X Factor 2012 Week 1 Elimination Betting: Death Slot or Resurrection Slot?

The pre-live shows speculation is fun, but as a punter, it’s nice to finally get down to business. Talking of that speculation, here on Sofabet in our article and the responses to it, there were seventeen 1-13 finishing order predictions. Adding up the placings of each act from each prediction gives the following totals, the official projection of the Sofabet community as a whole:

1. Ella (27 points with 11 predicting victory)
2. James (69, with one predicting victory)
3. Kye (72, with one predicting victory)
4. Lucy (90, with two predicting victory)
5. Union J (93, with one predicting victory)
6. Jahmene (110, with one predicting victory)
7. Carolynne (124)
8. Rylan (133)
9. GMD3 (147)
10. Melanie (159)
11. MK1 (168)
12. Wildcard (177)
13. Jade (179)

Three of you didn’t name who the winner of the wildcard would be, of those that did, 9 went for Chris, 4 for Amy and one for Adam. This is not dissimilar to the odds that were on offer, which hardened throughout the week in Chris’s favour.

The lines closed at midday today and the thirteenth act will be announced at the start of tonight’s show. Does that mean the wildcard winner will have the death slot and sing first?

Maybe, maybe not. All that’s clear is that we were mistaken in our wildcard analysis piece to work on the assumption that the wildcard winner would get the favoured pimp slot, as Amelia Lily did when she was brought back to the show in week six last year – then, lines were kept open until after three of the other six acts had performed and the announcement was made after all the other acts had sung, so there was nowhere she could sing but last of all.

This time, producers have cannily kept their options open. They can put the winning wildcard act anywhere in the running order they choose – very possibly at the start, immediately after they announce who it is, but not necessarily. (If it’s Shaky Maloney, it might well be wise to give him a bit of time to recover.)

It’s a very important question for this week’s elimination market, because the death slot is disadvantageous for the public vote and a sign of producer disfavour. In the last two years, the acts singing first for the first public live show vote – FYD and Nu Vibe – have been eliminated. In the two years before that, the acts opening the show – Rachel Adedeji and Girlband – were in the bottom two but saved in the sing-off. The year before that, Kimberley Southwick had the death slot and was eliminated.

From 2007-11, that’s five out of five death slots in the first public vote leading to an appearance in the bottom two. Three of those five were sent home. The death slot is a grave, though not necessarily fatal, blow – and that’s especially true for groups. In five of the eight series, the first live show with a public vote was opened by a group, and every one fell into the bottom two, with three being sent home (and one of the two survivors faced off against another group, when Girlband were sent out first in 2008 but survived the sing-off against Bad Lashes).

In the circumstances, punters will rightly be on the edge of their seats with fingers hovering over computers tonight when the show opener is announced. However, if it’s the wildcard who sings first, then we’re into uncharted territory – it’ll be not so much a death slot as a resurrection slot. Who can say if it will have the same effect?

And if the first to sing is the wildcard in the resurrection slot, will the second act up effectively be in the death slot? You can imagine the second to sing feeling a bit after the Lord Mayor’s Show.

There is another difference this time around. Unlike previous years, phone lines are open from the first song onwards, rather than after the last. Will this make a difference? We can’t know for sure, though my instinct is that it shouldn’t prove to be too much of a game-changer. It didn’t change the bias in favour of later performing acts in Eurovision, which reverted back to the old system this year, though that’s a very different kettle of fish as a viewer experience. In the later stages of X Factor, when acts sing two songs each, lines open halfway through the show, and it still seems more favourable to perform late.

We should also, of course, remember that it’s not all about the death slot. There are many other tricks that have been and can be used to depress votes effectively, especially in these early weeks before acts have had much chance to cement a loyal fanbase. Equally fatal can be an early-to-middle slot in the running order, lukewarm VT and comments designed neither to stir a sympathy vote nor an enthusiasm vote, and then being immediately followed by a high-profile act so everyone forgets about you.

In our 1-13 prediction piece, we pointed out that it is easier for producers to set out to nobble a group from the first public vote, because viewers typically need more time to build up a rapport with a group than with a soloist. In other words, it’s less of a risk for producers that groups will prove unexpectedly popular than it is with soloists.

Which of the groups seems most likely to get positioned over the trapdoor tonight? The market says MK1, favourites for elimination at odds of 3/1. As we pointed out in our 1-13 prediction piece, we believe MK1 have been least kindly edited of the three bands, and it would certainly be no surprise to see them be thrown under the bus tonight. Choosing to remind viewers that “accountant” Will stands to skim off 33% of MK1’s future earnings should be enough to dissuade many from reaching for their phones.

