X Factor 2012 Live Show 4: Feeling Jaded?

Last Halloween witnessed the surprise breakout of Little Mix and heralded the dawning of a brutal spate of assassinations that ran almost to the series’ grim finale. Expecting such similar revelations this year, I had to make do instead with Nicole Sherzinger dressed as the love child of Cher and Beowulf.

Opening the show was that Kye fellow and Gary took the opportunity to share with us his emotional inadequacies in relation to his crippling jealousy towards Robbie Williams.

By highlighting the daunting risk that tackling a Robbie classic entails, Gary simply reminded us that Kye is a poor-man’s, well, anyone. A poor man’s Kye even. Let Me Entertain You was the song that stuck Rachel Adedeji into her first sing off in 2009 and it hasn’t been approached since.

‘The problem is you popping on TV,’ Kye was told in his VT. Then, dressed as a joke-shop chimney sweep he threw himself into a literally interpreted Halloween extravaganza of camp. ‘You’ve tried everything – I hope it’s enough,’ said Louis.

The producer message wasn’t great but then of course Kye hopes to become part of the 80% of contenstants who receive a sympathy bounce after their first appearance in the bottom two. It’s a hard one to call. I would be tempted to say that odds of around 7/1 to be eliminated look like fairly good value but I’m not sure it’s worth the flutter in a week that saw more minor nobbles than a bag of twiglets.

Union J’s early slot didn’t look particularly favourable, especially directly preceding a Halloween edition Rylan. Having said that, their VT was very kind; focusing on hard work, hard play, hordes of fans and first times on red carpets. The boys didn’t interact much with Robbie Williams but then neither did Gary Barlow for several years and he turned out just fine (oh, wait).

Sweet Dreams was a clever song selection and the boys were on a vocal high (with the help of a very One Direction-esque backing track to atone for their sins). All in all, it was a good idea with average execution.

The only real spanner in the works was Gary who not only gave Jaymi the Ashford Campbell/Perrie Edwards ‘main man’ treatment but also criticised the overproduction of the track. Most intriguing was his triple utterance of, “safe, safe, safe,” to describe ‘Sweet Dreams’ just before a request for the boys to bring something different next week. If I didn’t think that they looked safe as houses, I would be wondering about the subliminally vote-suppressing purpose of such a rant. Perhaps it even worked on my cynical mind.

Rylan was once again surprisingly unremarkable in another ideal themed week and I’m starting to believe that the panto queen is out of steam. The VTs seemed to suggest that anti-Rylan sentiments are waning and without his polarising potential I don’t fully comprehend the point of Rylan’s place in the contest. Gary smiled and laughed throughout the set and offered an embrace (‘without touching’ – lolophobia!) although the promise of a radical shift in style next week (should Rylan survive) was indicative of classic vote-boosting tactics. At 6.2 to go, the Essex entertainer and ‘young Jean-Paul Gaultier’ is far from bookies’ favourite for the boot.

Frankella was up next, introduced by Tulisa as her ‘little cupcake,’ presumably to rival Little Mix’s ‘muffins.’ We were profusely reminded that ELLA IS SIXTEEN and a picture of her in what looked like a primary school uniform was used to reinforce her youth and vigour.

A casual fourth live week was never going to pose much of a challenge to the series’ front runner and Ella expectedly took her set in her stride, neither disappointing nor blowing shit out of the water. She does have a few issues with tuning in her limited range and can, on occasion, remind me of a wailing animal. All in all, however, Ella is looking as much like a warbling finalist as she ever has.

Shakey Maloney’s VT served to remind us YET AGAIN that he suffers from nerves but after the previous VT banging on about the fact that ELLA IS ONLY SIXTEEN, the seasoned cruise-ship headliner just seemed like a banker moaning in a dole queue. There was nothing new to add to Chris’s story – no long lost children or secret addictions – just good ol’ Shakey ready to give it his all in the biggest karaoke bar in town.

‘I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight’ can’t offer a great message, lyrically speaking. The whole segment rehashed everything we already know about the Liverpudlian with an attempted sense of finality. However, an obvious appeal for the regional vote plus all those dubious rumours about vote-topping mean I wouldn’t be too shocked to see Chris clear the bottom two again tomorrow evening.

The only saving grace may be the uncomfortable and unscripted exchange between Gary and Tulisa over her ‘fag-breath’ – a rather nasty move on Borelow’s part but a welcome distraction from Christopher Maloney.

The implication – even as a joke – that District 3 might ‘need a George Shelley’ might have been taken as an admission of weakness by the trio. They did achieve a brief ‘LADS!’ moment with Robbie Williams but their VT was followed by a performance so badly staged and styled that it felt like nothing other than deliberate sabotage.

