X Factor 2012 Week 7 Elimination: Six Of The Best?

And then there were six. In the Sofabet comments this week, there has been unusually sharp disagreement among some of our most knowledgeable commenters about the elimination possibilities. Essentially there are two main camps: those who think it’s Rylan’s time to go; and those who reckon that Christopher may finally hit the bottom two and that, if he does, will be gone.

There’s also been healthy debate about whether one of the ‘big 3’ will fall into the bottom two. Rad, Queen Bea, Jake Kl, Kevin O’Reilly and Alen are among the commenters reckoning we will possibly see Ella down there this weekend against Rylan. Eurovicious and Jack think that James is a more likely big name to fall into the danger zone. The pair trade at 7/2 and 3/1 respectively to hit the singoff.

Interestingly, the one thing there seems to be a general consensus about is that Union J can bounce for a second time. Only Boki has really struck a note of scepticism here.

Let’s take these issues in turn.

Jscouser2002 summed up the case against Rylan: “He now comes to the week off the back of a bounce. There is now no need to keep him in the competition, Nicole needs to lose an act also. He also loses all sing offs, perhaps most suiting would be v Chris, if only for the storyline of Gary saying ‘justice, about time’.”

HenryVIII also felt strongly that “Rylan’s toast whoever he’s up against… I think they like Chris. He gives them publicity and he’s popular… the XF press office can write silly stories about him to feed the press with. He brings in phone votes. He’s also their anti-themachine contestant. They could teach the CIA a thing or two about creating a false “enemy” that can be controlled (to attract and corral dissenters).”

However, there are plenty who are equally adamant that if the Liverpudlian falls into the bottom two, the opportunity presented means that he will be eliminated. Among the Sofabet commmenters lining up on this side of the fence are Adam, Sarah, Jack, Dan, Eurovicious, Mick, Highlighted and Kevin O’Reilly. Jack summed up this side when he said: “Chris being saved in the B2 risks the chance of him bouncing into the semi or even to the final. If Chris falls into B2, they will get rid of him in my opinion.”

So what’s our opinion? It’s true that this is traditionally the moment when the pantomime acts are jettisoned. That’s why we had Rylan in sixth place in our 1-13 prediction before the live shows began. There have been hints from Rylan himself that this week would see the end of the journey. He says his psychic told him he would depart this week, and joked on Xtra Factor after his Spice Girls mash-up that he would eff off the following week.

Gary has half moved towards the position of accepting Rylan’s place in the competition, which is the traditional moment when the joke act leaves, as occurred with Johnny Robinson and Wagner. Last week Barlow admitted how much fun the routine was, but by slating Rylan’s role in the production still motivated the Essex lad’s support. If Gary goes the whole hog this week in endorsing Rylan, it would be a sign that producers are indeed following the script in attempting to jettison the act who is there largely for entertainment value.

However – and much as I hesitate to disagree with astute judges such as JScouser and HenryVIII – I do think that if Christopher is in the bottom two, the show would take the opportunity to get rid of him.

While EM makes an interesting case that producers might like Chris in the final, because “can Chris beat Ella has a better storyline to it than can James beat Jahmene”, that makes narrative sense only if Chris gets to the final without having touched the bottom two, so that we are all still in the dark about just how popular he is. I doubt that producers would want to see Chris in the final after a bottom two appearance – in that case (and perhaps, indeed, in any case), I expect they would prefer a more credible final line-up.

If they save Chris from a singoff this week, they run the serious danger of him bouncing to the final. Of the acts saved in the week 7 singoff over the last four years, Olly Murs, JLS and Amelia Lily all enjoyed a two-week bounce straight to the final; only the divisive Cher Lloyd had a bounce of only one week.

Could they get away with saving Rylan against Chris in a singoff between the two? I think so. As Adam explains, Tulisa and Louis have been scathing enough of Christopher to join Nicole in creating a 3:1 vote. (Which is, of course, not to say that they’d want Rylan bouncing to the final – as it would be his third singoff save, the chances of such a big bounce would seem slim).

The fact that Chris’s odds to be eliminated (3/1) are barely longer than his odds to hit the bottom two (5/2) indicate that the market also feels Chris would not survive any singoff.

