X Factor 2012 Live Show 5: Dissedrict 3

Earlier in the week, we pulled together the emerging consensus from the Sofabet comments section on the effects of the phone lines being open from the start of the show.  As annie and tpfkar posted in the comments as soon as the order was announced, it looked especially bad for District 3 – in the so far less-favoured second half of the show, and in annie’s words “the forgetable cucumber in the Ella and Jahmene sandwich”.

Producers could hardly have done more to keep first act Rylan clear of the bottom two – or at least off the very bottom, allowing the possibility of a singoff save. (Gary remained critical, suggesting it would be very awkward for him to save Rylan in a singoff versus District 3). He took “the Scherzinger” to Essex in a positive and enjoyable VT that should have helped to stir the regional vote. His performance managed to combine a passable opening vocal with an entertaining performance that should have delighted the demo.

“Delight the demo” – that is, a song choice that seems designed to motivate the act’s core target demographic – is, of course, a theory of Richard Betsfactor. If you’ve not read Richard’s fantastic guest post for Sofabet posted yesterday, do so here.

Also delighting the demo with their Taylor Swift song were Union J, who – as Stoney noted in the comments – received the same treatment in their VT as Little Mix had in the week after their breakout performance last year, with the hometown of each member flashed up on a map.

The VT also served to introduce the members as individual personalities – for Sporty Spice, read Jockey J (from whom we got a reference to struggling with weight issues – a slightly more leftfield parallel with Little Mix’s breakout week). We saw George could play guitar, they got a backdrop of fireworks and they exited to girls reaching out to them. It was all as clear an indication as you could wish for that producers are still invested in the group’s longevity in the show.

Next up was the man the Bitch Factor have christened Kye Sonezzzzzzzz. We’re starting to feel a little bit sorry for Kye, who is trying so hard to make it happen, but the performance felt dull and static, and as tpfkar noted in the comments there were pointed cutaways to Nicole looking bored. The awkward praise from Nicole, and the “you’re back” stuff from the other judges, was all very reminiscent of when Kye found himself in the bottom two in week 3.

James and Ella came next, receiving the benediction of No Doubt. Neither seem to be in much danger of departing tomorrow – or, most probably, at any time before the final. We remain impressed with James, and he got the weekly “recording artist” shoutout from Louis. Tulisa’s mention of his “album” reminded viewers that there would be one.

As in week 1, Ella didn’t hit all the notes, although only Nicole made reference to that. Otherwise we got the “little star” description again and shooting stars in the backdrop. We have to admit, her vocal style is starting to wear on us after five weeks of live shows, perhaps because she’s just not a particularly interesting performer. We weren’t totally surprised in the circumstances to see her drift in the win market continue.

District 3 got the mauling of the night. You knew they were in trouble when the VT made various mentions that they were school friends, but – in stark contrast to Union J – no reference to where they were from. They did get to meet No Doubt, but only to discuss what they couldn’t do well.

Worst of all for their young fanbase was the flirting with their backing dancers, both in the VT and in the performance itself. A certain amount of innocence is required to delight the demo and this seemed designed to put them off. The production and staging was very messy indeed, and judges comments couldn’t have been more damning.

Shoving District 3 down the memory hole was Jahmene, whose return to ASDA provided another hook for a hilarious Nicole VT. We wouldn’t have gone as far as Louis in praising Jahmene’s vocal, but the full-barrel “recording artist”, “millions of records” treatment left little doubt of the show’s intention to hype him to the final.

Daniel had wondered in his preview article which mid-80s song they’d saddle Chris Maloney with this week. It turned out to be a song that kind of averaged out at the mid-1980s, ‘All By Myself’ originally released in 1975 and most famously covered by Celine Dion in 1997.

You can continue to read the treatment of Chris Maloney in two ways – there were the obligatory cheese references in the VT, and the negative tabloid headlines got an airing. And coming after the much-hyped Jahmene brought to mind the “post-climactic” vibe that did for Melanie Masson from the pimp slot in week 2.

But on balance we thought this was pretty positive for Chris – he got a Liverpool shoutout, was shown referring to himself as the “public choice”, got a song that allowed him to belt out the money notes, and the controversy between the judges seem designed to motivate votes, in contrast to the non-motivational comments about Kye.

