X Factor 2012: Live Show 6 – Just Be Good To Three

It was ‘Best of British’ week, so we were all on tenterhooks to see what fascinatingly stereotypical references and glorified ‘Pride of Britain’ style nationalism ITV would be willing to stoop to. In particular, I was eager for Marmite/Marmalade/Afghanistan references.

In the opening VT, District 3 seemed to receive the benediction of the Union Jack along with Louis’ assertion that the boys could be “big all over the world.” It was yet to be seen just how the Battle of the Boybands would swing.

Then came obligatory dancing. I don’t think I ever realised just how much Dermot O’Leary reminds me of a better looking, less interesting version of Austin Powers. But then I never realised how much the X Factor makes me want to flay myself until I saw Scherzinger in an origami interpretation of Bjork’s dead swan Oscar outfit.

Dermot and Gary had a minor verbal fracas and it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell whether Borelow is rebelliously off-script or if producers are happy to let him rant for the sake of controversy.

Shakey Maloney went out in the position-formerly-known-as-death-slot with a VT that focused on Gary teaching him how to sing. He wore a red-and-black outfit and performed another 1980s cheese-fest in the form of ‘I’m Still Standing.’

I’m not sure if the lyrical message of ‘I’m Still Standing’ amounted to triumph or reverse psychology. If Louis’ Heart FM comment was intended to put voters off, it probably ignored the likely correlation between ITV viewers and Heart listeners. Chris continues to be something of an X Factor mystery. As yet, he has avoided the danger zone though this didn’t feel like as good a week for him as last week.

Jahmene continued his long-standing theme of self-disbelief in his VT before getting the chance to chat with Jennifer Hudson on Nicole’s mobile phone. ‘Angels’ was a perfect call for Middle England votes.

I couldn’t help but notice that Jahmene’s newly barbered scalp was strongly reminiscent of a certain scene from Hannibal but a contestant lobotomy scar would be an equally viable explanation.

To be fair, ‘Angels’ was one of Jahmene’s stronger shows and it seems crystal clear that X Factor producers currently see/want him making it to the bitter end. Louis thought he ‘HAD’ to be in the final, Tulisa lied through her teeth about how much she adored him and Gary preferred him to Robbie (to be fair, Gary probably prefers an attack of dysentery to Robbie but only because he is WEL JEL).

Next up, the act that American teenagers with blocked noses think sound like Americans teenagers with blocked noses, DISTRICT 3! The Eric Clapton number seemed like prime demo-alienating stuff and the long shots and double key change added nothing to the number’s credibility. The lyrical message within the lines “I know I don’t belong here in heaven” seemed pretty damning but coverage on the Xtra Factor seemed favourable. Gary’s suggestion that the trio did not have the ‘edge’ on Union J (whose name was met with screaming) could go either way with voters.

Ella’s solo segment was set directly after the new John Lewis ad break and I can’t help but wonder how I manage to get through two hours of X Factor with my cynicism intact yet always come close to breaking down at Christmas adverts.

Ella’s time was filled with starry, starry, little star references. I continue to be confused by her vocal switcheroo between Vermont-based ‘Watch With Mother’ and American Adele. Either way, Ella continues to wow with her cords and God knows the show could always do with another superstar female belter.

Girl power was a major theme for Ella and her status as the sole remaining female in any category cannot hurt her continuing chances. I’m not sure the endorsement of the KKK (Kourtney, Kim and Khloe) can be the greatest of associations but Ella also got the Little Mix treatment from Tulisa in the form of, “People might think she’s safe.” Ella responded that, “I miss the girls but thank God I’ve got Tulisa.”

Next up was Rylan, who has slowly grown on me like a tumour on blue cheese. I’m always initially sceptical towards the TV supergays. It generally starts with, “this is not how I want to be represented” and ends with “YES YOU FABULOUS CREATURE, YOU SHOW THOSE STRAIGHT-LACED ITV BIGOTS YOU MEAN BUSINESS!”