The bigger question mark in my mind is whether Christopher will fall into the bottom two. As Gajy pointed out, if last Sunday’s Daily Star story is correct, Maloney may still be polling too well to fall into the bottom two anyway. Janet Devlin topped the first votes through to week 5 last year and was only eliminated in week 8 thanks to a singoff among the final five.

Our article earlier this week argued that the show is adopting a longer game in deflating his vote. An all-out frontal assault including an unsuitable song choice hasn’t yet happened. Referring to the raft of negative stories about him in the press every week has arguably become a positive by making him appear to be the victim of bullying producers.

There may be a feeling among programme-makers that another week of these headlines and speculation about his winning chances is more useful for the shows’s ratings. If so, expect some more mixed messages in his treatment and exasperation from the judges that motivates Chris’s supporters – an attempt to drag him down that falls short of an all-out push to get rid.

But if he does escape the bottom two yet again, who does that leave in the danger zone? Rylan, coming down off his second sympathy bounce, is an obvious contender and unsurprisingly short at 1/3 to feature in the singoff.

A best-priced 6/4 to be in the singoff and 5/1 to go this week, Union J do potentially have a motivated fanbase and are now the only boyband left in the competition. But their first sympathy bounce only lasted a week and the second one is traditionally less powerful. I would be surprised if producers didn’t do plenty for them this week in an attempt to help them bounce. Having said which, I was surprised that producers didn’t do more for them last week.

The treatment of the ‘Big 3’ continues to be fascinating. Only Jahmene has been consistently pimped this series. Will that continue? One has to assume so until we see any evidence to the contrary.

Whilst James always gets good comments, Jscouser2002 has made some thorough points about occasionally less than helpful productions. It has been slightly counter-intuitive to see him shorten in the win market over the last few days, and I say that as someone who plonked a little bit on him at around 7-1 before his first pimp slot. Perhaps given former favourite Ella’s weakness in bookmakers’ lists, he has become a default alternative to Jahmene.

Talking of Ella, there were signs of desperation in Tulisa’s table-banging demand that people pick up the phone to vote for her last week. This seemed to be reiterated by the Daily Star story that she was struggling just above the bottom two in recent votes. And as Rad said in the comments, her one-trick nature is becoming increasingly obvious. Will we be pleasantly surprised this weekend?

I do think that producers will want her in the final and I agree with eurovicious that they will do all they can to avoid having her face a singoff to get there – in terms of a suspenseful outcome, in an ideal world it makes for better television to have as many of the final three as possible not having touched the bottom two. On which note, it will be interesting to see if producers decide to keep singoffs after this weekend. In the early series, five acts became the point at which the public vote alone decided, though the last two years showed a readiness to introduce singoffs when necessary to jettison troublesome ladies from the Emerald Isle.

If it’s Chris who goes this weekend against Rylan or Union J, I can see producers going straight to the public vote, which should allow Rylan and Union J to gravitate naturally to the bottom and leave a final three of Jahmene, Ella and James never having faced a singoff. If it’s Rylan who goes this weekend, however, whether or not we have further singoffs may be an indication of how confident producers are feeling that they can get Chris down to the bottom of the vote.

To conclude, it’s a tight, intriguing market in which there was some early value when Rylan was priced up at 2/1 for next elimination, but in which prices have now settled down at roughly where I think they should be before Saturday’s show. I’m waiting till I’ve watched it. How are you playing it? Let us know below how your thoughts have evolved.

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  • Boki

    My stance about Chris is clear – he’s gone at first opportunity. If they think they can’t get him in bot2 yet I predict not so good treatment of UJ because if they bounce and Chris is safe one of the big3 has to fall. That’s my another concern about UJ but we’ll see tomorrow.

  • annie

    Since last Sunday I kept repeating that Rylan will have to go, as it would be ridiculous for Nicole to have three of the top 5 acts. But then I just realised last year Kelly had the same situation. Janet, Amelia,Misha against Marcus and LM. So that argument goes a bit downhill….

  • stoney

    I swear i was the first person to raise the issue of chris being saved in a sing off against rylan, yet no credit in the article, time to hang up my keyboard.

    • Stoney. Let me give you some sincere credit and thanks then. I love your polite healthy banter and even though we are supporting opposite camps here (which is really all the fun of the fair and what it is all about), I have to thank you for pointing out the UJ at 35/1 on Betfair this week when all else where at 20’s. It’s what this board is all about.

