X Factor 2011 Final Friday News Roundup

As we’ve hit 100 comments on the duet news article, we thought we’d post a fresh slate to keep the discussion going. Some selected Friday thoughts and reading:

1. Simon Cowell is to appear over satellite link during the final, says the Daily Mail. Could it have an impact on the vote if he tells us that Little Mix are going to be a bigger UK girlband export than the Spice Girls, or that Kelly was crazy to have ditched the amazing Amelia? Unlike last year, where we’d been inured to his over-praise for One Direction by the time of the final, this time around his voice could conceivably sound to the public like a fresh and objective perspective.

2. Perrie’s ex has sold his story:

The sixth-form student told The Sun: “My mates used to wind me up that she would dump me for a pop star.

“I would say no she won’t, Perrie’s not like that — but that’s exactly what she did. X Factor changed her.”

While technically Tulisa claimed only that Little Mix wouldn’t steal your boyfriend, not that they wouldn’t unceremoniously dump their own boyfriends by text message, the Geordie blonde doesn’t come out of this looking great.

3. Meanwhile, the Mirror quotes “pals and insders” saying Kelly is “privately embarrassed” at Amelia doing better than Misha and “doesn’t want her to win”:

During Amelia’s home visit to Middlesbrough on Wednesday, mentor Kelly, 30, only stayed at her family’s house for around 10 minutes…

One said: “Kelly couldn’t hide the fact she didn’t want to be in Middlesbrough

North-east football aficionados may be reminded of Mrs Emerson.

Regular readers will know we’ve long felt that Amelia winning, or even being in the final, would be an embarrassment for the show given the ridiculousness of her five-week bye. This article suggests the strategy for dealing with that: blame Kelly. While usually mentor-mentee tension is bad news for votes, in this case it could conceivably rebound to Amelia’s advantage.

4. If you missed the link in the last comments thread, do check out Sofabet commenter Dug’s blog of his top 20 performances of the series so far.

5. And if you haven’t been reading the brilliant Betsfactor over the last few days, do get caught up – especially on the intriguing evidence that the show has been trying to associate Marcus and “star” in the public subconscious.

Your reactions to today’s developments and latest thoughts on how this is shaping up? Do let us know below.

68 comments to X Factor 2011 Final Friday News Roundup

  • Tim B

    Never mind the bottom 2, Marcus has escaped the papers again!

  • Chloe

    First I wanted to reiterate how much I have appreciated this insightful site.

    And then just a few thoughts:

    Do people believe that Marcus is recording artist material? And if they don’t, what would be the reasons why the producers would want him to win? Or can he win despite the producers and mostly thanks to the duet when the producers have the power, for example, to feature the duets first if they know that it puts their favouite act at risk?

    • sam

      i think they are all recording artists !,their all going to produce something be it big or small, getting to this stage almost guarantees this ,however i dont think its a case of weather they make a record but what they go on to record,its all going to be about style and appeal,i mean you not going to buy a the little muffins or marcus record if your into heavy metal or such like,i think its all going to be about placement in a over saturated music market,if they do finally manage to define these remain acts style then place it in there respactive markets they may do ok,but they really do need to define them! im not fully getting this at this time from any of them,little-mix i guess maybe the urburn market?(not sure what this means but i guess its out there)marcus is i guess the middle age market r+b/soul/others but again hes done various styles from soul to 50s rock and roller, and amelia well shes not been in for its full run so she needs more help than most on finding her market is it pop/soft rock/indie i dont know.
      i think who ever wins this weekend will be a compromise by the show its self between what they really wanted and what they really need,the show cant get this from any one of the remaining 3 on there own sorry but none of them are strong enough for that but take a bit from each them you would have a good but not great winner for the show,but because this can not happen and there can only be 1 winner then its how the show plays the game in the next 2 days will define what they get.

    • Andrew

      Thanks, Chloe! Personally I’d be surprised if the producers wanted Marcus to win, but not too surprised if they thought he might be in line to win and they’d better make the best of it. It’s the best explanation I can think of for Richard’s “star” theory.

