BGT 2012: The results

The winning act of Britain’s Got Talent 2012 was Ashleigh and Pudsey. The dancing dog was just too cute and defeated favourites Jonathan and Charlotte, who were runners-up. The bronze medal went to Only Boys Aloud, as the last three acts to perform filled the first three places. A full rundown of the official results can be seen here.

Well done to the many Sofabet commenters who called it correctly. ‘Dog wins this!’ was PG’s pithy response whilst the phone lines were still open. Nugget was on too, as were TimB and Donald. Henna called it correctly just after the last semi and Richard Betsfactor was on the money also.

Let us know your reaction to the result below, and your thoughts on the series as a whole.

19 comments to BGT 2012: The results

  • eurovicious

    So who else got stung by the bloody dog winning? :/

  • Boki

    It was my 1st BGT season and I have to say I like it much more than the Voice, both personally and betting wise. Thankfully to the advice I picked up here I jumped on A&P on those 11s and got them covered together with J&C, traded both some time ago and enjoyed tonight’s show. Together with one very profitable semi I’m more then satisfied. Btw, I like it so intense packed within one week.

    Rg the result, J&C didn’t produce such a wow moment (more less 3 times the same), A&P on the other hand had a nice MI theme and won the peoples hearts I guess.

    • eurovicious

      Nice strategy Boki. That’s exactly what I should have done. I had a lot on J&C and while I did put a large saver on A&P, it wasn’t until their odds had already dropped and it wasn’t as much as it should have been… need to improve my risk management.

      • Boki

        Well you never know, the dog odds could have gone the other way if he got lost on stage or something. I backed Janet Devlin last year 2 times before the each show in which she forgot the lyrics, what a horrible timing that was…

        • eurovicious

          This has been an interesting experience for me all in all. Never watched BGT before so this was my first year, and I won on every single semi so I’m extremely happy with my strategy on the semis. I lost on the final because I wasn’t cautious enough and underestimated the dog’s appeal, but overall it could have been worse – I’m putting it down as a worthwhile learning experience. It almost seems like a surprise winner instead of the “steered” winner is the norm on BGT – Diversity not Subo, Jai not Ronan, the dog not J&C… With the first two of those though, I’d say the victory was predictable and deserved (Diversity’s performance was stunning, and Jai is brilliant and fits the “attractive straight white male” archetype that so often wins these things), but the dog and the girl… maybe I’ve been spoiled by the “Supertalenthund” (hehe), but it was standard agility show stuff. No, I take that back, I’ve seen better at agility shows. I love dogs but it’s ridiculous for an act that mediocre (unlike Diversity or Jai, and unlike the German dog) to win in place of real talent based solely on the cute/funny factor.

          Also worth noting is that the dog didn’t have a sob story. It will soon…

          • PG

            Never underestimate the power of a VT clip showing an 11 year old girl getting a cute puppy for a present, absolutely gold.

            At least there will be no dog act winning next year but there will be 000’s auditioning.

    • mark adam

      I prefer BGT to the voice – as you say all packed into a week is quite nice , no dragging it out for months!! Plus there’s decent liquidity on bf – whereas the voice has almost nothing

  • Rob44

    shockingly i won money on this. i put an ew bet on the choir when i first saw them. after that i remembered how badly i got stung last year and lost interest in the show… the only thing is i can’t remember which bookie i put the money on with or the odds?!?

  • PG

    A&P good winners for the brand, surely ensure at least another series of BGT which after last years damp squib of a final. This was a much needed boost for the BGT brand. There are plenty in the final that didnt need to win to have some sort of future career. The mend, OBA, Ryan and mostly the Loveable rogues & C & J will surely make some money ( some a lot ) and have varying levels of success in the future. So the dog act was a good winner , providing a great feel good factor for the GBP. Also Cowell gets to promote his animal loving side, which will surely do him no harm long term.

    Congratulations to all the contributors who make this a great place to share their views & opinions, and hopefully make a few quid along the way.

    Roll on Eurovision and the next series of x factor.