In our prediction piece, we speculated that GMD3 – now apparently renamed District 3 – may be tonight’s fall guys from Louis’s category. This was based partly on our surprise at two boybands being included in the live shows, when a more category-balancing and suitably Walsh-esque alternative presented itself in the shape of Poisonous Twin. The investment in a new telegenic member of Union J, the boyband brought back for judges’ houses and given an intriguing edit there, has led us to speculate that producers have switched horses. If so, why let GMD3 hang around?

Our placing of GMD3 in last place of our 1-13 was also influenced by the odds on offer. Then, they were a tempting 12/1 in the first elimination market, four times the price of MK1. Now, they are a general 7/1 and as low as 11/2 in places (though you can still get 10/1 with Boylesports at the time of writing). The value has been drying up.

Nor indeed can we be sure that it won’t be Union J, thus blowing our theorising completely out of the water. I’m not sure whether it’s confirmation bias in action, but I have been noting in recent days Union J pulling even further ahead of GMD3 in terms of Twitter followers. I hope producers have taken note too.

How they handle the name change for GMD3 could give us a clue. It could be great publicity for them, as it was for Rhythmix, or it could simply confuse viewers, depending on how producers choose to handle it – and if they do go home tonight, it will hardly have helped their brand for resuming their post-show career. Sofabet commenters Rad and R both point out that the new name calls to mind the Hunger Games trilogy (Wikipedia tells us that District 3 is “very poor and typically doesn’t do well in the Games”).

It will also be intriguing to see how the reported appearance of One Direction is handled. On the face of it, you would think that reminding viewers we already have a One Direction shouldn’t help motivate votes for either of their putative rivals – The Risk were eliminated last year after their VT showed them chatting to JLS. But perhaps there are opportunities here for producers to favour one of the boybands over the other, should they so desire.

If it’s not the wildcard, nor a group, who else might get the black cross of producer disfavour tonight with the death slot or at least an unhelpful early berth? I think it’s unlikely to be any of the three boys, given that the show will be desperate to keep Rylan around, whilst Jahmene and James are also big personalities in terms of exposure on the show.

That leaves us with the gamma girl and the gamma over, who we believe are Jade Ellis and Melanie Masson respectively based on their edits during the audition process. It is no surprise that these two acts follow MK1 at 9-2 and 7-1 in the elimination market.

Once again, the running order will tell us a whole lot more about what producers are thinking, but to our minds the hints were stronger that Melanie might not be hanging around as long. The storyline that she was missing her young family, and Gary’s concern about this when putting her through, seemed set up to give viewers a reason not to vote for her. She also offers less raw material than Jade for a “journey”. A long career as a session singer and an affluent enough lifestyle are hardly the stuff of X Factor’s favoured plotline of overcoming adversity to achieve your dreams.

Jade, on the other hand, is using X Factor to improve her life. We’ve been given the storyline over and over again of the young single mother living in a tower block, giving viewers a personal reason to keep her in the show. There’s also a strategic reason for the show to keep her in, at least for a week or two: we reckon she is the Ella spare if the producers’ Plan A fails to fly in the early phone votes.

I can see Jade as a recording artist, but not Melanie – I agree with Boki, who finds her old-fashioned. And if it is Chris who wins the wildcard, then Melanie could easily become quickly surplus to requirements in the overs category. Therefore – like Sofabet commenter Heisenberg, who writes that he has been poring over variables including exposure in the ‘Read All About It’ video and treatment in GMTV interviews this week –  I’d much rather be on Melanie at 7-1 to be eliminated this week than Jade at 9-2.

Elsewhere, bookmakers suggest it wouldn’t be too much of a shock if Carolynne Poole was the first elimination – she is a best-priced 14-1. But, like Rylan Clark, I think she has producer favour on her side, and that should be enough – unless of course she was in the bottom two with Rylan. I’m envisaging a helpful slot for Carolynne in tonight’s running order.

Overall, given uncertainty over the wildcards and the groups, I am currently sitting out this week’s elimination market – at least until the show starts answering some of our questions. I can’t wait. What are your thoughts? As ever, do let us know below.

79 comments to X Factor 2012 Week 1 Elimination Betting: Death Slot or Resurrection Slot?