      I don’t have an account there but my son does and I asked him to pick one up for me. He did and it was also then at 40/1 for a short while. So, if I hit bullseye (again) this year, I will owe you a pint or two. BTW, please don’t hang up your keyboard, I enjoy your chat and opinions and I am sure a lot of others do too.

  • b_scholes

    I suppose at least some of it will depend on who D3 fans are now voting for. With the battle of the boybands is it unlikely that they would transfer their votes to Union J and their votes go to any other contestant than Chris.

  • I have heard a few people suggest similar, I really can’t disagree more.

    As a viewer I don’t think the battle of the boybands theme was pushed hard enough, early enough, for it to have had an effect that built a dislike for the opposing boy band.

    I agree that some dedicated fans of D3 won’t pass their vote to UJ however they’re would have been plenty of supporters of both who probably varied their vote from week to week between the two, often voting for the act they thought needed it most that week. These are be votes that UJ will now pick up without competition. These will be a higher bunch of voters than the dedicated D3 fans.

    For this reason I think UJ are totally safe this week. The only thing that brings any concern is I suspect UJ were bottom of the vote else they would have let Louis choose last taking it to deadlock to bring a fair “victory” to the end of the battle of boybands storyline.

    For reasons already posted. In previous thread. I think Rylan goes and have backed at the recommended prices of 7/4 and 2/1. I suspect it will be v Ella to give her a boost to the final making it an easy 3-1 vote for rylan to go. Preventing any difficulty they may face of either Chris/rylan being saved should they face each other then have a hard task of getting rid of either before final

  • Boki

    Rylan is not hard to get rid of when needed. I believe Daniel is right thinking they want big3 without shadow of bottom2. If Chris is too strong that simply means UJ joins Rylan imho.

    • Fair enough. For reasons above I just can’t see UJ in bottom two, wouldn’t mind the result because means rylan goes.

      Week after week, Ella has had positive comments with one negative comment just dropped in their by one judge. This is more damaging than all 4 of them giving negative comments. It plants a small negative seed in to the viewers thought. Doesn’t encourage her fans to argue via voting in force. And for this reason I have no doubt that Ella is on the decline this week would be perfect for her v rylan. Makes her being in the final extremely easy. Also making it then easier to setup the following two weeks of UJ or Chris (leaving in whatever order you like)

    • Boki

      Coming back to own thoughts: if UJ is bot2 and saved vs Rylan, next week they have to engineer UJ vs Chris (in order to keep big3 intact) and save UJ third time in a row. That sounds less and less realistic, don’t know what to think anymore so wait for tonight.

  • eurovicious

    I’m inclined to think Rylan will go this week and have put money on to this effect. I haven’t added a saver on Chris because I don’t think he’ll be B2 and I’m prepared to take the risk (at least at present; this could change after I’ve seen the show). They won’t want to let Rylan get as far as 5th(!) or higher because it’d be ridiculous. Regarding who will likely join Rylan in the bottom 2, I don’t know. My honest feeling at the moment is that it won’t be Ella or James. Tim has been saying all week that he doesn’t think Union J will bounce and I think there’s a fair argument for that, though if they fall into the bottom 2 yet again and are saved yet again, they’re damaged to an unprecedented degree considering they’re supposedly the alpha group. The show has pimped the living daylights out of Jahmene, but I’d argue that he represents value for bottom 2, in part precisely because of this. Contrary to my previous stance, I don’t feel James is in danger. He has a lot of support because he’s quality, stands out and has more of a USP than any of the others.

    Basically, we have a “core 4” who’ve never been in the bottom 2 and can be assumed to have a relatively strong and steady support base of varying sizes, plus 2 acts who’ve been bottom 2 twice and whose support is smaller and unreliable. It’s week 7 and I shouldn’t be saying this, but Union J are still too anonymous and unrelatable. The show hasn’t done anywhere near enough to establish an emotional connection between them and the viewer. (This applies to Ella to a certain extent as well.) My reaction as a viewer towards the remaining contests at this stage in the contest is: I care about Chris and Jahmene, I am engaged by James, I am entertained by Rylan. By comparison, Ella has somewhat less of a connection with the viewer and Union J significantly less. In terms of the show’s dramaturgy from a viewer perspective, Union J are almost the filler act and Ella the toilet break act. Tomorrow I expect to see a serious, major push for Ella including sympathy VT, or at least that’s what they’ll do if she’s still Plan A and they have any sense. I expect Chris to receive broadly similar treatment to usual, if not more positive, because they need and want Rylan out this weekend and thus don’t want Chris in the B2 as it would mean Rylan outstaying his welcome. I expect James to do his usual thing, and I actually expect Jahmene to be less promoted than usual. However, it remains the case that for Union J to bounce, they have to poll higher than either Ella, Jahmene, James or Chris, and I find it a stretch to see that happen. Pre-show B2 prediction: Rylan/Union J. Roll on the morn.

