Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Are you Lone Sam tonight?

Well it has been a rip-roaring emotional rollercoaster of a half week. Here are some of the things I have learnt in the last few days:

– The fact that nobody wanted to vote for Cheryl Fergison’s crunch.

– The expressions ‘jumping ship’ and ‘life and soul of the party’ (“As we say in America” [a woman from the States actually tried to teach me the word ‘booze’ once])

– Men plus Samantha Brick consider Danica’s work to be immoral.

– Women think it’s Danica’s business if she wants to flash her tats on webby.

– People consider the “guy-to-guy bond” an essential oasis in the dessert of immoral female temptation.

– Martin Kemp is nice enough until he’s slagging off women.

– Julie Goodyear will pretty much do anything to be on everyone’s good side. But perhaps that’s just mature diplomacy.

And up for the chop are Danica, Rhian, Samantha and The Situation. Rhian is the bookies’ favourite to go but I’m not so convinced. Her week 1 triumph over Jasmine was hardly a spectacular coup but don’t forget that she received cheers from the live audience (although, again, that may just have been in comparison to Jasmine and before Ashleygate).

The Situation looks safe as houses after polling more votes than Coleen, Lorenzo and Cheryl as well as receiving what was definitely the biggest cheer of the night. Odds of 42 to go look realistic at this stage.

Between the three women, I think it’s hard to call. Samantha may have shown the world that she’s not the deluded one-dimensional narcissist that her articles suggest but I still struggle to see her winning sympathy with the voting public. She has gone from group to group, remaining relatively impartial until there is a chance to get a dig at one of the other women in the house.

Danica and Rhian have both fallen foul to the Jezebel complex whereby their flirtatious interactions with men have turned the house (and potentially the public) against them. Whilst neither girl is a particularly inspiring character, they both have small advantages. Rhian, as I mentioned, has been cheered by the audience and seems like quite a nice, if very boring, individual. Danica has put up with a lot of shit, not least being called a whore. And I happen to know a few of the type of girls who watch and vote in Big Brother and they like Rhian and Danica. Sam fans are probably in an older, more jaded and less phone-prone bracket.

It’s a doozy. I shall confess that I’m staying out of this one but my gut is telling me that the value lies with Sam to go at 4.2 on Betfair. However, after Easternders’ Cheryl got the boot last week it’s turning into a rather unpredictable series. Do get your oar into the comments section below.

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6 comments to Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Are you Lone Sam tonight?

  • Tim B

    It is difficult between the three women. I would argue none of them have particularly anything going for them. It may all come down to how the producers decide to do a VOTE FREEZE. As there are four up for eviction, and 2 shows totalling 90 minutes, I am highly expecting one at least. This will work against DANICA- judging from social media she is highly disliked, and this will allow her haters to anti-vote her out, just as Caroline was in the last series. So my prediction is Danica to go. I’ve had a lay of the Brick, making me a ‘Brick layer’ for one night only 😀

  • Shoulders

    I’ve had a small bet on Sam to go and an even smaller one on the Situ, the reason only being so far the bookies seem to get it wrong each time there are multiple people up, (im sure the vote for save is making the outcome different to what the odds suggest) it’s also the opening ceremony to the Paralympics on at the same time, sure to have an impact on the viewing figures and maybe phone votes, so all in all, I think worth a little punt at the two longer odds eliminees ??

  • With you on this one Duggins. Betting-wise I’ve done exactly what Shoulders has. Admittedly I haven’t watched the past few shows, but older women are always at a disadvantage and La Briquette has a low profile both outside and inside the house. And boys/men watching the show may vote to save Rhiannica because they need something to fap to. Add to that what you say about girls you know who like Rhiannica and it looks like there may well be a Brick going through the door this evening. However, what Tim says about the vote freeze also stands and is worth keeping front of mind – if Brick/Danica are bottom 2, Danica could well go. Rhian is far more liked than she is.

  • Boki

    I joined blindly with a small bet on Sam because I promised to punish the bookies next time (meaning this time they will be right lol).

  • Tim B

    Just came back from a night out to find out I won! My Brick lay paid off. Can anyone tell me if there were any vote freezes? Was it The Situation and Danica top 2 in no particular order, then a vote freeze before Rhian was evicted?

  • Tim B

    Re: Friday’s double eviction, Ladbrokes are offering a straight forecast with the double, which is better value than just betting on the first eviction. I’d already placed my money on Samantha Brick to go though before noticing this!

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