As the market indicates, District 3 and Kye look to be the most likely candidates for the singoff tomorrow. They certainly seem to be the two the show is hoping to get into that position. Should that happen, logic tells us producers should seize their chance to ditch Union J’s competition, especially as Kye would be easier to get away with saving against Rylan in a future week should they want to do so. Then again, we thought all that in week 2 and we were wrong.

How did you read tonight’s performances? As ever, do let us know below.


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  • tpfkar

    Did well tonight, jumped on D3 for elimination when phone lines opened and laid off for a tasty profit after they sang. A few notes:
    1)the top three in the betting are now being presented as the alpha three. Nicole has also become the alpha judge, making a big deal out of having 3 acts left (remember when we all said the boys were miscast…oops) being the most entertaining in VTs and being used to indicate how we should react (I saw Tulisa being used this way before)
    2) given Rylan’s treatment tonight I guess he escaped by a whisker last time.
    3) Union J given better treatment tonight although the product is still lacking – I think they genuinely made mistakes with them last week. Should be safe.
    4) agree with the article on D3, Chris, and Kye, the disposable list is unchanged. Looks like they are gunning for D3 which shows they are committed to UJ. Given their hit rate so far, D3 should be safe as houses.

  • Boki

    I got the impression that the D3 judges comments were too damning to the point of pissing the fans to vote again to save them while UJ performance wasn’t special at all.
    I also wonder why they give Chris such positive edits and after on xtra Tulisa ‘fears he might be in top3’. Do they admit they can’t hurt him at the moment?
    Market was never right about both bot2 acts, I would add Rylan to the mix for sure.

    • eurovicious

      As good as Rylan was (and he was), I’d agree with this. Also agree that D3’s comments were that little bit too negative – myself, Nugg and Tim all independently thought it might provoke a backlash of support. They should have got bland treatment/comments instead – it worked in week 2! However, the needle of the boyband vote should swing strongly to Union J. That being the case, I kind of 66% expect to see D3 in the bottom 2, 33% for them to be safe. If they do go B2, they’re (cheese) toast.

      As the number of acts lessens, the point will come when the market does get the B2 right, so just because it hasn’t so far in the early weeks doesn’t mean it won’t – with fewer acts, things are more predictable and there are bigger margins between the acts.

      My heart went out to poor Chris this evening 🙁 you can see the pressure he’s under from all the public bullying and the jury comments. He was terrified of being unjustly torn apart by them again. At first I thought his VT was negative, but combined with his performance and the comments afterwards, I think it was positive. If portraying Misha as a bully last year (unfairly) did for her, then portraying Chris as a victim of bullying this year (fairly) should do him no harm at all. Putting the tabloids aside, I hate to say this, but looking at places like the Digital Spy forums (something I should probably never do), some betting punditry sites, and thinking about comments friends have made about him to me, it’s bitchy gay men who have it for him the most. There’s a really superficial double standard – they love it when someone like Marcus is on X Factor, but when someone like Craig or Chris is, who sings ballads and doesn’t fit the conventionally attractive mold, a lot of gay commenters seem to be almost personally offended that an “unattractive” and “boring” gay is on their television. It’s as bad as the straight men who slag off “ugly” women on TV and the misogyny Nicola Roberts used to get.

    • eurovicious

      I should also add that there’s a general tendency among Gays On The Internet (TM) to not take camp/overweight X Factor contestants seriously, either as performers or as people. I don’t really have a problem with people calling Chris “Shaky”, because he obviously is/does, but the searingly original and incisive “Baloney” thing (my aching sides) that gets thrown around – and the equally, devastatingly witty “Biscuit Boy” name from last year (sample comment on one website: “Why does The Biscuit Boy only sing out the side of his fat mouth?”) are vile. A lot of people on Digital Spy, Twitter and just in general (and I include myself in this) would do well to remember that just because X Factor contestants are on the TV doesn’t mean they’re not real people. I said a load of nasty stuff about James Arthur’s appearance weeks ago, and on more than one occasion, and I regret it now, so I completely include myself in this.