  • Tim B

    What about Melanie’s Scottish heritage? I know she doesn’t live there anymore, but it’s clear from her speaking voice that she is Scottish, and she did indeed audition in Glasgow. Isn’t it possible that in the first week, with voting totals so low that she could quite easily avoid the bottom 2 just from her Scottish/Celtic vote? I would be astonished to see all 3 groups avoid the bottom 2, regardless of their treatment.

    I don’t think that the Wildcard opening the show will be bad for them. The surprise/shock/delight (or horror) at who it will be should be enough to keep them clear of the bottom 2, especially with the obligatory “Welcome back” and positive comments they can only receive. Say the Wildcard is Christopher, then Melanie may be on around 5th in the running order, which could be enough. Anyway, it depends, it depends, it depends etc. I can’t wait to find out and get started! 😀

    • Her accent is very mild – she’s posh Scots (though she is a genuine Scot, not an incomer – you get people with home.counties accents saying things like “I’m from Glaaaarrsgow” which gets on my tits). Despite that though, it’s a fair point. I’m waiting to see if they even touch on her Scottishness or keep it totally shrouded in the VT and comments. I don’t know how much press she’s had in Scotland, but I’ll be looking out this evening for a conspicuous absence of any of the judges saying “You’re representing Scotland!” or “I want everyone in Scotland to put down the booze, pick up the phone and vote for Melanie!”. If they instead focus on her happiness, well-to-do-ness and the fact it’s difficult for her being away from her kids, that’s the sound of the axe falling.

  • “In the last two years, the acts singing first for the first public live show vote – FYD and Nu Vibe – have been eliminated. In the two years before that, the acts opening the show – Rachel Adedeji and Girlband – were in the bottom two but saved in the sing-off. The year before that, Kimberley Southwick had the death slot and was eliminated.”

    That’s some significant shizz – thanks for bringing those stats together, I had no idea. I hardly need mention that over in Euroland, Engelbert also ended in the bottom two from the death slot ;).

    I agree that having lines open throughout shouldn’t change things too much, and that if the wildcard sings first a la The Mend in BGT, the second slot is the death slot. Completely agree on Melanie/Jade/Carolynne. Finally, obviously I’m saying this pre-show, but I think an unintended bottom 2 for one of the boys (especially Rylan or Jahmene) can’t be ruled out – but they’d be saved against Melanie. Let’s see what happens tonight: If she’s on second and her Scottishness remains shrouded, that’s a big sign.

  • My comment will have little depth, just really wanted to say that I reached every single one of those conclusions myself, even ur vision re Carolynne’s late slot and favorable treatment and her ejection only if against Rylan, so lets hope the show doesn’t go and do a Devlin on us 🙂 .

  • Daniel

    By the way, tonight’s show and songlist will have an Olympics theme. The only apparent song leak so far is Rylan doing Spandau Ballet’s ‘Gold’.

    That’s a trick producers used with the likes of Wagner – create interest in your controversial act by releasing their song choice earlier than the competition.

  • Louis'wig

    Small pre-show wager on Melanie for me. I just don’t get it!

  • Daniel

    And this just in isn’t encouraging for MK1. It’s the very thing that the article above suggests may be a vote-killer:

    Be interesting to see how it’s handled, but having a main storyline that’s about arguing over money is hardly going to endear you to the voting public.

    • tpfkar

      As just about the last cheerleader for MK1 here, this looks ominous. My exposure is minimal but now braced for a reverse. Still, last year I’d have argued and put some more on.

      I still don’t get the strategy of culling the only urban act and leaving 2 boybands on place on week 1 though.

      • Tim B

        Neither do I, tpfkar. Isn’t it also possible that this could be a positive for MK1? Everyone watching their audition must have gone “Oh, that guy Will is a total idiot” so if they are shown standing up to him aren’t people going to think “Thank god they stood up to that Will guy. Good for them” at least it gives them a bit more of a narrative and something to make them memorable.

    • Henry VIII

      They really shouldn’t argue about it because 33% of 0 is exactly the same as 50% of 0.

  • Daniel

    This one just published isn’t great for Mel too, explaining as it does that she has already been courted by the industry a really, really long time ago:

    Meanwhile, in case we’d all forgotten about Carolynne Poole, hold the front page!

    And girls, do take another look at George Shelley of Union J fame:

    • Henry VIII

      Those articles don’t seem like XF press office to me. The journo seems to have taken her info from This Morning and Twitter.