Mixed comments for District 3 have helped to make them firm favourites to go. I can’t imagine them being saved over many beyond ol’ Shakey. Whether they did badly enough to fall into the danger zone I’m not sure.

Dermot reminded us that, ‘all the acts are in terrible danger,’ perhaps referring to the genuine possibility that the newly quintifocal District 3 might take inspiration from their awful costumes and incite a riot of ultraviolence in rebellion towards their designated place as beta group.

Penultimately, Jahmene turned up to do his awful ‘thing’ that he does where he pretends to be all cute and awkward and fluffy until, like a wet Gremlin, he morphs into funky-Davros and tries to manipulate the space-time continuum using only his vocal chords. Technically, he’s very problematic and commercially he’s not viable. My feeling is that the show’s producers must know this and are currently biding their time until they can decide what to do with him. Either way, we believe Jahmene is more than safe for a couple of weeks yet.

We tipped Jade in our pre-lives elimination post and after tonight’s show we think we were wise to do so. Lucy’s absence plus a late slot might not have hurt the London lass but her flat performance did that all by itself. Jade’s VT was sweet but very much a case of ‘same old, same old,’ whilst her set seemed to be missing dancers for a lot longer than felt natural. It is an awful shame because ‘Freak Like Me’ was a great choice for Jade’s voice. I have to agree with Nicole on the set as a whole though. It wasn’t right – it wasn’t Jade. At time of writing, she is a close second favourite to go tomorrow.

Closing live show 4 – as I playfully guessed he would a few weeks ago – was prodigal son James Arthur. After a gradual ascension in weeks 1 through 3, tonight launched James as the stratospheric ‘artist’ and ‘recording star’ that the show (along with Labrinth and Emeli Sande) clearly sees in him.

And not without good cause. After weeks of kicking and screaming I’m about ready to be honest with myself and say that James sticks out like a good thumb on a sore hand in this contest. Along with Ella he is one of the only contestants that can already handle the stage like a pro. Betfair now has him at a close 3rd place FTW behind Jahmene.

With Kye, Rylan, Chris, District 3 and Jade all offering mediocre slots it isn’t immediately obvious who we are likely to lose tomorrow night. It still seems fair to say that Rylan would be saved over most. With Kye due for a potential bounce and Shakey having avoided the drop so far, we could well be looking at a bottom two of Jade and District 3. The market agrees. Between the two, we’re on the fence. As ever, do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  • Butterscotch

    A great read and thorough as always…missed tonight’s show for the delights of Rayo Vallecano v Barcelona – but your review means there was no need to watch it.

    I’m with you: think Jade is putting on an eye patch and a pirate’s hat and being readied to walk the plank tomorrow night.

  • Simon le Chat

    Kye was up first but even before the performance I suspected the song might be too big for him. Kye is weak and wet and his voice is not quite up to it. There was no grit in what is a gritty song; LMEY would have been a better choice for James. Positive comments from two of the judges might save him but Louis twisted the knife and constant references to being in the bottom 2 last week will not have helped. New pimp slot or not he is in danger. Sod the bounce theory – on this evidence bottom two again.

    Union J blooming awful song but their lead singer Jamie is quality which is just as well because they are pretty boring otherwise. All dressed in black didn’t help and it was clear Nicole was talking absolute crap by praising them to the skies. Would anyone really pay for this shite? At least they come across as ‘nice’ lads. Didn’t look like finalists tonight let alone winners but others much worse so safe for now.

    Rylan is just great entertainment, and the positive VT and support from Robbie was noteworthy. The routine was crap – totally tuneless slapstick but they want him for the live shows and if there was any doubt he was going to be safe, it was confirmed when Gary laced into him again. Public don‘t like bullying and the challenge to Gary for something special next week is going to carry him through. Poor performance, totally without direction but the guy is an entertainer. Safe.

    Ella Henderson: positive VT as always but does anyone else get the feeling she’s like 16 going on 30? The song choice was dreadful – where do they get these numbers from? – but she performed it competitively – however note how she never smiles when she performs, and when you think about it she never performs, she tends to just stand there and sing. It will serve her well for a few weeks yet but anyone taking odds on for her to win the competition is nuts. Safe.