  • Kevin O Reilly

    I have been thinking more of the stage & lighting for James Arthur. There have been numerous examples of negative elements but then hugely positive comments. Perhaps this is the week he gets positivity all the way? One thing about this year is how difficult it is even now to predict the winner. I am leaning towards James all of a sudden.

    • If anyone hasn’t already read it, please click the link to my thoughts already mentioned in previous article by sofa bet, https://sofabet.com/2012/11/14/x-factor-2012-camera-angles-and-stage-lighting/comment-page-1/#comment-25927

      I am keen for other opinions on this.

      Saying that I think if James avoids bottom two this week (which I think I will) he will shorten in outright and be considered as more likely winner as opposed to the most successful act regardless of he wins or loses, which many have the opinion on.

      Also I’m not one that relies much on gambles unless te price is clearly wrong, often it’s a few punters having average bets based on their opinions, leading to an over reaction in price changes, especially in these types of markets. However that said I have never noticed a row of blue price changes on odds checker for any selection in the bottom two combo market. Until this week, rylan v James has shortened today, with all 3 firms quoting.

      I wonder if anyone here can shed any light on views on above?

    • Also I’m hear James is singing lauyrn hills version of “can’t take my eyes off you” make of this what you will.

      But I think it’s a good song choice for him. I previously wanted him to sing “a million love songs later” again (yes be did it at boot camp but only 40seconds of it was aired, without e rap bit in it, so edited) this song I think will have the same effect of that.

      • eurovicious

        OK, so James Arthur has done Kelly Clarkson, Mary J Blige, Annie Lennox, Gwen Stefani, Adele, and now Lauren Hill? I can see the sob story and tabloid headlines already: “JAMES ARTHUR: SECRET WOOFTER”. “I never had a problem accepting my sexuality,” Arthur says to the camera, “but in the superficial gay world, I’m constantly rejected because I look like a Toby jug. So I express my anguish through my music.” He laughs and wipes away a tear. “Music makes me stronger. It heals my soul. This one tonight goes out to everyone who’s been bullied and made to feel worthless because of the way they look.” The VT ends. He flashes a smile, performs an angst-laden grunge-rap-dubstep version of I Am What I Am, wins X Factor and gets the guy. ~fin~

    • eurovicious

      Of those that remain, now that Lucy’s gone, he’s the one I’d most like to see win. But I highly doubt that middle England will play ball. If his odds for the win continue to shorten, he’s a great lay. Why? There are a lot of viewers, perhaps even a majority, who don’t want or expect entertainment to be challenging and who judge things in terms of how “nice” they are – and the show already has three prime “that was nice” acts in the form of Chris, Jahmene and Ella. (Union J at a push.) Little Mix, Joe, Leona, Leon etc won because they were “nice”, Alex Burke’s Hallelujah was such a huge seller because it was the embodiment of “nice”, and Chris is doing well in the votes because he is “nice” and his performances are “lovely”. James Arthur’s singing style is the antithesis of “nice”, ergo he’s unlikely to win. This is to his benefit. (As my Cumbrian grandad used to say, the worst thing you can call someone is “nice”.)

  • lolhart

    I’m pretty confident that Rylan will be in the bottom 2 this week, partly because his place in the show has been accepted which has proved the undoing of many of the joke acts. I don’t generally read the tabloids, but he doesn’t seem to be generating half the press he did at the beginning of the lives. I can’t see any reason TPTB would want to keep him around at this stage.

    I also think Chris will be safe this week. The negative press and criticism haven’t landed him in the bottom 2 yet and I can’t see it happening this week. I’m sure TPTB don’t want him in the final, but I think their priority will always be ratings and everytime I glance at the tabloids a lot of X-Factor related news seems to concern him. He seems to have taken on the pantomine villain role for this year.