  • WideoftheMark

    I got on at 3.8 and am wondering whether to lay at 2.2 or hold. I think I am going to leave it as I am pretty sure they will be B2 then I will see who arethey up against. Previous weeks I have been too clever (tried to be anyway) and ended up laying away bets that would have been outright winners. I know its about risk management at some level – just not quite sure I got it.

    I am also very interested that the Ella support has fallen well down – I have a slight net lay against her (lost my nerve a couple of times).

    From the performances –
    * Rylan safe – too much fun = Safe
    * Union J – Gold = Safe
    * Kye – mmmm – At Risk
    * James – Not a great song – Safe but looking less like a winner, maybe not even final 3 if UJ get the push
    * D3 – As my daughter said they are in toruble when they do choreography and in a talent sandwich
    * Jahmene – very good – new favorite?
    * Chris – Good enough – Safe

  • Donald

    James Arthur being positioned in the “Plan B” domain this week as opposed to being “Cardled”, Ella was a semi-tone too high so agree with Gary comment, (that probably a weakness in Tulisa camp) and agree with above that after five weeks getting to be nothing new but is dam good singer for 16, and Jahmene well he not Beyonce but he is certainly raising his game. Nicole is proving a popular addition to the show with viewers and in the Dani mode is of great benefit to her acts. Just an observation but Nicole is doing well.

    Now to the rest, well the producers have bit of head scratching to do I think, obviously Kye and D3 were severely targeted tonight, but they might be mindful of Union J bouncing back down next week so very hard to know, best be left with two boybands just in case but it all points to D3 at the minute, it is something that should be seriously considered though.

    Looking further ahead the Rylan (Wagner) week must be on the horizon but it seems “Shaky” is far from shaky in the voting, be interesting to see how he fares from his slot tonight, (maybe they know more than we do re voting)

    All in all as it is so easy get it wrong in this series on elimination I think D3 for bottom two with Kye but of the two D3 the safer punt, two many unknowns just yet and of course the added factor of the producers good at getting it wrong. Small stakes weekend until sing off at least.

    On the win market some money on Nicole to be winning judge could prove to be a good investment by Xmas.

  • Donald

    For the really brave Paddy Power have a book on “First Act Announced As Safe” !


    Opinions if any ha ha..

    • eurovicious

      It’s basically chance.

      • shoulders

        The week that James collapsed after singing on the Sat night with anxiety he was called safe first the next night, they would have hardly kept him to be last announced safe that night. I think some weeks there can be money to be made. Calling an act safe first can give the impression they polled the most votes, this is useful for the producers when they want to ramp an act

    • Hi Donald. Actually, if I am not mistaken, Little Mix were FAAAS last year after a similar personally detailed and well timed VT to UJ’s tonight (it was the Jessy bullying weight one I think). It was just an odd daft bet that I had and also got at around 7/1.

      Might do the UJ tomorrow seeing as though XF invested so much time and detail on their VT. It would also leave a good cliffhanger for D3 fans as to who is for b2 and the gallows ‘long drop’. I have had a feeling for weeks now that UJ might actually win this as the slow positive (testing the water) ramp up is the same as it was for LM last year.

    • Boki

      I took Jahmene at 7/1 before the show and now even more think he’s the most likely to be 1st announced safe.

  • Curtis

    Remember, the week Gary praises Rylan is the week he is gone. So of course Gary remains critical, the producers aren’t ready to get rid of Rylan just yet!

  • How, out of interest, does All By Myself count as a Number 1? Eric Carmen’s Number 12, or Celine Dion’s Number 6?

  • Shade

    The one thing I would bring to the table on Union J is: we do take it as a given that One Direction are alpha boyband right now, but they havent been *that* succesful as an act, rather as a brand. Both here and in the US charts their singles are falling fast – much faster than say, even a Marmite act like Cher Lloyd (in the case of the US anyway)

    Also, 1D are growing up and maturing in the same way that teen sensation Justin Bieber is being primed to step into Justin Timberlake’s shoes.

    So perhaps TPTB actually will want a much more clean-cut teeny appeal band.