  • Boom!

    I generally don’t like dogs, but Pudsey won me a tidy sum (well, considering my modest stakes!),

    There was a very strange spike in the odds during the show. Odds were swinging all over the place from 1.8 to 4 during the live show. I clambered on board at a ridiculous price of 3.75 (so much so I was wondering if there was some insider knowledge that someone had drugged Pudsey). It duly swung down to about 1.8 and at about 2 I hedged and along with a similar (smaller) swing in the odds of Ryan, I made a decent profit on both.

    Couldn’t be confident enough, with the Welsh nationalist vote and J&C, so just hedged, doubled. A girl group and a dancing dog act… who’d have thought it!?

    Looking forward to the big one in a fortnight guys!

  • Danzaa

    I was mentioned in the previous BGT article on sofabet (name was ‘D’) as bigging up Jonathan and Charlotte.
    Thankfully, decided to go equal green on A+P and J+C mid-week and then stuck another load of money on A+P in the final when the running order was becoming clear. Made £2800 profit on the final, £800 profit over the semis.

    I’ve long held the belief that BGT is the easiest show to win money on. The semi final stages in particular are incredibly transparent, always with two ‘Yes’ acts and one ‘Maybe’ act – you can normally place a pre-show bet on your perceived winner and place a saver on the other just in case.

    Because the final stages of the show are very short, spanning just a week, Cowell productions has to be much more overt about who it’s backing. I think for those of us who are into Specials betting, we all recognise the patterns, narratives, characters and phrases used in Cowell reality TV shows to make certain things happen. Long may he continue to make crappy shows.

  • Pete D

    Well done to A&P and all those who backed them. I guess its a very large bowl of ‘Win-a-lot’ for Pudsey tonight.

    I wish I’d gone with my own advice now which won me a packet with Little Mix; to ‘listen to what Simon wants’ (as Simon always gets what Simon wants). He bleated on enough about wanting to see a good dog act win BGT some day, just as he also wanted a girl band to win XF.

    My nuts are now very sore after kicking myself in them all evening. A fine performance from the superb LR and Ryan though (my personal favs). The Mend were also great and will be the next big boy-band

  • Donald

    I’m just in, so will update tomorrow, Sofabet has taught us well, needless to say I was jumpimg hoops but for the exact reason Boki said above I did thread bit carefully until A&P performed.

    Once I saw Subo I said just when we thought they had no more tricks look what they doing now!

    Hope weather nice in Baku Daniel.

  • PG

    The voting percentages are in for the semis and the final:

    Final wasn’t even close, with A&P winning with nearly 40% of the vote , J+C with only 25%.

    Only one semi was close with Sam pipping Malaki by 1%.

    As for the Mend only 11% of the vote in the semi and 2.6% from the coffin box in the final, but one direction never got much vote share on x factor and it didn’t do them any harm long term.

  • Tim B

    It’s frightening how close Malaki came to winning that semi!

  • Nugget

    Good result for A&P,

    I did not realy start watching this show till late on, but it did strike me the A&P were a really good bet at 9/4, so had a little on.

    I did my usual ask around everyone I knew, “Have you been watching BGT? ” always the same first response, “Isn’t that dog great!”

    C&J were talented , no doubt about that, but the main moment for them is the surprise element, here comes a pair of jokers then suddenly, boom , REAL TALENT. Of course all this is lost after the first performance.

    It was fairly clear that the public were lusting for a real variety act, singing and dancing competitions are ten a penny now, BGT regained its status as a true variety show.

    The best thing about A&P was there was nothing to dislike about them, they appealed to all ages, all regions, coupled with a great VT they were probably the closest thing to a banker bet that you are ever likely to see in a BGT final.

    My main regret is not getting more heavily involved, I had them as 4/6 fav’s in my own mind from Friday, but all the books had C&J odds on. Thinking I just might have got this badly wrong stopped me lumping on A&P.

    A lesson for me I guess to trust my own judgement.

  • Roach

    Anyone who didn’t back the dog and los

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