Rylan’s segment managed a nice nod to the Queen along with conveying the idea that the Essex Diva might just be a genuinely nice and decent human being. Rylan also won the first blatant Union Jack costumery of the night.

“You didn’t just spread love, you sprayed it all over that stage,” said Nicole Sherzinger my favourite human being EVER (for the next three or four days at least) and the audience MADE A LOT OF NOISE for Rylan. Still though, all in all, it does feel like a novelty is wearing off and Rylan’s time in the competition is running out.

“We want to dedicate ourselves,” told Union J, immediately yanking at the corners of the national pride tablecloth beneath the crockery of military history. Interestingly, the boys’ VT started around the same time that the Festival of Remembrance started on BBC1 so it’s hard to say whether the forces vote would really have much effect for the boys.

The boys were told in their VT that, “This song is about hope… you’re signing it to your families,” which was a bit intense but may do well to whip up some support. George’s camouflage blazer carried the theme of heavy-handedness right through the very boring production of ‘Fix You.’ Either producers weren’t that enthusiastic about refuelling the boyband’s tank or the music team are showing their incompetence.

Finally in the position-formerly-known-as-pimp-slot was James Arthur. Interestingly, this week’s bill did appear to tow the line of the old school running order system and James’ coverage didn’t negate his placing in the slightest. Another ‘alternative’ arrangement of an unexpected song choice continued to show James as the artist he is clearly capable of being. Even the most cynical of my friends, the type that would poo-poo the Matt Cardle brand of ‘authenticity’ were more than somewhat enamoured with James tonight.

We were reminded that James was CREDIBLE CREDIBLE CREDIBLE and Nicole told us that James was, “my love… the best of British.” Quite why his performance was filled with New York yellow cabs was unclear. But against my better judgment I find myself rooting for James.

The Sofabet team expected to see clear guns out for one or two contestants tonight. Last year’s competition saw an unprecedented numbers of assassinations orchestrated to protect the desired winner. The mid stages of this year’s competition seem to tell a different story, whereby producers are protecting their three most precious metals (in the form of Ella, James and Jahmene) whilst allowing the remainder to rust.

From tonight’s show, we can only draw the conclusion that producers are happy to risk any out of District 3, Union J, Rylan or Christopher hitting the bottom two. None were actively protected enough to reflect any intense producer favour. “We keep missing,” producers might be thinking, “let’s not aim at all,” they might say, choosing instead to bolster the sandbags around their pet familiars.

In terms of TV gold, a double boyband sing-off would be the best possible scenario. Not only would it create a great moment of telly drama, it would finally settle the long-running boyband battle. Also, on the issue of sympathy bounces, it would be unprecedented. The usual cold note of only just surviving elimination might be negated by virtue of managing the feat against a parallel act, especially when both acts have made it past the halfway point in the contest.

Rylan has now made it as far as Katie Waissel and Kitty Brucknell managed and thus his eviction wouldn’t be disastrous for the show. Union J seem to occupy a potential space between the front runners and the expendables which means that once the hard-to-assassinate aspect of D3 and Shakey are taken into account, the majority of acts are really just a sideshow to the bookies’ favourites.

Betfair has been gyrating like Rylan’s hips all night. At the time of writing, Jahmene is looking shorter than Ella for the win and Maloney is shorter than Union J. The elimination market, from short to long, goes as thus: Rylan, D3, Shakey and UJ, followed a long way off by the big 3. A Rylan / D3 sing off looks highly plausible but after the long term Maloney deramp and weak UJ treatment coming off a bounce it could be anyone’s loss.

As ever, we want to know your thoughts.

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  • Mick

    Well going on performance alone it should be a b2 of Chris and Rylan but as we all know performance alone is not what people vote for.

    I’m begining to think that the XF voter this year wants to rebel against the show’s obvious wishes and save the down trodden like D3 avoided b2 last week despite the judges damming comments and Chris might do likewise this week even after that poor show actually deserved the comments given.

    I actually liked UJ’s performance, or is it that I’m a great Snow Patrol fan and think “Fix you” is a great song so I’ll like it whoever sings it? Another Janet Devlin repeat from last year, they must have a short play list.