      • Daniel

        You could be right, Henry. I did see MK1 on This Morning mention that they would be talking to Will on Saturday, though I don’t remember all the quotes attributed to them in the article being said on the show. Then again, I was rather busy trying to work out if there were any clues to be gleaned in the Union J / GMD3 battle.

        • Agree with Henry. Melanie is my preshow tip to go this week but I don’t read that article as especially negative for her, the Carolynne/Union J ones don’t come over as either especially positive or negative either. The chat with Will may stay private or may be used as a storyline, we’ll have to wait and see. Those unrealitytv articles don’t strike me as press office or likely to impact on people’s opinion.

  • annie

    I don’t think Melanie will be in the bottom two tonight. Even if she doesn’t look like a star I think she is very likeable and they can’t really make a very strong case of she’s missing her children as early as first week. With the votes spread over 13 contestants she’ll stay for another couple of weeks.
    I have a feeling James won’t make it as far as bookies and sofabet is expecting him to. His twitter rant against Digital Spy gives makes me think he will have attitude problems… I don’t think this particular thing will stir bad publicity for him, but it tells me he is way to impulsive, badmouthing an large and recognised community on such a far reaching channel like twitter for a not very very serious issue, in the maner he did…. What all acts reaching the final stages of the competition had in the past was likeability, probably more important to voters than talent. Vague rumours about cher’s attitude issues dampened her popularity so much that rules were almost broken to get her into the final. Just one unproven label as bully put Misha in a similar position. James has a grand talent, but he’s niche (reminds me of an angry Aiden Grimshaw) and his rough look would need an overflow of niceness to get him far, and it looks like he’s doesn’t realise this.
    I also think Jahmene will make it much further than expected, will probably be last boy standing in or close to the final. Images emerged that earlier he performed on streets, so I don’t expect his anxiety to be that much of an issue as some people think. I see in him what others see in Chris, that this vulnerability will make people feel protective of him, his tearjerking high notes will make every housewife watching the show for saturday night entertainment pick up the phone and vote.
    Lucy will do a Diana Vickers, placing fourth.
    Ella will do a Matt Cardle, nice enough, talented enough, so far humble enough and going in the lives with a good momentum.

    So here goes nothing, I was a bit busy earlier but I for the fun of the next 10 weeks I really wanted to compile my list too,

    13. District3/UnionJ
    12. Wildcard
    11./10. MK1/Jade
    9. Carolynne
    8. James
    7./6. Melanie /Rylan
    5. Jahmene /Kye
    4. Lucy
    3. UnionJ/ District3
    2. Kye/Jahmene
    1. Ella

    • Completely agree on James, disagree on Lahtrene and Melanie. She’s nice but it comes over as twee and that she doesn’t need the show – I’m not going to say “self-satisfied” because it wouldn’t be fair (she isn’t) but if they wanted to, they could very easily portray her as such. A sugary North London yummy mummy VT (as if I know what I’m talking about) could quite potentially do for her.

    • Andrew

      I am now so hoping to hear the words “you remind me of an angry Aiden Grimshaw” emerge from Louis’s mouth at some point this series.

  • Chatterbox5200

    One of the reported songs in tonight’s show is “Simply The Best” by Tina Turner. This seems to be the type of song that would be selected for Melanie to scream… I mean sing. Depending on her performance, it would be very easy for one of the judges to refer to it as karaoke, and if this is the case I can see her ending up in the bottom two (possibly with one of the groups) and being sent home to spend time with her family.

  • bunnyman

    Hi Dan, great piece. My prelive show viewing is a casual family event and all the detail you pick up about amounts of coverage etc totally passes me by and it always impresses how observant you are. Quick question, apologies if you have covered this, but to what extent has your careful observation of pre live coverage been an accurate indicator of a contestant’s chances in the past? It seems to me that a contestant may command plenty of coverage preshow for all sorts of reasons which make them a good story live but won’t translate into them being a favoured winner. But its not something I have paid much attention to in the past. Like Rob from Entertainment Odds I think Melanie could have a decent run, but am wondering how worried I should be about her relatively low profile pre show that you have highlighted.

    • Daniel

      It’s a great question bunnyman. My answer is that producers may start out with a plan, but they have to adapt according to the way the live shows pan out, and who the public take to.

      For example, the plan radically changed last year for Janet Devlin, highly favoured in the first couple of shows, and Marcus Collins, treated like fodder in those same early rounds.