    One Direction also seem to be rebelling a bit against their record label and image – getting tattoos, allegations about PR involvement in their relationships and personal lives…

    • lolhart

      Shade, I think that’s interesting. The thing about One Direction is because they have been successful around the world, it also means they are spread very thinly. They’re also the type of act that needs to promote to keep their fans engaged. So maybe Syco have Union J in mind to be a UK based boyband who can dominate the market here, while One Direction will be the global one. This is all speculation of course.

    • Rave

      I don’t particularly like them, but in no way is One Direction fading like you are describing.

      Your example with Cher Lloyd as a successful act in the US is confusing, because her album did pretty poorly then plummeted – now sitting at 67.

  • Kevin O Reilly

    This is deja vu with District 3 as per per week one. I began to fear for my bet as the judges went too far with their comments. It came across as an organised hit as opposed to individual opinion. I hope this has not sparked people into defence mode. I think I will let it ride, I have Kye covered for my stake. I think in any other year we would all be confident in District 3 going tonight. The consensus last week with Jade proved to be correct so I am hoping things have settled and the three boys (does anyone know any of their names???) go back to obscurity where they surely belong.

  • stoney

    district 3 and kye bottom 2 tonight is on my wish list, a no lose scenario for me 🙂

    also with the backing union j are getting, if district 3 leave tonight that will propel them to the final, at the expense of ella or james arthur, more than likely ella

    • eurovicious

      Oooh! Dunno about that – we’ve seen how fragile the boyband vote is. Ella may be less popular than the show hopes, but in no circumstances can I see UJ beating her…

  • AnnaC

    Don’t underestimate the nan-vote. D3 came across very well in their VT: mature yet SWEET. They were at school together and one of them was a jockey (aaah). The performance was rubbish but they were clearly stitched up by the producers (foisting those mucky dancers on the poor lads) and then the judges were horrible to them. Plenty of nan-appeal there; I think they are probably safe this week. Tonight saw the first attempt to nobble Maloney’s nan-appeal by talking about the adverse press coverage which makes him seem far less nice. His cruiseship singing was exposed as not dream holidays in the sun but cross-channel ferries (cheap). Probably not in danger tonight but expect to see him singing something like Cee Lo Green’s ‘Forget You’ next week. James Arthur was just dreadful tonight from a nan-perspective. Nothing to hold Nana’s attention and he isn’t even sweet (unlike little Jahmene). I would not be surprised to see James in the bottom 2. Rylan came across tonight as nice and funny; his nan-appeal is increasing as they ramp up the camp. He also shouted out to Lucy in his song which should get him some votes from her fans. Safe tonight, I think. Union J were rather bland and look like a little ‘Take That’ circa 2008 M&S. Probably safe. Ella is starting to become boring but as the last girl standing will be in the final, probably without being in the bottom 2.

    • stoney

      i highly doubt there will be any nan votes going spare after votes for jahmene and christopher have been cast

      • AnnaC

        I think Christopher is rapidly losing his nan-appeal; he’s starting to look, frankly, creepy and all the stories about drunken diva behaviour won’t go down well with the nans. Where a younger person might be forgiven, Christopher is old enough to know better. Lucy, by the way, had a lot of nan-appeal and that has to go somewhere.

        • Kevin O Reilly

          Do the nan’s read Digital Spy? There was I think one story where he was drunk. Then you say Lucy had nan appeal. She was widely publicised as partying and got evicted from the hotel. I think your points are contradictory.

          Surely some of Christopher’s votes are to stick it to X Factor and the attempts to de ramp him rumours are backfiring.

          • AnnaC

            Christopher’s VT highlighted his negative press coverage so the nans don’t need to read Digital Spy (although they might read tabloids). Although Lucy was shown partying she is only 21 and a bit of wildness might be expected and is forgiveable. Also, it was stressed that she was up at 8 in the morning to work and was never portrayed as a diva. She had a bit of a twinkle in her eye too and was loveable in a cuddly sort of way.

        • eurovicious

          Agree on Lucy but not on Christopher. Drunk? Shock horror! Because of course no “nan” has ever touched alcohol. Seriously, I think his VT tackled the press bullying in an effective way and his performance hit all the right buttons for his audience. Plus there were tears, and tears = votes… :/

      • eurovicious

        Totally agree.