    I don’t think Ella landing in the bottom 2 with Rylan is outside the realms of possibility. She actually reminds me of a contestant called Bella (!) from this year’s X-Factor Australia who peaked before the live shows, started as the clear alpha girl, but failed to deliver a memorable performance after that. She just lost out on a place in the final which is a fate I can see falling Ella now. She really needs to deliver that wow performance at this stage.

    I also think the treatment of Union J will be interesting this week. The fact that they were in the bottom 2 last week must have dented hopes they could be the new One Direction post show. If so, they’re not going to get the producer love they need to carry them to the final. And the fact that much more could have been made of their performance last week leads me to believe the producers are not too fussed.

  • Henry VIII

    Along with Daniel’s conclusion I’m going to quaintly watch the show first this week.

    • Jake Kl

      Chris would win in a deadlock!! Lmao

    • Tim B

      Ha! Brilliant spot. This echoes what Gary said on The Xtra Factor in week 2 or 3, where he let slip that Christopher “was nowhere NEAR the bottom 2”, and when Tulisa said she was worried about him taking one of the spots in the final 3. Everything points to the leaks being true. Also I’d like to point out that Chris Maloney IS people’s guilty pleasure, so we might expect him to do well again this week.

      • The leaks suggest he tops the vote, this is unlikely imo. However keep in mind these are normally “Leaks” that have been given to the press by producers etc, always given with intentions.

        Keeping in mind that the judges are given a guide of what to say and what not to say.

        I suspect that he isnt topping the vote, but is near the top and each press leak has been carefully leaked to give some fans the false sense of security he is safe that week. And also the bad press to slowly remove some fans week by week.

        • Kevin O Reilly

          and possibly the same with judges comments, incl Louis interview posted today. all to undermine and rally fans of other contestants to not be the one he replaces in the final.

  • Daniel

    In this amusingly indiscreet interview in today’s Guardian, Louis Walsh spills some beans and at the end says the following about Chris Maloney: “He keeps getting really big votes.”


  • Donald

    Been very busy and travelling but finally get to catch up on the week on Sofabet.

    Agree that is is all intriguing and not much value around so going to watch show tonight and decide from there just like Daniel, have got a few wrong but have saved the day on sing off.
    Great article and comments on production during the week, only note to add is I thought James Arthurs styling was odd last week, thought it had more aggression that other weeks, they had toned it back from auditions etc.

    The Chris Maloney situation is some saga for the producers, especially judging by Louis article which Daniel posted above. Maybe Louis knows the game is up and they won’t stop him so best be on the factual side of the matter. It is not as if they have not tried to stop him. Lets see what they try tonight, (be interesting!) I got a feeling they will not stop throwing the kitchen sink at him, they still have time to nobble him, they rarely fail at the end of the day. Have they ever?

    One thing I did notice yesterday was James Arthur was top featured video on YouTube in the UK. Now when you think of all the mobile phone stores and the footfall and people looking at video on smartphone tablets, iPads before purchase could be a big way of introducing James to a non show viewing audience and of course inflating views past the 1M mark. Is it a promo job or an act of desperation? And why feature James not Ella or Jaheme, just thought it was odd but it was done yesterday.

    Hopefully we might get “the winning catapult song” performance tonight, hasn’t come yet this season really.

    Running order could be more back to old days influence with six left tonight. Enjoy the show and good luck to all.

  • Curtis

    I’m expecting Ella to get the “winning catapult song” this week or next. Week 7 or 8 are traditionally the time that these performances come out, and I really do believe it’s Ella that the show wants to win. I don’t think it would be prudent to be on Ella for bottom 2 for this reason, at least not just yet. In fact, I don’t think it would be prudent to be on any of the “big 3” for bottom 2 until after the show because any of them might get that winning performance.

  • Kevin O Reilly

    I get the feeling that tonight may tell a lot. Thanks to all it has been an interesting sofabet week and best of luck to anyone parting with hard earned. I am on Chrissy boy to go but not convinced at this point so may well do one or two alternatives for B2. Rylan racing certainty to be 1 of the two slots surely. Will be watching lighting & camera angles big time. I have become a sofa bet nerd I guess!!