  • tpfkar

    Not much to say that hasn’t already. I’m wondering how they will do the ‘home-town’ visit for Little Mix though? 1 Direction’s Doncaster outside broadcast was a bit of a joke last year.

    Going up to South Shields would be sensible as it’s home to 2, but agressively walking onto Amelia’s turf. Having 3 separate ones ‘Good evening High Wycombe!’ would widen their appeal but would highlight how different the girls are which would be dangerous.

    This is the point where a band with all the members coming from the same area would have a big advantage – how do you see it?

    • Andrew

      Good point! Essex would also make some sense for Little Mix’s OB, as it would give them a north-west, north-east, south-east spread and allow them to interview people about Jesy’s insecurities. But, conversely, might look like ceding the north-east to Amelia.

    • Daniel

      Hi tpfkar, Tulisa visited South Shields earlier in the week for some VT of a ‘homecoming’ so I would assume this is where the outside broadcast will be based.

    • CS

      tpfkar – if they did decide to do 3 separate home town visits for Little Mix I think they would struggle to put on a good showing for High Wycombe. Living there myself, I’ve not see one shred of evidence of local support for the girls.

      • You really sell the place CS! I wouldn’t worry about visible support, a sign on a pub has been a death blow so far.

        South Shields would be obvious, but 3 broadcasts from the north would be unbalanced (almost as bad as having 3 out of 4 male soloists from Liverpool thinking about it.)

        O/T quoting a work colleague on hearing the news from the European summit today “Well that’s the UK’s Eurovisiion chances gone then.”

  • annemarie

    Andrew you missed this article in The Sun on Amelia?

    “I was always different in school, I was always the odd one out. People just didn’t get me. I always liked different music and dressed differently and had my own style”

    Where have we heard this before? This was exactly the kind of negative publicity that was used to hunt Janet down. Unfortunately for Amelia she will always be stuck with the FIX FACTOR label. If this was a fair world (and a lot of the time we know it isn’t) Amelia’s final place should have been Janet’s or Misha’s. Sadly it was not to be. But in their different ways Janet and Misha were the outstanding vocalists of this series. Sure, Amelia can belt out a tune but her voice is quite generic and has no colour to it. It is quite monotone. If you compare, on You Tube, both Amelia’s and Janet’s version of Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ whilst Janet’s version may not be to your personal taste it is more interesting to listen to than Amelia’s ‘monotone’ rendition. Kelly was right to leave her out after Week 1. Bringing Amelia back changed the whole dynamic of the competition and it was Janet and Misha who suffered mostly as a result. Whilst Kelly and Amelia might not have an MmmBop moment at the weekend might a slight technical hitch be in order when they are singing?? I think Kelly has probably lost interest now in this competition.

    Of the three finalists we have you have to look ten years down the line as to where they all might be. Amelia’s style could be said to be quite current but all that pink froth and animal print does not appeal to everyone. I just can cannot envisage Amelia ‘rock chick’ in ten years time. Where can she go after a few initial hits perhaps?
    Girl groups like Little Mix tend to have a short life span. After a few years of success one group member wants to break away and become a solo artist. Perrie reminds me of a young Bonnie Tyler. Enough said.
    And to Marcus. He may not have a long term career as ‘Pop Star’ but he does have the potential for a longer career than the other two finalists. It may be in variety or the West End but he does have the most enduring qualities as a singer and entertainer. And for this reason he seems to be the best bet for this years winner. Unfortunately, X Factor voters do not always exercise such logic when they vote and they will get the winner they deserve.

    And as for the two that fell by the wayside, if Janet and Misha can be nurtured and get their careers up and running next year, with their solid core fan bases it is these two who could potentially have the longest careers in the music industry.