    • eurovicious

      Wasn’t it one of UJ that was a jockey? The preeny one? (“JJ” I think?)

  • Highlighted

    The tour is normally final 8. Would they prefer Kye or D3 on it? Or they probably just don’t care between the 2. Not forgetting if they both hit B2 then the act who stays could get a sympathy bounce next week, though personally I think if Kye was to stay, he would hit B2 again next week (it’s getting to the stage when bounces aren’t as crucial for less popular acts I think).

    • Kevin O Reilly

      Perhaps Kye is being accommodated for the sake of Gary. It is surely understood by all 4 judges that if Christopher is bottom 2 that there will only be 1 outcome. Gary must know and accept this so to mitigate this situation and appease the odious self loving Barlow Kye may still be in possession of a get out of jail free card. I do not think they will want a judge with no act too soon either so perhaps these considerations explain why boring talentless Kye is being lent some support. Just ask yourself: Would he sell records? I wouldn’t hire him to clean my chimney!

      In this scenario Louis has Union J as his alpha so District 3 I think would walk tonight if up against Kye. Losing District 3 now will theoretically allow Union J pick up their votes. A strong Union J would be more likely to outscore Christopher votes wise in the next couple of weeks. Union J may not make the final but surely they desire them to be at least bottom 4 or 5. Perhaps chosen bottom 5 by TPTB: Ella, Jahmene, James, Union J & Kye. All judges would still be involved.

      Christopher being involved at that stage represents a nightmare scenario for TPTB I reckon. If he is ever B2 there may never have been a greater racing certainty than his flicking IMO. (Frankel included)

      One angle to consider is that Nicole may still have 3 acts next week while 2 other judges could only have 1. This is when Rylan might begin feel the flames lick at his feet as his fair-weather friends in the production department abruptly change tack. In this context if Rylan did happen to hit bottom 2 tonight I wonder what they would do. 7/1 with Betfred to go but I do not think he will be B2 just yet anyway.

      After Jade going last week, for which many here had 8/1, perhaps things are becoming more predictable. District 3 going tonight would further that confidence. Best of luck to all whatever way you are playing anyway.

  • Mick

    A clear indication of who they want to keep and who they want out last night. Did you see Rylan’s name in lights a la UJ & D3. I think he’ll make the top 6. (Not saying he won’t be b2 tonight but he’ll be saved.)

    So obvious of their plan to dismiss D3 I think it might back fire and urge their supporters to vote even more.

    On Xtra Tulisa admitted that she’s feared Chris may make the final at the expense of one of the younger boys, I think he’s safe tonight but expect an onslaught over the next couple of weeks.

    My money is on Kye to go, his only chance is with a b2 with D3, then he might be saved. Otherwise he’ll go.

  • Kevin O Reilly

    Could Rylan reap some of Lucy’s vote as her best bud? He has mentioned her each week also.

  • lolhart

    I actually have a feeling that District 3 will be safe tonight. I thought the judges’ comments went too far which has proven in the past to rally an act’s fans. I also thought that the Disney style performance was the type that would actually appeal to their fanbase. As has already been stated, lukewarm comments that blamed the boys rather than Louis may have been more effective.

    I’m edging towards a Kye v Rylan bottom 2. I’m pretty confident that Rylan has been near the bottom 2 every week and I think the producers are running out of tricks with him. Kye, I’m even more confident will be in the bottom. Everything about him is lukewarm from the judges’ comments to his treatment from the producers. I also don’t know who he’s supposed to appeal to, as he doesn’t have the looks or nice guy personality to be a Matt Cardle. Kye will go because I doubt there’s little concern about Gary only having one act left and the contest is already very solo male heavy.

  • Hi All,

    Here are my thoughts on last night.

    Draw views – Kye given the worst draw for me

    Rylan – He comes on to a VT and within 20 seconds I think i heard the words “Essex” “TOWIE” mentioned 10 times. Basically saying to you.. “If your from Essex you like Rylan, so vote for him!” Reminded about this again during judges comments. Spraggan name dropped during singing, so if your a Lucy fan… you like Rylan, so now vote Rylan!