  • Jake Kl

    Ahead of tonight, Whatever happens Chris and Jahmene are safe and Rylan is leaving.
    Joining him in Bottom2 are: Depending on treatment tonight Ella, James or UnionJ.

  • Similar to what I did for James’ on his week by week stage lightening and comments. At the risk that its probably going to be forgotten about since the live show starts in 15 minutes…

    Here is Ellas

    Week 1 – Rule The World – All round great production, appears on the stage with a single glowing light behind her as if she appears from the light, with background of Stars. Planting in audience’ head she is a star.

    All round positive comments from Judges

    Everything Pimped

    Week 2 – Loving You- Very bare production, bare enough to focus on hair, Main lighening was a mixture of white and gold. With one light focusing on Ella.

    Very positive production.

    At first all positive comments then Louis highlights and points out how much he loves her, he loves her, he loves her but that she looks too much like Adele.

    Take note it Louis saying this, the main puppet judge, was this the week the deramping started? If their is a deramp??

    Consider this, you like Ella, Ella is Your Favourite… then a judge says “Ella, I love you I love you I love you” As your subconcious mind nods in agreement the same judge says “However you look too much like adele” then reminds how much he loves her, hmm does you continue in agreement? I am just asking?

    Week 3 – You got the love – Club Classics week, never going to be good for Ella? This week the production imo is notwhere near as good as previous weeks. Lots of wide camera angles and flashing lights everywhere. With one very small/thin light focus’ing on Ella. It doesnt give the positive effects of previous weeks.

    Below standard production for me

    Judges comments… All round positive however.. this week it was Gary that had the bad comment to input. Your brilliant, your fantastic, but you should’nt be dancing like steps.

    Week 4 – Bring me to life – Stage production first sign of red and black for Ella.. surrounded by lots of smoke (It was halloween week however) I really disliked the backing video on throughout her stage performance especailly as it started as the tone changed from verse to chorus at the begining.

    Stage liightening wasnt good, lots of different lights and i mean LOTS, facing everywhere but Ella. Please re-watch this if anyone things I am over-reacting? But its totally different from the first 2 weeks when she was odds on and looking like Frankella.

    Judges Comments – This week… I noticed two things all the judges were very positive, however it was Nicole’s turn to give the negatives, saying she disliked her version pretty much. Now the most interesting thing was every single week until now it was drummed in our heads “She’s 16” “Ella your ONLY 16” etc etc. this week… what did Gary say “Your an adult, competing with Adults” ??? Did we overlook this switch?

    Week 5 – Firework – Stage production back to laid bare performance, no huge lightening and gold colours again, with Gold fireworks slowly going off behind her in the video as she hit the high notes. I really liked this performance and think aside from Week 1 its her best.

    Judges Comments – All positive again with some negative comments from Gary & Nicole about the song being too high for her? Really some vocal critisim, this is a first? So now we have had it planted that she didnt dance to good? and she isnt faultless when she sings.

    Dont get me wrong I am not saying her comments are not good because they do appear really good, but why plant a negative each week, almost alternating between who gives the negative comment too?

    Week 6 – Written in the stars – Gold lightening again with a backdrop of a purple.. actually I’ve no idea what it is behind her but its purple.In week 2 she sang next to a classy Piano, now its next to a guy who looks like average Joe with a Guitar. I really dont have any view in this production, if anything I would say it was more positive than negative.

    Judges Comments – Gary says its brilliant and tells viewers he doesnt think she will be going anywhere this weekend.Gary being the primary negative commenter last week, this time its Nicole again, saying there is a little bit of negative with the tone in her voice again.

    Overall – I really dont know what to make of Ella, she was the front runner, the main one, the absolute standout. So why plant the negative comments, why has the pimping gone from the first 2 weeks two more negatives productions than positives?

    Is it because she was TOO high in the votes and someone else is their Plan A?

    Is it because if she looked TOO good it makes the competition look over already? So they have put her down? If so do they intend to build her right back up at the key time int he competition (now imo)

    If anyone has any views, please share 🙂

  • Daniel

    Union J up first tonight. They have just tweeted the fact.

  • Kevin O Reilly

    I think James will be pimped to high heaven

  • This turn… Nicole has a dig at her song choice.

    As a viewer I thought it was perfect.

  • Louis's wig

    Slow pop ballards did for Diana Vickers and Janet, surely Ella has more in her locker

  • Help!