    I’ve got every eliminated act right so far save week one when I chose Rylan, but I think Rylan’s time to go is now unless he is paired with Chris in the b2 then Chris will go but I think Chris will escape b2. In which case he will be joined by D3 which should end in deadlock. (Louis and Gary will plump for D3, the other two will go with Rylan). D3 will survive the public vote, IMHO.

  • Mick. Do you like ‘Fix you’ even when Coldplay do it (because they actually wrote and performed it)? lol. I agree on all else you wrote though, my thoughts too.

  • Rave

    Lol, another Anti-Maloney article from The Sun:


    “X Factor winners Little Mix let rip at phoney Christopher Maloney”

    She said: “Poor Gary, clinging on to Ma-phoney. We’re not fans.

    “I don’t really get it and I don’t know who is going to buy his music. I guess ‘each to their own’. But I can’t see that he’s going to become a pop star.”

    And her bandmate JADE vowed: “I’ll eat my hat if he goes the whole way.”

  • Nicky

    More surprising ‘voting leaks’ in the Sunday edition of the Daily Star:


  • stu_nic

    What about the significance of having 1 direction performing so well at the end of the show? After all, why would anyone vote for “the next big boy band” when the biggest boy band in the world are already here courtesy of the x factor?

  • Alen

    Is dailystar the credible one? If so it all explains Ellas VT. It felt very much: im not safe please vote. With Tulisa even saying that.

    If Christopher still is topping the vote then I dont know how to get rid off him slowly.

    Anyway I was asking myself whou would be saved in the bottom two?! Lets say the big3 plus Union J are save.

    Wouldnt Rylan be saved pretty much against Christopher and District 3?

    • Boki

      I share the same thoughts about sing-off but Rylan vs D3 is difficult since it might go to deadlock.

    • jake Kl

      My guess was right then: “Show insiders admitted they may have more of a problem getting Ella to the finals than keeping Chris out of it”:)
      Im slightly concerned though. Having an article about it and Tulisa urging for votes may be hinting she barely avoided bottom2 last week. Taking into account Jahmene, James and Chris all doing well, UnionJ having a sympathy bounce and Kye and Rylan both in bottom2, that only leaves D3. Are they actually doing better than Ella? The whole situation makes me want to back a UnionJ/Rylan bottom2 instead, with Rylan leaving.
      On singoffs: Ella V any1 (apart Jahmene and James)= Ella saved.
      UnionJ V Chris/Rylan= UnionJ saved. UnionJ V D3= deadlock (to make it more dramatic).
      D3 V Chris= D3 saved. D3 V Rylan= deadlock.
      Chris V Rylan= Rylan saved.

  • R

    As 1D sang a “ballid innit” in the same style as UJ & D3, I would suggest the aim was to say that there’s little difference between the 3 acts.
    They all were equally tedious.

  • R

    I can see Ella being close to the bottom of the voting. The odd thing is the lack of sob story or any emotional output on her behalf by the show to “connect” her with the audience. The only reason I can see for this is that the emotional vote is being kept purely for Jahmene to ensure his victory.

  • lolhart

    I could see Union J in the bottom 2 tonight. They had the opportunity to make a game changing performance last night, as they had all the ingredients. But the overall result was underwhelming. I also think the One Direction comparisons could be damaging for both boybands. It helped to see off The Risk last year when they were compared to JLS in their VT.

    I actually have a feeling Rylan could be bottom 2 again tonight. If the TOWIE connection couldn’t keep him clear of the bottom 2 last week, I’m not sure what will. Even the feud with Gary is reaching its conclusion. But I could also see Chris there as well due to the relentless criticism. This is a tough week to call for me.

    As for the Daily Star leak about Ella, it doesn’t surprise me. She peaked very early and the producers really need to engineer a wow moment for her. An interesting comparison is Alexandra Burke who entered her year as an expendable, but survived through consistent performances. Then she had her wow moment with Listen when it really mattered.