    Then bad comments from gary, telling viewers it will be his last performance. Enticing his fans to argue with Gary by voting. He is safe for me. They did their best to save him this week!

    Union J – were then introduced us by their hometowns, so if your from that area you like Union J etc. Such a good VT for them. Stage performance with gold lighting and of course we know Gold shows success (Gold, Money) giving audience impression they like what they see. Definately not a target at all and the “Alpha” boy band.

    Kye – Awful VT, sat in a pub, with no connection to the audience at all. Thought the performance from Kye was extremely boring and forgettable, but thought the Judges High Fiving him was certainly a postiive. I think it was all an act so that when he gets to the bottom two he is saved easily.

    James – VT reminds us of his Sob story and then you are shown his outstanding audition and reminded that you liked it. Its where his fanbase first came from. I’m on James at big prices but this week certainly was his weakest, facing the floor alot and not in any connection with the audience. He could be a shock for bottom two, but I think enough work was done elsewhere to keep him safe. I expect he will be taught to look at the camera and not the floor next week.

    Ella – No strong views on her, but certainly over hyped pre show and not the force everyone thought. Then once again given positive comments with a negative mention, showing viewers she isnt perfect. Bit of de-ramping here. Either because she is so far ahead they want to make it a real competition? or they actually dont want her to win? And for the first time, I dont really remember the VT or Judges repeating the words “16” to remind us of how old she is. She rightly has drifted outright. But right now… we dont know who is about to shorten?

    D3 – Awful VT with no connection to the audience, talking to Gwen Stefani about how bad they are and how much they need to imrpove. Now keep in mind D3’s fans are young female viewers. then one of the D3 members says “tonight we are dancing o and… WE’VE GOT GIRLS” with a big smile on his face. So basically showns aying to his fans “we’ve got girls, we dont need you” Big big negative for me.

    They didnt have any fireworks or anything spectacular what did they get?? Paper! Paper falling from the sky and on to their heads, looked like Toilet Roll to me! Whats toiletroll associated with? Shit! Thats right, D3 are SHIT! Thats the thought thats planted in your head when you watch that. Even when dermot was interviewing them the paper was everywere it looked a total mess!. Just like their performance. The negative comments wont be enough to entice their fans to vote twice. Since they had been isolated in their VT. Clearly the Target this week and if they are int he bottom two they are gone v anyone! Hence why they are now 6-5

    Dermot then goes to member from Two Shoes last year.. who is from were? Yep “Essex” and then she tells us she loves Rylan, so just incase you forgot to vote early, now you’ve been reminded to vote for him! What an effort to save Rylan

    Jahmene – He is my biggest rival for my James bet, but I didnt rate much about his VT i thought it was all about Nicole not Jahmene, but his performance was all about him, the judges were teling us just how brilliant he is. Right now the main contender for Ella in what can be built in the final as ??? “The battle of The Voice’s” That will show the producers of The Voice, how its done!

    Chris – Ok so now you’ve had all your adverts you’ve took the time to vote for everyone, your money is spent… so Chris is on last. Does anyone else remember the Lighting from D3 when they were trapped in a blue circle surrouning them isolating them from the audience? Chris had EXACTLY the same lighting it was truly awful and clever, the only difference is half way through the song his light circle opened up was this so that the viewers can now connect with him and see he is free?

    Overall, Outright views right now its looking like the battle of the Voices for the final with James/UJ fighting it out for 3rd place.

    Elimination. Exactly what everyone knows D3 are the target with Kye/Chris the backups in that order!

    Only way D3 are safe is if they are not in the bottom 2, but dont forget week 1 they went into the Sunday show 6-4 favs to go and avoided bottom two. But we know more now and they were on 1st that week, if we would have known the running order was not about early being a negative they would have been 4-1+ This week however we know they were on at the end and in a bad draw.

    I want to back them at 6-5 but I just cant bring myself to do it I think I would rather wait for them to be in bottom two and back them in running at 1.50 than thake the 6-5

  • Anyone think D3 v Chris could see Chris in trouble? With Tulisa sending it to Deadlock using reasons Chris is dated and cheesy and wants to see the OLD GMD3 next week.