    Shaky: Plenty of reference to Liverpool, and in case anyone missed it more references later on. I know not everyone here agrees with me but this bloke cannot sing – he was horribly out of tune this evening and the song was a poor choice. I am astonished he has got this far with this voice so it has been the sympathy and scouse vote that has propelled him through but even that has to run its course. Thing is will it be this weekend? I equate this performance akin to the week of Franky Cacossa was found out with his awful version of The Scientist. The judges’ comments were more about Shaky being precious and vulnerable than singing in or rather out of tune. Louis referred to him as panto, Tulisa is saying the vocals were strong but he was destroying 80’s classics. She was right, he did destroy the song but he comes across as a nice boy – only he isn’t a boy, Ella is a youngster, Shaky is a grown man. As for the argument about fag ash breath/wine breath between Tulisa and Gary, I don’t believe that was staged because it was too personal but it detracted from a performance that was forgettable anyway. I think Shaky is in trouble. Bottom 2.

    District 3 were the better singers of the two boy bands left, at least they were on “Every breath you take” but the rest of the performance about “Beautiful Monster” was out of tune which three of the judges picked up on. The audience seemed to like them though and if reflected at home they will get through. Safe.

    Jemaine Douglas’s profile reminds me of that bloke Alexander (?) from the Orkney Islands who won Big Brother all those years ago. Jehmaine is like “proud to be an Oke from Maskoki” and while his profile does not fit the usual wags and glossy people that populate these competitions, there are plenty ordinary people out there who are like him and will vote for him. Note the power of a simple well known song instead of trying to be a clever dick with something no one knows about. Vocals not perfect, bad ending and some of his warbles go off on frolics of their own, but the second best performance of the evening.

    Jade Ellis was dropped in between big hitters Jehmaine and James but there was plenty of sympathetic VT with the shabby home and the broken windows, peeling wallpaper and poverty. She looked fantastic before she sang which was as well because the song was a turkey and could be her undoing. Who choses these numbers? Coming after “Killing me softly” as well. Singing was average, song bloody awful, judges laid into her and knifed her in the front and the suggestion she was “frightening” and “in trouble” and she could well be. Thing is she is beautiful in a beautiful way (unlike Miss Poole) and every hard up one parent family out there will associate with her. She also spoke sensibly and modestly at the end. The producers did a good hatchet job on her but I think she is safe.

    James Arthur. This lad is going places, I take back everything I said about him including his teeth. He has his own image and is modest and seems a genuinely nice bloke. Note the simple song choice “Sweet Dreams” and the pain in his voice as he sang it. No guitar, no hiding behind backing tracks. I don’t often agree with Walsh but James Arthur is “dark” and he could win this competition. Performance of the evening. Safe.

    Conclusion: Some poor performances this evening, but the worst all round were Kaye, Shaky and District 3. There are too many male singers left in the show and it is time for a cull. It’s between Kye and Shaky. Kye to go.

    • Very much doubt that Kye will go… Yes, the audience appeared to like D3’s take on Ne-Yo, but directional mikes have a lot to answer for… Sorry, but we have to disagree on Shakey. The man can sing – in tune, and competently – and I for one am actually starting to root for him amidst all the character assassination. As for James Arthur, on the other hand, you’re right – I agree – and I’m slightly gutted about it. He is going big places very fast.

    • I’m with Sauron.

      Simon, is that an ostrich egg I see on your face? It must be Easter. 😉

  • I think Kye’ll be fine. His performance was a lot more enjoyable, relatable and lively than in previous weeks, and it was a positive slot overall (VT, staging, comments, draw). I see no reason for him not to bounce. Agree that Union J are safe as houses – they were one of the strongest of the night. Rylan was shite but less shite than weeks 3 or 1, if that makes any sense. (A lighter brown, if you will.) Ella’ll be fine, Chris should be fine. District 3 were off-the-charts awful and it wasn’t even really their fault. One of the show’s most blatant attempts at sabotage – googly eyes stuck to their faces, daft space cadet outfits, a complete mess of a mashup that combined an unsuitable, very dated song with an inappropriate lolpop song (Beautiful Monster reminded me of Nu Vibe’s Beautiful People). To top all that, they were surrounded by gravestones with RIP written on all of them. Blatant! Never seeen owt like it. However, as I speak, there’s a massive Twitter campaign going on to get people to vote for them and has been since this afternoon. Were it not for that, I’d say they were a dead cert for bottom 2; as it stands, they could still be bottom 2 (or a surprise survive) but I very much doubt they’ll be the very bottom. (I’ve just typed the word “bottom” so many times it’s lost all meaning.)