  • tpfkar

    I found it a dull show overall, easily the worst of this year so far. Lots of pastry and little meat in the pie, with plenty of in-needed filling tonmake up the space. In fact events at the BBC grabbed my attention more than anything on the XFactor stage.

    I’d agree with most of jscouser2002’s vomment on last thread re: detail. For every act looking like being deramped, you could find positives. James and Jahmene are the only names on my safe list; I have Ella right down there – had she built through the song it would have been good but as she started all guns blazing second half was dull. If Chris is topping the vote they won’t get him tonight, but I’m not sure he is. Rylan on a bounce and appealing to all girls and the Royal family has a fighting chance. Both groups in the shadow of 1D and I’d be surprised to see both survive.

    I simply see it as one from five to go, like a football managers market laying the favourite may be the wisest choice.

    • Cheers, I’m going to copy and paste the post to here, since its relevant to today’s thread I don’t want it to get lost, (Bare in mind I fully admit I am biased towards James 🙂 )

      If anyone has any strong thoughts on the questions I ask regarding D3 please do get involved because I am very open to wether they were treated good enough for it to be bad for them.

      A great week from a punters view IMO. With lots of difference in an opinion. I think a decent enough case can be made for any of them to land in the bottom two tonight apart from Jahmene. But elimination… A different matter.

      The show started with some mild bickering before any act had even sung! Gary awfully defensive for Chris already, when dermot mentioned his booing last week, perhaps he was ready? Given that 15 seconds later we were told Chris was up first. That explained Gary’s tone.

      Chris – The VT couldn’t have been much worse IMO, no sympathy vote from the bad press stories instead saw Chris laughing at them. when watching I thought the viewers were being reminded of the booing previous week this translated to “you are the audience, you are the viewers, you don’t like him” then the VT focused on Gary highlighting errors in the notes has he rehearsed the song he was singing, followed by little clips of Chris then singing the same line Gary told him he couldn’t sing. I took all this as viewers being told already “you don’t like this performance”. All thought a couple of people on twitter took this as an effort to show the viewer how hard Chris was working to be better? I’m not sure though, nor sure what message this would put accross to viewers.

      His song choice was perfect for “delight the demo” I’m still standing, despite everyone trying to knock me down every week, with a back drop of a bowling pins and dancers, creating the same story. Was this all to give the illusion you are about to knock Chris down, just like a bowling pin.

      Nothing unusual from the judges comments about Chris. He is in danger this week, but I am not sure they would want him gone yet, leaving Gary with one act isn’t good for the show. So this could just be about removing some of his fans/votes so that they can knock him down easier later.

      Jahmene I don’t like him because I see him the nearest rival to James in already on James in various outright markets, but it looked a typical Jahmene performance and still seems plan a

      District 3 – I thought the Vt was average and noticed nothing key. Other than this comment at the end “if we have any bad comments this week we are out!” Did this translate to “if we don’t get bad comments we are safe, so you don’t need to vote for us”

      A good performance with no need for gimmicks allowing the camera to zoom in on each member individually allowing audience to connect with them for the first time this series. I think they are safe? But is that what the viewers were meant to think so their fans don’t vote in force again?

      Ella – I notice every week now Ella gets positive comments with a hint of one judge giving a negative in her performance. Is this an attempt to de-ramp her to pave the way for Jahmene? If so it’s working because she is becoming totally predictable and boring, she won’t be gaining any extra fans.

      Louis went on to isolate her by referring to her song choice as “urban” it’s a good thing Tulisa lept to her defence and reminding the female public she is only girl left so they must vote for her. Although I think she is safe she is most certainly on the decline and I wouldn’t put anyone off backing her for bottom two for a speculative bet.

      Rylan – a typical rylan performance but the VT was very interesting “I am going to sing like its my last week” had viewers just been told “this is my last week guys, im going to enjoy this” ??

      Then came Gary saying ” I liked it” a big negative past novelty acts Jedward/Wagner/Chico have gone on the week were the “anti-novelty” judge complimented the act. Rylan is definitely in danger this week. At 2-1+ a good bet.