  • Mick

    A good point about two shoes being there. All in all it was a saving Rylan and losing D3 night. The lengths they went to to save Rylan makes me think he might be close to b2 in the votes and trying to get him to leap frog D3. I have him as a side bet to go (4/1) along with Kye.

  • Kyes price to go… who does he wina sing off against? I would have thought him and Chris’s prices the wrong way around.

    D3 v Kye – Kye Safe
    Kye v Chris – Kye Safe
    Kye v Rylan – Kye safe? (I think so, but unlikely scenario anyway)
    Kye v Outsider – Kye goes (Outsider)

    Chris v D3 – Close could go to deadlock, with Tulisa saving D3
    Chris v Kye – Chris goes
    Chris v Rylan – Chris goes I think
    Chris v Outsider – Chris goes (Outsider)

    Surely the prices are the wrong way around. Kye only realistically goes against outsider?

  • Am I begining to make too much of a case for Christopher being giving some bad production here. Is it a case so that he lands in the bottom 2 or just to continue to de-ramp him to lose votes for future.

    Please see this picture


    On the left you see the same “Cage” / “Prison” GMD3 were trapped in the week they ended in bottom 2 after a not-so-bad performance.

    On the right, you see a very similar “Cage” / “Prison” for Chris.

    If you watch the performances on youtube you will see it more clearly.

  • Stoney

    Serious money coming for James to be in the bottom 2, as short as 4/1. Although he would be saved against anyone except jahmene or Ella it’s not looking good, his winners price I’d also on the drift. Does everyone still consider him the alpha boy???

    • eurovicious

      There’s certainly a case for it. Rob at entertainmentodds.com is laying both Kye and D3 and has tipped James for B2 on the basis of value. Recalling my reaction to Arthur’s week 1 performance, this week’s was very similar, and with fewer acts in the competition, his niche and aggressive performance style might not gel well with a Strictly and Maloney-loving audience. That said, there’s the northeast vote. My final B2 prediction for tonight: Kye/James. (Take with a cellar of salt; I haven’t yet correctly called both B2 acts right so this series, but I’ve called one every week but one.) Maloney safe as houses. Rylan likely also safe, I hope.

  • eurovicious

    Thoughts on which way this singoff will go? I can make a good case either way. :/

  • Stephen

    ye was thinking the same mate. very tricky. could be deadlock which would favour rylan I think

  • R

    Didn’t Kye get good comments yesterday? And they could want to get one of the boys to even things up a bit. Ry

    I’m leaning towards Rylan going but not much in it. My Twitter time-line is saying Rylan to be saved & it’s been wrong every so far.

  • eurovicious

    After that performance from Rylan (!!) plus the Habibis treatment, I’m leaning Kye.

  • Stephen

    ha got it right but didnt do a bet. money came for kye too. was 6-4 on paddypower to go when 5-4 on betfair, annoyed i didnt have money in that account.

  • Curtis

    Yeah, I only got Kye to go for 5/4 but what’cha gonna do. Money is money.

  • WideOfTheMark

    Very close – so ended up backing D3 but with a saver on Kye. In the end though I had no real confidence in either so managed to lay the risk (or lose the profit!!). Looking forward to next week

  • WideOfTheMark

    no real confidence between Kye and Rylan

  • eurovicious

    Things are back to normal: Louis “did the right thing” and Tulisa took it to deadlock for Rylan. I backed Kye to go during the singoff but I wish I’d had the confidence to put more on…

    • Curtis

      Exactly how I feel. In fact, at the last minute I almost hedged my bets, which would have been stupid and cowardly. Thankfully I was in just a little too late to do that, so I made an ok amount of money. Last year I’d have bet pretty much everything I own on Kye to go in that sing-off, but it’s just difficult this year.

  • Stephen

    Yeah Curtis, I know what you mean but at the time I was a bit unsure so didn’t want to take a worse price. in hindsight, I am slightly annoyed I didn’t have a bet since, it would have been, in my view, very unlikely for Kye to be saved 3-1 and therefore should have backed him to leave as I thought the deadlock would favour him. Maybe next week, I’ll have to do a bit more work on it instead of being hungover in bed.

  • Stephen

    *favour him to go.

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