    Again, more mixed signals. Ella was on a plinth, but there was a choir backing her and lots of pretty blue lights.

    Tulisa keeps describing her as a ‘little star.’ It didn’t damage Little Mix last year, but could it damage Ella? Potentially saying that Ella won’t be ‘a big star.’

    No sympathy VT, it almost felt like a farewell. ‘I’ve been enjoying this, Disneyland Paris peformance etc. etc. etc.’

    If the producers won’t support her now, they probably won’t support her next week. Possible candidate for bottom two. There was no commercial break after her performance either, it led straight away to James.

  • Donald

    Ella did not look happy at end of her performance, VT was odd, and sitting behind James Arthur before the add break. Song choice very very strange indeed. They definitiely seem to be on the slow down Ella job, James Arthur just been pimped to the limit.

  • I am just picking myself up off the floor after James’ performance. To do that with an old Andy Williams/Frankie Valli song and make it sound cool was just stunning. Most original and talented XF contestant ever.

  • R

    I felt Ella was heavily pimped. Every comment in the VT was about her having fun and being happy. She was linked to the Twilight celebs (not as much as LM last year).
    I thought the performance was ok but the song choice was very strange. Indeed, if it had been Janet last year we would have heard the B word a dozen times, with Ella it was largely very positive. Plus Ella had the golden “angelic” lighting and even a halo during judges’ comments.
    For me, it was a massive attempt to keep her out of the bottom two.
    The same with James and support from Boreloads.

    I think they are both struggling in the votes and needed to be heavily pimped.

    Rylan has grown his facial hair back and is ready to leave.

  • Chris in that circle lightening again! Giving image he is in a prison cell/trapped again.

    Really really bad stage lightening.

    He is totally nailing the song though.

  • Nicky

    OMG, they’ve turned Chris into the devil!

  • annie

    Oh my, did you see the laser beams shooting out of Chris’s eyes?:D I think they are hoping everyone else was looking at that and forgetting to vote 😀

  • R

    That was hilarious. I loved the crazy head image for Maloney, especially the lazer eyes.

    • R. Ha haaaa too. Red/black backdrop, a virtual ‘cage’ of up-lights, Devils eye beams from the portrait in the Ghost buster film, a disintegrating face and even Craig’s final performance gimp jacket. Judges stuck too in finding ‘genuine’ compliments. But I bet somehow he will still be here tomorrow like those annoying arcade things that pop back up when you smack them on the head with a rubber mallet.

  • Jack

    Chris sang really well, but the staging was horrific. Will he survive? I still think Yes…

  • R

    Jahmene sings an 80s track to win over some of the Chris votes. This is an all out.

    Could the increase in tempo at the mid-point also be a link back to Ella not doing so?

  • R

    Don’t forget to vote it’s

    01 for UJ
    02 for Ella
    03 for James
    04 for Rylan
    0h don’t for Chris
    06 for Jahmene

  • shoulders

    I’ve bet on Chris to go, based these indicators, really bad comments last week, not so bad this week (Gary “our trick is to get bad comments from all the judges” then got not so bad), singing position second from last a popular one for B2, then finally visuals “Demon Eyes!!!!!!” (and in case no one released it was an image of Chris Nicole told everyone) I’ve been wrong on my Most of my posts!! (Last years M&S stars conspiracies spring to mind!!) but if this one is correct this assignation puts Wagners “I’m a creep” into second league!!!

  • Barlow being battered on the Xtra Factor for saying he wanted James to win the competition. Surely another damning factor towards Christopher’s elmination. Even his mentor wants someone else other than him to win.

  • shoulders

    They say beatles can survive a nuclear attack, if Chris dosn’t go this week add him to the list

  • Here are my thoughts on tonight.

    Draw Bias, I dont think this is as significant any more now less acts. However at first glance I thought the worst place for Chris to be was directly after Rylan. “Fun” followed by “Villian” one winner their.

    Union J – I thought their song choice was perfect for their target audience, and I took nothing from their VT. But I am of the opinion that a bounce and all the extra votes from D3 fans they are totally safe from bottom two (I dont mean the hardcore fans, i mean those fans that varied their vote week by week from D3 to UJ n vice versa, giving it to the Boyband they thought needed most, now they are all D3s)

    Ella – The only significance in her VT was the mention of twlight! I didnt hear that in any other acts VT. So basically if your a girl and you like Twlight, your on the same page as ella, so you like her. Good VT

    I tweeted as she sung “Ella’s best performance by Far” to 10 seconds later hear Gary reflect exactly the same.