      Just before Union J were on the camera went to dermot in the audience at first he pointed out an older, larver women with a Union J banner, who did a bit of a cheer for UJ. It was what happened immediately next I’m interested in…. Dermot then looked to his left at screaming girls who hardly reacted when UJ were mentioned but then went into hysterics as he reminded viewers One Direction are coming up soon too! Did this translate to “you like UJ who are on soon, but you LOVE One Direction who are also on later too”??? Views welcome here perhaps I am over analysizing this? But producers don’t just plod dermot anywhere he will have been told where to stand and which audience members to interact with.

      Union J – good positive VT reminding viewers of their british forces connection. I already backed Union J and wrote a brief section on Escbet recommending them to go, only to find out the next day of their VT. I expected alot worse so was a little relieved that it wasn’t as heavy as expected.

      Their performance had alot of red and black lightening late on but blue and red early on. The performance was vocally average I thought the expression on their faces said exactly that too.

      With no negative comments form judges I was surprised. If it wasn’t for the British forces mentions I would certainly think they are in danger.

      James Arthur – last week I think everyone saw signs that James Arthur was about to be setup for the chop over the next few weeks, including myself. But perhaps we overreacted, if you rewatch last week the judges comments were still highly positive, it was just his performance that lacked anything standout. As viewers at home I think we thought this as he didn’t connect with viewers he continually looked face down at the floor during the key moments in the song and the rap bits are not as good as the rest of his abilities.

      For anyone that follows me on twitter or was reading the sofabet comments pre bootcamp, they know I am on James in every outright market, so constantly will him on to do week. This week was make or break for him.

      I think it was his best performance to date. The stage presence was unlike any I can ever remember seeing, it was almost as if his stance infront of the stage video platform, gave the viewer the impression you was watching James Arthur in his own music video. I have never seen that on X factor before. With less rapping more laid back performances and continued stage presence training he has been lacking, I don’t think James can be ruled out of the outright just yet.

      Overall I’m hardly financially involved this week and only backed UJ to go at 6s

      Right now I think the likely scenario is Rylan will go, but also like any double figures Union J to go or as a shock Ella to hit the bottom two.

  • Ronnie

    Interesting to see Louis putting the boot in on his own act, D3 – inviting Gary to explain why he didn’t like the band and also stating “I know people are going to vote for you and keep you in next week”. TPTB obviously learnt their lesson last week that OTT criticism doesn’t work.

  • Mick

    Coldplay, yes Ok it was late. Point is it is one of my favorite songs and it is a classic. If anyone does even a half decent job of it I would think that sounds like Coldplay. It was given to Janet in week 1 I think last year, the time they were trying to push her. Likewise they gave her Every Breath You Take when they were trying to bring her down a peg. Remind me what D3 sang on Haloween night?

  • jake Kl

    Thanx Jscouser!
    Im starting to understand the endless pimping of Jahmene since week 2 now. Being first to perform that week (producers originally thinking its the place to garner most votes) and his place in the votings (2nd) means he was producers only hope to overcone Chris. If Chris hadnt been doing that well, im not even sure Jahmene would have been the winner they wanted.
    About the death/pimp slot: Now less acts are performing, should we all agree the slots are back to normal like previous years?

  • stoney

    if maloney is still topping the vote, its because the voting numbers are so small, and his regional vote is serving him well, but the star (extremely credible) have today mentioned that jahmenes support is growing week by week, if you add that to the fact that most people dont even start voting til the semi, or even the final, and when they do jahmene will tiddle all over maloney if he was to make the final

    • Being from Liverpool, honestly I can say that it’s not his regional vote. Liverpool hates him.

      • Tim B

        I’m not from the area but I have to say I disagree with this. There must be *some* regional support at least. It’s just not possible for an entire area to “hate” a particular contestant. I spotted some evidence on twitter this week: he was retweeting people from the north west, a football team and a Liverpool pub who said they were supporting him and voting for him.