      What I’d say about Melanie is that she has received the edits of the gamma over so far. Should she pull a big performance or two out of the bag, which her supporters like you believe she is capable of, producers would have to consider changing the plan.

  • Henry VIII

    Lots to mull over Daniel. I’m not sure about some of your conclusions though.

    You say Melanie is not favoured because of her audition edit and Carolynne has producer favour on her side. I don’t think they really favour either much but, if one had more favour, I’d say Melanie as she was in show 3 and Carolynne in show 7.

    And I doubt Jade is the Ella spare. Her edit was short and early on in show 6. Good voice though, if they allow her to shine but so far we’ve heard less of it than the others.

  • I was also a little busy earlier this week, but having pondered the issue and taken heed of (what I consider to be) the cream of the comments here, my thoughts are these:

    1. Ella ‘Adele’ Henderson
    2. ‘Arthur’
    3. Union J
    4. Lucy Spraggan
    5. Rylan Clark
    6. Kye Sones
    7. Jahmene Douglas
    8. Carolynne Poole
    9. Christopher Maloney
    10. Jade Ellis
    11. MK1
    12. District 3
    13. Melanie Masson

    I might be unique in predicting a top five finish for Rylan?

    And – yes, I think you (Daniel and others) are spot-on in concluding that Union J are now the alpha group. The addition of George Shelley was key to that… He’s the potential breakout star of the band; can’t see anybody with that ‘X Factor’ from District 3. (Silly name.)

    I’ve opted for the obvious W/C contender in Shaky. However, in the unlikely event that Amy or Times Red make it through, I’m happy to reiterate my prediction of a Wild Card first-round elimination.

    Looking forward to tonight!

  • bunnyman

    Thanks for the reply Dan. I’m sure you’re right that they have a plan. My question is whether your experience from the past suggests a correlation between the treatment preshow and the producers’ ultimate intention? You assume that they changed their mind about Janet, but many of us thought the script was written from the start that she would be the front runner, then get derailed.

    With Melanie we all know she can sing. It won’t be a question of whether she pulls a big performance out of the bag. If she is given the right songs some huge performances are guaranteed. Its a question of whether she is given the songs to shine, thus the importance of the producers’ intentions.

  • Donald

    Hi all, been away and was ill also, better now, thanks to Sofabet well up to speed, not sure re wildcard but Ela is worthy favourite, MK1 could surprise, at least no money wasted on wrong qualifying this year! Good luck to all and look forward to ellimation betting and guidance on Sofabet..

    I have only two small ew bets on for the win so far MK1 and Lucy. Steady as lesson learned last year. It started badly but ended well so first part avoided, here’s to another great series on Sofabet.

  • Am I being superficial or has “District 3″‘s new name killed their chances? It’s much worse than Little Mix (I think). Before they may have sounded like a virus or an industrial lubricant but they also sounded like a boyband – now they don’t. It just sounds rubbish.

    • tpfkar

      Don’t forget everyone was slating ‘Little Mix’ a year ago. ‘Pick’n’mix’ was the best variant suggested as I recall. I wouldn’t read too much into the name switch, unless it’s bring used to confuse their identity to get rid of them.

  • Donald

    Thanks Eurovicious. Yes indeed as we know these producers can change tact so lets see how and what develops..

  • tpfkar

    They are going through the phone numbers – is this revelaing the running order? District 3 in death slot if so. Carolynne – Jahmene finale

  • annie

    this lines open at the beginning of the show at least tells us the very much revealing running order right away …
    In this case District 3 right down the drain.
    Mk1 hidden after high profile Lucy…
    Not much love for wildcard mr.Maloney stuck in the middle.
    Jade Ellis hidden well between girl’s fav UnionJ and mr controvesy Rylan.
    And we all feel the love directed towards Carolynne.

  • Curtis

    I think District 3 are gone. Average performance, and lukewarm comments from judges, combined with the deathslot. They’re going for 4/1 to be eliminated tomorrow, and i think that’s value.

  • PG

    Will go for a bottom Two of District 3 + Melanie Masson or MK1 with district 3 proving to be the most expendable.

  • Chatterbox5200

    District 3 opening the show to lukewarm comments, immediately followed by One Direction pledging their love for James Arthur… sorry, who just performed?

    Melanie’s VT screamed out (no pun intended) that she missed her children and she can leave at any time, then without as much as any encouragement to vote for her, Dermot tells everyone that the much anticipated performance of Lucy Spraggan is coming after the break!