    I thought Jahmene was strong tonight – he nailed the vocal and didn’t oversing, at least not in a way that bothered me, so I feel he should probably be safe. Jade… Jade Jade Jade. I didn’t really fall in love with her until week 2 and 3, but tonight was, like District 3, off-the-charts bad and not her fault. Again, it felt very much like deliberate sabotage. A late slot, another Jahmene-Jade-James sandwich (except at the end of the show rather than in the first half like last week, alienating styling (the worst attempt at a “sexy robot” I’ve seen since Zorica Markovic’s: http://tvbulj.blogspot.de/2007/10/nisam-ja-tvoj-sexy-robot.html), and an odd, highly jarring arrangement of a song that, as you say, should have suited her. It was just dreadful and she really looked lost, and like she was trying to be something she isn’t. (Namely, the Borg Queen to Nicole’s Klingon warrior mistress). She didn’t bring it. Like Carolynne’s Starships, I just can’t see who would vote for it. Everything about it was the polar opposite of her brilliant week 2 performance, and I don’t think her fans will like it – I certainly didn’t. There was no mention of her addled vocal cords either. I just love the logic of X Factor sometimes: “I’m poor and live in a tower block, so now I’m going to murder Freak Like Me dressed as a cyborg”. The poor woman.

    • eurovicious, “vote District 3”-related hashtags were trending on Twitter almost constantly the weekend that they were in the bottom two, so I’d take any acute perceptions of popularity (or disdain) on there with a grain of salt.

      I assume that the “daft space cadet outfits” and eye makeup took inspiration from A Clockwork Orange, but how many teenage girls will understand (much less appreciate) the reference point?

      • Hi Eddy – wise words, I remember, and for that reason I was surprised when they were bottom 2 that week, so I far from rule it out this week. I haven’t seen that film, I should… and yeah, their target demographic will have no idea, especially as District 3 seem pitched to a younger audience than Union J…

      • Yep, that was certainly the reference (hence Dug’s rather erudite refence to ‘ultraviolence’ in his original post) but you’re right: very few indeed of D3’s target demographic would have picked up on that. Indeed – for all intents and purposes – Nicole was right!

    • Boki

      I don’t need to write any comment tonight, you said it all and I agree. Just to add, they did mention something like ‘I’m glad your ilness is over’ so even worse for her.
      Now I’m going to bet some horses on the great Mickey Giugli blog, cheers.

    • Love the response… I will readily admit, Carolynne’s ‘Starships’ is my performance of the series, but there we go… But as for the (very sexy) Jade, it will be surely a massive surprise if she survives the bottom two after that.

  • Jack

    Think the producers have got Jade this week. However, if she’s with District3, Shakey or Kye, I think she’d be saved. Rylan could drop in there and my prediction, for now is that Rylan and Jade will be bottom two, with sadly, my favourite, Jade, to go, in a contraversial decision.

    • Would the producers really want to risk a Carolynne-esque public outcry again? I think the only legitimate tactic they have left is to keep Rylan clear of the bottom two – hence the big, kitchen-sink productions and favourable VTs. I have a feeling he’ll be safe for one more week yet.

    • Morning Jack, Eddy. I wondered if the whole Gary-Rylan interaction last night was laying groundwork laid for Gary to save Rylan in a singoff vs Jade or D3 if need be (as it would be if he were bottom): “You promised something different next week and I’m willing to give you a chance”? The Robbie endorsement would also give a nice angle on it – “I’m going to trust the judgement of my old mate Robbie”.

      And if vs Jade, it would feed in nicely to the bad blood created by the “fag-ash breath” comment (which felt very off-script as Dug said).

      Would Gary play ball, though?

      • lolhart

        I think Gary saving Rylan over Jade would be going too far even for the X-Factor. It would be Jedward v Lucie all over again. I guess it all depends on Barlow’s “integrity”.

        • Adam

          You’re assuming Rylan is bottom vs Jade. If Jade were bottom its an easy save for Louis to take it to deadlock

          Same scenario versus Chris with Nicole’s help

          Can’t see her beating D3 under any circumstances, easy for Gary/Nicole to pull “the potential of last week ” card. Kye would get an easy 3-1 as well.

