Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – And The Winner Is…

And as the series draws to a close it seems very much a two horse race between Julian and Coleen. Perhaps you agree with Tim B with regards to Julian having had ‘his winner’s moment’ during the shopping channel task. Perhaps you think the fiercely loyal Loose Women viewership will band together and bump Coleen past the post. Perhaps you think that Martin Kemp or The Situation are in with a shot. Whichever way, there’s much to play for.

At odds of around 1.4 there’s nothing too appealing about sticking a giant wad of cash up on Julian (even if it has been a while since he felt the touch of a giant wad. Oo-er, matron!). The only potential value is with Coleen at odds around 10. However, her recent drift from favour indicates a change of feeling towards her and reflects the fact that she hasn’t had a chance to shine in the midst of what Tim B quite rightly calls ‘The Julie Show’. I wouldn’t be too comfy sticking anything on Coleen to win at this stage either. Her odds are almost as long as they’ve ever been which isn’t very inspiring during the final.

It has been a madcap series of tantrums, bitch-fights and double-crossing but now Julie has gone there’s little narrative for the public to bite. Coleen wasn’t a particularly desperate victim of the wrath of Bet Lynch and Julian hasn’t faced any particular adversities in the house. There’s no sassy Deena whipping up the soldiers or Luke A remaining true to himself amongst a flurry of bitching. More than likely, it will simply come down to who is the most funny and charming and Julian wins every time. Whilst we shouldn’t disregard the TV audience who more than likely pushed Denise Welch to the win, we should also remember that Coleen is a rather less exciting, less put-upon and generally less likeable character.

What do you all think? A clean sweep for Julian? Or is there a value bet to be snapped up? We’ll be back with a detailed roundup after the final. Who wins? YOU DECIDE!

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6 comments to Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – And The Winner Is…

  • Boki

    Good prediction guys, also many thanks to Tim for letting us know he changed a horse and so did I 🙂

  • Some good punting here from Dug, especially regarding the Lorenzo/Julie eviction. Personally speaking, was slightly embarrassing to get it wrong, and I have to say I might have moderated my position if I had known it was a vote to save (the double eviction) but, hey, that’s racing.

    Now bring on The X-Factor!

  • Haven’t watched CBB for 2 weeks but made a nice-though-not-huge three-figure sum on the final, which I’m satisfied with. Apart from tiny bets in the first week or so, I followed fiveleaves’s advice and stayed away from the evictions, focusing on the win market. Heavily laid the unlikely candidates and backed Julian with savers on Coleen and Martin. I actually won more than I did on normal BB which I watched all the way through 😛

  • Tim B

    I’M IN THE MOOD FOR DANCING!!!! Hehehehe. Proper comment tomorrow 😀

  • Sounds like Tim’s been on the Wifebeater again.

  • Tim B

    Great night for me! Didn’t watch it until today though. I believe this is the first time I’ve got the winner correct in BB or CBB for a good while. I won on Julian winning, top male, Coleen top female, a lay of The Situation top male and a fabulous straight forecast of Julian/Coleen with odds of 5.0(!) on Skybet which was the best value of the series. This became 3.0 by the evening of the final so I was glad to have spotted it when I did – being an oddschecker hawk can really pay off sometimes! Top male/top female are really good bets to go for because essentially you can back two winners without one having to lose and without going each way. I really think I’ve got the hang of CBB betting now so I’ll be having a go on the next series in January. Thanks to Dug and all who stuck their oar in in the comments section.

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