night show, no doubt it will be the dregs left, as they usually front load the best acts at the start, but saturday was the most ideal day for me to attend

  • Andy.

    Hi Tish,
    I got on early at big prices, 16/1 & 14/1.
    and just kept backing them.
    Shops, online, Betfair.
    whilst Johnathon and Charlotte was singing in the final Ashleigh & pudsey were still available at 100/30.
    My keypad fingers were working overtime.

  • Tish

    Some of the favourite acts only have their audition aired on youtube rather than everything including the judges comments. Richard and Adam and Band Of Voices for example, Could this mean anything?

    • I think it’s a small negative, but a negative never the less.

      The full audition for someone includes comments from judges before act, comments with ant and dec/producers if any, the actual act performing, then judges comments,
      Crowd reaction pre-performance and after performance

      They are all part of the story, edit them out and you have a disadvantage compared to other acts.

  • Andy.

    Ladbrokes limit on BGT this year is £200.
    The best by far.

  • stoney

    i see people continuously referring to the voice reject story for alice as being a positive, where as i see that being a negative, why would the want a flop from the voice (a show that is always being mentioned as being far inferior ratings wise, and quality wise, winning there show, what does that say about britains got talent? I would think they would rather a foreign act win that a flop from the voice, and in an ideal situation they wouldnt want either, but in truth there is nothing at the moment mounting a serious challenge to attraction ,

    • Im talking mainly of the place part of the bet than to win outright. Think the 2/1+ thats on offer if you back her each way at 20/1. Is better than the 2/1 on attraction to win outright.

    • Tim B

      Interesting, Stoney. Alice’s appearance on The Voice UK is what put me off her also. It’s something that can be spun in two ways, and without knowing which way I am reluctant to back her.

  • stoney

    i would fancy young comedian jack to place more than the voice reject, although ill be waiting til semi final orders are revealed first, as that gives a better idea at who is being pushed to the final

  • Tish

    We will have to wait and see which 2 acts win in Mondays Semi finals. Am I right in saying that its usual for the winning act in the first semi final to place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the finals?

    I have backed a couple of acts already, risky at this stage I know however, I couldn’t not at the current prices. Why do they have to have the final a week later than normal, grrr!

  • Andy

    Hi Tish.
    For some reason the pimp slot is 8th in the 1st semi final.
    series 1, Paul potts, Won in the final.
    Series 2, Signature, finished 2nd in the final.
    Series 3, Susan Boyle, finished 2nd in the final
    series 4, Spellbound, Won in the final.
    Series 5 Rowan Parke, finished 2nd in the final.
    Series 6 Ash & Pud, Won in the final.
    The 3 acts that finished 2nd were favourites to win in the final, so would be classed as upsets.

    • Tish

      Monday we shall see then! Im hoping the pimp slot will go to richard and adam or francine lewis then!! Does the pimp slot in the last semi hold any relevance?

      • Tim B

        Actually Tish, there may be more emphasis placed on the last semi final this year. It’s on Saturday, so viewing figures might be higher and Ashleigh and Pudsey are performing on this show. Also, the final is a whole week after the last semi this year, so that one may be the one that stays in viewers’ minds. We shall have to see.

  • Andy.

    No relevance that I can see.
    Most people have there favourites chosen early and are reluctant to change.
    I have my stakes in place on Richard and Adam,
    Might take a little bit of Jack Carrol at 20/1 EW.

    • Tish

      I did EW for R&A and was surprised that coral took the amount i put on it. I couldn’t resist with Francine at 40/1, again, did EW but this time, they would only let me do £15, I would only place an EW bet at this early stage and will prob save my £ to bet fully on outright winner so I guess it all comes down to mondays result

  • Boki

    “The final auditions for Britain’s Got Talent 2013 will air on ITV this Sunday, with the BGT live show finalists short list revealed straight after.”
    When we are going to get the line-up for the first semi then, Sunday or Monday ?

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