  • jake Kl

    Tonight was definitely a turn of events compared to this weeks articles.
    Lucy not singing this week is only due to one thing- she couldnt have handled it well and according to me would have gone straight to bottom2, since like some1 said on another site: ”Jade wasnt let off singing last week after a bad soarthroat whereas Lucy who only speaks in her songs was”. This proves shes a favourite among the producers and i wont be suprised if we see her get to the final stages (not final though)
    Ella- average. I’ve noticed the de-ramping increasing with her, starting with the silly hand mouvements last week and this week mentioning her voice, her strongest point, being low-key and nowhere near as good as Amy Lee’s. Like ive mentioned b4, this is the exact direction Janet was going last year and Ella, not only not topping the votes but having a fanbase nowhere near as big as Janet, i’d be suprised if she reaches the final.
    Jade- Being my favourite contestant, it pains me to say she was (together with Chris) the worst of the night. Weird dance, bad song, bad vocals, that skeleton head behind her didnt look like good news and she didnt look like she enjoyed herself at all. Add to that Bad comments from the judges, making her sound she was better when she was ill last week, the worst slot to have between 2 highly pimped acts and bad VT, shes bottom2 material.
    Diana being sick 4 years ago caused another talented girl from the same category, Laura going home. sounds like the same case here.
    I started getting excited last week when a ‘battle of the boybands’ was announced, unfrotunately both bands were very average with some pretty bad vocally. Out of the 2, imo District3 were better but more forgetable and only due a smaller fanbase and them being in the bottom2 already, they’re in more danger than UnionJ.
    Chris- got nothing to say really. sounds like however bad his perofmances are, his support still carries him to the next week and i cant think of why it shouldnt this week. I’ve also had a theory about him after reading all the bad press about him this week. Being criticised by MK1,Simon and producers (for not turning up for Robbie) it sounds alot like what Rylan was enduring 3-4 weeks ago meaning if Rylan goes (and seeing his support is much smaller than Chris’s, he will) they’ve got a back-up joke act.
    Kye- He was the revelation for me tonight. He showed he could sing well and entertain at the same time, got great comments, even saying how he didnt belong in the bottom2 and an early slot+ sympathy votes was only better news for him.
    James- Great performance, going straight to the finals, producers favourite, late slot only means good enough support and original in a way lucy hasnt managed to do till now. I also liked how there was a blurry faceless image ofhim in the background
    Jahmene- another great performance, most pimped act, good VT again and good slot.
    Rylan- producers havent given up on keeping him yet, probably his best performance to date but like a few people mentioned Gary starting to warm to him aint good news (like we saw with Johnny last year)
    I’ll go with my instinct as its been right so far with melanie and MK1,and say bottom2 Jade and either District3 or Rylan, probably Rylan. im hoping District3 since theres more chance of her getting saved than facing Rylan.

  • Hello, I posted this analysis of The Assassination of Jade Ellis on a previous post but it’s probably more relevant here, so I hope you don’t mind my reposting it:

    1. Her VT starts off as more about Tulisa taking “her girls” to the Bond premiere than about Jade/from her perspective. Look closely and Jade’s half in shadow/barely in shot at the beginning.

    2. Jade made to look “normal” and “at home” in her flat, i.e. not meant for stardom? She even talks about the strangeness of the “double life” that she leads!

    3. Tulisa plugging Lucy just before introducing Jade, but why not before Ella?

    4. Jade staged in a bright cage of light at the start of her performance that distracts from her.

    5. Alienating sci-fi/futuristic/Barbarella theme for the performance. Jade in a PVC catsuit and Gaga-esque make-up/styling that her fanbase so far (from the ballads she’s previously sang) may be put off by.

    6. Jade on her own on stage for half of the song, highlighting how awkward her dancing/walking in the PVC catsuit is. Whereas for other acts the dancers appear fairly early on to distract from their (amateur-ish) dance routines.

    7. Once the dancers do appear, there are constant cuts to them that almost make us forget where Jade is on stage and stops us from seeing the expressions on her face when she’s singing the lyrics (and thus from having any emotional connection to her performance). At one point the camera cuts to her when she’s bowed down in the dance routine so she’s not even in frame!

    8. Exaggerated judges’ critiques of her performance (e.g. Nicole’s “frightening” remark) that highlight awkwardness, mediocre vocals, poor song choice, style over substance etc. – saved only by Tulisa’s (spot-on) defense that Jade is recovering from having no voice last week, that acts & judges should be able to try different things/have fun with the week’s theme, and that none of the acts arrive on the show as fully formed popstars. I imagine if she’d done a ballad again she’d be accused of being boring/a one-trick pony (like Sophie/”Bang Bang” last year), as Dermot quite rightly indicated.

    9. Finally, no mention whatsoever of this week’s “bully victim” revelations or the abuse she receives on the streets for being a lesbian, or even the fact that she has a partner of six years (which, while risky for the show, would give her a persona an extra dimension aside from the mother who wants her daughter to have a garden to play in).

    Prediction: Jade vs District 3 bottom two, with District 3 to go – they’re coming down from a sympathy bounce and I can’t imagine the producers justifying the Battle of the Boybands narrative for much longer.