  • bob

    I think they may want Marcus to win. I’ve thiought for a while and a few people have alluded to it too. I think that a Marcus win makes the most difference to the profitability of the three finalists. In as much as the others dont need the win to shift records. Amelia might but LM are gonna have a career whatever. If marcus doesn’t win i dont think he’d do anything. If he does win he’ll at least have this number 1 and an an album that makes a small profit. Thh GSM smiles on.

    • Kate

      Every time I contemplate the prospect of Marcus winning I just imagine Syco executives brandishing copies of Leon’s album and telling each other “We need another one like this!”

      Granted Marcus is more likeable and a better performer than Leon, but they’ve painted him into a stylistic corner and I can’t see anyway he can get out of it, even if he wins.

      Louis seems to have a penchant for dressing young boys as extras from ‘Querelle’. I sometimes wonder if Simon Cowell thinks the entirety of music boils down to “shouty non-threatening young black women” and “non-threatening boys crooning 50s show tunes”.

  • Rob

    interesting if true. could coldplay really have been the cause of the mentor duets? i personally can’t believe the producers thought they’d duet with anyone other than janet? if they did then somebody made a huge boob?

    • sam

      you beat me to it Rob,just going to post it myself.
      was janet that bad for the show! i think not really she could not have made than much of an impact just because she wouldnt be a puppet,haveing cold play on this show is a real scoop after saying they would never do a show like this ,they are a huge band but refusing to do a duet with anyone other than janet may well be a big size 9 kick in the rear for the producers,if only they had just thought it through a bit more before getting shot of her then they may well of had one a the best duets on this show since sir paul .
      i also undersand from reading the story that it could of been this decision of cold plays that made the show go in the direction they have with the judges doing duets .

      • annemarie

        Janet did make an impact on the show, Sam. We are still talking about her. I only hope Coldplay sing ‘Fix You’ on Sunday. That would be a real kick in the teeth for the X Factor producers!

        • sam

          your right annmarie we are and we will continue to ,afterall its about popularity not just winning and i think it sort of winds some people up alittle(i hope not to much though) given shes no longer there,but if artists like cold play who have been arouud for a long time now and are well respected in the industry are reportedly saying they will perform but only under certain conditions then maybe the producers will need to rethink there stratigy regarding popularity of the contestance,afterall its not all about what they(the producers)want,its about alot more.
          i do wander though what these famous artists who do these duets really think of this show,and do they stipulate suff like they are happy to perfom as a guest/duet but to do a duet means they also have to retain their own credibility after the show as well,acts like coldplay cant and wont ruin their own status just to perfom on this show and that is i guess why they would only duet with janet because of her rendition of “fix-you” and how popular it went on to become even by the judges.

        • Lux Lisbon

          Janet just goes to prove the truth of that age-old saying: “Every dustbin contains a daffodil.”

  • Pete D

    It’s just been announced on the BBC Radio 2 Steve Wright show that MARCUS and BORELOW are actually undecided what to do for their duet and have been rehearsing 2 other TAKE THAT numbers (including NEVER FORGET).

    Ironically, as I only just caught it, I forgot the other song.

    • Simon "le chat"

      I would be very surprised indeed if they perform a TAKE THAT! song because it will show the other members of the group in a very poor light ie as the “extras” that they are to Barlow’s soundtrack.
      UNLESS of course the whole band turns up and I wouldn’t rule it out.

      I light have guessed WEST LIFE would be in the show to promote their greatest hits. I think everyone else performing is from the X Factor stable so incestuous is the whole set up.

      TAKE THAT! sailing in the Good Ship?
      Now there’s a thought and not an impossiblem one particularly as Robbie Williams keeps dropping in – whose to say the other three have anything better to do than support Garry?

  • Dug

    Slightly belated point here but…

    There was a discussion going on in one of the posts about the motivation for Gary’s comment re Perrie and the Woo Woo Girls.