  • stoney

    mate, if he is topping the vote, the scouse vote must be having a big influence on it!!!

    • There isnt any scouse vote for him, try the nans and those who feel sorry for him and those who voted him back in as the wildcard.

      But from everyone who I speak to inliverpool, he is hated. Make of that what you will.

  • wideofthemark

    For me its D3 vs Rylan in the bottom 2. But I just have no feeling for the numbers – I backed both bands to go (elimination market) so Rylan would be a bad result. Any thoughts on judges politics?

  • stoney

    yup ive backed that bottom 2 at 15/8, decent enough odds

  • stoney


    jahemene moves up to top spot for the first time since lives started

  • eurovicious

    This is interesting. I’m not surprised Chris has been topping the vote so far, but I’d be surprised if he tops if tonight with that rubbish performance.

    UJ could definitely have been better. They should have gone further with my suggestion. The performance didn’t live up to the VT – they were too separated from each other at the start, standing in individual “windows” for a good portion of the song, and even when they came together it remained underwhelming. And dangerously for them, D3 were good, albeit still dated. D3 and UJ had the most similar performances and songs they’ve had so far, which could definitely be read as an attempt to split the already-meagre boyband vote down the middle. Both groups also seemed pitched to a slightly older audience than in previous weeks – kids don’t care about Eric Clapton (D3) or dead soldiers (UJ). However, as I type this, “#VoteAndSaveUnionJToday” is top UK trend on Twitter. (Which in turn is leading various blowhards to complain that it’s trending above “Remembrance Sunday”.)

    I have Ella and James (who was excellent) as completely safe, the leak would seem to suggest Jahmene should be too, though I wouldn’t advise again €2 on him B2 at long odds.

    Surprised no-one has commented that Union J were sat on a Union Jack sofa in their VT!!! You couldn’t make it up…

    Logic dictates that Rylan should bounce. Right?

    • “Surprised no-one has commented that Union J were sat on a Union Jack sofa in their VT!!! You couldn’t make it up…”

      I noticed this too… but dont worry it wasnt just Union J, the majority of the acts where sitting on that sofa as their Mentor spoke to them in the VT. 🙂

  • Kevin O Reilly

    Given the low voting will the winner be decided by people who have not paid a lot of interest yet? The final may have a fresh slate so to speak. Ella has her ace card with her audition song which was superb but James may be value as he is so consistently good. He will have a choice of act to sing with in the final you would imagine also. 5/1 may look big on the final night. Best of luck to all tonight, hopefully the recent winning trend for most will continue. D3 for me, if i keep backing them i will eventually win, this is my third time now!

  • Boki

    Guys, what’s the view on potential D3 vs UJ sing-off? Are they going to enforce the deadlock in any outcome or still going to save UJ if they are bottom vote? I still believe UJ is preffered but not 100% sure if they would be saved with 3:1 if needed.

    • Daniel

      Hi Boki, I’d be surprised if D3 weren’t going home in that situation. Louis would probably elect not to vote, so you’d only need a 2:1 split. Gary has made his views clear that he prefers UJ, and I think one of Tulisa or Nicole would join him.

      • Phil

        I think we’re long overdue a good old same-category singoff.

      • Tim B

        Boki/Daniel, Louis also has a history of picking between his own act if necessary – saving Kitty over Johnny and Mary over Wagner, for example. So there is definitely a chance he could do this again. After her tears last night, I have a feeling Nicole would be the only judge to save District3.

  • R

    Past stats suggest that a bounce is more difficult with each passing week & a second time in the bottom 2 is less likely to deliver the sympathy bounce. It seems that the public will give an act one chance but not a second. There are exceptions to this rule such as Misha B’s bounce in week 7 last year, but that was the week of the full-on waterworks VT about her estranged mother.