  • stoney

    as i wake up this morning the next elimination market looks promising, im sitting on 8/1 for jade to go next, but if that fails and district 3 go im quids in on them being last group standing, looking forward to tonight

  • stoney

    ps, as ive previously said jade is now number 1 target due to ellas flagging position as the front runner

  • Simon le chat

    I think it is dangerous to overlook the shape of the program. If a male doesn’t go this week it will be male heavy ie two all male bands plus Kye, Rylan, Shaky Jehmaine and James,with only Jade and Ella to sweeten the line up- Lucy (great entertainer but butch). Yo make money this week look at who is expendable in the males and that has to be one of Gary’s acts. Who can go further of the two left? Its Shaky so Kye to be in the bottom 2 and to go.

    Good luck everyone.

  • jake Kl

    Sorry Andrew but completely disagree there. with a Rylan/Jade bottom2, Gary would obviousely save Jade. One b/c he’d wanna have a dig at Robbie for going against him (as he mentioned their 20 years of friendship was over). Also he was sorry about ”fag breath” comment and like he said last night on xtra, he would wanna make it up to her.

  • Alen

    All they need is to Jade be the very last in televoting and take it to deadlock (with louis saving rylan as
    something is missing with jade for him)

  • Donald

    Great piece, it is where it at really, I think Kye even with bounce could be in danger, Jade is likeable and with Lucy missing may pick up some votes from people who vote for the girls but they have done their best to get her but as we know only too well these producers have a degree at missing this year. Will Louis loose an act two weeks in a row? Highly unlikely at this stage which could leave Jade and Kye bottom two and Gary left with Shakey! Small stakes I think and stay on the fence for this week.

  • Ella has been Matt-Cardle-Bleeding-Love’d. Similarly awful arrangement. Even the backdrop was similar. Logical, since it was starting to get a bit boring with the one horse race thingy. So, will she be Matt-Cardle-First-Time-Ever-I-Saw-Your-Face’d next week?

  • Stoney

    Matt cardle still topped the vote on the bleeding love week so again another theory that x factor don’t like one horse races is a myth. If there chosen one is winning they won’t give a damn about it being a one horse race. Problem this time is there riding on a 3 legged donkey this time and she is not topping the vote

  • sam

    well another week and another “THEMED” week has come and gone and to be honest i was thinking as i watch this last night that the shows producers were all on some sort of HYPNO DRUG”and the acts were all in their tripped out minds.if this week was ment to be “HALLOWEEN” then i am the “TRICK”in the shows watcher as there was certainly no “TREATS” IN IT.
    aLL BAR 1 act were terrible,i know they like to us the themed weeks as “loosely” as they can get away with these days but come on,really.
    Take JAHMENE this guy has a good voice but last night”THE SUIT” WHATS THAT ALL ABOUT,he was about as scarey as a “NUN AT A GARDEN PARTY”he’s got the voice but his whole persona is just DULL AS DITCH WATER,Iactually fell asleep watching him.
    The only act that even came good for me was,and i can’t quite believe i am saying this but RYLAN was quite good,he may be the “JOKER IN THE PACK” and has the worse voice going but you got to give him his dues,he gives 100% evry week which is more thean the rest do.
    As for where my money goes tonight i’m not sure as yet but thinkunk boy/boy band havre to be a good bet to go as they are to top heavy.
    Only one act is SAFE this wekk and thats LUCY NOSHOW,the one whos been given the GREEN CARD this week,peronally think this is a wrong decision but who am i to go against the “SHOWS PRODUCERS”they want her and thats that.

  • SAM

    Sorry for so many typo errors and grammar mistakes,my keyboard and i are in need of a holiday.

  • Rylan Ross Clark ‏@RylanClark
    Morning sirens, hope your all well, I really wld love to sing a song to prove my vocals next week. Please drop me a vote. Thank you x #03

    Even I would be tempted to vote just to witness that.

  • sam

    Just read an artical online regarding LUCY SPRAGGONS “noshow” last night,and well it is not sounding good for her,so many are ANTI her now that’s she’s almost as diliked as RYLAN ,even her devoted “TWATTER”fans are not happy with her LAME excuse for not performing lastnight,and the show wanting to “KEEP HER SAFE” is not helping her at all.
    from a betting view point i may place a bit on her going next week if her press gets any worse as shes going down hill very fast as a TOP runner.

  • Boki

    Any twitter figures somewhere?

  • Allan

    Was out at a party so only now watched the show back, Jade was rancid and must be a strong fave for the chop, as many others have said, especially with her sandwiched between Jahmene and James.