    If the question is whether it was a rogue comment, I believe not. If you re-watch You Keep Me Hangin’ On, you will see that three of the girls always appear face on to the camera and make eye contact. Perrie is only shown from the side and is pointing off camera. Her angles are very much different to the other girls – something that has not been true of past performances. Also, she sings solo in the breakdown which is different to the rest of the performance and the other girls break into the final chorus whilst Perrie is still warbling. The last point could have been a stimulus for Gary’s point but the blindingly different camera angles could not.

    What does this mean?

  • Pauline

    There is no way Janet would have gone out of her way to please Kelly, by going to a seedy Night Club. One young eleven year old in my family asked me to buy her a friendship doll she had seen, for Christmas, because it looked like Janet. She still wants the doll, but now Janet is out, wants Little Mix to win. Out of the mouths of babes etc, she said, before Janet was out that she thought Janet would do better if she didn;t win

    • Lux Lisbon

      The fact that we are all still talking about Janet on here just goes to prove that she is, without doubt, The People’s Champion.

      Remember the best teams do not always win the World Cup. Teams that have gone out in the later rounds are often more memorable, and are burnt onto the public’s consciousness more long-lastingly than the winners.

      • Pauline

        I understand. They didn’t win, but, played a better, more memorable game. But you know, ‘Cannon Ball’. For me, there is only one who could do justice to that song and give it the meaning and depth it needs. Well done Cold Play’ they have good taste.

        • Lux Lisbon

          Well said. There is a charm, and an honesty, and an integrity about Janet that is refreshing and a little bit heartbreaking.

          My love and respect for her has just about no limits.

          If the young people out there are looking for a proper role model to follow and be inspired by, then THIS is who they should be choosing.

          You have great taste, Pauline. I’m on your side and have been since Janet sang her very first note.

  • jashala

    Well South Shields for the girls homecoming visits did turn up like 6000 people, only 2000 were able to get into the venue to watch the actual gig though.

  • jashala

    I think jesy hometown had like 1000-2000 people also at there signing in romford

  • Oscar Diggs

    If there’s any truth to the rumours then we’re looking at:

    Marcus: Billie Joel, Stevie Wonder, Jackie Wilson
    Amelia: Tina Turner, Janis Joplin, Queen
    Lilmix: Alicia Keys, Timberlake, En Vogue

    It’s like ‘Now That’s What I Call Music Vol 6’ (on double cassette) vs. the iPhone generation – or in sporting terms, Mike Tyson vs Frank Bruno.

    All hail the new girl group champs.

  • Sarah


    Just listening to this girl on why she wants Little Mix to win makes me very impressed with the producers and Tulisa. They seem to have successfully found a way to perfectly brainwash the masses. 😉

    • sam

      so this is the sort of person they are aiming the halfbaked ones at then!!
      wondered who they were.lol

      • Pete D

        Sam. Are you one of the ‘fully baked’ ones then ? (sorry,couldn’t resist it, lol). Very well, a dual to the death on Saturday it shall be then Sir Black Knight.


        • sam

          pete,my swords are sharpened, my armor is polished and my horse has just been fed, and im just about to finish off the “half baked”(muffins)that were made earlier, then to the death sir we shall go.

          monty python.. classic..lol

        • taichou

          coincidently Pete my name is Arthur so.. where’s my red?

          • Pete D

            Ahh, good evening my good friend ‘Arthur taichou’. (why does that sound like I am sneezing ? lol).

            How are you over in the EU ? Only a day to go now to see our ‘Little Muffins’ smash it then. I am out doing a gig so will have to watch recording later (frustrating).

          • taichou

            yeah Pete im quite positive too:) and wont be watching live either cause i cant LOL

          • Pete D

            taichou. There is no room for the word ‘quite’ in a positive mind. Our girls need 100% from us for the 60% of the vote that they will get.

            BTW, only 13 more sleeps and I will be front stage for Paul McCartey in Liverpool. (already part paid for by LITTLE MIX). Yaaaay !!

        • sam

          pete,your a true champ and a good sport i come in peace dont exterminate me..,all the best for your girls ,i dont think they need now it its all most a 1 horse race.but it aint all over till the fat lady sings as they say.

          lv the link ..french speaking dalek ,just had to take my heart tablets i was laughing so much…respect

          • Pete D

            Sam. All reciprocated there my friend (and may the worst act lose).

