The Voice UK – Bloody Battles Pt 1

“Can’t work out if this is The Voice or Hunger Games” tweeted @katieweasel at 7.19pm on Saturday 21st April 2012. Indeed the first instalment of culls was vocally bloody as the battle format encouraged shrieking of the kind normally associated with strangled cats and war widows.

It is a pity that there wasn’t more opportunity […]

Eurovision 2012 build-up on Sofabet

Eurovision rehearsals begin in just over three weeks, on May 13. Sofabet will be in Baku this year reporting daily from the press centre, just as we did from Dusseldorf last year.

In the build-up there are two big Eurovision preview parties, in Amsterdam this weekend and London next weekend. We will be bringing you […]

Eurovision 2012: Will viewers ‘La La Love’ Cyprus’s Ivi Adamou?

In the fan poll on top Eurovision stats site, Cyprus currently stands fifth behind only Sweden, Spain, Iceland and Serbia. So Ivi Adamou’s ‘La La Love’ is one of the favourites of Eurovision fans with a fabulous video to match. Unfortunately, it also looks like it might be a classic fanwank.

What’s a fanwank? […]

The Voice – Final Blind Auditions

@stevebrookstein was out tonight and therefore offered us no introduction to the final round of blind auditions in this series of The Voice. In lieu of his insights, Jessie J announced that it was “time to raise the bar” and I for one was hoping for a couple of corkers to shake up a somewhat […]

Eurovision 2012: What heights will Germany’s Lob reach with ‘Standing Still’?

As with the Spanish song, the German entry – Roman Lob with ‘Standing Still’ – strongly divides opinion in the Sofabet comments section. Its biggest cheerleader has been Gert who reckoned after watching this performance of the song, “I think Germany can do an upset victory.” Boki agreed that “Roman is in my small ‘can […]

Eurovision 2012: Where do you stand on Spain’s ‘Quedate Conmigo’?

“East is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet.” Back in 1892, Rudyard Kipling probably didn’t realise that he was summing up reactions on this forum to Spain’s 2012 Eurovision entry, ‘Quedate Conmigo’ by Pastora Soler which has divided opinion starkly among commenters. See her perform the song live here.

In […]

The Voice – Blind Auditions 3

The Voice was back tonight. Back like a bad rash. I spent most of the last week applying probiotic yoghurt to sensitive areas in the hope that it would go away. It didn’t. Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised this evening. I don’t know how many real contenders showed up but there was more […]

Eurovision 2012: How will Romania fare with ‘Zaleilah’?

Here’s a good question no one truly knows the answer to: at what point during a three-minute Eurovision song do most viewers decide it gets their vote?

Occasionally when watching the contest with friends, I’ve been surprised how quickly one of them will announce, “this is the one I like”. It happened within the first […]