    Really difficult though to pick her bottom 2 opponent, and I wonder if there might be a shock. For me, Union J getting the “main man” treatment means I think they could be in slight danger, so have added a small bet on them at 25s…

  • Shade

    Good points team, following that line of thinking, if they can jettison Jade this week and knock Lucy into B2 alongside Rylan then Ella will be top girl by default and free for a couple weeks even if she’s flagging

  • Shade

    *a la Marcus Collins from last year – getting through by default as the only male.
    By the same reasoning I would have reasoned Jade safe for another week as the only attractive female – but if she’s out, Ella will look much better compared to butch dykey Lucy. Thing is with her being ‘only 16’ they can’t play up her ‘sex appeal’ factor. Sorry for the double post.

  • Group 1 – ‘The early slots’: Kye, Union J & Rylan.

    Group 2 – ‘The later slots’: Chris, D3 & Jade.

    I think they would save any1 from group 1 against any1 from group 2 (with a questionmark only on Kye VS Jade).

    So, for me, the real issue is what the chances are for not even one act from group 2 to be in the bottom 2.

  • Jake Kl

    I thought it over and im changing my mind. Out of Jade, District3 and Rylan, 2 of them will definitely end up in the bottom2 like i said last night but the definite one isnt jade, its District3. Like we’ve seen b4, a heavily criticised act who suddenly gets praised usually ends up in the bottom2. That wasnt the case with Jade last night and the judges comments were worse than last week. I did realise on facebook and a few other sites that Jade was still getting alot of support from the public (alot of sympathy) and she’s always in the top 5 acts with the most votes. Sympathy might help her avoid the bottom2. On the other hand, District3s treatment was far worse and was similar to wk2. So District3 in bottom2 with either Rylan or (fingers crossed she isnt) Jade

    • tpfkar

      Just done some number-crunching. I’m struggling all round as there is lots that doesn’t match, such as a significant surge for MK1 last week which clearly didn’t happen. I had one big miss last year (Misha) but I need to try to find out why it’s not as clear cut this year.

      My best guess – much salt needed:
      1-Jade last by a mile
      2-great week for both groups
      3-second last, which will cause panic in producer central if anywhere true, is ELLA. I have her with a big reverse this week, and if the Star are right that Chris won the first weeks, she hasn’t started from all that high and is heading down the leaderboard.

  • maccafan

    Interesting ‘show aftermath’ poll which I found useful last year on the Mirror site. It clearly shows Shaky Baloney out front as favourite to be ousted this week with Rylan, D3 and Jade close behind.


    I have no idea now who is going to go this week but there are some great prices for b2 combos on ‘oddschecker’.
    Interesting doom and gloom set though, for Shaky with a ‘Ghost-ship’ scene from ‘The Fog’, turbulent seas at the end and the ‘Died in your arms’ song with Louis saying “you haven’t been in the b2 YET”). Is he now on the rocks, lost in the ‘cruise ship singer’ fog ?

    D3 had a clear RIP message and a complete disjointed mess of a mash-up of songs and don’t look long for this world in the ‘battle of the boy bands’ (where Union J appear to be getting revved up now and ‘full speed’ ahead, judging by the ‘speedo’ back projection). So, saved for another week or two perhaps to build up the boy band vote for it all to go on Union J in a few weeks?. D3 looked like a poor soppy bunch of ‘Clockwork Orange’ wannabes too.

    Jade looked and sounded uncomfortable with her ‘throat’ also cut from ear to ear (a message that she is finished perhaps ?) and also given a song called ‘Freak’. I like her a lot but she does seem to have vocal chord issues and I don’t think that they can hack the gruelling pace. Gary keeps drawing attention to this too.

    However, my pet hate did an entertaining show and I think they will be ‘saving Rylan’s privates’ for Gary to kick on another week after him having an industry powerhouse endorsement like Robbie Williams behind him. Gary didn’t seem to want to rub Robbie up the wrong way and to argue with him (just in case he ever wanted another full TT reunion).

    I think the teenie girl vote for D3 is still fairly strong, so for me that only leaves a Jade/Shakey in b2 this week.
    Kye also looked like a fish out of water to me doing LMEY (but again with a big Robbie endorsement).

    However, after careful thoughts I am going for two small b2 bets (but with good prices 11/1 and 12/1). Shakey/Jade and Kye /Jade.

  • Boki

    Hi Daniel, any thoughts on Jade vs Chris sing-off?

    They are trying to get rid of Chris for several weeks so an opportunity shouldn’t be wasted, also keeping Jade would keep the boy/girl balance. On the other hand, Jade would be the 1st ‘obvious target of the night’ to actually land into bottom 2.

    • Daniel

      It’s a very good question, Boki. Both are clearly expendable, so I won’t be betting big either way. It’s hard though not impossible to see Louis and Nicole voting for Chris, so for those like me who have backed Jade to go this week, I reckon a win on deadlock would be the best hope.