            Ahem ! “but it ain’t all over till the fat lady sings”, you say?
            Now don’t tell me they have snook yet ‘another’ later comer in ?

            Glad you liked the link, it got me that way too, as I actually own a ‘real’ full size one in the style of the very first series, (just for the kids and charity fund raising you understand, lol).

            I am on the same tablets too of late since my recent h/a but laughter is STILL the best medicine ever (though I do rattle when I laugh now).
            Regardless of any welcome and cheery ‘icing on the cake’ monetary rewards, I detect that ‘we both’ know what is really more important in life here. Win or lose, I have still had a blast with all you entertaining guys (and gals).

            Best of luck for tonight to you (and all) !

    • Andrew

      They are REPRESENTING WIMMINZ EVERYWHERE, as the Bitch Factor keep reminding us! 😉

    • sam

      thank you andrew a real good read “ALL HAIL RAD FOR THE BITCH FACTOR INSITE”.i must a graduated from the same school, we could almost be the same person,such joy to find someone else as cynical and sarcastic as me.

  • Oscar Diggs

    Saturday’s front pages.

    Sun & Star pimping LITTLE MIX – Mirror bizarrely goes with Louis Walsh’s £30K hair transplant, but there’s a bit of sympathy for AMELIA who’s supposedly been stitched up by R Kelly.

    Is the writing on the wall?

  • Pete D

    Wooooah ! Hold the bus (and the press). The ultimate ‘pimp’ from the man himself and likely to be the subject of his Satellite ‘pimp’ link.


    A warming bit of news for LITTLE MIX backers, just as I predicted !

  • Pete D

    According to the (great for leaks) STAR quotes today and a story from AMELIA, it seems that …..

    “MARCUS will have a huge jumbo jet on stage and a troupe of flare- waving trolley dollies when he sings The Outcasts’ Hey Ya”.

    (A great lively Wembley choice crowd pleaser for MARCUS methinks)Demo here …


    “LITTLE MIX will arrive on Harley Davidson motorbikes, flanked by an army of flag-flying dancers for Florence And The Machine’s You Got The Love”.

    (PERRIE will smash it. Simples !)

    (Oh muchos respect and a ‘big up’ too for the beloved Harleys here as I do stage sound for a Harley Davidson rally every year and it will make my night sooooo complete to see a stage full of those babies thundering on to deliver our LITTLE MUFFINS to victory. Maybe its a good omen)

    BUT, (hard done to old shouty karaoke me)…. “poor Amelia, will perform Beyoncé’s Ain’t No Other Man Like You without any gimmicks”.

    OUCH ! I mean IF this IS true (and BTW it is NOT actually by Beyonce, but rather it is a CHRISTINA AGUILERA song), it IS proper SHOUTELIA alright, but she has not the professional vocal olymics required to cope with it properly with here harsh bland colourless voice.

    It is not really a well known chart number either (especially with the blue rinse squad Simon “le good ship”), but it IS powerful with a great big Count Basey jazz/big band intro and it fairly motors after that.

    Here is a ‘live’ version of CHRISTINA doing it.

    Lets hope she at least gets a skateboard as a prop so that she can make a quick getaway (and the half bottle of Vodka that Corrie’s Peter Barlow left tonight so that she can drown her sorrows).

    STAR article….

  • Boki

    Guys, sorry for a stupid question, when will the top 2 be revealed? Sunday show or earlier?

    • I don’t have much time for these yougov polls. Main reason is that they poll voters not votes. In a political election that’s no problem, but in the X Factor where devoted fans can vote multiple times, that’s a major problem.

      What is interesting though, is that if Amelia comes third, which would not surprise me, then Little Mix would gain more support than Marcus. This could be useful given that the third place will be announced tonight and then roughly 24 hours of voting on the final 2.

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