  • I don’t believe all this hype that Chris is getting these supposed ‘double the rest votes’. In fact, for once it IS a load of old ‘baloney’ and well in keeping with his nickname. I believe it’s just opposite psychology and a well planned XF orchestrated ‘leak’ to deplete any voters he has by lulling them into a false sense of security. The novelty value of voting for this nervous shipwreck must surely be wearing off by now. After the indication in his recent stage backdrop that his cruise ship is slowly ‘heading for the rocks’, he certainly hit them last night and it is now time for him to sink after being hole below the water line. For Gary it must be like trying to rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic week after week.

    They allowed him to peak last week with his ‘party piece, best karaoke song’ (with the big finish money note) and last night exposed him as the rank amateur that he is with his total lack of singing (and memory) expertise. His VT showed a frustrated Gary being patronising and struggling like hell with him to get him to sing the most simple lines (with a pat on the head for getting it near right) and to try to drop his ingrained karaoke bad habits. Back was the old ‘shakey’ microphone too to drag out some more sympathy votes, yaaaawn.

    With only Baloney left in his group, Gary is now just going through the motions with him and he looks like he has got yet another of Grandma’s knitted jumpers for Crimbo and is wearing it just for her for the day whilst trying his best to look pleased with it.

    What the hell was he singing in that last verse too (apart from his glaring gaffs in other lines)? Was he making it up as he went along ? It didn’t even tie in with the backing vocal line. He most definitely cocked up the words too.

    These are the proper words to that verse..
    “Once I never could hope to win
    You starting down the road leaving me again
    The threats you made were meant to cut me down
    And if our love was just a circus you’d be a clown by now”

    His sang it something like this (as I can’t make them all out with his nervous made up jumbly, so please excuse me)…
    “Once a wish I could-a hope to lose
    Boppin down the ceiling meeting me again
    Made o’ love, it makes you feel so right
    Yaaba caarna I’m still standin’, you just wade away.

    This second rate chancer has GOT to go now for sure.

    After watching the show again and changing my mind several times, Rylan was a riot and a big crowd pleaser and I think safe again (so I have him as ‘first announced safe’ too at 8/1 after his little bounce last week). D3 and UJ did a great job (though not brilliant), but the battle of the bands will be saved for another week yet.

    Is it just me, or do others get the feeling that Ella is becoming a bit predictable and bland and is not all that safe (and could do with a bit of a bounce and re-inventing for the final approach)? She seemed to have been stripped of her Adele comparison crown for the night too as it was stolen for James use (along with the references that only HE can nail her songs in the Judges comments).
    Could XF just be downgrading Ella for the sake of trying to get UJ to the final 3 instead ? Stranger things have happened.

    Its a long shot, but at 80/1, I am gonna have a couple of quid side bet on her and Chris in b2 just in case (as I think that we are in for a left-field shock surprise tonight). To get rid of Chris it does need a strong stable looking contender in a sing-off to make it look a plausible 3 votes to 1 send-off and not just him and Gary being picked on.

    • Boki

      I just hope you are right about Chris and we finally see him in bot2. His odds are for bot2/elimination are again equal on BF suggesting he would go against anyone.

      • stoney

        baring in mind IF he falls into the bottom 2 its likely hes gonna go up against an act thats been there twice, its pretty shocking that hell go out no matter what, hardly fair, not that ill be complaining. Cant see him being bottom 2 though

  • Boki

    And just for the record: I have a combo Rylan/Jahmene as 1st announced safe, it will be the last try if I miss this one.

  • Any twitter numbers available anywhere?

  • Well spotted… I was surprised not to see more people commenting on Maloney’s total hash of the lyrics. Shame really, but I think he’ll go tonight.

  • jake Kl

    As i like abit of contraversy i’ll say Chris is safe and stick to my bottom2 and say Rylan is going home. Joining him in the singoff…… UnionJ, although D3’s luck might b running out too

  • eurovicious

    Just done something I’ve never really done before – laid off all of my preshow bets. This week is just too uncertain. I’d backed Chris to go but I don’t think he will; his performance was better than I remembered and he’s still genuinely popular. When I heard about Union J’s VT etc, I laid them for B2 before the show; now, I don’t think they’re as safe. And I’d heavily laid Rylan assuming he would bounce; now, I’m far from certain he will. He’s possibly the most vulnerable – there’s 4 acts that adults vote for, 2 that kids vote for, and then him. And his vocals were balls, unlike last week when he was superb.