  • Butterscotch

    Hills were only going 9/4 Jade AND District3 to walk the plank tonight, so I took the 9/2 on Kye.

  • stoney

    jade ellis as low as 5/4 with bwin, pretty safe to say she will be odds on at some firms by the time the results show starts

  • AnnaC

    Interestingly they hid Jade’s strongest feature last night: her beautiful face. Looking at Digital Spy it seems that a lot of people believe that Lucy’s illness is actually a hangover with a lot of commenters saying that she was well enough for the premiere and the party (Tuesday and Wednesday) so could not possibly have contracted a genuine illness by Saturday. The hangover explanation seems unlikely to me but for Lucy to get much further in the competition her next week’s VT will have to feature some convincing evidence of illness. It did seem strange, though, that so little has been said officially about the illness. The press releases seem to have called it ‘severe flu’. However, the fact that Lucy was ill was mentioned only in passing last night with no detail.

  • AnnaC

    One factor that MUST feature in producer decisions but which is hidden to punters is the downloads. These show which contestants appeal to people who are willing to pay for their music (who may be different from the people willing to pay to vote). I think, by the way, that this explains the increasing number of mash-ups. If you like, say, “Every Move You Make” then there are a number of versions you can buy but only the one by District 3 is intercut with “Beautiful Monster”. If an act is selling well on downloads then there is a strong incentive for the producers to keep the act, even if it is not doing well in the votes as it is likely to become a recording success. Conversely, an act whose downloads are not selling well is probably not worth taking to the final.

  • Simon "le well-informed-chat"

    Chris is reLLY RElly poor- he is.
    Union J were poor but they are young and could develop. Chris is rubbish.
    The Scouser vote will prevail – maybe- for another week but who? WHO? is going to vote for Kye? He’s too old to be a sex symbol, too young to be an ‘oldie’ – the guy is toast. If he is in the bottom too he is toast.
    Get on for bottom two.

  • sam

    lucy is 1 of only 2 acts to ever have missed the live shows in x-factor history,the last being diana vickers in 2008,that being said the show knows that regardless of WHY she did not appear she is one of the shows TOP players and potential money makers,for that reason giving her the “GREEN CARD” through to next week gives them more time to sort her out as she’s rapidly becoming one of the “TROUBLE MAKERS”on the show and her bad press is killing her. keeping her off the radar for a week gives the show more time to rain her in to the way they want her to act,and make her the puppet they want her to be although i think it may back fire as even her twatter followers are up in arms about her “NOSHOW” and the ones who don’t believe a word about this story seem to be in the majority not minority
    I think the reason the show has said very little about her “NOSHOW” is because they want her to go alot further in this compitition but if they put to much emphasis on the whole thing it may turn on them and bite them on the ass.I dont really believe the whole “FLUE” story as its all seems very fishy to me given she has been out on the lash alot and even been kicked out of her hotel because of her stupid antics,so i think its a story concocted by the producers to get her out of the press limelight for a week or so.

  • I noticed something in Gary’s comments towards Jade. He said “for the first time, I’m worried”. In 2008, similar comments were made by Simon to Diana on the week she came back after her absence when he said “for the first time ever I’m nervous for you”, and she topped the vote, and also by Louis towards Scott on the first when he said “you could be going home tonight and it’s not fair” and he came second that week. So we may not only see Jade escape the sing off, but finish very high in the voting. I also wouldn’t rule out similar negative treatment for Lucy next week.

    • Me and m big mouth. Either way, Union J in the Bottom two makes it interesting now, as, assuming they survive which is likely, it evens out the whole “battle of the boybands” narrative, especially as I think it’s unlikely that the producers want either to win.

  • Simon "Le Cht"

    Union J are toast.
    And they are also out of tune in the sing off.
    Remember the balance of the program – time for a cull.

  • mark

    just quickly – whats the article where it mentions the sing offs and the stats for the act thats song last in a sing off? I cant find it

    does anyone know

    like where x acts in a singoff that song last won etc

  • wideofthemark

    Let was not pleasant – I had backed out of Chris and Rylan from earlier but hadn’t covered Union J so it would have been a severe blow if Union J had been eliminated. As it was I ended up slightly up on the week thanks to Ella’s slipping out and a dutch arb on over 28s

  • sam

    tonights judgement was the worst yet,lost big time on my gal jade,and i thought i knew how this show worked,well i guess not given they just kicked out one of the best this show has this year.Really can’t get the mentality of a show designed to find “SINGERS”only to kick out the very person who cant actually sing.It was no surprise the crybaby RYLAN survived as he’s gained mass support over the last few weeks.
    Any how i need another backer so any clues on who??? really am not getting it this year.

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