Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – A Royal Flush?

Ding dong the bitch is dead! Such was the theme of this week’s first elimination as the mad-as-a-box-of-frogs Jasmine Lennard became the first expulsion from the Celebrity Big Brother bowel. Her eviction was to be expected but the crowd’s rather positive reaction to Rhian’s name was something of a surprise. Whilst I don’t imagine the sex-texter sweeping in and taking the title, odds in the 90s look a little long, especially in comparison to less endearing housemates.

One such housemate is the ravishing natural beauty (bar the boobs, I’m talking make-up) Danica Thrall. You have to give it to her – the girl has turned flirting into an art form. She actually deserves a certain level of kudos, if not for a genuine talent then for pure gumption. She’s perfected the balance of sex kitten and vulnerable teenager well enough to avoid the claws of nomination this week. But surely she can’t get away with it for much longer. It is a fundamental law of Big Brother than a man can walk around half naked, sleazing on anything with an orifice but a woman using her sexuality to get what she wants is EVIL ON A BIBLICAL SCALE!! Basically, Jezebel, your days are numbered.

As for our nominees, there are five up for the flush and they’ve all caught the whiff of a possible double-dumper. Despite failing to live up to our comic expectations, Julian has been relatively well digested and seems to be a clear public favourite. Similarly, Cheryl Fergison is looking relatively safe from where I stand. Hovering dubiously over the porcelain highway and poised to go either way is Loose Woman and part time Nolan, Coleen. It seems inevitable that her rift with Julie Goodyear will leave one looking better than the other and right now it seems to be the latter. Having said that, Coleen will have the fiercely loyal Loose Women panel reminding its audience to PICK UP THE PHONE and that should – that’s SHOULD – see Coleen safe this week.

So the real question is: single or double eviction? Prince Larry and The Occasional Table both seem in grave danger of saying bye-bye on Friday but who, in the event of a single plop, will be the first to go? Betfair thinks it’s probably Table Boy but I’m more inclined towards booting His Royal Highness. Whilst gormless and slightly sexist, The Situation has been rather sweet in his adoration of Scarlet Woman Danica. He is also an established celebrity with a cult following, albeit small on this side of the pond. Larry, however, is previously unheard of and hasn’t done much in the house to warrant attention. I’m placing a very small stake on the prince to go – more out of principal than for profit. Do let us know your opinion on the smartest bet to make before tonight…

5 comments to Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – A Royal Flush?

  • Agreed, also on Lorenzo to be evicted at 13/8. Im thinking the type of people that watch Jersey Shore are the same kind of demographic that watch Big Brother…hoping Situation’s fanbase is big enough. The polls on web all favour Lorenzo going as well.

  • Sarah

    Yeah I expected The Occasional Table to be surprisingly popular (he is massive in the states so some of that must have filtered into this smaller island, plus he has come across quite well on the show). He won’t win the show but I can see him going far unless he faces a heavy weight in a head to head.

    Cheryl was a shock but in hindsight totally understandable. She suffered the Natalie Cassidy “I’m doing this now” fate. Likeable but forgettable in terms of voting and favourites. I suspect the voting freezing didn’t help either, considering the crowds ridiculous response to the pleasant Lorenzo probably helped get him some votes (plus once Mike was safe, I’m sure the handsome prince got a nice boost on the superficial regard). I do feel Cheryl suffered a less helpful edit on the show, she was rarely shown and I found it interesting that half of her ‘best bits’ (particularly the clips that would help get her votes, e.g her feeling isolated and alone) weren’t actually shown on the highlight shows.

    As I expected, Julian did very well. Despite the “in no particular order” I do think he topped the votes.

  • The pattern continues: another eviction with multiple housemates nominated and once again, the markets and polls got it (completely) wrong. Cheryl’s odds to go were something like 11, which is major value.

  • Boki

    I’m not involved in any BB yet but following from a distance, wanted to make a same remark as ev – it’s really amazing how the market is wrong again and I’m tempted to put a blind bet on “someone in the middle” next time. I guess the guys like fiveleaves are making advantage of this…

  • Tim B

    I won laying Prince Lorenzo to be evicted, but only placed a tiny amount on because multiple people were up. If you lay in an eviction like this you are chasing 4/5 places, rather than backing one and hoping it’s the one to go out of the five.

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