    In the event of a Rylan/boyband singoff, who goes? I would have said “the boyband”, but it has to go to deadlock as Gary and Louis will both save the boyband. And can we see one of the boybands polling lower than Rylan, with the extent of the voting campaigns going on for them? The show obviously wants to keep Rylan in one more week and lose a boyband, but can this be pulled off?

    I might end up sitting this week out altogether.

    • eurovicious

      What I mean is #brainfuzz, if it was Rylan/UJ they’d obviously save UJ. Wouldn’t they? But if it was Rylan/D3, it has to go to deadlock, and there’s a major possibility D3 could have polled more than Rylan.

  • stoney

    maloneys odds to go have halved at some firms in the last half hour!

  • wideofthemark

    BF doesn’t agree with you Chris is now 5/2 to be elimated and Union J and D3 are lengthening – not good for me – but I’m quite light this week so will just hold my nerve!!

  • wideofthemark

    sorry cross posted – it does look like a leak – oh dear its hard enough as it is

  • Curtis

    These ‘leaks’ have always been incredibly hit and miss. I wouldn’t read anything into it at all.

  • wideofthemark

    Its settling down, maybe someone just laying off – not much money in it – in memory of the great Clive Dunn – “Don’t Panio” – although I have to say “I don’t like it up em”

  • Donald

    Don’t think it leak, I made no post today as too busy but it doesn’t add up to me, I think UJ or Rylan but I waiting until I see the last two as I have been wrong this year, I also think James far from safe tonight B2

  • stoney

    im not a fan of all this laying malarky, people should be more careful with there bets in the first place lol

    • eurovicious

      You’re right. You’re absolutely right. But sometimes things change, and rather than accept major losses, it’s better to back out and accept a smaller loss.

  • Delicatessen

    Just watched Ed Sheeran and Little Mix and now I can officially announce that pop music is dead. RIP,

    For the record: I think D3 are toast tonight – there should ever only be one scrawny collection of appallingly-dressed ragamuffins on my TV each Saturday night.

  • Curtis

    Dermot did not just make us wait until after the break

  • DT

    Surely Chris is B2 now? They wouldn’t have him as last act to be announced safe

  • Curtis

    I’m really worried about a Chris/District 3 bottom 2. Unfortunately I see that as the likely outcome

  • Jack

    Haha, don’t always believe the market!

  • Kevin O Reilly

    Please tell me it District 3 finally

  • wideofthemark

    Thankfully I’m good now – but again have not won as much by not having courage of convictions. Although pleased I held my nerve with the last minute rush on Chris

  • jake Kl

    Rylan must have avoided it by an inch. although a boyband singoff=more viewers and they need that atm

  • Curtis

    Easy sing-offs make me happy.

  • Kevin O Reilly

    Thank God for that. Did not lay off as funds were non existent to do so. Makes you brave so it does. Chris odds collapse confusing but these things can be like Chinese whispers. Hope people made money, the 11/4 that appeared tonight was some price now.

  • stoney

    Get in there my 4th healthy weekend in a row thanks to union j being the final group standing, a bit closer than i originally expected when i lumped on but all done and dusted now 🙂

  • R

    Looks like Chris was called last safe to make it look like he was so close to the bottom that he’s about to fall. Explains the unexpected ad break. I can’t believe that I still haven’t made a loss this series. I had Rylan firmly to go but covered with D3 and made a little profit thanks to Skybet’s free bonus & promo add-ons.

  • jake Kl

    Expected UnionJ there and knew theyd win V D3. Ross Ross Ross, wat can i make of him

  • Andy C

    Off topic..but there hasn’t been a WOW!! moment since 2010. Cardle and Cher did it (once)…. now we get mostly mush… and that may be why the betting is unpredictable…. it will settle down nearer to the final..if I can stay awake that long

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