Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – A Fairytale Ending For Prince?

Word on the street is that we’re in for another double whammy eviction, which leaves the question of who stays in a rather obvious state. King Kemp vs Julie the Wicked Witch and the man whose kiss would likely send a fair maiden to sleep rather than wake her, ‘Prince’ Lorenzo. Martin looks safe as houses tonight.

The real question then, is who goes first between series villain Bet Lynch and series bore, Bachelor Larry. Commenters KaraokeSauron and Tim B agree that the Nasty Nana will be first for the chop. I see the sense in that sentiment – after all Julie has nosedived rather spectacularly into bitch territory – but I also see a flaw in the logic. As ‘punitive’ as BB voters might be in their mentality, I don’t see a master plan to split the vote between Kemp and Princey in order to freeze Julie out. She will almost certainly face the boot tonight but first? I’m not convinced.

Let’s think about it. Julie has an established fanbase of Corrie fans who may be more loyal than we think. She may also have the (admittedly minor in BB terms) ‘older’ vote on her side as she continues to be pounded for her crimes by the hip hop contingent. There may also be those who vote to save her based on the fact that she’s quality entertainment whereas Lorenzo is dull as dishwater and Martin has roused even less interest (excluding that for his ‘dashing’ good looks – apparently gingery grey roots and perma-tan are the look now).

All in all, I think Julie is in with a strong chance of polling more votes than Lorry Larry the human calculator. And on those grounds I expect her to face the wrath of the public a little later than her fellow evictee. But I also heed the warnings of our excellent commenters who think differently. I am fully prepared for the egg on my face.

So, people, what do you think? How will Lorenzo score enough votes to stay in longer? Who are his fans? And have Julie’s minions really deserted so swiftly?

2 comments to Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – A Fairytale Ending For Prince?

  • Tim B

    Regarding the ‘quality entertainment’ argument – I just don’t think the majority of voters think in this way. If they did then Jasmine, Benedict, Caroline and many more would have survived their evictions. And in terms of the Coronation Street fanbase, she hasn’t been on it for years. Soap fans are quite baffling – where were the Eastenders fans who were supposedly going to save Natalie Cassidy and Cheryl Fergison? Behaviour within the house is a more important indicator for eviction, I’d argue. You’re right, though, about struggling to see who’d vote for Prince Lorenzo. But enough people did last time, and I’m sure they can this time. I’m counting on him picking up an anti-Julie vote. I reckon the vast majority of people view Martin as 99% safe, as do I, and I think he’ll comfortably top the vote here. Finally, we were told last night on the show that “80% of the viewers voted Julie as the most manipulative”. Whether they did or not is pretty irrelevant, the fact is that we were TOLD this.

  • Tim B

    It was a shame to have got Julie and Prince Lorenzo the wrong way round in last night’s eviction. Perhaps Julie scored a North West regional vote – something I hadn’t considered. Interested to see the voting percentages for this one. Anyway, not to worry as I won massively on Coleen Top Female, which bookies kindly paid out as soon as Julie was evicted.

    Something quite significant happened during the highlights last night – Julian had his winner’s moment. For those who missed it, him and Coleen were given a task where they had to sell products on BB Shopping Channel, and Julian was absolutely in his element with all the innuendos here and provided the funniest moments of the series. Coleen was a good sport, getting covered in face mud, but it was Julian who shone. As a result, his odds have shortened massively and I’ve now backed him in addition to Coleen as a saver. He’s smashing all the polls and has overturned Coleen’s lead on Telly Mix. Unfortunately for her, with CBB being The Julie Show for the last week, she hasn’t been able to shine in the way I wanted her to. Final prediction:

    1. Julian 2. Coleen 3. The Situation

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