Big Brother 2012 – Is It Worth Betting On Conor To Go?

Conor certainly looks like the obvious choice to go this week but I’m not convinced that there isn’t some value to be had with Arron.

Whilst the Irish lack-of-charmer may have made some heinous comments involving a hairbrush and laughed intimidatingly in the face of poor Deana on more than one occasion, he still has a chance of picking up a strong regional vote as well as support from angry women-hating dickheads (not that I picture such people as BB’s core demographic). Arron has really slipped under the radar this week and now plays a clear second fiddle to Conor’s ringleader, an apparent reversal of early weeks.

Be very careful with my advice, I was warbling over Arron’s value three weeks ago when he faced Chris in the public vote and I was wrong. However, the combination of more well liked nominees and simply the fact that more housemates are up for eviction could mean Arron struggles to win support from the voting public. Sure, Conor still looks like the big bad guy but this is one situation where the change in voting system could make a real difference. Surely, if we were voting to evict, then Conor would be a dead cert. But his enemies have three housemates to vote for and his fans only have one.

Having shown herself to have a bit more dignity and personality that we might initially have noticed, Deana has now slipped down to a respectable second favourite in the win market after Lauren’s first. That definitely suggests that this series is looking towards a ‘deserving’ win for a character that manages to remain good-hearted and true to themselves in the face of adversity and/or bullying (see Rachel Rice, Shilpa Shetty) rather than a win for a huge personality (Nadia Almada) or a working class lad with a good bit of banter (Craig, Anthony, Brian Belo).

And as for Becky? She’s shortened considerably in the past two or three days but I still feel she’s a bit long for her potential and hope to see her plummet if she survives this week’s eviction. Whilst she’s joined in the bitching as much as anyone else, she hasn’t been as vile as Conor and Arron or as vindictive as Ashleigh and the openly evil Caroline. She seems like a genuinely warm and excitable person, as does Sara in the brief moments she isn’t being, as one housemate put it, “as dull as fuck.”

So Conor looks most likely to go but at stupidly short odds I wouldn’t like to risk it. Arron might well be safe tonight but if there’s a bet worth making, it’s probably for him to be evicted. That’s the bet that offers the best value. But is it worth the risk?


4 comments to Big Brother 2012 – Is It Worth Betting On Conor To Go?

  • Danzaa

    Good call, think a lot of people lost money on Friday – including myself.

    Bring back vote to evict, so much easier to win when betting on evictions.

  • eurovicious

    Tim and I lost money too. Good call!

  • Thanks for this! £35 won! 🙂

  • eurovicious

    I’ve only seen two episodes of this year’s show (Sunday’s and Monday’s, only just started watching) but I think it might be Shievonne that goes this week. She’s a grating, adversarial gobshite with a chip on her shoulder the size of Becky, and Conor is getting comparatively little coverage and not coming over as as actively annoying as she is.

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