  • Melanie is safe this week. Get on James Arthur to go at long odds on Betfair now, folks – they just threw every trick in the book at him to dampen his vote. Alone on stage, a lengthy aggressive rap, extreme red and black and dark staging, fireballs flashing on the video screens towards the end, an unflattering VT, critique from the head judge plus a distracting pantomime argument to top it off. They gave him the full helmouth. Get on those odds now, they’re 20+.

  • Plus they dampened him with a pimped and very positive Melanie immediately afterwards so that she got the ad break not him.

  • Curtis

    District 3/MK1 bottom two with District 3 to go. The most obvious thing to say, but I believe it’s how things are going to go down.

  • Nugg

    Is it just me or are Union J vocals flat as a fart?

  • Jack

    Hey everyone. My initial reaction upon seeing the running order was District 3/Melanie Masson B2, but now think MK1 are in trouble after Melanie was quite good and MK1 got diversionary tactics, were right before Maloney who got a huge segment on his return. As things stand, I reckon District 3/MK1 B2. Reckon MK1 would be saved to get rid of a potential Union J/District 3 vote split.

    Was there a Strictly overlap? If so, Lucy Spraggan would be the obvious beneficiary getting a whole segment of the show to herself.

    Unless they really mess up (Or maybe even if they do) I think Jade Ellis, Rylan Clarke and Carolynne Poole should survive due to late slots.

  • Chatterbox5200

    I think Jade Ellis got the Red & Black treatment though!

  • Jack

    Wow, Strong comments for Jade from Gary and Louis! Should be safe after that.

  • R

    Twitter went crazy on how bad Union J were but the girls are coming back in support. They might crawl through.

    There was heavy reverb coming through at the start of Jades vocal. Obvious support and great comments from the judges. Safe as houses.

  • annie

    Joining District 3 in the bottom two tomorow evening?
    Step forward Jade Ellis : very little screentime pre-live show, styling not very likeability stirring, not a very good song choice for her voice, decent comments to make her even more forgettable.

    • Jack

      Think late slot should be enough to see her through. If they wanted her in the Bottom Two, they could have done a hell of a lot more to do it.

  • R

    And Union J also got the platform treatment and lots of distracting dancers so there was some support for them.

  • Jack

    Haha, massive sympathy VT for Rylan Clarke. And What. The. Hell. is up with his styling? Definitely the Wagner of this year.

  • Nugg

    Vickers sang this 10 times better than Kye 🙂

  • Nugg

    IMO District 3 were best of 3 groups performance wise, but thats not saying much.
    My own bottom 2 overall are MK1 and Union J , with Mk1 saved, but doubt it will work out that way.
    The platform trratment, name check logo on stage, and dancers SHOULDNT really distract from just how bad Union J were, but this and the teen vote will see them through no doubt.

  • PG

    Ella different class , the Frankel amongst donkeys!

  • Ben Cook

    I think Jahmene is being underestimated after seeing that performance – he’s definitely in the final with Ella

  • Boki

    Initial reactions:
    D3 treted poorly as hoped so straight to bottom 2.
    James average at most but unique enough to get out of bot2.
    Melanie great in her element, should be safe.
    Lucy looked scared and too serious, bad bad bad but still safe.
    Charlie’s vocal sucked indeed but good staging, is it enough to be safe?
    Shaky boring as hell with good vocals, could he be bot2?
    Union – I’m little confused with song choice bitching but should be safe because of all the tricks, I laughed a lot.
    Jade average but should be safe.

    Rylan deserves a separate paragraph. He killed the song vocally and might fall into bot2 inspite of all the tricks they applied. He will be saved no doubt, but I wonder how are they going to do it if he ends up last (with D3) since Gary overacted about the vocals and Louis has to save his own act.

    Kye does his MOR credibly, safe.
    Ella superb comparing to the rest with difficult song to sing.
    Carolynne – nothing wrong with this but still don’t see who will pick up a phone and vote.
    Jahmene found his balls 🙂

    • RG

      “Carolynne – nothing wrong with this but still don’t see who will pick up a phone and vote.”

      Middle-aged men who fancy her and want to annoy their wives (not a demographic that votes well, though).

  • stoney

    id be interested to know if the sofa bet team and the rest of the posters still see jahmene as only lasting up to half way, hell be in the final mark my words

  • dave8a2

    Will 2 acts be goin tonight? As they have in previous 1st weeks.

  • Jack

    Did not expect that. Carolynne’s a gonner.

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