    I fully agree, i thought everything about it was perfect. But… what shocked me was that they CONTINUED to put a subtle negative in it. This time iit was Nicoles turn again. (Highlighted this again https://sofabet.com/2012/11/16/x-factor-2012-week-7-elimination-six-of-the-best/comment-page-1/#comment-26007) What are peoples thoughts on this? I really take a big big negative from it. What purpose is their to critique a front runner, who has just done a flawless performance? Only one is to deramp her.

    Also there was none/very little mention of Girl Power from Tulisa this week. Make of that what you will.

    James – VT was very good, Nicole comments were “That sounds awesome” “This is the song all the GIRLS want to hear” So your told already, its brilliant and then your told if your are a girl you love this! Very good VT

    Stage Production – Once again something new for X Factor similar to last week. THis week he is on stage and his backdrop is now 30+ small TV’s showing James clips from X factor. Their you go, James has been planted in your memory as a famous TV Star, someone your likely to see on TV Over and Over. Very positive

    Comments – First time we have heard any judge say, I want you to win ? Big positive for James… big big negative for Chris (come to this later)

    Rylan – Didnt take much from his VT other than a crying baby. Nothing really. Past song choices for Rylan have bene much more popular for viewers at home, this song not so much. I dont think it would give the viewers at home the opportunity to join in the fun. Which is what Rylan is all about and what keeps him in. I thought it was truly awful. Thought it was curtains for him.. until this happened….

    Judges Comments – Typical comments as expected for Rylan, but then Rylan fought back v Gary, he won that battle, this would have definately enticed his fans to vote for him. Gary looked as though he totally enjoyed it too. Did anyone notice Louis needlessly step in and then say (Bare in mind he knows the script better than anyone) “Rylan didnt your psychic say you was going this week too?” Just to let viewers know, dont worry he is going this week.

    Verdict – Bad bad song choice, bad performance.. did Rylan v Gary in the judges comments keep him around? We shall see

    Chris – Gary introduced him something along the lines of as.. “Two words that bring thunder to many in this studio Christopher Maloney”

    Perfect time now for Chris to come…in the producers eyes anyway! VT i thought was good, it showed him Laughing and having fun, we havent really seen that before.

    His stage production however, probably the worst of the series! First up it showed him in the blue prison circle of death that D3 were in the second week (when they landed in the bottom 2). Awful start… then it got worse. (as already pointed out above) His back drop wwas his face, cut to pieces with lights come from his eyes, making him look like satin.

    Good thing too, because i think he sung it as well as he possibly could.

    It was as bad as it could possibly be

    Judges Comments – Not bad, not good.. neutral. Louis & Tulisa not laying in to him as normal just being mild, so his fans dont vote in force again.

    Dermot then questioned his stage production to which Gary said “Well that wasnt your fault chris, and it certainly wasnt mine” He may as well have said “Producers want you out mate, thats why they gave you that sh#t”

    Ok so Gary saying he wants James to win, its almost as if tonight he has accepted that producers want Chris gone ASAP. But take note.. the moment he goes.. you now know who Gary will be supporting James Arthur! Use that how you wish for your outright book

    Verdict – The target this week.

    Jahmene – Interesting VT, keep in mind James’ VT showed Nicole saying “That sounds awesome” Jahmenes VT focused on how he was struggling to sing it and ended with Nicole saying “Dont Suck” quite the opposite.

    I dont like Jahmene, so forgive me if I come accross biased.

    I thought it was a typical Jahemene performance, i almost feel like I am watching the same thing over and over. But that will be enough to keep him fully safe this week.

    Judges Comments all Praise


    Target is Chris, but will it be enough to get rid of him. If the rumors are true about himbeing high in the votes, well it might not be? So who shall fall in the bottom two if not chris.

    For me I think the plan is Chris v anyone to get him gone.

    But if what they did isnt enough for him Rylan v Ella looks most likely for me. With Rylan gone. This then leaves room for Ella to easily be in the Final, and allows room for Chris to go next week.

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